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Cees Bruynes, North American Philips Corporation 
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Roland W. Schmitt, General Electric Corporation 
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REEL 72 


D-84-016 [continued] through D-84-022 
("Edison, T.A. - Outgoing Correspondence" through 
"Electric Light - Armington & Sims") 

D-84-016 Edison, T.A. - Outgoing Correspondence 

JHPr 1 ^ 04 , 

•‘.'•R/S.' Hastings Esq.: ' ; 

Troas. Edison fttee. Light co. City. • 

Doai'vsir:-! ; ■ ■; ■ 

; ' iW send you herewith estimate, specification of build 
in(T, spWctri'ca'WoW of street' installation, chart of district, plan' 
of buildinir,' and contract for the instullationmof an Edison Elec. 

. ’Light Central station plant of 3200 lights capacity at Syracuse 
’’■V/T. - 1 five said estimate amounting to $70, 0SU.-04. - This estimate 
based on the present value of labor and muterial and \re hold' ' ' 
ourselves in readiness to close 1 on the terms stated a. uny time 
v.'ith'in' 00' days from the date hereof, but not after. ’ •. 

The' local Company in. executing the contract Tor tjio'in''-. 
stallatioh of .a plant should be careful to comply with the law of ' 
t)>e State of -Mew York. A nodting of the board of directors should"' 
be. called'bind a' resolution passed directing the officers' 'named then 
Therein ( usually-the President and Treasurer ) to sign th'o' con- 
’"tfra'c't, on bjohnlf of the corporation and Affix thereto the' •c'oi^p’a’rtflttr • 
s'en'l'.i' Cai-o should also be'taken' to have the officers signing 'tiho" 
c'otr'trn'c't"xi'c’knov/l-edge it before some officer authorized by .law 
take- acknwredg events' and administer oaths, and in the, ackriowl-edge-. 
ment sholil>d.die-Incorporated an affidavit by the officers that’ ''they 
have .signet |t)vef ’contract- and affixed to it the corporate' 'seal' in • - 
and ;by virtue of a resolution of themboard of director's’ 'auth'<u'i^B|| r 

P. fV .Hastings. Esq. 

■ ■ • Troas. Edison Blec« Light Oo. City. • ’ . 

boar Sir:-; ‘ , >,:j > • . ■ . ' 

i /tfe; 'send you herewith ostimatei . spoflfciricatio'n or build¬ 
ing,. 'r.po'clTication of stroot installation’, chart of district, plan 
•orbuilding, and contract Tor the installation oT. an Edison Bloc. 
'Tl'jrht Contra! Station t>lant or 'I«00 lamps capacity at Dallas’ Texas, 
•'th'o' said estimate amountin': to 8554, 7&).33. ’ This estimate is bubo4 
Pn tho pro's on t valuoop labor and wages and wo hold our 8 ' 0 lvos''ln'' v 
••'oa'dinosP to' eToso i*. on thenterms stutedany timo within 00 days " 

Cron t'>o date'.Wr->o'f, but not after. 

The local Company in executing tho contract Cor the in-” 
stallntiVn'of a plant should bo caroful to comply with tho laWs* of’ 
thoI’State' ’oT* Texas. A mooting or tho boardmoT diroc tors’ 5 should bo 
'cuai’od and a resolution-passed dirocting tho officers named' th'oToitv/: 
*(- usually’ ‘tho President and Treasurer ) to sign tho contract on 
'’WfiftSlT ’oT 'tho corporation and affix thereto tho "corpor«tt‘o , ’sotnV*'i ’ 
’Catfe’.■should' ’ aTs'n bo'ftakon to hayo tho officers signing tho contraCtt 
acknowledge 1-6 before som-* officer authorised'by law to take '’’ridk^Y 
nowlodgomowj|i^'ii--aaniinistor oaths, and in the.acknowledgement -'slftii 
shoul^.'.bO^lfnc'orporatod an affidavit by iho diffiders that-'they have 
"Signed th>* contract und af fixed to it tho Vorporat- seal' in and by 
^"'^ITtlio of-a resolution or tho board or diroctors''.autho'ri'zlnif';t'hein''t 
"'Hr-*— _ 


p. s» Hast-irw/sjUsa. 

. Edison Klee. I.iijht Co. City. 

, ■ A jend you herewith e-Jfimato, specification of build- 
i„ B ,'a P W0TrZLio» ot .IW installation, , chart of 'district, Pl»" 
arpulidlnl U contra for th, in»tnllati,,n of »« »">•_ 

ȣS),t Cn/J station Plant .t MOO lanpa IM OrWana 

*. W Lo»W atnountinr: to SC.9.S0U.47. »M. 

ril and wo hold uur-’ 

B „W :L r-oauitlosv to oloso it the terns. stated at any tine' 
within L 'days from the date her00^ tout not after. 

7 / \ ■ The' To'caT Company in executing the contract Tor the In-' 

4lallatU of a plant should too careful to comply with the law, of : 

4e «r Lou#ftna. A me-tint! of the board of directors should 
'U^-cHlLund a resolution passed directing, the officers named 
• niiHrein' ( u'suully the President and, treasurer ) to si R n the con- ' 
r^l^f of the corporation-and affix thereto the corporate 
seal. 'caV'e should also toe taken, to have the' officers si^nihK They 
% c on t r n c t" atokh owie cl ye it before some officer authorised by laW to . 
take acknoWecUVemehts and ^administer oaths,, and in the.acknowl- 
ed B enen't'alioiil’d be incorporated an affidavit by the officers that 
XW have signed the contract and affixed to it tho‘Vorp.-raVe seal 
Wand by Virtue of a resolution of the board of, directors. — 

the form of acknowledgement to be such 
of the State of Iiouisani-.. The aeknow- 
on the blank puges annexed'to the' con- 

the contract as binding upon u's’ unt'd.l-' 

' executed by the Company we will return 

a duplicatr-Y signed. 

Yours Truly. 

TKos. A. Edison Constn. Oepi. 


~ March 1st. 04. 

P; S. Hastings-Esq. ' , 

r ' ' ’' ■ Treas. Edison Bloc. lig't Co‘. City. . . . 

boar £>ir:- 

.Wo; :sehd you herewith estimate, specification oT balls- 

in’«,’ spopification or street installation, chart or district,‘'plan 
or building,' and contract Tor the installation or an Edison Elec;" 
l.iljht Central .Station Plant'or 1(100' lamps capacity at Kansas City 
dfov the said estimate -amounting to 54:1, ^54.90. This estimate is 
Tbused on the present value of labor and material and we hold our- 
"SelVes in readiness to close it on the terms stated at any time'- 
within the: GO days from the date, hereof, but not ufter. .... : 

The'local Company in executing the contract for the in¬ 
stallation'oT"a plant should be care(\il to comply with the laws of" 
the State '&& Missouri. A meeting or the board or directors should' 
be called'Vind’W resolution passed directing the officers nutfe'd' 
therein' ’(• usually the President and Treasurer ) to nigh’ 'the con- 
'a’iiact’ - »n .’bohalr of the corporation and affix thereto, the* corporate 
•s’e'aT.' Caro should also be taken to have the officers signing't'h'e' 
eon’tWct acknowledge it before some officer authorised by luw ’t v o - ' 
■take - ankh'owl« dgomont’s and administer oaths, and in the acknowledge¬ 
ment' shoU'ld'be incorporated an affidavit by the officers that ’t'h’ey 
have signed- the 'contract and affixed to it the corporate seal' in 
and by Virtue of a resolution of the board of directors 

MMM *° » *« tM ».r 

fc r ,„uir.a w ..K, i... or «h. St... .r ”'*■»* 

'r-fean-d .. ««» « •■»•’ *>-* ■“““ **' 

tract. ' 

do not no,:nrt .no .contract » »»»» W'*' »■ ""* 
i„ rocoivod Tioroinmoponly M.Cutnd toother with n nortifiod 

j amount rouuirol 

> paid upon its oxocution. 

rocoi'p’t' «r .ho contract <» ~ 

tuplicu'tirf ST*'n'«)rt. 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

. Mjbrch 1st 04. ' 

-;Jno. T. Perry Baq. ’ V Jfc 

' c o Mi non Elec. Ill. Co. lo font o' Ponnu. x 

Conr Sir:- 

W \ 

. ... v\. V 

■ ’’iThindorstand from Mr. Carnpbel\\that you have revive’t*'" ■ 
m now inUTciitbrs, nncl worn about to set^hem up. lYo ir.tondoV " v ' 
ding instructions with those indicators,"\^tnd it was very inipoV- 

taut ith'ht'they should bn cnroful'l'y noted bofc^o anything was done 
v/it'h th'os'o' indicators. In setting up those i^trumnnts you rnuy 
Iravo tlomugnotiaed tlji^JHM^s on account ol* sliAling a powerful 

b \-: 

•current through the bridge coil, and they raay 
'Which case you must take your noodles out and 
i 17o send you n copy of instructions 

volt box will'bo - sent, next we-'k. Please r 

fully. 1 TK"e! instruments are thoroughly 

upiponr sluggish, in 
.re ranagnotizo them.' ' 
by this mail, and’a'-? 

March, ilct. 04.. 

Spencer Hardin Esq. 

dnn. Man. Now. Eng. iioaton Muss. 

Dear sir:- . - ■ 

Wo' son a you herewith eat'ima.tem specification of build- 

in«,* specification of- street installation, chart of district, plan 
of building, and contract for the installation of an Edison Elec. 
I;ii!''t ftontral station Plant of 500 lumps capacity at Souihbridge 
Mass, the said estimate amounting to $20,670.15. This estimators 
based <>n the present value of labor and material and we hold our¬ 
selves in readiness to close it on the terms stated at any time 
within 60 days from the (bite hereof, but not ftft-»r. 

The local Company in executing the contract for the in¬ 
stallation of a plant should be careful to comply with '.he lav/,- of 
the ,state of Massachusetts. ,A mooting of the board of directors- 
should be called and a resolution pansdrl, direct in;: the officers 
•named therein < usually the President and Treasurer ) to sign the 
contract on behalf of the corporation and afTix thereto the. cor-, 
porate seal. Care'should also be taken to have the officers sign¬ 
ing the contract acknowledge it before, some orricer authorised by 
law to rake acknowledgements and administer oaths, and in tfje ack¬ 
nowledgement should be incorporated an affidavit by the ofric.ers b 
that they have signed tg-' non truet-und affixed to it the corporate 

March. 1st. 04. 

' / 

John. B. Verity. Rsq. / . 

Go B. Verity ft Sons. . 

I infj st. Cuvont /Carden. london. VI, C, 

My near.Verity:- .. 

Your lot tor of 'i/th inst, from Mnw, Xslo of 
7/ight,• camo duly to hand. 

Ik.w X onvy .you rusticating • at Ventnorp. Tt must be 7 or 
t, years sin.c* T have boon thorn, hud a Jolly time T had vh'on T' was 
thorn. T did a t.-'v.-.'.j of tho whole Inland, and have some very 
lively recollections of a pretty .u.untry girl at Rroshv/ator; but . 
thoro, this is not business. 

l'pr your information T I’ivo you below ] rices paid by the 
Edison. Rloetric, light (Jo, Xondon for Dynamo- machines of our now 
typo:- /;C 

Ac> light Dynamo... 

/ 50 liRht ■ Dynamo................ 

100 “ ..'... 

• /' ' 200 " ' B .. 

300 “ ” .. 

|Pt • 400 " * . 

...» 175.00. 
. .. 250.00. 
... 400.00. 
... 725.00. 
... 1075.00. 
... 1500.00. 

!«(*:»] so/R^ve you prices they pay us for'Armaturos:- 
25 J.iRl/it Armature.v..<.# 00.00. 

’Vhy cannot you" mako 's 0 ino arrangement with the English 
Company to buy material dimct'and Coal vat,;- the' manufacturer* 
hero on '.ho basis of royal tytti^ the J ortrton Company?., y 0 u would 
than certainly got better material, and *pre what you require for 

very different character to the old machines which the Edison Co. 

, . - 

lave in Jondon, andgot, vary much better style; well designed 
well built, and in fact Rood looking machines all through. 

V/ith relation to Armington ft Rims, onginos, I think for 
the present wo can supply you-with those at a lower rate than you 
can possibly buy them from the makers, 0 r from any agent they may 
have in .Tondon.' The Treasurer of the Armington ft Sims Co. is 

now in England. His name is P»rdon Armington, American- Exchange, 

4m Strand - You might communicate with him, and ask him at 
what prices he would sup r ly you with engines, but do not sfcy that 
^have written you offe^s^ly th^ ’’he prices at ^ 

which we can ship you engines aro as follows^. 

' ....... A ... ..‘ 

rjlj X u Ehpirie...™0.00. 

(A2 X 10 Enpino.. ^ 00 * 00 * 

yly x 1 ^ Engine. . 1050 • 00 • 

14^2 X ir? Enpino..•. a100 * 00 - 

Tho pricos charpod by tho Armingtun A Sims Co. to ousto 
i THIS COUNTRY are as followsj- 

r;li> X 0. Enpino. 

lAii X 10 Enpino... 

ii'n 13 Enpino. 


0 : 30 . 00 . 


1100 . 00 . 


%6o\to 'mme 'yo^o'1'4r prices than you can buy tho 

onpinos in this country. Tho reason Tor this is,. Mr. Edison, owing 
to his first having taken up tho Arlington ft Sims engine has an 
arrangement, with thorn regarding pricos which is considerably bettor 
than oven their country have. ; I might mention 
also, that wo are going to build those engines ourselves, as we 
have .lust concluded negotiations with this object in view, and our 
licenso will in all probability authorise us to ship them abroad, 
as well'as to sell in this country, vVo can make deliveries very 
'quickly. Anyway, cables to “EDISON NEW YORK* will receive prompt 
attention should you make enquiries with relation to^them. 

I send you by this mail a catalogue of the Edison Co. for 
Isolated Lighting, which will give you a pood dorvl of information 

tutu uxif{inos y dut; comjjarutivuly litijflo about our now Dynamos, 
but T enclose you a statnmont with regard'- to samo giving the 
tUnu>n;j#5na oi’ tho nm machines which will' srupplomont what scanty 
information"thoro is about them in tho catalogue of tho Isolated 
Co.. * \ . . 

If T cai 

i you any further inform 
liters or aSy/tfthor matte) 

. A 

ot fail to call upon wo for it. 

<n about theso 
.ed business, do 

I.v/as vory sorry not- to have seen you bai -ore I left 
Jondon, but if you will only come out hero some time' this year or 

any other yadr whon you have an opportunity. T will cl'v• a3 4 I can tc 

... ! x 

repay you for the vory groat kindness shown me by yo*|ir .family and 
yourself, ? \ ¥, 

I am fixing up tho nicest little 'diggings; imapina bio, and 
a’13 T wish is that I could go to Verity r Rons’ .store anV ord\«' 
Some, of the olagant. fixtures which T saw there, 'aii that is-, all ;\hat 
is wantod to complete tho effect.. 

With kind regards to your Aunt and Uncle, and tlije-rost \ 
of the poojble at Morocroft, X remain, !i 

Very truly yours „ 

On Sunday it was quite warm here, but to-day it is so cold' 

Mch 3rd. U4, 

. A^^ 'Kiasttll. Bdcf. . ; 

2413 Prairie Avenuo, Chicago. Ill. 

{Dear Sir:- 

-•r ' We havo your favor, of 2lSth mmm\ "arid 'in' roply bog to 

’stat'd that tho lot 30 X 00. ori wod.t'si'do of S't'ato'St, being 104 foot 
north of riortHwost’ oorrio'r of "Stat’.o’'arid Clinch Sts, is the best 
'■•suited' for thri p'urpo so of ’bur 'Station." 

V/o will send you ah' ‘bsHarnrttb for ihoxvilio in about 15 
days from 'data, 

fours vory truly, 

.*' Thos. A, Edison. Const. Dopt',. "' 

' : '7 ; 

March 3rd. 134., 

'W. J, Jonks. Esq, 

Manager. Brockton. Mass. 

Dour Sir:-. 

Will yjps>plo' roturrf Vhatdvor you do not reqiiiro of 
tho material sont you, to the Edison 'Construction Ilapt, Co Messrs 
B*#graarin fi .Co, 303 Avenue 13. Now'Yj>rk. 

• Your prompt atteht'ioh'toj th«i. above >ill o*, as .we ' 

•'want "to .uco soma of tho material', 1 

j.|fi sj raguo says ho 'haS 'written you with roforonce to"*. 

v yo‘ur favor of *27th ultimo whic/i we roooivod 'this morning. " 

Will you please return tho old prossuro indicators which 

you can got along without',"as wo wish to altof them to conform with 
the now stylo. Also lot us' Hear about tho' wbrTcing of tho' new 
Indicators. > V. 

March 3rd. 34, 

Major Eaton:- 

Annexed ploaso find letter from Mount Cancel which 
will supplement the one already, sent you. 

When the Mount Ciirm'o'l" poopl’o were doiishore, Mr. Shaw 
"was*very loud in stating that tKdymwerd the finest people we could 
dohl With, and that if wo one's closed tho contract there would 

quostxoh about tlio money. .... .. ; .- 

- T 'V ' Our oxporioncd with 'Mount Carraol is the same as witK'hKl 
“■ ? MH ShiiVii^ other tovras except Haslotdn, 

’ '" ' /Yours! truly. 

. Per Me0, 

Mch. 3rd.,H4, 

H.' Waftl. Leonard. ESq, 

Mount Carmel, p a . 

Dear Sir:-' 

** h “ V " wr ^ ° f *« “Hi™,;, together ,l« h . 
v^y 1„Wi rbport on to the » ortlSg of tto s{ „ U( , n 0 , msJ 

Tho Information, which your atotamont convey. ts . Mcta y 

* W« an lntolUgant account of; 

;' tlio w6i, Jc boing done in Mount Carmel. . C 

Yours truly. ' 

March 3rd. U4, 

\'EH. ’lord.’ ■ 

Treasurer, Lavfro.nco, Mass. 

Dear Sir:- 

.will you ploaso le t u's . know how tlio now Pressure 

Indicators are -working?. "' 

' If you can drop us a 'iind in relation to this matter 
wit&in l £h'> r - na **- few days, wo y/ill lie groatly obliged. 

" ' Yours truly,' 

Thps. A. Edison. Const. DoptV 

March 3rd, fc!4, 

W. - It. Dwoiloy. .Tr, Esq. 

Treasuror. Pall lUvor. Mass. 

Dear Sir:- 

Vfill you pl'easo” lot’ us llnow how ’the new Pros sura 
Indicators' arri wording, 

... i 

If you will drop us a liriq rnMrliin n day or two in, re¬ 
lation to "this mat tor y/o will bo o bilged!* 

. Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison. Const. Ropt.' ' ' 

" ' &T 

Mesh. 3rd. 04„ 

H. M.' Doubleday. Esq". 

Shanffon.' Pa, 

Dear Sir 1 :- . ' 

'■M'--'- v/o have your favor of 20th ultimo Riving: detail report 
of‘Kfio SKamokin Plant. 

•.V.r We are very glad you have pot tho Plant running in gopd 

'"shape. ' 

- vfo hopo that when the' now prossu'rdfondicators pot there 

they will bo ablo to lcoop tho 
they will require tho pros3uro 

l'iimp .broakapo do vfo- 'though T imagino 
''jwfglil'ators as wo 11,' 

' ' The trouble in 'tho ‘afeoin; piping'is'owing to tho local 

''people" taKinp tho 'work' ‘in'fo 'their own hands.' Wo had nothing to 

Yours truly. 

Thos. A. Edison". _0onst,. 'flopt. 

V/. R, Andri Sirs, Rsq. \ ' 

r>i3 3 of onto. Pa. > 

Hoar fiir:- 

vio. thinl for • tho a. nf nitwit iojh of our office it. y/ould 
be i Rood idoa fco have a form report sof'rik* in ir/ookly W t the rams 

"l' 0 '-:<]:onao tin counts tiro rnndorod. \ '(‘his would onablo us to 
not oxiotly tho information vm want from )> \ch of your exports. 

7° t-ouid 3 avo 11:1)03 o room on tho roj.ort fo»V all rhmrfcs, and h wo it 
understood that in addition to^/ ono lot,he*-' at.loast is 
to bo writ ton somi-wookl-y, Kivim: ueffL ^ U f information about the 
runnin/t of tho Stations, ijm \ 

If you have not time to /tot. up/siich a form, I think it 
would bo a Rood idoa to turn it ovur to J.oonard and Sonant, and 
son what they can f*ot up for us. 

1 notion a3 3 I oonard* s roports of /.tonorii] work" and Moter 
Oojit aro by far tho bo/lit wo rocoivo from any .of yo.ur assistants, 

" Yours truly, \ ' 

Thoa.-A. RdisOn. Const/n\>pt’. 

. March 3rd. «4V 

W, S, Andrews. Esq. ' 

B.ellofonto. Pa, 
poar Sir:- 

'.We "have your 'several favors as' to Shamokiri, arid should 
strongly advise that Mr. Doubloday should be kept thoro somewhat' ' 
"longer. It is an expense to us, but still wo are vory anxious 
Tto Have >ho. Shamokiri plant run properly. ‘ • 

°ari you give us any information as to variation in life 
of lamps in the different part’s of the system. Doos the heavy 
breakage "tako place in the old 'part" ! o’f tho systora, and tho lighter 
'breakage take place in the lino of conductors put up by the local 
•'Companyf.Or in other woVdsjhavo they by taking.' tho matter into 

: Mch. 3rd. H4. • 

W.- S. Androws. E3q. 

■ CqD lofonto,; Pa, 

Dour Sir:- j 

Mr. Conant v/as hanging' j-dund hero wnitin^|£>r the 
Danbury Mat t or t o turn uj>'anjd. a’s ifi' d iri nogt-v/o sent him to Now- 
burgh .which T hope v/iU nio'ot* with your approval', • • 

?, \'‘ Ito'askod us whether you'vioro going to send him anotWbV- 

"marf. ’.What 'do you propose to do i!n t.ho mat tor?. .*" 

Yourp truly. ' "•' 


v/, s,. . Andrews. :.Es'<i, 

Ho]1 ofonto. Pa, 

Doar .Sir:- ■ , • /' 

'Mill you ploaao toll usomething about' W, North "' 
' Nobin’^r^ho has boon working at HtjUloton at wiring?, 

7 ' T^" }le v/ants raoro work frotrllus, anil wo wish to know what 
"■you thin) of his cat abilities, , 

" .'tiiiirs; truly. 

March 3rd. 04. 

My Dear■Job!- 

Miteholl v/ho crossed with ^io in tho “Pavonia*. 

“ i have askod himVbo call upon you at Virden, and any . 

'■'hbspi'tali'iiy you can offor h)\m will"bo as fully''appreciated as“'i'r''! 
"’"if was' to mys'blf. \ 

•ydry 1 ^oc't'ionatdly ^urs. ' 

This wilh introduce to you my friond Mr. H. H. 

Mch. 3rd. tl4, 

H. B. Mitchell, Rsq. 

• Winnipeg. Manitoba. Canada, 
• My r)Qar ,, Manitobi:i?- 

Tho noxt time you -tra in Virden will you do mo the favor 
"to onquiro into tho standing of my Brother there, and write hie ' 
whothor his land is Rood for'.nhythin'p, whether his prospects are 
rojj'iiMod Rood by people around,’ arid'in fact any information you 
thin! would bo of interest to. pie, "" 

I do not know how "j can roj ay. you' foV this sorvico, (v/hich 
you woro pood enough to say you' v/ould render me if I wrote, you) ex¬ 
cept by ashing you to prosont tho onclosod letter to my Brother. 

'I . If you are staying at 'any time in Virden, X am 'sure'if 

you call,on him tho enclosed wi'll assure you a hearty welcome and 
'a share of whatever he has thdijo for himself. ; • — 

' Yours very truly. 

’ ■ • March 3rd; tJ4, 

H. Ward, loonard. Esq, 

Mount Carnal. Pa, 

Dour Sir:- 

Wo ha*» your favor off7th ultimo, and will S oa that 
tho book’ you ask for is sent ’forthwith. 

Uo not thinJ> it would bo practicable to send ’the 
;>Wo 3 for' ono Station to another place in order to have them 
‘jhi shape. it would incur a great deal too much attention, and': ; 
^entirely too much shipment and rashipment. This is one 0 f tftb" 

' difficulties wo put up with, but we are much obliged to 
you all the same for the suggoAdon. 

"V/o are also obligdpt iha 'information you give us about 
accounts duo in Mount CamoX^^^ri attend to the settlement of 
those immediately, . . ■ 

Tours truly. 

Thps,- A, Edison, Const, Dept;’ 


If the book you refer to is 
ordinary Meter book whic^wo -^pply 
procure one and charge fi/in'your" 

anything different from the 
focal Companies, j^base 
expense sheet; 


3rd,. 04. 

A. A, Cowlos. 

13 (Jliff St. Mow York',. 

Tri a lot,tor from. Mr* Hatcholor roeoivod by us- to-day, 
merit ions that one of the principally i’ritorosted j.artio 

i tho Tarn os t brass * Copper Co. in Prance ialjgoing to fak’d a' 

and as sumo the Trosirib: 

very Tarim interest in our Compani#* thovo and assume the ’T-residenc* 

.. ' 0 ::J 

of it. W 

. I .should think this would bo just the mafc you want to 

•’{jot hold of to oporate your jtall'oht in Prance. If you like T will 
write Mr. Batcholo’r about it, arid Rot’him to cable in roply what ho 
would think of tho parties I refer'to. ' • V ‘ : - 

■ j' cannot Rive you tlio. name 'jusf now-as it is mentioned 

■to trio in awhich I ’am requested 

to^’oop Strictly private. 

;U ># 

Arthur, S, Bovas, Bsq. 

■ '■ W ° hav ° fhvor of 29th ultimo, and are muc£ ' 

obli'gad for tho information it' «»ntains, 

*> ' - 

^biilsavTi f f in for month or half month' which havc*boen rend, 
‘® d *arid thd'Vuuourit of running axjWnses.. . 

.V ;, ‘ What W ° Want to ca V^“ ia ^oth^-tho station is at 

prolforit nirihinK at a loss or profit. - 

Thc *s. A. Bdison. Const, nej"tv “ ’' 

f''' -:- ' ■ . ; 

I - ■ ' : : ■ 

. ; . 

March r?rd. 

I Western Edison hight Co. •'*. 

I Chicago. Ill, ' ' 

’Gbritlomon:- ’ 

: • • ' ' ” Wo havo /our favor of 29th ultimo, and will see “that 

I 'cbpios of fcho tost made by the Tasting Da; t of - tho light Co. fire 

sent you whonbvor v/o ship you .iynambs. 

'Yours 1 '' truly, 

' ' . ’ -■■■■ ‘ pfdi'sph Manhi'no Worsts’. 

. ' • ' V ' / 



March 4th. 1)4, 

John Kruosi. Esq. 

Electric Tube Co. Nov/ York, 

Coar Sirt- 

fieferrShre to your bifl for the Will iamsport plant 
which, you gavo us as 337,805,1)1, 

In reporting on this matter to Major Eaton wo have 
stated' your bid as 843,581.08. This will amount to axuctly tho 
same thing as if wo woro to take tho contract, to du^ho v/ork 

Should you ba cul] 0 <i upon to supply a bid Tor this work, 
we trust you will 1 n accordance with the amount we have nien- 


tionod, in order that your figuroa may agree v/ith ours. 

Yours truly. 

X W very sorry for *hat has occurred at Hazleton, I gave, 
special ^iiisiructions' that'W Hazleton Plant should bo carefully 

"rhliV'sotf 1 ' 

' 1 Nov/ York to-night for' Btil lefonto, Sunbury, ifatfli- 

tonj 'Mount Oarraoi,' rind Shmnokin. ‘ ' - • • • •••• - . .. .. 

/ 7 h ^ V0 . t '°“ ,Ia y tori- Narkl o Bros', that T aha! 1 bo there, 
arid Vhbri : i 'got A : to 'HaziotVri T ' v/i'll 1 boJ^ e 3bsoly 'int,6 the whole ' 

s. B. Eaton. Esq. 

■President. Now York, 
near Sir:- 

v/o bop to hand you herewith ground'"plan for Central 
Station at Williamsport. Pa. together with foundation plans of 
dynamos and engines, and also map showing whore the Williamsport 
Co. should run the conductors, should they docido to place same 
underground. In consequence of overhead linos running over 
privuto proporty^eto some oxtont, it was noco sary to alter tho 
location of. the conductors if to bo underground. 

The bid of tho Electric Tube Co. for making tubes and 
laying.samo as por plan attached is S43,501,00, 

Yours truly. 

Thos, A. Edison, Const, llopt, 

, »* ' 

March 4th, B4, 

3i { |n the rtja conti^r t0 

(.ontmt^i i Jvnow n6thing whatovor ^ aWjut ° . BX *" V ' 

, . ., I jv/roto n l.rft'tdr to .'MRrjft-ahrt.’fto" wKi*h I' ran '2£Ei£5?~*?^ 


-'' 1 T ; f\i° n ,°? thln l> wakfxt a]] urircmaonublo, '* **" 

S "“ K ,' h “““ —Vou *• 

I w*to hiii ‘again rally to-day, ox P 2.iinan,- ,„y position 

\ A . s * Tn * un .: 



f -/ 1 

’ ft- 

MUf-Hu i^c hinson: - 

\ I 1 havo rocoivod the enclosed order from Boatoii',' 

y ''i° 'J'avO- nover rocpived any notification that wo wore-tb 
"accopt.'brderG' sont' diroct from How KriglandWoptY Mill you'please 
post"’nib jae to this matter?. "'"■ ■ ■ • 

i inform mo to whom wo arb^t'o'Tuts'k for payment, arid 

•whotho’r Jv/o" are I'i'koly.'to got ortfors rigWr'^orig of ‘this cKarrie'tor. 

Al '° m oxpoctod 'to' curry a stock for tho Nov: Krisland D'opt 


March 4th. 04. 

R, Andrews. Esq, 

BoDlofonto. Pa, ' 

Poar Ri r: - 

Roforrin (j to 
on Mount, Carmel engine. 

your favor of an* inst, as to regulator 

The explanation you give is satisfactory. V /hat wo 

■'anted to got at was whether J.OonarJ had taken upon himself to 

miko alt orations. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison. Const. Dept "" ' 


March 4th, «4, 

Armington R Sims Engine. Co. 

Providence. R..I, 


V/o have this day received a telegram from Mr. Edison, 
authorizing mo to agree to the proposed- royalty, which^as arranged 
with Mr. Howard was to to bo paid on sorno basis which' would amount 
to about 10 por cont of tho present soiling price to us of your 

I have accordingly wired you this aftornoon to this 
offoot, and havo askod you to advise Governor Howard of this 

Yours very truly. 

March 4th. ti4. 

v/,"S, 'An4rov/s. Esq, 

' npllofonto, Pa, 

Dear Sirtj- • • 

'' Wo have your “favor "of. '2nd irist. We hare stopped 
work on iho pressure iridi'eators, arid - V131' ship no more until you 
have road tho onc.l'oso d- "Mr. Sprapuo, which together with 

ihstruirj.ions whi c h! h e prepared for us, which - word sent Vo you, 

“’and - whicls v/o spoall ' of olsowhcro vri3 3 Rive you full information abt 
"tTfo pressur'd indicator, and will in all probability alter your 
"o'pi'hioii in rolatibn to the matter. 

.. ii Vbl't"# ox with mo'“to' tfol'l'oi’onte. 

■ -■ -'• •••-• •>/• • ,—r' VouW'ffSly. " 

> • v . -I VhosV ■ A. - : Edison. - 'Const. - Dept. 

March 4th. U4. 

C. P. I.yon, Rsq, ' . 

9° .^National Hotcil**-. York. Pa, 

Dear Sir:- 

' Mo havo four fnvor of 2nd inst with relation to con- 
vaaninp of York, and i,o WiX Y Yoavo to you the nation of siao of 
district. 1 

Mo havo also your ‘favor giving us information about Mr. 
v/ilholht for which wo arc obliged. 

Yours truly, 

Tho.s. A. KdisofE* rfonst'. Dept.' 

March 4 th, {34. 

'Mossr's Markin '»P6a. • .v’- 

1 Hazleton; Pa, 
near .Sir!>.:r ' 

. , • . ....... ; v ...... 

^ : v< I Vo have a let, tor Worn Iff. An'drbws ' "seating that you 

Complain'od 'to'him that only 130 tost' TanipW 'inst'oact of aso woro 
suppl'iod to your rjomjjjpy. ' 

" When closing U) the account with' relation to the 'con- 
tract v/o will mul.b the allowance for '100 lamps short, as we put 
into thb Station .-ill that Mr, An'drbws though would bo necessary, V7o 
prosumo this will bo perfectlysatisfactory to you, *• 

!.V/ill you ploaso looX'"i'n'to the matter of you Station, 
and i/iaJto a list olr any complafnts"Vou have to*mafce"as tho-writer 
hopes to. call 'upoli you In a ’day or "two,' and'anything that_^p-wrong 

‘in connect fori: 'Vi t, A yourStafiori,'ho would liho. to 'have 
so' t'H^'tKo mattoiA.may. bo. sot' right. ... 

fours truly. 

Thos, A. Edison, P'orist, 

March 4th. U4. 

Vf. n. Rich. Ksq. jr 


Piqua. Ohio, 
hoar Sir:- 

v/e constantly find that your departure from our 
original understanding, to sond to,us requisitions for all goods 
ovor small amounts and allov/ us to send the ordors ourselves and 
rocoive the bills*|fct this office, is causing us a groat deal of 
trouble. hills do not coino in to us until long after the 
material is supplied,.'and in fact long after the bills thomsolvos 
ai*o overdue, Thoro is of necessity a certain delay in getting 

those bilIs through our boohs and properly vouchonod ready fOr 
. . (jjfc 

payment, which results in our bills being most dwwwWW-y overdue 

boforo we can got thorn roady for payment. v/e havo#novor rocoivod 
rocoiWd from you a notification to tho effect that you intondod 
to adopt any other method that that laid, down bjfr us, but v/o have 
tacitly ullowod tho chango to take place. Wo must havo a chango 
in this roapoct, and tho noxt tinio you are in the city v/o v/ish to 
discuss the mattor with you. If thoy go on tis they nov/ aro, t,ho 
result will bo unlimited troublo to us, and considerable odium in 

addition, for not making paymonts ns prompjtf'y as they should bo, a— 

<5^0 rai 

anxious to mako 

March 4th. tJ4. 

•JV, S, Andrews,'. Rsq. 


Boar Sir:- 

Roforrinft to your f avor of and ‘inst-as to Stovoni’ a and 
Uovos* 'salarios, jwwfc !tho arraripdmdrit you have made is perfectly 
satisfactory to us. 



Anilro'.rs’ ass 
raised Moves 
• t'aJfi place' r 

March 4th, B4. 

Ploaso note that I Kivo'put U. C, stevnn., one of 
.stunton a salary of Rio. per week, and that I have 
salary riWW''to Win; per Wok. These chances 
•oim the first of March. Ploaso fix accounts to 

S. Tnsul i', ' . 

.. .per 5fcC, 

. . . 

Spencer Trask. Es<i. 

71 Broadv/uy. . Nov/ York. 

Doar Sir:- 

Just ao 1 am leaving tfho city with-*Mr. Graves ,to 
- visit some of our small Stations in Pennsylvania, I roeoivo a memo 
from Major Eaton askinfi if wo. can arrange to tost at our Machi'no 
Works the patent fuel in which you aro interested, 

Immodiatolyfon my return T will see v/hat can bo%1 one and 
oonimunicato v/ith you. T havo no doubt v/o can arrango to havo 
.tho tost you desire mado somotimo during next v/ook. 

Yours truly, ' 

•' March 4th. ih , 

Mr. Tomlinson 

OuRht wo not to armnpo for a formal takinp ovor 

° r "»*» W M» »« Cmrmvt tod on*. ,„ mm „ 

'* C “- :“ *"**«• f<ir « r “™“ 1 "Um «v.r or ,h.i, 
tod oueht „ not to i.suo a oiroulan in nojatiol, to ill, 

S " Ch * 0 "“ uI »r n*^;i»ton<l i„ „ uh 

**'«**>• r ** or tho businosn 

' fours truly. 

- . . . r T^ > 


March 4th. ti4. 

A, Stuart. Esq. 

Kocy. Ohio Edison Electric installation Co. Cincinnati. 0. 
near Sir:- 

I have seen your lot,tor of 1st inst to Major baton. 

V/o very much regret that you should have written him in 
tho inannorByou have with relation' to the Pi«ua contract., as wo 
wrote you*m tho auth ultimo t*t our only reason for not signing 
•ho contract was for want, of knowledge of tho whole subject, and 
the writer hardly to exorcise his Power to sign for Mr. Edison 
unless ho is acquainted with tho matter he is dealing with. 

I told you that immediately Mr. Tate come back wo would 
attend to the matter, and asked ilf you would be kind enough to 
allow us the delay. Tt does not dolay your work at all, noithor 
does it cause you very groat inconvenience so far as wo can see. 

V/o do not doubt that'your statement about tho contract 
is exactly in accordance with j^ur understanding with Mr. Edison, 
but it'would bo hardly business liko on our part to exocute tho 
snBl0 without having some knowledge of the matter from Mr. Tate, who 
is fully conversant with the discussions which took .place in re¬ 
lation to it. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison. Const. Bept. 

| By 

March 4th, 

A, Stuart. Esq, 

Secy. Cincinnati. Ohio. 
»oar Sir.:~ ? ; 

riofor'-ing to your telegram-as to Contra] Station 
at CircioviJlo. .... 

I hop, to enclose you a rough scotch showing the' position 
•v/h'oro- we locate tho. Central Station as wo understand it from your 
dosphtch. ;■ .• 

' Ml ease wire us ‘if the i-osition indicated is thought 
ono. i • 

Yours truly,/ 

Thos. A. Edison. 'Const.' Dept. 


March 4t,h. M. 

'Yoatorn Edison light Co. 

Chicago, *5111. 

Poor Sir!;:- 

We have your favor of ayth ultimo, and in reply bog 
to state that .according to tho tost of "Y" No 10 which you now 
have in'Marshall, Perry ft Co's establishment, at a speed of 1 .cidO 
revolutions it. gavo ^77 ruaporos with 113 volts at dynamo and 111 
volt,s air lamps, v/hich shows quito u surplus of oloctromotivo foreo. 

'■Vo cannot understand ho yr the dynamo could havo boon in 
the condition you say it was when you received it, that is, with 
relation to tho workmanship, as it was tested, and an inspection 
of machinery was made before it left, tho shop. 

Wo will hov/ovor al 1 ow you tho bill you sond us, namely, 
915,40, v/hich v/e havo accordingly credited to your account, 

V/o hardly know v/hat Bullion of tho trouble to suggest, 
but wo will do anything that is reasonable, and should therefore 
like to havo your views in the matter. 

March 5th, i4 

Messrs Armingtbn A Rips EiiginoCo. 

Jhfovitlonco., K, T. 

Hear Sirs;- '; '• ' • 

■v/e Have WeoiVwl a lot,tor frbm'Mr. Andrews in which 
appears tHo following paragraph;’— 

"Mossrs Aiinington & Rims telegram about tho springs sont 
'boirig right for a speed of 30n revocations come duly to hand', but ' 
T must infotPin you that although tho ongino will run 300 or a 
’little mbro with no load, Mr.'Tosiioy has as yot boon unable? to mako 
hop run mbro ‘than- 290 or 203 with "a load of '350 Tamps” . 

You wll'l' soo from'this. that* Vo only tako 35 II, P, out of 
tho ongirio and that! it wil 1 not. attain t,h‘o "do si rod spood, Thoro 
soonis to^bri something wroifyt "WtK "this onginb. ' "to v/ish you 
v/oulil wri-to your vibws to your man thoro, 

. ' Yours'truly. 

. . .. "\ ' 'TKbs. 'A, .Edison - ,' 'Const, popt."," ' 

.i '" '” y ' 


March 5th, b4. 

A. Stuart. Esq. 

Sotsy. Cincinnati. t%io. 

Dear Sir:-.' 

Tn the contract for pi- t ua sent you there is no des¬ 
cription of- tJio Jot on which the Centra] Station is to bo built.. 

In our Com there ■ns a recitation to tho effect that tho 
Company had purchased and'owned aplot of ground, situated ntc(here 
a description of tho lot was Riven and references made to exhibit 

A on which it v/as shown by cliuKrun), 

TJlis clauso you have eliminated, but in tho fifth clause 
of your contract, whore, the Company agrees that thoy have acquired 
a title tt> tho lot, it roads as in our form when thp lot is ro- 
forrod to as “horoinboforo described": in your contract. This is 
meaningless because no description of the lot id d®von. 

.Vo have inserted after the word “ground" in the second 
lino of fifth clauso a description of the iot both’' in ; the now con¬ 
tract v/e havmsoxocutod and in the. one signed by you, and hays' 
erased “horoinboforo described". This makes it clear, and express¬ 
es what wo both dosiroi in acknowledging rocoipt of this letter 
please ratify this correction. 

Yours truly. 

March 6th. 04. 

■W. I). Rich Esq. 


Doar Sir:-; 

• i Enclosed vr*» bog to hand you a '.‘otter from Mr. C. S. 

Millar the Manager of the Tifrin Central Station enclosing bills 
for his salary, and th* »ftla*-y of the engineer, each from Doc. 20th 
to Jan. mh,- and each amounting to SOS-. If those are correct 
please certify and return thorn at once as -i'> desire to pay thorn 
they being" som time. overdue. 

Yours Truly. 

Thus. A. Edison Constn. Dopt. 

■, 1 

March Oth.' 04. 

R. S. Hastiintfs Esq. 

Tr'ino. Edison Elec. I,i;;ht Co. Oity. sirj- 

m ar-? in receipt of your letter oT the 5th inst ask- ' 
;ini' us to prepare estimates Tor 500, 000 and 1000 li|»ht plants Tor 
'Ashland ponna,' and send them to Hr. Shaw at William port. 

.In regard to your request as to the approximate date 
when these will be finished, we be,; to say that we will send theme 
forward about' ’the latter end of next week. 

yours Truly. 

Thos. A.. Edison Constn. Dept. 

March Oth. 04. 

!•', h. Hustings Bon. 

-, s Trias. Edison Bloc. Mnht Ct). • Oity. 

Dour Sir;- 

, Sofirrind to your noroo* uttaoJutdj to !!r. ; Inaullr I find 

that tin oB-tinwito you ask for as to tho cost of running okp'onsWs, 
and probnblo profits Tor a rw?0- liitht plant was h.andod to Major 
Baton on Monday last, and also havo roason to boliovo that Major 
Raton has: wratton Hr. Crouse in roforoncn to tbe riattor, but as 

f*’.. R. Hastings yjsq. 

i ■' < • Troas.; iidison Klee. Light Co. City. 

Dear s.irj- 

• ' Referring to a request which we made or you some' time 

ago in reference to your furnishing this department with the ne¬ 
cessary authority Tor the installation or the various plants now 
■Vnderway/toKether with those already complete^ Will you be 
•kind enough to let us have this authority at once in order that we 
may attach the same to our contracts with the local Companies, ns 

without the' en 

i horsement or the Light 

Company, o U r agreements with 

these parties 

are incomplete. 




A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

March Ot,h. !>4. 

■ h. M. Doubleday liurj. 

Shamokin Penna. 

Dear Sir;- 

f ;RoCorring to the attached expense sheets for week 
ending 14th -inat, we lie;' to say t.hat it is not necessary for you 
its render 1 two expense shoots for one week, but they should be sent 
in after the manner of the other sheet which you enclosed with the 

In regard to the amount of. S3.75, we do not understand 
whether we should credit the Illuminating Company of Kail River 
with this amount or nett please let us know if w* Should do so . 
i7e return fcv/o of your expense sheets, in order to explain this 
latter item, these you can retain, 

1 Yours Truly. 

.Thus, A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

March fith. 8-1. 

Thos. p. Conant Esg. 

c o Edison Bloc. Ill. Co. , Nowburgh M« Y. 

bear sirj- 

17n aro in receipt of your lot tor of tho ftth inst,,' in 
reference to uhn^now Break Down sv/itch which you have designed, and 
which you stateBorgrnann ft Co. aro making. 

In regard to t.ho now stylo indicators, we have written 
>.o tho above firm impressing upon thorn the necessity of hurrying 
those forward, and you will have them by tho time you are roudy to 
use them. 

■ In regard to the “Y" dynamos with tho *S" regulator, wo 
will write you further to-morrow.. Enclosed we bog to hand you-our 
check Mo. 700 of to day's date for 880- on account.. Please sign 
and return the enclosed receipt,,... 

Yours Truly. 

Thos. A. Edison Conotn. Dept. 

March «th. fJ4. 

'loners. Borjpnann & co. 

AV<9. B. Ott’y 

‘ ! V7 ° ar ° n,lvlMd ^ Mr - sonant that ha returned r ro 
r' Wl, " r * h a ^ ° r tW ° a "° *• ft diross 0 pressure indicate 
%111 y ° U kindly ^ th * 8 * altarad at once to correspond with 
naw typo of, indicator, and return than to the above point. 

rfa stm retire notice of shipment of tha follov/in f? 
>M8SUM f ° r Mt ‘ Carml « 4 Sunbnry,' 

: for Tiffin, - and 4 f, 

Nr, »" w 

- flU tta,„ ortl-irs ««., s „„ ^ 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dept, 

| 'Moaprs. jjoivfnuinn & r,o. ' 

; * 20!i Ay-1. B. city 

)owr Sira:- 

iThor™ will bo roturnocl’ to you from )JoY/buri'h two “S'* 
rofjulatoTs, which wo ciosiro you to rocoivn and hold subject to our 
ardors. : V7o‘ nro .scndini* you an order to day Tor two “Y“ regulators' 
which ploasTj n;;ko no quickly as possible and forward t<« Thus. P. 
Gonunt Kowburi'h'.' Can you give us fch* approximate data of shipments 
for these?. 

yours Truly. 

Thou. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

<*n »xeA j 


Hneitos-vl is n copy #>r my roiitfh not-is '/iUi r^lniion 
Si-j*. th-? stations I hav-? visit-?'!, 

Sami. Insull- 
H'j. Me-. 

March 7bh. 1804. 

Mch 7th, U4. 

Jln.-jor Jfcaton:- 

I oncloso you horowith statement of oxjonsos referred 
to in your mono of rsth inat. 

The tickets you refer to are the excursion tickets of 
Ott and Poqpno-. ’’/hen their salary was lost arranged it was under¬ 
stood that thoy wore to have so much allowed them for railroad 
faro, one from llev/ark, and the other from Menlo lark. This is 
another ,ray of payirif them m u re salary. 

R iliac trie Vacuo Deposit experiments are, I cannot say 
as X have not hoard of them before. ‘I prosumo they are some light 
Co’s oxj orimorits which Hr. Rdisun has flivnn instructions to h.-ivo 

v/ith relation to Pressure Tndi«itor. These experiment's 
• aro in connection with the matter about' which wo have talked Wo 
much about rocontly, namely, Pressure Indicator, and also Stand¬ 
ard Volt box^N&ch i« to bo uaocl in connection with the Indicator. 

I hope this explanation will bo satisfactory. 

Yours truly, 

■ H. Insull, 

■ , . por McC, 

Parch 7th. 04! 

Thoii. p. ponant Es'l« 

^ co Edition Elec. Ill. *>. »• 

Dear Sir;:- 


please 'lifvm 

Ho rerrini? 
ua» with Mr. 

, your favor of the 4th inut. VJill you 
Andrews the new switches you .ap$* -'f. 
Yours Truly. 

Thoe. A. Edison Constn. Dopt. 

March 7th. B4, 

Mr. Hutchinson;- 

RncDoaod is tho lottor from Mr. Stuart which I 
spoho■to you about. 

I consultod Major Raton on tho subject, anrt ho considers 

M a i ‘ !oa f ’ or tiht5 Isolated Co. to rent tho machines. 


por Mott.* 

Kl't I 5 hi.!;:;< 

** .^rrt$.h an.ihor 

U, ° ’ ,W yo;H. 1731y dw0? 

■l.ironi'ii y,n;.' wl tnn „ 

ilo lay. 

ywi urrnnffo to !i W onloru to;w 
iroet to 13a it causos t, mi bio ut 


iiitru. Inwu 13. 
By* MoO. 

March 7 th, U4, 

Mcsar.c, Morgan « Oo. ' 

No 17 Ywr)., ' 

Moor H ir*p» 

T hwo rocoivoct a tolo/frum from Mr. Rdison, instruct- 

■ nU m t0 U8 ° My ° V/n diSCr0Uon in ration to tho subject matter 

of Mr Oour.-iudlBs jotter in connoc ;■ i, n w< + j, ,v ,• . 

• • w^ion wnn tho Indian and Colonial' 

W " W * •*-“ " , ’ 1 “ h «* — '* W«V,. ». ViBV/R, 

■ T «» « t „ „.o ,o„ o, , Miy ln 

to tho matter. 

I.. MU you n~c P«™ tho enclosed 

* OU,r ’ V ”“ h ' “> “<■ «* »)~, m 0<1 „ M „ y . 

tours' truly,- 

March, 7th. .84. 

Jitofisrs Armirigton <? Rims Unitino Otj^jr 

Providences, Vt. X. ; 

GontJomon:- ,•:£ ! 

’7o understand that ’you stated 'that tho online at 
Bo 3 3 of onto ooulld run at ^^'-revolutions, : via want to do so tem¬ 
porarily anyway, if you haves no objection. 

I rogrot very much to hour that Gov Howard .is sick. 

T daresay ho suffers from tho same trouble as mmsy of tho rest of Jf 
us, namely, overwork. 

Yours truly. 

March 7th,,ji^. 

H. A, Clnrho. Esg, 


Haltimoro, Md. 


Doar .‘Ur:- 


Referring to your favor or Uth inst, \ia will' for- 
V " rd th0 ,<arricbur R ostimato'.'in Thursday next, but w « cannot );ot 
it out beforo. 

As wo told you boioro, if you want canvasses made, you 

should raofco your arrange/,onts with the KdisJn Electric Light Co 

so that wo r.riy know woll 


whou to to any of 

your towns. You cujhot ox,.pot us to hoop mon waiting horn for 
orders to canvass .v town, • • i 

v/c' have so many M«cos that roguir-j, to bo canvassed that 

unless tho course aboVr/ r-u, -Rested is fo 31 owo(jl, tho-result Must 
inovi t ably jj'o long dol/iy and annoyance to yovirsol f, 

Yours truly, j 

Thus. A, Erlioj.n,,,Const, P-ipt, 

March.7th, B4, 

XI. D. Hi eh. Rsq. 

Piqua. Ohio. 

Hoar Siv;- 

' , Xtn wrote you sono Jays apo, rislinf! you to attend to 

homo Matters at Tiffin, This Station must bn fixoct up to tho 
satisfaction of the local people at once. Tho trouble with tho 
nuttor and v/ator-spout thoy characterize us u very bad job. This 
should bo attended,to immediately, and also tho rnuttor of eomplot- 
m,\; tho roof. 

Tho v/ritor was at Mount .'Carmel yostorday, and noticed 
that the roof thoro was louklnR like a siovo. 

You state that tho t.roublo is, th wt \m cannot properly 
cover the roof without Rood woathor. You must have knov/n this 
prior to tho oroction of tho building, and it surprises us that 
you did not soloct somo other material for the roof, as it very 
sovorely rofleets on our business, and causes considerable trouble. 
People will not acoopt tho excuse “that wo cannot finish our work 
until bottor|rmathor comes*'. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison. Const. Dept, 

Mr*. T:>.to:- 


March 7fch,. 14, . j 

I have promised -H^rriftburR os'twnato for Thursdiiy noxt. 

I havo promisod ostiinato of tho>.ost of ineroasi v* 
Oirclovilld Plant from .ion to lono light.7'. , 

Havo promised orange ostinatb f<i.r Monday or TuasdWy,- and ' 
also Irvington. ■ 

Thay.havo to bo turned out right away, ovon if wo havo 
to work on 'Sunday. 

■ R, lasJll, • 

p'or f'oO,. . ' 

March 7th. 04. 

A. Stuart. Btiq 1 , _ 

■Snc, Ohio 5'lison jjl'jc. Installation .Co. 

Cincinnati Ohio. 

Pear sir;- 

n's »*nd yon herewith estimate, speoifieotion »r build- 
lnBl u P' ,cirie «t4«fi or atroot installation, chart of district, plan 
of building, and contract r«<r the installation of an Kdison Bl^c, 
,,Kht Cnnt ™ 1 Want .V SCO lamps capacity at Circlevillo 

Ohio the said estimate amounting to Slfl, 801. MS. This estimate is 
basod on the prosont value «r labor and wages, and e hold our-' 
selves in readiness to close it on the terms stated at any time 
•»i thin Go days' from the date hereof, but not after. 

The', local Company in executing the contract for the in¬ 
stallation: of-a plant should be careful to comply with the laws of 
the State of Ohio. A meeting of thoj>oar,l of^irectors should be 
culled and a resolution passed directing the officers named therein 
(. usually the president and Treasurer } to sign the contract on 
behalf Of the corporation and affix thereto the corporate seal.- 
Care should also be taken' $,i have the officers signing the contract' 
acknowledge it before some orricer authorised by law to take ack¬ 
nowledgements and. administer o.,ths,, and in the acknowledgement 
should be incorporated an affidavit by the.officers that they have 

A. ... .... ", ■ . .. 

. ■ . soc. Cincinnati Olvio. 

Dour Sir ir ' t<v th - 

.. . . „„ ,«.r C»Vor of «*«* W* . 

■MOCK non- too 0l».m,.u v In «r «»*» if -O* *" ,W ' 

... o f»ovo»» r».io, «* »1»» oloou-iool a.for- 

nim.Uoiv *« ...» «»» 4 - n* « *- “ 

ir this institution is m « 

you would -h'uvo to uso aom* -U.oin,,. 

munnnr w* think you would havn trouble with your 

. »„d if y» „» 

nm U,o «M owtrt. "■>• m M V ‘ ry 

. Lvn, U fj sum information ua to whom wo 

oho' canvass nudo. Cun you ,ljii ,> .. 

„ U f tM ,l»t. ^ « ooooo -o-u. «* ! r r " h * W 

a „, „« it, u. «. vovioov ..™li oofor ®->J ; 

ostimuto.' ^ 

■ fc » yroiioBoi vo! out vl,, » «• ..— * 

■yoU t<>.tiro writor?. ■ ,.■ ■. . 

In anticipation j>f ^,ur roply wo will huvo f- dotu co 

lo *t,a for mukini! out us n^h of U» -tinuto uu wo urn “bio * 

;j ' 

March 7th. IJ4. 

A, Stuart. Esq, 

Secy. Cincinnati. Ohio. 

Dour Kir:-. 

y/o havo your favor of 3rd inst in rolation to Tiffin, 

With rospoct to tho stack. Wo have not yet hoard from 
our Mr. Rich about it. V/i33 you i.horoforo please excuse us until v/o 
hoar from him. 

As to tho,brushes; tho matter involved is such a small 
ono that v/o havo ordorod new brushes to be sent there.. 

V/ith rolation to tho Equalizers; those v/ill be put, up 
immediately they are finished. Besides these, now pressure in¬ 
dicators v/ill bo put up. You misunderstand us v/ith rolation to 

anything to take the place of theso Equalizers. V/hat we intend to 
do is to supply the Equalizers, and to put in now Pressure Indicat¬ 
ors in place of those now at Tiffin. 

As previously statod, the Carboy will bo allov/od for 
when 'v/o come to sottlo v/ith tho Tiffin Co.. 

With relation to tho roof. Wo fully recognize tho mis¬ 
take in covering tho roof v/ith material which roquires good v/oathor 
in order to enable us to, finish our .work, Uext Wintor v/o hope to 
act differently. In tho meantime, wo must ask the Tiffin Co. to 
bear with us-until v/o can fix the roof. 

Tho gjfcttor and v/ater-spout Shall bo attended to immodiato' 

With rospoct to tho wiring at Tiffin; v/e v/ill make an 
allowance on this point v/hon sottling with tho Company. We presumo • 
this v/ill satisfy you. 

. As regards Lamp breakage, v/o do not think Mr. Conant 
would wish to toll us anything but tho exact truth about the Lamps, 
but it is quite possible ho may havo been mistaken. Our main in¬ 
formation hov/over, as regards lamp breakage has boon obtained from 
our Mr. Bayes who is now in Tiffin. Wo have a letter-from him this 
morning,•stating that his previous statomoht to im. ws too favor¬ 
able. lie .is now getting up another, which will bo forv/ardod to us 
as soo«P-as finished, ; 

Wo wish it clearly understood that v/o are always anxious 
to got at tho bottom of all troubles of this kind and to rectify . 
them. • 

You are ontiroly in error in stating that tho lamps ari^ . - 
guaranteed: for 000 hours. Wo have novor guaranteed them, The? Lamppr?- 
Company have never guaranteed them, and as to tho Edftson Elect,ripV 
light Co. v/o must refer you to them oh this point. Hut, v/o do not 

think they havo guaranteed Damps, 

With relation to tho supplies for thirty days. You aro 
in error in stating that tho contract calls upon us to run tho 
Station, for .•fei-rty days after tho Plant has ntartod running. All 
wo undortuko to do is to supply exports to teach tho local men 
how to run tho Station, and wo charge for SO day's time of said 
export assistftnts, 

I do nut doubt but that those various matters can bo 
adjusted both to our satisfaction, and to the satisfaction of tho 
local Co., and it is the intention 'of tho writer to visit Tiffin 
with a view to settling those matters satisfactorily, that is, if 
such a visit is necessary. ■ 

Wo are much obliged to you for y u ur suggestions about, 

Mrt Rich. V/o will try and do bettor in tho future. 

Wo hope that in all cases you will' lay your complaints 
before us as fairly and candidly as you have in this case, ns such 
a course is far more preferable than continual dissatisfaction 
aftor wo have loft our work, finished as v/o suppose from hearing 
nothing to tho contrary, from the local pooplo. / 

Yours truly. 

Thos. A. Rdison. Const. Dept. 

March 7th, U4, 

$ I 

V \ ' 

A. .Stuart,. Es<i. j| . I 

Racy, Cincinnati, fcjhio;!. 

Dear r>ir:- j 

R-'forrini; to yourj favor of 4th inst, asking on v/hat 
:tonus wo waul'd ront suffic ant caj acity to furnish ^>00 light's 
X bop to say tha f 7 have roforrod your lottor to the 
■Edison Co. for Tsolatod Ji hting ns wo have no “H" machines in 
stock just now, v/horeas tlvjy havd, and wo' 'think under the circum¬ 
stances they can offer you potter tomis than wo can. 

• ■ 

j fours truly. 

j 1 Thus. A. Edison. Const. Dept. 

March Oth. 

It. !!. J*>rd It 

Doar Sir;,^ 

l; ! 

to. Fob.' lift', 
tassitured and 
as possible 
veniont for 
aro in hood 
tjv detailed 
Save boon b 

TrottB. Edison Elec. ill. Co. lawronco Muss. 

Enclosed wo b,« to hand you statement of your account 
Th’ amount. of this account S7» M2C.2:i as W believe 
wo should like very much to have you send us as ourly 
your chock for as In rife a portion of it as it is con- 
you to moot nt the prosont time, as at this v.-ritmi' w 
of funds. Some portions of this account aro oxplaino 
bills annexed, and all other portions of the account 
illo'l to you before. 

yours Truly. 

_ « wUcnn r.onstn. Dopt. 

March Uth, t>7l, 

Kranois. !?. Upton. Ksg, 

Kclison Jmrap Co.’ Kant Newark. N, .1, \ 

Dear Sir:- ' $* ’ ‘ 

Wo shall start, liowburph Station in the course or a 

v/ooj. or ton days, and it will/lib the first out of town Station in 
which wo have ovfrthinfi complete; that is, pood pressure indicators 
foodor regulators, ampere 'motors in proper shape, and all appli- 
aneos nocossary as far an v/o can soo for thb proper running of the 

lould ii, not bo a pood idea to haye ono of your exports 
out thorn at m. starting of the Station % Poop a onroful- record 
of the life of tho lamps, and let us try and set at rest those 
various complaints which wo pot from our outside Stations con¬ 
tinually. , If the Mowburp Station runs all right, and tho life 
of tho lumps is pood,' it will simply show that wo need all thoso 
oxtra appliances in all tho other Stations in order to run matters 

Ploase let mo havo-'your'views on this subject and oblige, 
Yours truly. 


Ha reli m-h. U4., 

How orlonns la. 

)oar sir*- 

V/n aro in rocoipt oT your lottnr of tho 4th inst, 
'wtatinfj that you do not undorstund our communication of Fob. 37th, 
In tills lot tor wo simply infomod you that boforo wo rocoivod your 
bprrospon-.loneo undor Unto Fob. Oth wo had doeidod that tho lot on 
Custom Motion St. vmu tho tho Control Station. It iaa 

a much moro dosirablo point to locato than any or tho othorc sub- 
nittod to us, and our ostimatos aro proparod upon tho assumption 
t'ott this lot will bo tiEiod. Q > 

i' Yours Truly. 

; Thosv A. Edison Conutn. Dopt. 

March Oth. 04. 

!•'. S. Hastings Esq. 

Trows. Edison Rloc. I.iKhti. Co. City. 

Doar Sir;- 

17111 you bo kind nnouijh to eornmunicato with your 
iPonnaylvuniu uffonta uni try and obtain for ha a map or Union City. 
‘Whonlour canvassor vmu thorn ho found it impossible to pfocupft^lHft* 
'chart, but probably somebody working in your intoroats in that 
part or tho country may bo moro successful, anil v/^ shall bo very 
much obliged if you Yfill make tho attompt and advise us of tho 
result at your convenience. 

Yours Truly. 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

March (3th. 84. 

Arthur s. Bovis Esq. 

a o Edition Elec. 1.11. Co. Tiffin Ohio. 

Dear sir;- 

w ° are in receipt of your letter or tho Gth inst, and 
•roffrnt to lwrn tho trouble you |invo had ioeonnoetion with tho • 
u mature of tho “A" dynamo. )Vo endorse tho course you pursued in 
t.lm promises, and wo expressed yesterday a now armature to bo used 
in place of tho defective one. Ploaso send tho latter to tho 
••-dison Machine (Tories 104 Ooorck fit at onco for repairs, and have 
the now one 'placed in sorvieo immediately it, arrives. 

17e note your remarks in ref-rence to the number of lamps 
in circuit, and shall be (>lad to receive from you a report as to 
the lamp breakage, and a summary of the bills to consumers for 
Kobruary consumption. 

Yours Truly. 

ThoB.. A. Edison Constn. Dopt.V 

J-ffirch loth. i>i. 

J * fe. hirljy R S q. 

Dour sir;- 

"" 8, ‘ Wn ni * °o. Hii^nohio. 


**'>qui»t-»a j 

rocMin ()t . ywi . o(> fnBt 

° ?" prWwt ,>r ->rk Ht Middle. , Va llMV „ 

MUr “' * n -" ,;mrm *, C "‘ *■ »on< you of th.i, «..** 

#$N>l«non^ to unto os ¥/ „ . , 

’ ° Hn, ' 5lv ™ hiiv „ non , {)r , fwnJt 

'Vo also hnyo v ( , ur lAfc , r -■ 

•p.minHn , . ’ *'* °* *’ ia 7th inat *••• relation 

v :< ” U ’ r>Xl, ' iniif> Mvmmt. tin do not ronuiro 
v “<*quiro you to r^ndor 

an oxponso shoot onbritKin- > h „ + , nn , 

C - - -ido chftrffonbls to nurh font i 

ow,,. —or^ y „ 

. , ■ ■ ■ '“‘‘•’“•‘“■'S’,',,,, 

column provided f OJ - that 

P ur Po®'». ir Q huvo .rritt.n r 

harry romrrd , » horffnunn 5 Co 1 

Yours Truly. 

Thos. A. Jidison Constn. Doptv 

March 10th. 84. 

CJ)fis. p. Lyon Esq. 

Baker House Lowisburijh Penna. 

Dear Sirj- 

Roplylnc to your latter of tho_flth inst in reyard to 
canvassing churches wo hoy to say that in future you can classify 
'then after the manner of dwolliniju, entering them upon your report 
as 1st, 2rtd, and '3rd class, lit is unnecessary to make an inspec¬ 
tion of the interior of these structures. 

Enclosed wo bey to hand you our check ^for/d. 3^in 

full of your account to the 1st inst. 

Yours Truly. 

Thos. A..Edison Constn. Dept. 

March. 10th. 84. 

S.' Edison Esq. 

, Port Gratiot St. Clair C% Mich. 1 
My. Dear Mr. Edison 

I have received a letter addressed to Mr. 
Thos. A. Edison tay Mr. Symington, and regret to say that the former 
■is at present absent in Florida, and'is not expected to be in New 
York for two or three weeks. Just as soon as he arrives the com¬ 
munication will be handed to him Tor action. 

' 1 trust the cold weather you have had in Michigan has 

not interfered with your health. With kind regards believe me to. 

March lpt.h. M4, 

Major Eaton;- 

Thoro is no wort. at all bo carried on at Menlo 
Park. All experiments are bjjHtonr;: conducted at Avenue “B*. 

I bbliovo that part of the prossuro indicator experiments have 
boon conducted at the Lump factory, because there are facilities 
there in the way of instruments arid current' 'which wo havo not, 
and which would require some fixing up to pot, at Avonuo *B”, 

T.i? you want any further information, I shall bo happy to 

supply it.. 

S, inaull. 

Per MeC, 

March loth. fc|4, 

Major Raton:- , 

T return ho'rowith Mr. Bordon* s lot tor. 

I have boon looking J’or tho^ubjnotions to our contract, 
anti all T find is a statement 'that tho torran aro not satisfactory, 
and a load pencil mark in Mr. Roldan's h«nrlwritiny,"No sir?* aft or 
two parayruphs. 

Tt is protty difficult to know hov/ to discuss a mattor 
v/hon tho objections mad a aro no vayuo. Howoyor, T will yo into 
tho mat tor to-morrow, and lot you know what T say to Mr. Bordon in 
rolation thereto. 

f>, Tnsull, 

por McC, 

March 10th, U4, 

Mr. Hustings:- 

Roforring to annexed contract. 

The capacity of tho dynamos will have to bo stated in 
iimporos at specified volts , n will find out what this should 
bo and adviso you. lator. 

With relation to paragraph .1, 

I havo struck out all in tho paragraph that comos after 
tho v/ord “Contractor*. All old material, according to tho nstimato 

is to bo tho property of tho contractor. What you*put in entirely 
alters tho moaning of this sentence. There is no necessity v/hat- 
ovor to rofor to it in tho agreement at all. ThereT*an be no 
guestion as to what material is mount, as it is a phrase used 
every day to describo old material in a building altered by a 
contractor. If wo loft it to tho option of tho Company’s Supt, 
ito sh- uld got nothing at all in all probability, as ho v/ould do 
tho same in tho mat tor as y/o would, rmtnoly, soil it, or v/e might 
uso it in our business el sov/hore. our estimate is made on. tho 
basis of our getting this Material, and T thorofo”o wish the third 
pura^mph cut out. 

With relation t,u the terms of payment, 

I think it nothing but fair that half of tho amount of 
$3:191.54 should be paid us on completion of the work, and that the 
othor half should remain ovor until 30days aftor the com]lotion 
of the work. Tho amount of 333,000. to bo credited to Hr. 
lidison on account of subscriptions to capital stock of tho Illumin- 
itini Co. can remain over until 30 days aftor tho completion of 
tho v/ork. 

Sam] Tnsul1, • 

Por Mac, 


March 10th. 04. 

Edison sine. Light Co. City. 

under separate cover we send you chart of lancuster Pa. 
i location of the lot submitted to us for use for Central 
r ptoses, the size of this lot being' 32 X 70 font. In view 

of this size be ini; inadequat- 

et the requirements 

■ototain-for us information m to other available real estate. . Were 
we to use the present ground it would be necessary to place the 
• dynamos up stairs and drive them by belts from to-'low, and this 
arrangement we consider if advisable to uv-id owing to the incon- 
.venient operation of such an installation. 

in order to effect a good and efficient arrangement of 
slant it will be necessary to obtain a lot alt least' 40: X 70 feet, 
situated on a comer, and if in the center pli a.bloiik the. dimen¬ 
sions should toe not less than 00 X 70 feet. 'In regard to this' mutto 
ter we shall toe glad to hear from you at your'earlie.^ convenience. 

March 10th. 1UH4, 

Messrs Droxol, Morgan R Co. 

Nov/' Yuri., 

Hoar .Sirs:- 

Roforrim: to your roetint correspondence with re-, 
lation to Ktlxsun’s Indian R Colonial Electric Co. 

I bog to inform you that T ful ly upprove of the cable 
you sent to Col. Oouraud, with relation to the reduction of 6bn 
number of “A” shares, in caso ho should find it nessossary to make 
some concession in connection with his present negotiations for 
the reduction of the Oajital Stock of the Company above referrod 

March loth. M. 

Androv/s Esq. 

Soc. Arntnuton « Sims Oo. Provid*,^ R. j. 

hoar sir:- ' 1 

' - : ■ *■ ln ” M1 ** " r »~r MMr or 

«r„.„o, pop., «™pi,,. „r PM r.,r n X i< mx„.. 

no'o yot com to hand, but v/hon thoy ar»*iv« P . 

/ v . x / , on-' of ..horn v/ill bo 

*“ :ir ' “ ,mw ° r Un *»»«'--* Co. « 

' ”” ^ ” **“ *»" >«" *■*» «.* for „ „ 

o„ rty ,„, t „ . 

' ,s snat cannot bo com- 

•»“* ‘1*1. '<«» Ch» !, 

Yours Truly. 

Thos. a. Edison Constn. Ho^* 



March 10th. 84. 

Thoo, Arnlrws Esq. 

Sec, Armington & Sima Co. Providence R. I. 

Wear Sir:- 

Since dictating our Pormer lettengg^jr'duy*a date 
bep to say thatntho ton-Jlots of the 11 X 14 engine have com- « 
hand, and one handed to Mr. ShePPler. 

Yours Truly. 

i!y Dour Romonyi;- 

Many 'thanks for your lot tor o'f -tho 6th inst' ' 
onelosing .chock Tor S.1B0-!in payroont of your note, v/hich I sona 
undor sumo.dovor. in this world of. wickedness and procrastination 
your punctuality is roally rofroshin;'. 

Replying to youfi postscript I bog to say, Edison n'es 
pas encore dos rotour. Recover., chor naitre, l'assuranco do r.ia 
hauto consideration. 

u Ymsrs very Truly. 

E. Roitionyi Esq. 

.'•iocy. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Dear Sir:- 

SSgfch-wo your favor of 7th inst, 

Wtut-i^; , w ; oeo annoyod at in connection with tho i iaua 
contract .was, that you should have writton to Major Raton, stating 
that, i t vmo impossible to ^got. us to rlo anything unloss youcoin- 
pluinod to him. 

This was a rofloction on thin office, which T do not 
think justifiable. 

• fully aj i reciatn the trouble you have bean putjto in 
the r.nattor,, and very much regret il, Thoro is no doubt that our 
people hero wore in fault in not advising you that v/e wore dis¬ 
cussing a change in tho Contract. What their excuse is, X do not 
knoY/, as I was the little distance of D000 miles away from hero 
at ■ tho time the fact's, roforrod to occurred. 

My only reason for not signing 'ho contract, v/as, that 
tho gentloman who had charge of my -work -while I vms in Europe Was 
absent' from the offico, and there v/aa no^mo hero who in iny 

<|f$6pinion was comjotont to exactly ox r ,-o SS Mr. Edison's views in 

t0 th ° raatta,, » ^ his business I hart to deal with. 
/it it hart boon my own, I could have decided tho matter more prompt¬ 
ly. ' 

Mr. Tomlinson simply acts in the capacity of legal advisor 

I noto your remarks about the Construction Dept becoming 
remarkably sensitive units contract business. Tho reason is, that 

ion Hoi t is gaining oxforio 
that pn making a contract, ' 

vith a subscription list 

they must bo careful to protect themselves, although of course* in 
tho case in question, tho contract was made with the Ohio in¬ 
stallation Co. which is a very different thing to making a contract 
with the local Illuminating Co. of )'i.,ua. %on I remembered 

this fact, I signed tho contract before getting the advice I desir¬ 

ed in the matter from Mr. Tate 

t i sent it on to you on the 

V/ith relation to 

you will trike undue advantage of us» I can assure you we have no 
such feeling towards your Company, and I can scarcely believe 
thdt you have any idea that wo entertain any. such feeling. In fact 
our idea on this matter aro in accord with yours, except that 
"speaking of it ia. cold type as a matter of business- we hardly 
think that we shuld receive tho criticism of being unbusinesslike . 

rocato your ideas about, our interests 
, ,tuid it is our desire that you should alv/ays hold 
thin view,' as the last thing wo would do would bo to toko any 
course'which.would load you to think otherwise. If we had 
thought that-you-would 'take the umttorfkn the light that you have, 
v/o would have signed the contract when it wius first sent on, and 
have run the risk of incurring an obligation which I myself know 
nothing about. 

Yours very truly. 

ioncl ]un to Nowburflfc :jhan ho through. 

4 Yours truly. 

/W 01# X .Kclison. Const. Dout. 

March 10th. 84, 

J. H. SnIrion Esq. 

1 Orson St. Gamljridj'nport Mass. 

'oear sirj- 

I tun in rocoipt or your lott’r or thu 7th ihst in 
roforonco’.t<?;Xipllicin« an oloetric lif'ht on & Tiro onninh,. and in 
r-’ply bo'<» to uay that at tho prosont tins I do not consider i,t 

Yours Truly. 

March loth. 04, 

lonuol 17. Sorroll Esfi. 

Morso Building 140 Nassau St. City. 

Demi* Sir:- 

1 noplyirtij to your lottor of tho 4th inst in miction 

to tJio Typo VTritor patonts an4 foo iuo thoroon, 1 bo({ to oncloso 
Mr with chock ('Or S^O- which I boltovo is tho amount that should 
bo paid in «>rdor to socuro tho issuo o' tho patont. If this sum 
i's incormct 1 will roctify it upon boin;; so notil'iod by you. 

March loth. 04. 

A. Stuart Esq. 

•? Ohio Edison' Bloc. Installation Co. 

Cincinnati Ohio. 

Boar Sir;- 

m am in receipt o>* your letter of the Oth inst, in ■ 
ref 'rence to tin location of Circloville lot. No to day received a 
communication from Mr, c. B. Story enclosing a .sketch showing the 
■exact location.or this real estate, and which is in accordance with' 
'the description of the site embodied in the contract v/q mailed 
some days Uf'o. 

In relationnto the Plqua contract. It was mailed on the 
same date as y» u wrote the communication v/e are now dealing with. 

' :' : Yours Truly. 

Tlios. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

March 10th. 04. 

c. H. story KsV|. 

Circlovillo Ohio. 

Dour Sii‘{- 

Thanks Cor your letter oC t'yv 7th inst, oncloufbfl 
sketch' shov/in;; tho locution of the lot to bo used Cor Control 
Station purposes at Circlovillo. Tho description embodied in the 
cob tract b wore sent Comird to Hr. Stuart in accordance with this 

Yours Truly. 

Thus. A. Edison Cons bn. Dept. 

«S#WW*oth. 04. 

March 10th.104, 

A.'Stuart Efiq. 


Dear Sil'j- 

Ohio Edison Bloc. Installation Co. 
Cincinnati Ohio. 

Re are in receipt of your letter of the 0th inst ’ack¬ 
nowledging reception of the Piquu contract* and endorsing tin 
correctness of the chance Wide by us in the Oth clausa of oarrio. 

'■ joining you in the hope that vre will proceed without 
any raoro Pi-iua's \m be;; to remain. . ^ 

yours Truly. 

Tho». A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

March loth, IM, 

Yfjirs or 7th to hand. 

1 ai[i av/fully/sorry that you aro sick again. Tn fact 

you so'om to bo «i«K a30 tho time. 

I have Hot /ixod uj: in my nov/“di(/tfins" and v/hon you cor 
Now Yor) aRttin, J *an«aleop" you in royal stylo; that is, if 
1 rl ° not vmnt ' to/fenlk business to mo about throe parts of tho 

Vmy no| (••omo on for a day or two?. T will nurso ; 
liJ.o a Mothor .// In fact all you 'rant T think is somo gooc 
Uoliaonico^grub/t* put you in right shape,' 

A' Yours very truly. 

Oardir/or. C.j R^no. Esq, 

I jrovidonco. R. I, 


: Central Station, Construction Dop’t, 
No. 65 fifth avenue, 

New York,„iath»,l'88 

Dear sir;- 

HoPnrrtntt to a requent which wo made of you some time 
U,! °’ to *$“ *•»« obtain as much information as 

possible in the town you canvass, in regard to real estate. 

IVhnn submit tin;' this data to us, will you bo kind enough 
to Ilivo the exact location of lots, embodied in as complete a des¬ 
cription as it is possible for you to frame, It id necessary that 
care should be taken to report ih~ exact six, of each lot, and thebe.- should 1 be taken by actual measurement. 

: : Yours truly. ;■ 

1 ' : ' -?!. ’)\: 

Thos. A, Bdison Comstn Dept, -i'' ;[ v 

March 13 th. «4, 

*'y flu'll* Rdison:- , 

Yours of- Utii innt c,uno to hand this mbrning. 
'■'ho .question of the capacity of our Stations, T lonyo 
for discussion until /uu got homo. 

T lM ,ayin : , - 4r6iow3 '^ attention to tho various su rc „ wl 
• ions youttnaho. 

T hoop pushing Baton and Hastings with relation t a tho 
various ontihiat --a wo are dotting out. 

" h *w is still away at tho Arkansas Hot Springs, and 
vounn netwiior is going, around Pennsylvania |^^^ng us as 
much ho can. This T do not vendor at, considering t.ho il]- 
advisod (o.ccuso tho term) attempt to prove Shaw a liar when ho v/a< 
^ h0r °* Xt •""" cannof do us any good 

whatever tho facts may bo. . 

, )uir<Uy U,i„, c „ „ n 

m ""’ ** **»*» n,n,„y, „„„ „„ „„ 

him «nt <m»r th:,t boforf- wo ilu 

. J-WW11. 1« un<te, we, ud ir lx „ ulhin „ b „ 

done until tho water goes down. 

Havorstmw, Hudson and other Hudson towns are waiting 
for Howburg to start, which will take place before you return. 

. - 

/ I have writ ton Soldan about, the things you speak .of, . 

' I would, strongly advise you to stay away as long as you 

possibly can. Thorn is no mason, from a business point of viow 
why you should-.conn homo, and thoro is overy roason. from tho point 
of viov/ • ofgyour health, why you should stay away, the main ono 
being that «« urn having cold v/oathor horo'just now, and I am 
afraid if you come bac)., you will catch a sever cold., as you did 
'two years ago. You should rath®* follow tho ./arm wo at ho r up 
North, and if you got bach by tho 1st of April, yon will bo safe 
against any troublo So far as cold v/oathor is concerned. I do 
not say thin because T do not want you to conic homo, as T am just 
as anxious to see you. as. you are 1.0 got H pel. to businoss. 

Nothing of very great importance lias occurrod lately. 

V/o liave not any more contracts, but are getting out lots of estimat¬ 
es, and v/o shall got contracts shortly. 

I thin) wo shall also get tho nomararu businoss, ’.7o ire 
now awaiting adviso from thorn, the cable being broken, 

I think T shall try and, pul 1 tho Bollofonjjp business 
through until you roturn, as it is: a matter you dealt with, and 
T hardly liko to toko it up myself, and decide what to do, in as 
much as my viows aro not in accord with yours, and I think v/o 
should thrash tho matter out boforo anything is done. I believe 
v/o shall'havo to put in an 11 X 14 engine,- a now sir.o now being 
Yours very truly, 

■ ' &-Q 



v Major eh ton*- 

. "Roforrintf to your mnmo of tho 10th Inst, us to tho 
oxporinnntul accounts. 

I hand you hnrowith Btntomont showlnt; yoii tho disburso- 
imonts ofi labor account as rofinootod.' 

Tho automatic roijulu'to? oxporlnonto urn curri«d on at 

Avonu'f B.. 

Just boforo Hr. Edison loft ho rjiiyo instructions for 
eortain oxp'oriraonts to bo rnado, with ,a vi vtr to uduptinif tho prin- 
ciplo wo in)'* In tho now prosmiro indicators for small town plants 
to tho roijuiromonts of tho isolated businoss, tho idoa beini; to 
Hot ii morn reliable automatic rottulator for isolutod purposes. 

Tho carbon experiments re forrod to have boon curriod on 
for n vary lon<; time. I iraafjino that this wook tho work has boon 
mainly upon some now f'ibro, which Hr. Edison lias sont upl from 

: Tho tfas bill is for tho laboratory at Jiorijmunn* s, ;;as 
boini; nuinly used for heating purpososin carbon and othor oxpeiv 

I hopo tho ubovo explanation will bo satisfactory. • 

Suml, Insull 
By. H. 

March 11th. 1004. ‘ 

March 11th. 1)4, 

Mr. Hastings: •• 

Tt would bo far moro convenient to rondor account 
onco a month with relation to tho mahing of ostiinatos, 

Tt would outail upon us a groat doal moro worl if wo rondorod an 
icoount with each osstimuto, and it would also delay tho sondinc 
of 4ho estimatorto you. 


1 nr Mi 

IV, Preston Kix Esq.l . .. . 

West Main st. Louisville Ky. - 
Dour Sir:- . ■ 

l?e send you herewith estimates, specifications of build 
inf{, and <>r (street installation, ' charts of district, plans of-^ 
buildinu, , and contracts . for the. installation or Edison Bloc. Liifjht 
Contra! station plants as requested for Louisville Ky, the said 
,ostimatos amount to vis:- WOO - 10 C. P.= $84,020.90, and 4800-10 
C. P. = $110,704.01. 

Those, estimates are based on the present valus .of labor 
and vta.uo s, and we-hold ourselves in readiness to close -either of 
•t-hen on the terms stated at any time within GO days Tron the date 
■hereof, but not aft^r. 

Ute local company .in. lexecu tinu the contruct forthein- 

stftiatien of either plant shoull be careful to comply with the lav/s 
of the State of Kentucky. " ' 

A rn '’ otln « of Board of Directors should be called and 
a resolution passed directing the officers named therein (usually 
the President and Treasurer) to si, { n the contract on behalf of the 
'.Corporation and affix thereto the corporate seal. Care should also 
be taken to have the officers si^ny the contract acknowledge it 
before some officer authoring by laW to take acknowled«ements and ' 

administer oaths; and in the acknowledgement should be. incorporated 
an affidavit by tiv< officers thwtnthey have signed the- contract and 
affixed- to it the corp-rate seal, in and by virtue of a resolution 
of the Board «f Directors. au thorixing them so to do; the form of 
..Acknowledgement to be such as fee laws of the'State of Kentucky 

The ack'norled;*em->nt should be .written on the blank pages 
annexed to the contract. . - 

IVe do not regard t}r» contract au binding upon us until 
it is received hero properly execute'll together with a certified 
check for the.amount required to be paid upon its execution. 

March nth. U4. 

H, M. Doublodny. Rsii, ' 

•«h«uokin. Pa., 
near Sir:- 

"•« have your favor of uth inst, a» uro much pbliROd 
for the information us to charges in account. 

Tn order to run nil! day, .wo thin), it would bn necessary 
for tins Shnuolin Co. to have two anal 3 machines in place of the 
“I!" machine now used, an spare. You mif'ht, tall, to t.hom about 
this matter, but have it clearly understood that if such an alter¬ 
ation tiles piaoo,they will have to pay for it. 

Mch .nth. t;4. 

■S'poneer Hordon, r:sq. 

1 ^^S|iiPPPn Ka8f '* 

Dour Rin- 

!ia ‘ 1or Katon hlH hmifl,5d 40 us tho Portland contract, 
■mh tho' no bos on tho marfiin- stating that tho terms are not suit- 
ablo, and your l'urtljor remark against tv/o clausos, simply stating, 

It is vary difficult for us to know what terms to pro¬ 
pose ,/hon tho objections taken are of such a broad character, tat 
y/x 1 write you our viows in relation to tho matter either to- 
morro'/ oramext day. 

Yours truly. 

T>jt)s. a. Rdioori. r^nst,. i)ept, 


Mrirch 3Hh. U4, 

March 11th. 04.. 

Messrs. Markle ft Hall. 

153 Griswold st. Detroit Mich. 

Dour sirs:- 

Wo ur ' ) in receipt of your letter of the 0 
reference to the irillsdu lo estimate. 

Tin delay •vJijjfch has taJ^n place in connect! 

ducini/ tl 
h;id to \n 



se figures has been occasioned by the fact 
t Tor certain information in regard to tin e; 
i by the Armington & Sims Engine Co. 

Wn are push in,- this data to completion with 

Yours truly. 

Thoo. a. Edison Conotn. Dept. 

th inst, in 

on with pro-' 
f "ur having 
ij-ines bein,- 

all possible 

March 11th.. 04. 

Friend spiers 

ffill you please send up to mo* Henry flooruo's v/ork 
on *Poverty and Progress", and also his work on “Social Problems". 

' 17111 ’ /<m lot rno know wh,lt I oan (jot an edition or iidmund 
iiurke's works Cor, and how many volumes’ and also what I cun (jot- 
iVashin-'ton Irvin,;' s works Tor, and how many volumes’. 

I am not buy in,; the binding but the contents, but still 
of' course I want tli- binding to be decent. 

Very Truly 

esoaiJesrs rsv—Van-Ho u run d 

March nth. M, 

(fustav Roldan. Roq, 


flour Rir;- 

I huvo a lot tor from Mr. Rdison, in 

inf; occurs:* 

"To3 3 Roldan t,hurts soums to bo sorao < 
oil running, through t)io commutator. 7. thin). r.J 
1^1lod up, as tho lit tin air that «ots through 
good. T also thinh that on .100 and 300 light n 
should bo half an irich groatov di.amotnr no that 
volts,out of tho mochinos,* 

. . Yours truly. 


which tho foliow- 

lompluint about tho 
lo r.j nno should bo 
iloos not do it any 
laehinos. tho corns 
■ v/o may got more 

March 11th. £34. 

Ooo. 17. 171 .lboi- Esq. 

Arlington House Covington Ky. 

' ar * in oV y»»r letter of the -eth'lnat, in 

ro.. '’>*•■>nun ip the m-i oC paducah. 

i/il „ou. letter statin;; that you Would write 
tho cU^EnKinoor of that place, and our tele«ram of Othwas 
annt Tor hl.e reason that no map had boon reeoiv-d up to that date, 
aha we ur« n-edasj one. ' 

lYo havo written the city Engineer explaining the matter 
to him, a.,,, trust he will be able to accomodate us. ir this chan¬ 
nel rails, y/e will as you surest address a communication to Hr. 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dept.’ 

a o Edition Kloc. Ill. c.'o. Ht. Carmol Pomm. 

Dour sir*- 

Wo uro obli|{od Vo you for your Pnv<>r o!’ vho 10th 'in»ti 
•iilvinn-foJTiul ro'port' ih'rit yon think would b* auituolo Tor us to 
racoivo fron our oxports in eharj'o of tho -tifforont' stations. 

Wn will probably nntnr into a criti<fts > ‘) ubout this 
mattor lutor, and shull doubtloss r' piim your further in 

Your.s truly. 

Thus. A. Edison Oonstn. l>opt< 

March lath, 04. . 

w):ln « Hall. 

l r, :i Cr.i,sv/ol4 at 

Dotr*>it h’ioh. 




Kany fcjwtn,ts ror ( ,r tho loth inst, in ror- 

a-rioua towns in which you am or«*ni*i„„ Oonpini,.. 

1,1 rWtl ■* Kin***., outiruto, *, *4 to say ^ v ,„ 

.ill forward it on Friday. 

HO hhvo boon awaiting info- at ion fron Mossrs. Aminuton 

'■ SlmS iU r ° 8nrd t,, tt ^ — -^in ; ;, Which is :i l:p< 14 

o.vl which wo dooiro to supply in conn ,cti«n with tho uoo Hi-ht^te® 
Plant wo ho ins tali in/; at i.illsiUUo, 

On Friday wo will sond you all tho data with tin oxctf- 

" m " r “» " lm *' th ” „r ,.U ‘lotion. 

” *” “* wa * «*«• »“ “iWw or ** , Mc ,, 

Aml " B ‘° 6 4 Si “ »« * «. U, tovo 

“ ^ ** «* r-.u-ward „ „■ „ lu „ .^“V. 

Yours truly, 

! 'v, Thos. A. Etlis<<n Oonsth. ilopt. 



‘ March 12th. 04.. 


jT the Oth inst. . 

» say that wo would 

!). Rich Kuq. ’ a 

■ ■■Piqua Ohio. 

Dear Sir:- ' " ' - . 

’ Wo are in receipt of your letter 
In' regard to requisitions wo beg t 
like yon to »so' your book provided for that purpose, to n.s great ' 
an extent as possible. ITo think that oven where you are unable to 
spedfy tho quantity of Serial you require, it would bo practic¬ 
able to send a requisition to this office, and thereby keep our 
files complete. 

. in -regard to sending infills. tVo ure getting out a ' 
form for this pu-pose which will simplify matters, and enu/le you ■ .' 
to tell at r. ,{lance just what bills you have forwarded to this 
office, and we win bo able to do the same thing. ' 

our intention us to give you a receipt Tor all accounts 
received from - ou, and thereby end all controversy as to whether 
any bill has or has not boon submitted byj/lyou. 

. We believe you supplied with p^per forms i 
[.roper rendering of your personal expense acconnts, but t 
have never used. Wo will forward you another supply, a 
would kindly place them In service as we desire to avoi, 
file your letters as vouchers, for tho reason' 

.... . .... 

nbody other matters which .should be plueod 

record urnon[}at our. 


Yours truly. 

Thos. A. Edison Oonstn. Dept. 


March .1 'A th. fi-t. 

<?•* E. Sj a ora. Bnq.' 

Corja^ttan >ibsfcr.«Jd, Murray' St. ' Mew. York. ' 

Dour Sir:- you Rot mp;iv volume of Bright’ s and Cobd|[j» s 
opoochos. '''hoy are published in Knitland in two volumes. A3 so 
tiho "1i!.i(SK Yo.-iv Book* published 'by., tho London Timos*, for lwi 
and 3 tiiir?. ' v 

I also want a voluna of naniol 0» Connoll, tho Irish 
o/ji tator’s spoochos. 

not think I w;i turning a Dynamiter. 

i'nc. 'Ohio. Edison Bloc. Installation «o. 

\ Oincinnato Ohio. 

Dear sir;- 

•• -ffe are in receipt of your .Letter of t'o.lOth inst on- • 
cihsinjf. Circlnyille cohtracts for correct,ion, fuj for Wns of pay- 

ithon snrulinjj this contract to you, wo substituted the 
now terras, as the writer .was not aware of the urrahijonionts you had 
made with hr. Edison during his absence, uni supposed- the term 
luiroi of the loc.,1 <:• mutinies would i-.lso In ro.(Hired of tin In-, 
st, nidation Co. l7ethavo luwovor corrected the contracts in accord¬ 
ance wit lv your request, tills now arrangement beinj; perfectly /.ut- 
•isfactory to us when we are dealing with your Company.,- 

In regard to the letter we wrote with the'(Contract., It 
•. contract^, to the 


is. a form which we Always use when sen cl ini; 
local Companies . 

If the contract for Circlevilie. is uiiined in the sumo 
manner us the piqua one, it will be perfectly satisfactory \o us, 
and in' future all our contracts with the Instal'•a^-ienv Go.. will-V? 
I'otten uitaPRer the twiner of t e Piqua document.' 

Hw York. March 1:1th, lHr.14, 

Y Dear fllusfi:- 

Your favor of the 2nd in at cumo duly to-hand, and 
for which accept.ray thanks. Doubtless the black 
sand will hino arrive in dun tine. 

Mr. Edison is away Just now. l/hon he conies buck I will 
tel.I him about '-.if. namesake. 

»io't i 

unpins that Major Prank takes 


^let nvn know and I will a<- 

shall be availed 

Your kind invitation to r>, 
so-m as I can ; ;et from Saturday to Monday, ».> a. 

: t you nave lots of si."hts which would please 

You entirely mistake the tendency and bent of the t- 
w3 •.vnuknesses if you ima ( ;.ine that 1 am fond of the ./litter and 
blaze of the harlot palaces 'of Europe, on the contrary v/hilo ,,rj the 
other side he confined his soein« to orun«e proves, ,;ainbl.inK 
“houses un i Churches, un i a picture■ ©tilery here and tJujre .in order 
to relieve the monotony. Tj, ;,1|. in'- ju t l - lr - r ^ y i. 

diluted form indeed, such us fancy dress balls in 1’uris, v>;0ty ; • iof 
society houses' in Milan, and dirty, dinuy, > and bii(/([y bed houses in 
Jondon. Any one who has neon so little should certainly be•culled ; 

T am ({oinK inl^y sackcloth and ashes in consofiuonco of 
)v,' estimate you have of my character. 

IT Major p. should want to .load you off from Sfi>; 

IlOW his, soduc’ 




With kind regards, and hoping that you 

Lfjht business 

to onaulo 

f5pr.ini; Valley Hydraulic Sold G 

March 13th. B4. 

II, A. Clark. Esq. 

Harrisburg, Pa, 

Dear 'Sir:- 

v/o Bond you horowith estimate, specification of 
buildinn, specification of Stroot installation, char|Tof district, 
plan of building, and contract, for the- installation of an Edison 
Electric light Plant of 3200 lamps capacity at Harrisburg^Pa. 
the said ostimato .amounting to SS2,570,20. 

This ostimato is based on the present value of labor and 
•//ages, and wo hold ourselves in roudinor.s to close it oh tho terms 
stated at any tirno within <10 days from tho dato.nhoreof, but not 
aft or,. 

Tho local Company in executing tho contract for tho in¬ 
stallation of the Plant should'be careful to comply#with the laws 
or tho state of Pennsylvania. A meeting of tho Hoard of Directors 
should bo called, and a resolution passod directing the officers 
named thoroinfusually tho Prosidont and Treasurer) to sign tho con¬ 
tract on.behalf of tho Corporation, and affix thereto tho corporate 
seal. Caro should also bo takon to havo tho Officers siting tho 
contract acknowledge it before some officer authorized by law to 
take aoknowlodgouonts and udministor oaths, and in the acknowledge¬ 
ment wftould bo incorj orated an. affidavit by tho of facers that thoy 
havo signed the contract and affixed to it tho corporate seal in 
and by virtue of a resolution of tho Hoard of Directors, authoris¬ 
ing 'them'no to do; the form of acknowledgement • to be such as the 
laws ol ; tho state of Pennsylvania require. The acknowledgement 
sliould be writtonipon the. blank pages annexed to tho contract. 

v/o do not regard tho .contract as binding upon us. until 
it is received, hero properly executed, together with a certified 
chock for tho amount required to bo paid 'upon it's execution, .* 

On receipt oJ’ the contract executed by tho Company, we 
will return a duplicate signed. 

Yours truly. 

Thos, A. Edison Const. Popt. 

- Oxrp 




liareh lath, M,. 

;:;u)nr & Platt 

.Salford Iron Works, iiaMcheslor Knjj, 

>eur Slrsj- 

Wo enclose you duplicate invoices, ' orinihuJ*l'‘or which 
have air ly fom you amount in;; to iVo do this in as 

: uc)i as in your lofW of; the S9th Fob. you state that you have 
not received invoices for the machines shipped you. 

At the time you .bought the machines you reTer to, our 
.understandin,.; was that we sold them to you in as much as you wanted 
oC newest machines that we had turned out here, 
and uur recollection as to payment for same does not coincide -.viUi 
• v ’ n ' , r»» consequently we ask you to allow us to draw on you. M' :/ 
trust that you will send us a renit lance .in accordance .v/ith our. 
former l<v tor in relation to this matte'-. 

Yours truly. 


104 Goorek st. City. 

Goar Sir;- W 

RoPorrin« to your Payor of th« Bth inut nnelosintf a 
lot t'*r t’ron tho Edison Eloo, Lifjht Co. dofinin;; tho ousl'. j..>»i „r 
i > tos t in;; rof>n. 

1 bo;< to udviso you that T dosiro to koop Uii:. lottor 
until Mr. Edison*rnurn, a« I wish to consult hint in relation 

March irttJi, 04. 

'/ostorni Rdison j.Jjfht Go. 

ill. ; " 

tmr sin:;- ' ", 

Roforrin;; to your favor• of, ohomUth inst, v/ith relation 

March 13oh. 04. 

March 14th,, 04, • 


H. Ward Leonard Esq. 

co Edison Bloc. Ill. Co. Mt. Carmel Ponna. 

Do^r Sir:- 

• .■ j 

A party or gentlemen who have boon visiting the sta- i 

tiotifli in Pennsylvania on bohair of the Edison Bloc. Light Co. have 
returned to-day # *.• 

In addition to tho roports I havo hoard from our own- 
men, I have heard what they have got to. say with relation to the 
roof at the station which you have charge of. 

Immodiatolt on receipt of their complaints I wired Hr.. 

Rich to have tin roof put on your station. I have not yet hud time 
to get a reply from him, but I shall be glad ir you will odviserR^^- 
by telegraph, and thereby have no delay in this work , as it is "> 
our desire to have the station,, which you have tonporary charge of 
put in order immediately. • ^ 

Will you please represent our views in this, connection 
to the local parties, and assure them of our earnest wish to make 
everything entirely satisfactory. v 

17e shall confer further-with Major Baton, and Mr. Uptoh 
in .relation to the various question'^^nti will probably write you • 

•further in the matter. ■ • , 

Yours truly. 

March 14th, 84.. 

Arthur S. Bovis Esq. 

I"! ' 

e <> Edison Sloe. Ill. Co. TifTin Ohio. 

Bear s-iir:- 

17a have your favor of the 12th inst, and huvo tolo- . 
K'rhphod Hr. Rich to huvo a tin roof put on the building at Tiffin - 
immediately.' ‘ wo . presume that or-> you receive this, the work will 
have boon startod. 

17o shall bo ('lad ir you will represent to tho Ideal 
parties our ro«m at tho stato of their building, and assure thorn 
it is our intention to make everything perfectly satisfactory 
to them.' . 

If '.here in any delay in relation to this work please 
toloRruph us, 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison Constn, Dept, 
By. . . 

Yoxirs truly 

March 14th, 04. 

* ’IT.' 1), Rich Baa. 

Dour "sir;-. ; > . 

' ; : ,’Ro forrinB to out’ letter or this data, in rolution to 
Tiffin, KazToton and Ht. Carml. 

VTo bo« to state that wo dosiro a tin roof put on the 
■bulldinifa at Middletown and piqua. 

* ‘ ' Yours truly. 

Thos. A. Edison Constn., Dept. 

:.y ; , 

Oustav Soldan Esq. 

104 0( 

Dear Sir:- 

' j have your letter of the 13th inst, Axplnining the 
trouble in relation to the Belloronto machines, i I am however • /' j 

inclined to trust the absolute experience or our export there, j 

rather than- thomaasorlions of Ur, Barron in relation to. this nut tar ^ 

. Wo sonra to have hud quits a lot of trouble lately about . - '\yi 
machines. 1 ronenbor that on- arm turn vma sent to Belloronto not ’ • 
balanced at all. It does not sow as if the now arrangements-you | 

hayo mads in ref-ronco' to the inspection, testing, and overhauling ' j 
of the machines work quito so well a« when Johnson was in charge ^ j 

; ’ .... '''i 

or this work, ] 

March 14th) 

Thos. Spencer Esq. 

co Edison Eloc. Ill. Co. Hats lot on 

Dear Sir:- 

A party of gentlemen who havo boon visiting tho sta- : 
lions in Pennsylvania on bohall* of tho Edison Eloc. Light Co. havo 
returned to-day. 

• i In addition to tho roports I havo hoard from, our own 

•men, I havo hoard what thoy havo got to say v/ith relation to -tho 
roof at tho station which you havo chargo of. 

-1 ■ •. Innodiatoly on rocoipt or thoir complaints I wired Mr. 
Rich to have a tin roof put on your station. I have not yet. had 
time to get a reply from him, but I shall bn glad if you will ad- 1 
vise 'telegraph, and thereby have no delay in this work, as ! 

it is our desire to have the station which you have temporary charg 
of put in order imediately. ’ . 

Will you please represent our views in this connection"' 
to the local parties, and assure them of our earnest wish to make', 
everything entirely satisfactory. 

(Wo shall confer further with Major Eaton, and Hr. Upton 
in relation to the various questions, and will probably write you" 
.further in' relation to the matter. 

. / 

, 84. 


yours truly. 

c ° Udison 11.1. Co. Wewburf»h Y. 

:>’.ir Jjir j- 

:v- ;i1 " 5 in rocoijn „r your letter of the l::t.h ins t, in 

the ;)>•<.I»U;.1 •> that vhe rowbo r.y.h s.tatior. dll bn ■ 

ty 14 biart. 

iThn sin:i:d ■ •■■1 '-T* connections y,*. .v-r ••dll bo 

-T-.!, at "".CO, and the :>ros;:nro in licators, v/Kic'i you cay h.tvo not 
•■•'•iv' l ■/•lr" 1 !'o■.•••.'a 

Vho «•!» motor v/hieh y„i, desire sent to •>owMtr:* , » in ox- 
<uion;/o for an “A” that you hivrn on .hand -/.ill bo sont at t.ho -.anl*#'' 
lost possible moment. 

Jtr * 'Andrews was horo ?^v^-orday, and v/o ahwre ; .him your 
lottor. You willnno doubt see him in a day or two. 

KTo will send yon the house c.hanf'inr; K\/i>..ehea for met# 11 '' 

IT you require coal you had bettor obtain sonv, 
•have no idea when Hr, Rich will ^ in Jiewburtfh. 

Mnrfch 17th, 04. 

■ fi.97. H. .Bliss' BS(j. 

DOM Supt. Vfostorn Kittson Light (Jo. Ohicugo Ill. 
Dear Sir;- . , • 

'’nolosnherewith revised ostimuto for Cedur Rapids, 
for 1600 lights, and amounting to Sy, U16..00, which we trust will 
co:no to hand an! ;m>y» entirely satisfactory. 

Yours truly. 

Thos. A. Kdison Constn. ?>opt. 



t7o w in ; -'«ou:,l!or your l*tUr oftntM 14th in»t, a**. 

in:{ l ' K t,y ' fi0rM y, : n 84 «"*« ylatos an, bottle Of iiff> ; ,nt 

hUV ' > ‘™n" r ^P-.-l thin or:l'?r to Mossrs. Uor S ,mn « Co. 
•through wJiori nil such atippli™ ahouli on oriovoi. 

ITill you plnnso v/rito Mosars. aorgmann & Co. confirming 
this oriWr uni obligo. 

Yours truly. / 

T.hos. A. iMibon ,\)opt. / 

:;ocy. ■ tSdiapn' nine. Install. Co. 

Cincinnati Ohio. 

Dear sir:- ’• ! 

Wo.lire, in receipt of your- letter or the 14th inst. ' 

In reply we be>< to nay that we now thoroughly understand 
that all Contracts for the installation of plants in Ohio are to. be 
rn;ulo With your Company. 

T/e can assure you that we fully, appreciate the fact of 
your bein." 'unable to make a complaint, - but as a special favor riij»hl 

we ask you to submit to us any natters in connection with She 

'• I 

Hiddletovn building which you consider shou.ld be r ectified by us. j 

IVo trust we are not asking too much of you. j 

Hr. Wilber's report 0fp?,iVhe Cincinnati Block has not yet 
reached us, but the natter will b-> rushed Just as soon as it arri- • j 

The check from the Tiffin Co. has not yet been receiv'd, 

■blit we expect it will arrive in a dujr Or two. 

Yours trulir. : 

“"'Thou. A. Edison Conh.t^; f)ept. 

■ : * • By . ’ 


A. A. Cowlos. Esq, 

Mgy/ Vorkssfr 
My Dear Cov/los:- 

Referring to your lottor of 34th inst, 

1 i 'bag to one3oso you herewith letters of introduction to 
our Jondon, Paris and Milan people. T also enclose copy of a 
cablo y/hich T sont this morning to Hr. Batchelor. 

The Mr. Sec rot an T spoke of, is the party v/ith v/hoin Mr. 
Batcholor v/as dealing v/ith relation to our businoss in Europe, and 
he controls, I understand, very large brass and copper v/orks in 
Franco. I am not acquainted v/ith his ro3ations v/it.h the present 
Paris Company, so T think when calling on tho latter, it v/ould be 
hotter not to mention his name at all.. 

I do not doubt however, that Mr. Batchelor will v/rito you 

• to Iondon, or see you in laverpool in compliance with tho request 
contained in my cable. 

If I can do anything further for you, please advise me. 
Wishing you a pleasant and successful tril, and a safe 
return, I remain, 

Very sincoroly yoiirs, 

> your memo of t!w 17th inst, with 

yr.: ’Tastings 


-miv- r.liaff' -lot tor atthchod. 

'I h'fK to inform you that th«i Holbbrn-'Viaduct Plant 
consists of’ tlir' oo Central station dynfinios; Only 0110 of thoso as ' 
a: rulo is nin. ’ >_ .. • /. ' 

. Thq liijJttinjf oC. Holborn Viaduct; is of a wy ponr chu'r- 
o ft tar. indo.od, the stores all closing at about fi o'clock in the 
>y^nin}.',. in .fiiftt it is voryliko the. lijihtiatf in Wall St. 

• • '<’)>•> station has boon run vnry Wonsively -indood,. in a 

rw t .nnor which I .'«»y<y no hesitation in sayin#was :oxlronM.y unutiu- 
inos.v likn, and a sovoj-^ reflection on those vfhoflfhad Charon of it, 
,,r ' or ' v'*. regime of the Edison Co. or London. V. - *• 

Since the amaLijamation or thin Company with the Swan r,’«.' 
tlv>-matter hft« boon taken in hand by .Major Flood Pane the (fon/’ldan. 
of 1/10 novf combinat ion, un i when I wan in London ho showed,mo 

figures from v.'iiioji i (fafhorod tiiat ho vioitld bo unlo t„ riih th'* 

.Station at a «li,;ht profit, ’ and certainly-at no loss. . 

loss liM'lor the. oi l mann<{«mr>nt ..was <‘lo par day.- This 
-isjjpinjj partly to extravagant, labor accounts, partly toJOffieials: 
Dctna cfiafjjfod ;-.jrain;.t ohe station,, y/ho had nothing to lo v/ith it, 
and partly from v-iry^pvjisiv-j offices, -YhicJi v/hfi not utilisod to 


Major Baton;- 

Some correspondence )ms com to mo Tron Mr. Hutch¬ 
ins on* -vfliiish*-I notice that Ur. S«>1 (ton hu« boon written $bi'.With 
relation to business in connection vrith ’the Machine Works. 

The business or the Machine Works in cen-iuc'toU by 6s in 
this orfico, and we would therefore r--»ol much oS» !•:; 1 tr y met tom 
o in dispute you will kindly write to us in relation thoro-.o, an 
-’••-v; 'lay must occur in consequence or all such natters 
■.*-• d-i; • ).<• ' "i;, i”:»-,toly r«c<»rvod 'to this office. 

I an now in. cummin teat Ion -with Mr. Hutchins -n as to the 
'claim ho makes of “l!i- fnj- wr<*«<< .shipment of armature,ref »rred to In so 11 

1000 »V 97*;Ar4 

ortlor in addition 

WOO lmnpu/ Please* 


'ask^fl. for. 

havo had co'-iparativoly 1 

l ijiin < 50 , U.'ty.s froniitfio ■ -lnt ! o h" 

Tiro local comoftn' 

1 in.; thr, , l;i , 

sho'.l-t bn camrit] t<> 

A ^ in;r 0! ' . th ° BWlr! 1 Sh011 1 .1 ' cl.T I V (■ an j : : ' 

a juuisod 4irnrtt n! { f- ,m ic . fl 

. ‘ 1C .- l 'V 1 ( usually " . 

'• hn Pi’^sHont anJ Tr-asu»n- ) f n .i 

- ' “ ‘ '’■* C '”' t '■- 1 ''■•■‘Ji- <•£• iho 

‘ ;'”' ,0rntl ' ,n uni ,irri * the. corporate aw i. , 

- ^ !” ^ Um omen,, aiffninf ; 

.. . ., ihiij lk> 

* t„ tax, nrt „„„,... ^ . .| 

March a-Hh, U4, 

Major Eaton:- 

X enclose a lottor rocoivnd this morning from 
Haul©ton. Ilnyo you any Buj.costions to rwfco with rolation to 
ohuni'inR.the .position of tho polos yon complain of. It seems’ to 
mo it would; ■ cauao a flood deni of trouble to do the v/orE., 

H Jnsull, 

March .!4th» 3 Ms4.. 

. ; yur ° n ‘ t oncloso a lottor rocoiVBfl fron K^:« to-rfay. 
Th«. eorrosj-omlonoo with roJnti.-n to tho Aiitorutio SoKulator W. 
j.3 ico with HorflMann ft -flu. X hayo however wit ton ^ublodny that \ 
it is am]- ossiblo to ,UQ'i Automatic notfuJators with'our pros >nt 
Central Station systom. T have also jVroraisM to- send the estimato 
for aJ tovirifi the present j l ant to-morrbv/ or next .lay. 

por h'cCJ. 

March' t’.-Uh, 

J. I'\ lirby. Bsq. 

s., Hotel, Middleton, o. 

Dour Kir:- - 

,v/o have your two favors of ,13 at inat, 
via cannot, understand v/hy you roport tho troublo 
about tho materials to Mr. Stuart, Are you not nwaro that you 
aro writing for us-!.,and any troubles you moot, should bo reported 
to us and to nobody olso, v/o must rouuost^you t,o j ay particular 
attontion to,those instructions in futuro. W« wish you to writo 
us immodiatoly you find any trouble. 

Mr. Stuart writes us that, there aro lots of orders for 
wiring at Middleton. You writo that, the people aro waiting t,o sno 
the light in operation before ordering wiring. Wo cannot'ac¬ 
count for tho difference in those statements. Perhaps you\can ex¬ 
plain. \ 

Yoiirs truly, \ 

Thus, A. Kdison. Const, Ilopt, 


i iH !! 

i to hand on Saturday, 


'•“F. n. Ordgg. Esq. 

1 Quoon Victoria Street. London. K.O. England. 

Your favor of 5th March 
ntonts noted. 

I hopo to lie ab'lo to solid you ^instructions .about, the 
Manchester matter in a day or two.' 

Y/ill you please purchase arid ship to Thos. A. Edison 
<iii Fifth Avenue. Nov/ York, ag Swan lamps of Ki candle power to run 

at 100 volts, anil <55 lamps of lo candle power each to run at 100 

. . of the 

volts. Tf you cannot^get Imips to-barn-at above candle pov/or 

to run at above volts, please got the nearest to them possible. 

•V/s desire lamps of the newest make. If you cm get six small 

lamps of about 1 or ^-candle 'power in addition to the. above, V /e 
shall 'bo much obliged. 

In purchasing the lamps, you will of course be caroful' ■' 
to purchase them in your own name, but when making the shipment, 

/OU shoul " W!lk0 out invoice for thorn at cost ind have the sumo 
certified by the U. 55. Consul. You might also see Whether'you ^ C 
'ship thorn to us as oxiorimontal material so as to save the expense 
of custom duties. 

Wa .will remit you the amount of the bill, for those lamps : 
immediately on receipt of same, or if you prefer it, you can draw 

■v, ■> 
;; ! 

. i i 

March <!4th. H4. 

Henry. A. Clark. Rs, t . 

7th Avonuo Hotel, iittsburg. (a. 

Bo ir Rir: — 

V/o have your favor of ;A'trd inat. 

V ' <! t0ld y ° U When yoU ^o here'that it would, bo impossible 
for us to send a canvasser to Cumberland' unless yo u gave us 
reasonable notice as to whon you would r^,uiro one. 7/0 f ,o not 
hoop canvassers in tho office. They havoVhpir' work laid out as 
* ” ,3e >lb0Ut "° nth *owns am canvassed in the order 

in which instructions for an estimate come xn from Mr. Hastings. 

V '° nSk ° d y ° U to W 3U0h instructions, givon innately and allow 
as to choose our own time to.send a canvasser. v, 0 regret that 
yuu did not do this, us wo cannot tell now wJVoh we will be ablo to 
sond a canvasser. If your lot,tor hud to hand on Saturday 

instead of to-day we could have sent a mri immediately, as we • 
had one here waiting for instructions, ' He has now gone in an 
ontxrdljf different direct,ion. 

Whatever delay tokos this matter, wo do^ot ' 
wo nro at all to blame Tor as wo had alroariy warned you 

about it. 

Yours truly. 1 

Thos,. A. Rdis'on. Const. Copt, 

•. ' ' ' . " by* • ;; , 




March 24th. U4. 

W. H. Dv/olloy,/ eIL 
‘V’. ••Trd'&a«/r-.|v Paj;3'Rivo’r. 'Maas’." 

Roar Sir:- j 

I Wo. havo your favor of ;io thins t. 

77o must c 
; have /in awe rod i 

that, v/o very much rogrot that you should 

728th Roby more promptly, and that you 
should jyivo put off bringing'.up tho troubles you speak of until 
such tirAo as we,aro pressing for a sottloment of the account, 
v/o vrilJ havo the boilors oxamined by an export, and v/hatovor is 

»/rone /will bo put right. V/o may state hov/ovor, that the boilers 
/ 1 • .two . ■ . 

contracted to supply you with, ; namoly: 73 K; P. Uoilefs are 

. ;/ ■ . A V- v : 

the y/samo as v/o havo put up in Brockton v/horo far more l ights ; than - using are bo i n/; ru n, and tho boilers aro guaranteod-to give 

/ -rskztaih~ , ' 

tho. Horse Pov/or guarante e d by Moss rs Babcock * V/ileox, Our ov/n 

e/cporionco v/ith boilors of this charactor is, that thoro is from 
lf5 to 2."5 por cont margin of horso pov/or in A thorn, and v/o aro oxtromo 
,/Jly surprised that you should havo tho troublo you spook of. We do 
'not v/ondor at al l that Mr. Rich should have stated that - thoy would 
do^tho work cl nil rad for thorn, al though o f courso, if Mr. Rich nado 
his statement to you in nrgnannor at all orfonsivo, v/e vory much 
rogrot it, and offer you our apologies for : 

V/ith relation to t.ho muffler, We; would call your attent¬ 

ion to t.ho fact that, 

contract doos not call for a muff3or, arid 

it vory ; much sun rises us that, tha noise should hwejjbocomo any 
tlsKBs. jr 

nuisance, considering that^in the Arc light sation across the ; 
water from yours causes much moro noise, if our. information on 
■ this subject' is cojgBQjct. 

Tho Blatter of the pump,-wo vfi 13 also loot into. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A, Edison Construction Dept, 

•J'Hjj" M, houbloc^ey. Ksq, 1'n. 

Hoar Sir:*- 

V/.j have your i’avo - oi’ -lint. inst. It is impossible 
to uso tho. Automatic Regulator in eonnoetio.n with our Central 
Station .‘system at present. 

Tho fact that the smoko stack at Suribury has broken 
•loos no at • all surprise mo. V 

Tho ostinato for. oltaring the tresent Station will bo 
sent to-i.ior-'-o.v ur next .lay. 

Yours truly. 

1’hos. A. Edison. Const. ])opt, 

March <r!4th» »4, 

Mossrs Babcock ft V/ilcox. 

Now York!*** 

Conti ornon:** 

v/o shaJ 3 bo pi ad if you will send an export to 
I''a3 3 River to lool. at and report on tho boilers in tho .Station of 
t)no Edison Electric Illuminating Oo. of that, city. Tho Troasuror 
of tho Cour any inform too. that thoy have very grout trouble to pet 
about 40 II. P. Out of one. of the boilors, and thoy are unablo to 
maintain more than 40 pounds press tiro in their efforts to do so. 

70 bought the boilers from you as a pair of ?:» H. P. boilers sot 

m one bittory, and our own turn had charge of tho setting of 
samo, which was done in .accordance frith plans furnished by S*ou, 

7o should profor that you send a man from Now York, rather than 
from your local or Boston Agency, and v/e should be oblipod by your 
instructing him to keep his own counsol strictly, and not offer • 
any opinion to the local Company in rolation to tho witter. 

If you can"deui with this matter immediately, you will confer a 
favor on us, as. wo aro dolayed in getting u settlement of our con¬ 
tract owing to some trouble in this part\of; the installation. 7o 
presume you will chargo us no more thun thoiburo oxpensos and time 

of tho ! 

#V : 

i you send to slake thi3 roport. 

Yours truly. 

Thbs. A. Edison Const Dept. 

V »y 

\. March <!4th, i*t, 

4 . \: . 

Arthur. R. Hovels. Es>(. \ 

Tif^IJn, Ohio. \ ' 

l>oar Sir:- ij ' ■ | ■: 

/^ »ro W wu ** rmo „ „ t ;i , )M lMt< 

ami no to ^ontonts. - - 

_ / ““‘f jU ^ u« -.h, nr., of , tt 

/' ? * lhat iS ’ Can / 0 U / i t ' 4 a \ tHo l!Un -' l»«wrs of'tho, Jumps 

“7“’ ®" “ J ” *•>» , rtth thlo ,. iM oni 

2i tho ; 0,0 ! ” pn w o,„„, ,„ mt . 

^Vdr tho oaso may bo. ■ 

|) Yours itruJy. 

|s.- A, Krtison Const. Dopt. 


March/34th, U4.\ 

Vi'o have your favor of w.ot-h inst, and vary much regret 

that .you should havo written .in the i 
Tho largest stockholder in 

i tho Sunbury Co, oxcejt tho 

> RJoctric light Co, is Mr. Edison. 

n to mo v/h'in T was in Sunbury with rolation 
: you, and said ho wui\3d pay tho old bill off 

"during tho proeont yoar. Ho is honostly trying to got his 

in good shape, and if you refuse to sup) 3Jr, him with mator- 
it simply moans that tho v/horowith to Rot his plant run- 
(isfactdrily is cut off. Tf youflpill. supply the mator- 

io other torms, the Construction Dept wil 3 guar an too the'bill 

mng satisfactorily is < 

Thus, A. Ediso n Const, Dept A 

Mch. 34th. B4. 

Mr. Ilutchinson:- 

•T. 'huvo: your favor v/i thout duto roforrinfl to tho 
claim of S15,0O.; (!for \thomistake with relation to tho armature sent 
to Nov/ton fi: Gb. 'Vi.. T am sorry you' dii’for with mo in this matt or, 
! «d ^ «m oti‘3’0. iff! tljo'/opinion that wo are not rosj onsiblo in toto' 
for tho trouble J j 'tas'.it to toll tho Isolntod Co, 

■ v/hat .) ind of an/ armturo/nhoy rot|Uiro v»hon they order a now, one?. 

If so, I /'would jiikp' thiB point definitely sottlod, My impression 
d;$o| docidod this for t.homsolvos and koj t 
[furthermore, in your claim you 
Civo no do tails, I aw still v/i 11 inn 

but not moro. • 

S Tnsull. 

Por McG. ’ 

i that tho Vf/olntbd' . 
' tfack of all machines' out. 
simply state 5>i.‘5.06, and] 
to bear half tj\e oxj.oriso 

• I 

rJonsanrrdnRo tosend a 
per ono3 oisocl as early as poss iblo. 
order for the canvass. 

canvasser to rJuml>or3nnd as 
Mr. Hastirif-s vi3J sond you 

Secretary. Cincinnati. 0. 

Hoar Sir:-. 

V/o have your itvor uf aoth inst with relation to 
the buildSBig at Middleton. 

v/o regret vory much that the bmilding should not ho 
largo enough, but it is the siao wo ordinarily oro.ct •Tor 500 light 
plants. 1 .aw having the estimate Tor the Middleton building 
luokod into, and will v/rito you further in relation to the matter, 
.Some days ago wo rocoived Trow, Tiff in a chocl. for '54000. 
Horgfghin sfcr-Co, .inform us on our enquiring inmodiato'ly 
on receipt of the abovo referred to lo ttor, that everything o#ler- 
od by I irby for Middleton has been shipped. 

Yours truly. 

Thus. A. Rdison Const, Oopt. 

Tho Soerotary, 

• Edison* s Indian « Colonial n i i i 

■ 4 «' »J Throgmorton Avonuo, London. E, c. England. 
Dear .Sir:- ' 

Your favor of loth inst camo to hand this morning, and 
it was therefore impossible to esblo you in reply to same in order 
to bo in time for your Hoard of Directors mooting which v/asi held 
on 'th'o dlst inst. 

Drcxol, Morgan « Co have full authority from mo to deal 
v/ith tho mat tor you speak of, and 1 have accordingly sont your 
lottor to thorn,with a roguost that they roply to samo immediately. 

March Hth. tj*r 

(iardinor. 0. 'Rims. Esq. \ 

■ Providence. P. 7. 

My doar 1*:- ' 

j Your favors oi‘ .iO’.h and <K7rd came duly to 

hand. T j h int, to'son you boforo .suyitif'.'anything about what our 

futuro huasjno ;rs v/il 3 bo. 7u Pact, 7 v/a n't to hnvo quite a tal) 
v/ith you. j Y/hen veil 1 you bo along?. oV course you are going 
to stay v/ijth ma tho next time you coino do^n.\ 

March 24th. tJ4, 

Socioto Electric Edison, ' 

33 Avonuo de la Opera. Paris.Prance. 


">» shall bo vory'Rliid if you can send us A.i lamps 
or 10 candle power,and 25 lamps of lo candlo power mado at y 0 ur 
factory at Tvry, volts and candle power to bo distinctly marked 
on each lamp. 

We desire those lamps so that wo may ox) orimont with 
thorn at our I.amp*Pnctory hero,and see whether there aro any surjgest- 
1‘ins we can offer you in connection with improving the life and 
character of your lamps. 

Tn making the shipment, please have the invoico and docu¬ 
ment fully authenticated by the Unitod States Consul, and if it 
is possible for you to shij^thom as experimental material, please 
do so in ordoitoto savo us the exj onno of custom duties. 


Stuart. Esq.i j^\ 
Secretary, Cj/nc^nnati. .0. 

March /34th. 04, 

hour Sir:- /■ •■'''» 

/Mo aro VaVjch obliged to you for your f avow of ,30th 'UP' 
mst v/ithyroj’/ation to the starting.of tho Middleton Station. 

V' VTcJ have shown your 1attar to our chiof aloctricnl onnin— 
0QV /'' Mr\ Andtlov/s, nnd our superintendent of construction, Mr. Rich,' 
.impressinR u] on thorn tho necessity of tn} extra precautions 
in tho .cas'd' of Middleton, 

Mo] inr; that ovorythinp will no on satisfactorily, ua 

'remain, - 

Yours very truly. 

Thos. A. Edison. Const. llopt. 

March; 24th. H4, 

S'Ooo,' S, Halo, Esq. • 

39’Court St, . boston.'. Mass, 
Dour-Sir:-' • 



Your two lettors to^r howbry have .boon forwarded 

J m’fjrot to' statu that. T know nothing whatever' about 
tho ‘cas»i of Wish V;S, .-Edison, but immediately Hr. Edison rotdrns 
in a. wool. or. so I oxpact, I will son that, tho matter is taken up 
arid pushed through, 

I 3aw Mr. Adams on Saturday, and he promises to Hive his 
testimony aa soon an Mr. Edison comes back. 

T will send you check for S300. in course of a day or 

Yours truly. 

'isii'.tblo t'i 


v l i X i- 'bo . n rl< > pi t < 

; unn.tni* . VJv 

t'Ui‘11 if?)t 

• 3 plant, 

<f)r a > r o u n noetfaa u ry 

’ dist rict; at th>> 


remove tho obstruction or 

it inu'i- 





Unit pin 



io!i ■ deCanlt, 

arbitrary limit, but 

tl\<i ;• part i| 

, a uowa. for nny'ono ,l»n rnv; ih' 1 l '° r & 
out,ir:a.t'p ,,f whatVit would" cost the contractor to brine an in«tai; 
atW to a partial or Tipul s’, at" <> •4»plotibn, an! then »'>• 
ii,# to remove it on account .ir n»n-i»oVnnnt on the part or -.ho 
, ru n : ,: V r ; - > i-.'r l-..--.o tho amounts retained ,.rn but 

•surciciont to coyer tho. cost of such ro.^val and rec'onpence tho 
Oon ,,.u ; tor for vo durvii'os he v,o.:l;l sustain under sud^ circunutn 
cos. would be,; to ..a l, that in addi'^n to tho Uum,io —tut 
by tho cottmetor, and '..he expense above ref ’~re t to, it 

■' ■ ■ ■ 

'if «W!>% . J 

.-.•oil Cor ;i~ onrintror to consider the effect produced by such n con- 

-actor.',illation would bo seised by rival Companies ud 

capital against the Kd is on 3,i(;.Hfc 

•tibt. th. X such yCompanies would v/i thold th< 

That thofion tract or would .sustain 

ituro, cannot bo questioned. 

.ini(<h t 

combined li 

,1;relations of th 

The contractor 

Judf'onent in case o'P the failure to perform. hii 

•l \/hilo : objection .’May. bo raised to culi.inj* a cor* 


'jobation vitunpible it i:. virtually the ease. nro avrttro.of’ 
c our so of "the possibility of obtaining a Jud('rn<jnt against',!* (Jo n- 
pany,.but ’./her- ,ho.u- subscrip tiiion ; list represents t.h"ir capital, ^ 
and no proporty of any value -iff-in thoir p<<b.-.osuion tho chances oT- 
■'nxoeutinn such Judgement are very slight. It is a repeated occi r-‘; 

‘■nco, at, yn\t a o no doubt avvuro forepersons to subscribe to t’fte 
stock* of a Company withou t possession the necessary, amount of. 

money to meet the obligation. In the' personnel of a Dornpan.’ 
may bo nw!y responsible men, but the extent of thoir 

NEW Vfra TT , Mch 25th. 84. 188 

homas A., Edison, 

. 65 Fifth Avenue, 

Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft. 

90 Leipziger Strasse. Berlin W. Germany. 

Dear Sirs:- 

' Referring to my recent cable correspondehce with 
you' and your authority to me to draw for the shipment of 
lampsj and your later advifie refusing me permission to draw for 
subsequent shipments^ -VI® beg to inform you that the prices quoted 
you for lamps and other material,, are the lowest possible prices 
I can name, and these prices were fixed on the basis that payment 
would be made for each shipment on deliver^.of bills of lading and 
invoices here in New York. It was on t^he j.Assumption that these 
terms would be carried out that I was enabled to get the Lamp Co, 
ep n cin nyto quote^terms for heavy shipments A you, and I am 
therefore compelled to meet the amount of their bills immediately 
they present me with the documents. This leaves me out of pocket 
for.some considerable time,with no equivalent for being obliged to 
take such a course^as I.bill the lamps to you at the same price 


as they are billed to i 

I should therefore be much obliged 

upon you through some New York house on presentation of documents, 
or by which I can get payment Tor the goods without drawing upon 
you. This latter course is pursued by our Paris friends, who simply 
require of me to present invoices and bills of lading to their ' 

financial agent here, and he pays me the amount of sqme against my 

If however, 




is more desirable for me to draw, T am perfectly willing to do so 
either at sight, or on-a time draft, provided that you arrange-pw 
-fojs-ffle to get same cashed in New York, 

At this writing I have paid out the amount of $3300, 

which I presume I will not- receive from you for the next ten days 
or so^owing to your having wired me that you have written in re¬ 
lation to this subject. 

Why oa n - y a u no 'T^at' the time pou order goods from me 

write to Speyer Bros, New York, opening a credit sufficient to 
cover the cost oG same?. 

Major Katun;- 

I nnoloso you a lot,tor froi.i Shnmokin' as to fcho lump 

broaJtaf'o. Tho Mifforomsb is only tA 3maps in tho vmy of ' 

improvaniont, but, fctill this is bo'ftor than floinfl in .kho opposite 

fi T n.’iul 3 . 

por McO, 

Muh liiiuh, U'l. 

Major Raton:- 

nur Mr. ttioh. joavns for Hiusloton to-ninht. 

TKo polos thoro will bo i’ixo-t up to; the satisfaction of tho local- 
Company, 7 hopa this v/onk. 

thoro, 7 

Ho in also flu in# to .Sunbury to look into tho 
•ail! lot you know •/hit ho roports. 

S’ Thaul 3 

: bY- 
% . 

March iifJth. H4, 

Deutsche Edison Obsellschaft. 

•. 9U J.oipzigor f!trasee. Berlin 'V, Cormany. 

; Dear Sirs;- 

Referring to your lot for Ko. .3J4U4, March f»th. I bog 
to enclose- you horovcith prico list of the Rlo.ctric Tube Go, for 
tubes of- tho- three conductor system..' 

Tho discount: which thdy aDIbw to Companies in this 
Country is per cent on the prices c'uptod, but should you give 
ah order for any considerable quantity of tubes, T can arrange to 
cot- you a discount of Oi» porttcont, and if you will - give mo authorijr 
to draw upon you at sight for the:amount cl’ouch shipment made by 
the Tube Corn)any, I can arrange, top an extra discount of '0fS per 
cent, inahing a total discount of po>- cent. 

Tho two conductor- tubes have practical!y gone out of use, 

• excep't for tho purpose of services b'otv/b*n a consumer’ r. house and 
tho three conductor main.' The. cause of this is .the very great 
variation between the amount of copper usod in the two conductor 
system, anti that used in tho throe wire system. In this country 
Y/o should not thin) for one raomont of using the two conductor' 
system in our Central fitation Plants. 

The Tube Company has no prico list of t.ho two conductor 

Maiyh'23th, 84. 

Geo. H. Bl'tsn' gaij. 

V 1 


■ Supt. wastorn Edison Light Co. 
Chicago ill. 

! 7 e enclose nerevrith form of agreement, and estimate ' ’ 
or proposed Central station at Dos hioinoB Iowa. Capacity 1600 : 
lights, total cost 523,740. 19 . Tho exhibits «A* and °B* as re- • 
to in 1 the on closed contract trill bo forwarded to you on 
Fridays or daYlier if possible. 

This estimate is based on the present value of labor 
ahd material, and we hold ourselves in readiness to close it on the 
terms s at any time within 6b days from tho date hereoT, but 

n|o't after. 

.' ■ The local company in executing the contract for the in-- 

stailation 'Of « plant should be careful to comply with the laws 
of tho state of Iowa. 

A mo ’ting of the Board of Directors should be called and 
a resolution passed directing the officers named therein {/usually 
the president and Treasurer )tto sign the contract on behalf of the 
’Corporation^and affix thereto the corporate seal.' Cure should also 
ijsncjtake to have the officers signing the contract acknowledge It* •; 
befdre some officer authorised' by law to.v.ko acknowledgements and ' 

administei'voaths, and in the acknowledgement should bo incorporated 
rin. arr^dctyFiti by the officers that they have signed the contract, 
an^affixeid 1 ’to’it the corporate seal, in and by virtue of a reso¬ 
lution of the: Board of Directors authorising them so to do; the 
fo’Ti oT a'cfcnoY/1 edgement to be such as t’ve laws or the State of Iowa 
’require. The ^jf^nowledgaRtent written on the blank ’pages 
uunexed to the contract. 

, jje do not regard the contract as binding upon us until 

it is received here properly executed, together with a certified 
check for the amount required to be paid upon its execution. ■■■■•*■ 

■ < ■ on receipt of the contract executed by the Company we f ^ 
will return u duplicate signed. ^ 

' Yours truly. 

*■■■ . Thoa. A. Edison conotn. Dept. 

March :d.'ith, (M, 

Gustav Roldan. Bsc|. 

Rapt. City. 

Dour Rir:- 

I havo pleasure to one] use you herewith a letter which 
I have received from the Secretary of the Tsolutod Co, The com¬ 
plaint ho speaks of appears to mo to have occurred often of late. 
Is it owing to the fact that you discharged Johnson?, 

When a similar complaint came from the datum 10dison Co., you sent 
"mo a letter r aeoivod by you from tho jhipht Co, in v/hieh they took 
the responsibility for machines .-/hen once tested, but 1 do not 
"consider this a sufficient ms /or to the comj hunt. 
theoretically, tho h.ight Co, test our machines, still, it is our 
duty to son that a]! machines are sent, out in food condition. 

T know that tho authorities of the Isolated Co. feel very strongly 
on this point, and I would urge u; on you to have much more earn 
taken with machines when .being tested in order to obviate the 
roctirronoo of these comp!uihts. 

Please return the enclosed letter to mo with your- 
commonta thereon. 

March 20th, 1USJ4. 

Mjr Dear Andrews:- 

in reply to your lottor of tho 25th inst, I bog 
to say that tho amount duo us as soon as tho Newburg Station starts 
up is 811,000-. Tho total amount of tho Newburgh contract is 
$38,000, 80,000 of which was paid upon tho signing of the agreement 
t'ho same being 20 per cent, and no further payment was due us; until 
the station was in a condition to supply light. Upon our applying 
tip thorn however, the Nowburgh gentlemen were kind enough to advance 
87,500- on account of the second payment of 50 percent due as above 
stated, thus -leaving a balance to be paid us or Sll, 500 as soon as 
you get pressure on the mains. 

As soon as you definitely decide as to when you will 
start the station send me a telegram. 

;f„ I am very much pleased to hear you speak so highly of 

Oonant's work, and I am furthermore glad to be informed that we 
will have such a neat and complete Station at Newburgh. 

Very truly yours 

w. s. Andrews Esq. 

Nowbu rgh N. Y. • V 

-JosQf.h Hutchinson. Rsq. 

Sccrotary, . Mow York. 

Hour Sirt- 

RoforvinR to your 'letter of ..list inst, ro turned horo- 
r do not ; doubt'but that tin Jidisori.'.v«»;uld th'o Rd.on Munoc 
with sorno si-cciinons of his inventions. Ho wil] bo bach on 
Saturday night, and duubtlos.q on Monday v/o can .arrange t.ho manor. 

’ Yours trulv, 

March Jfifch. tJ4, 

-N. \7„ 'Pjviti.. Rsq. 

Troasuror, PabooeJ. ft ViJeox’06. ' 3Jov/ York. 
Doiir Sir:-’ 

Vo lira obliged to you for your favor of 35th inst, 

• condoling us on having a contract in Fall Pivor. v/o must how, 
evor, in.jus.tico to.Poll JUvor say, that our experience is not ex¬ 
actly the same ?|||pvory other concern-. Tho outstanding bal¬ 
ance is only aboSloOf). or *3000, and our contract -cnoJ^ed to 
about *40,000, so v/o'-aro in hopes of getting through all ri P ht. 

Yours very truly, 

' Thos. A. Kdison. Const. Pap.t. 


[larch 26th, 84. 

'iTJtoraas spencer Es f i« 

f' : c-o Edison Elec. Ill. Co. Haaleton ponna. . ‘ 

Dear-sir;-: j. ' ' ' 1 

Replying to your letter of tho 24th inst. Wo send you* 
under same; cover nap of Par. lot on showini; the. of ' " r 

mains' and feeders, and wishmyou would locato on same tho position 
of each polo as erected, and also in a distinctive manner from the 
•former tho position of each street light which it is desired by the 
‘•Hazleton Co. to install, We will then rurnish an estimate. We 
will also look into; the matter of rnakini; a separate system. 

In regard to the party who you say has started in the • 
wiring business upon two days experience, w<-> do not think it would* 
be safe to trust him with any work unless he can prove that he 1 b* ' 
thoroughly capable of performing it. Of course \yo know nothing 

-about him, and can only judge Prom what you Bay in your letter, but 
wVliavo formed an opinion that his knowledge of t.he wiring business 
pust bn extremely limited. We cannot send an expert to Hazleton. - ' 
•to examine this party as v/o have already educated a m^ry/and made;, 
him competent to dp all such work, and if any other>person>'d ! 4sires' 
to start; in' the; name business, the Hazleton •' 

l>im to take any work whatever, until they^iare thoroughly satisfied 
that ho is>able to perform it in an efficient manner. It looks to 

us* as; though he should pay his own expenses to How York in order 
to,obtain, a certificate as to his capability, if he desires to'/- 

wiring business, 'rhis however is u, matter entirely 


in , : the htin'ds of the jiaaleton Compuny, and 



Yours tnijlyi 

Thos. A* Edison Consin. Dept, 

J ■ 

March 20th. U4, . ■v’.J 

Josoph Hutchinson. Ksq. 

Rocrotary. B, 0. for J. J. Now York, Rir:- 

Roforrinn t.o our Jotter to you on ~ J .l'«t inst, wo wish 
you to understand that the brushes mentioned are sent, by us with 

each machine,. frtto. of char Re. 

Yours truly, 

/) Q 

Mch ^Jth.. 04, 

•6 ply wuul d 

Messrs broxol, Mur ('an ft Co. 

Now York. 


I hiivo your .favor of J 
bop to sigfcto, that film reason 7 sent 

that I tliouchttSKason’s Tndian ft Colonial'.'light Co -would in all 
probability loo), for a formal ana /or in addition to tho inntruct¬ 
ions tr-insui tt.od to Hfcxl Couraud/ \ ' 

Yith refo '•onco to tl\o “15" sharos,-/- Tyinroe with you that 
it would soon only oquitablo that a snail reduction should be nadfc 
in relation thereto; bub, -would it not be bettor to v/rito to this 

,lx’ inst, and ; 

'j^rris* iottor to you, is, 

: ho may possibly/have some terras 

■! \ » 

with tho Company, which a letter from you would ini all probability • 

4 ! I' \ 

interim with. 

You'-s truly, 

.. of foot to Col. <h 


March 27th, 84. 

W. L. Garrison:- jEoq. 

■Tress. Edison Bloc. Ill. Co. Brockton Mass. 

Doar Sir:*; . . ' 

We beg to acknowledge with thanks receipt of .your 
letter of the 20th inst, enclosing ehokk fo!r^i?06.»i. 

In regard to our letter or Dec. 26th, in which we quoted 
price <5115- for two regulators for the “S"-dynamo machines, we < 
would »ay 'that'when we rendered you h subsequent bid that the price 
or these regulators had changed, owing to some alteration made in 
the device. By referring to our letter of Fob. 14th, you will 
fii*)i^e that we asked you to kindly advise us which bid you had 
accepted. The m»re recent one, you will no doubt remember, in¬ 
cluded all labor in connection with the change you desired to ef¬ 
fect in the Brockton station, and which amounted to S3, 024.95. 
Annexed «* this we gave you credit for an 812 X 10 enginer^^j and; 
washers, bolts and-pipes, and one “H” dynamo, the amounts of vhi,ch • 
aggregated! <SB, 200.08. We make this explanation in order, that yjfe '. 
may recognize the estimate we refer to. In, this bid we quoted 
i.]>e price of the regulators at Si38 r ,. and it was f,.r this reasbn- -■ 
that they were charged in the bill at that price.- ' 

As however, our let ter or pec. 26th to. Nr, Jenks quoted $115- we aro 
quite willing to make the allowance you claim of $23-. 

Williyou very kindly let- us know where vou sent the plug 
switches and pulleys returned. / The amount of 31350- for one ■ 

dynamo is correct. 

Marhh 27th, 84. 

Jill. F\loycl /Esq. 

Shamokin ponr.u. 

I . » r,„l, your or .. h „ Mtl, l„ ot , ln * hlch yo| 

y “ “ k * or pu „,„ on , 

».r„ a 0 * f „r „„ *, „ mkim „„ ror ^ ^ 

to that wo .hall „„ „„l,„ ,j„ aS *IBf to your ro, u , st . 

Thos. a. Edison Constn. Dept, 

uch, 27 th. 84, 

Major Eatont- 

RoforrinR to tha enclosed, I would say that, the 
local pooplo aro aoraowhat divided as to v/hathor Hill should ba 
allowod to do tho wiring. Soma of the Dlroctors think ho should, 
'and'others thin); ha should not. There iB a wiroman thoro, who has 
boon educated to do tho work. Under t.he circumstances, I hardly 
llko to doul v/ith tho matter, 

.*> Tnaull, 

par Hec, 

Mch 27th, 04, 

II. M. Doubloday. Esq, 

Shamokin, Pa, 

Dear Sir j- 

Vfill you ploaso find out immortiatoly the new pressurd 
indicators arrive at Mount; Carina 1, They wo ro shipped by pergmann 
•* Co. yestorday. 

Wo want you to go to Mount Carraal, and see them in work- 
ing order, and give such instructions to the local men as may bo 
necessary. Also see that the old pressure indicators are re- 
shipj 'dd to Borginann a Co, as quickly as possible, and advlso us 
of the shipment. 

Your favor of 23th inst earno to hand this morning, and 
wd are much obliged for the information it contains. 

Yours truly,. 

Thus. A. Edison . Const. Dept. 


March 27th, 04, 

S. Andrews Esq. 

!'' T/owburjjh ?J. \. 

Doar Sir;-.; 

Replying to your letter of tho 25th inst in regard to 
safety catchgp^ads for Shamokin, we bo« to say that we do not know 
how muoJt o^.r>-ent it is desired'to make those capable of carrying. 
Via’ have written to Mr. Doubleday, and us soon us we hear from him 
we will order forward the necensnry loads, together with 'old^rs 
:for same* and they will no doubt be in Shamokin by the time you " 
arrive at thut place. 

' • , ' Yours truly.- 

Thos, A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

March 27th, 84. 

ff. S. Andrews Esq. . - 

: jo.'io United Status Hotel Newburgh M. y. 

De’sr Sir:- •/ j ’ - 

1 ' We bug to acknowledge receipt of your telegram of the: 
20th inst,.stating that Mr. Bellknap will send us a check Tor 
S6000- to-morrow. - 

In regard to the enginoer.^fip Newburgh, wo.have wired' 
■Rich, and are doing all we can to hasten his arrival. 

Yours truly. 

Thos. a. Edison ConBtn&. Dept. 

March 27th. «4, 

W. S. Andrews. Bsq. 

Nowburg. N. Y. 

Dear Andrews:- 

Your porsonal letter.of 20th Inst came to hand 

this morning. 

I am much obliged to you for vdvu you have dono in re¬ 
lation to tho payment, and hope that you will soo. that- the check 
is sent on to-morrow,(Friday). The remittance you name,- $0,000 
wil3 materially assist mo. In® Just in that framo of mind to bo 
thankful for small mercies. I call a figure with about throo 
eiphors after it, a small morcy. . You will notico T am modesty 

Mflh 27th, m, 

f ' ■ '■ 

I: V'. ■ 

j:, v-ArthfcSK. S. Bovos. Esq. 

' Tiffin. Ohio, 

Dour Sir:- 

Wo havo to-day v/ritton to Mr. Leonard, who is now at 
' 'Middletown,' asking him to tako 4 pressure indicators which wo havo 

... shipped to Middleton, ovar to you at Tiffin immediately they 

.' w „ arrive at the former place, 

' Mr. Leonard understands these now indicators, and has '• 
tho nocoasary^instijuinont to standardize thorn. He will give you 
any explanation you may v/ant as to tho 'working of them. 

Immediately the indicators are put up, ploaso ship to 
. t . Rorgniann &. Co, tho instruments you aro now using for this purpose. 

Yours truly. 

Thus. A. Edison. Const. Dept, 


March 27th, 04. 

Roo. H. Bliss Esq. 

° on supt. ffos tom Edison Light Co. 

Enolosod wo bog to hand you plan sh-»win« the fioneral. ' 
arrnnsnmont of tho. 60s Moil.os control station. This plan .show* 
tho position or tho boilers anti stoara piping anti also tho stoara 
anti piping which it would bo necosaai* for us to 
or.oct. Tho brokon linos show tho position or tho dynaaos on tho - ? 
uppor floor, and by roforring to tho side Novation a mom com- $ 
pmhoosivo idoa can bo fornod as to thoir position on tho uooor 

floor. V(n show tho profilo of tho Ely ffhoel as it is at pms^fon 
tho "Buckeye” ongino in operation in this Station, and wo also show 
,h ° n,in '" r !i " * hl « h U «» «»o altorod to accomodate tho two bolts 
for tho imrpnso «r driving tho 800 light dyntunos wo proposo install 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dopt. 

Meh i57th. 04, 

: A. Stuart. Esq. 

Soctotary. Cincinnati. 0. 

Dear Siri- 

Your favor of iJSth innt came t,o hand this morning, 

« \rd think that, Kirby’s trouble with tho wi'*e at Middle- 
ton only applies to tho particular lot of wire ho had at tho time 
ha made tho tost. Your previous communication to us, was tho first 
wo hoard of tho mattor, and wo are now trying to got at tho bottom 
of tho trouble, 

OUr impression was that paragon cable was just tho thing 
that was required for wiring, and tho only difficulty in connect¬ 
ion with it, was by tho Insurance piopl®. v, ° wi;i5 write you 

again however, whon wo havo had a report from Mr. Kirby, 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Rdison, Const. Dept. 

March 37th, !34. 

j'ifSV > t ■ . 

’' ’ ”,$$ 

A. Stuart Esq. 

.. .: Soe*y. Ohio Bdison Installation Co. 

7 Cincinnati Ohio, 

Dear sir:- • 

Enclosed v/e bo« to hand you our estimate' Mo. yoi if. 3 
’ 1wr th0 increase of the Circl ovUle Plant from 000 to 1000 lights, 
•'together, with specification of street installation, uni chart show-' 
•inff the course or the conductors when extended, th~'said estimate 
amount in K to S1J3, 015.63. * 

I7e have not sent any forms of agreement with 
at present: we‘ presume they are unnecessary. 

Yours truly. 

Thoo. A. S'lison Constn. Dept. 

March 3.7th, 84. 

<Y. Sorro.ll Esq. 

140.Nassau st. City 

» whom you doliv-rod Kdisi 

Tolophono Patont No. 14000 clai.otl Jan. 34th 1070, also No. 12001 
d-'Vtail July 12th 1070, also his Spanish datod May 10th 1078, his 

i'olfjian pjiton.t m c 

5 da tod Jan. Oth 1078, and his Aus 

1’atont No. 40 datod Jan. Oth, 1070. A ro thoy in tho hands of your 
Uiiopnan. Ajjonts, or havo thoy boon dolivorod to Mr. Edison, is so 5 
can you fi-vco no tho datos and who roeoiptod for thora. Thoso pat¬ 

ents Aro riisainjj and j j, ay . 

» find thqg within th 

fJ^-'A-.V'StUart; Efiq, 

$ • See*y. Ohio Edison Installation Co. ' 

Cincinnati Ohio. 

Dear sir•- 

tie hair to enclose herewith our estimate M„. 1?2 for • 

the installation of the°l<loek -in . • .. 

' 1J.0CK plant in .Cincinnati, nmountin;; tp . 

81(3,958.00,• together with specification of'th« , 

i bii.4,«aoq ot the proposed'course oT 

U,n stro.t installation, and „ chart „r th, district. 

T,n, .111 obs.r,. that .a im,, nrnd. . „„ 

.«• .hi. .stir.,. t„ th, arr-,ct that th, local ])r ,» a . 6 

' 11,1)8 *** ‘* lso *<“» Me, mk» all such alt., 

ations .a th. b„ildi„„ a. *, l.,,! „y 

>-l,ht or th. Work „„ oar bohair. „ .us „,, U „ for t„ 

"** “ W,mM r ° r "" «*•*. - ” "r. unaware or th, ... 

" r *” U “**- .. H.1 hot know ho. hl„h should 

»Y to iu. lo order roach tho ontor air, and rurthormoro 

HM tr " m 'f »■"-••> *■ » flu, m tfw oaartnoht you 

oropos. ».i„, ror tho nachinnry, an! .o take it that It «„„„c„ 
vath a stack, ho ar, unawar, „ lo ».,olh.r this stack la i„ r|! . ; ■ 

^noudh to .^cconodate the furnaces we should „ 

. - . sfimia install, furthermore th 

“• ~ “« - — » root will- huvo . 

to 0. „,lh,.,or th, .holo aroa. ho ur, unaoio to toll how loop thi ■ 
.ouChtlohs or tho buiiainu <10, Uhl also k,„. aothin,, „r tho „,tt„r. 

»r th, soil honoath th. surras,. x, cdhht h, ..cssary to s ,,„ r „ 

” r "" to «. .. .xcavution, 

it rofiy not. Th** nuturo »'f tho information 

for us to havn in *>r?lor to tfivo you an 
-’StirriatV? Tor all thin work conploto, is aueJi that an ordinary onn- 
cesttor'ia in'cbmpotont to compilo, an-1 wo could only trust an on- 1 
pinoor's' roport Tor tho purposo of making an ostimato. 

!Yo will sond you t—morrow a plan showing tho arraogo-. 

irthjpt of our prop 
wo Pro unaislo to give 

iposod station, and will also oxpluin moro fully v/hy; 




Moh atith. U4, 

W. Oarmn. Esq. 

Co C. D. Carman. Baq. 4 Astor House. City, 

Doacr Sir:- 

. Tho Edi3on Machine Worl.s has boon transferred to a 
corporation of that nano,as por onclosed circular. A33 insurance 
should bo imraediatoly put into tho nano of the corporation. 

Ploaso do nut delay this a moment, as I m advised that if wo had 
a fire, wo would luv/o no claim for insurance so 3 onn as tho poli¬ 
cies stand in tho namo of Thomas. A, Edison, 


Masai's. !)ro*ol, HoW'" * 0 °* , 

' 83 flail St. City. 

D ^. 8 j hav « racaivad your lattar of yaatariay’» *?* 

spaak or is P*rO*etly satisfactory. 

yours truly. 

)' -J 

i>*»Rr s i r: - 

ReTorrinif to your letters to myself, the a ivo'tixl 
yianli fitc tuvin;; conco-nu I control, and which arrive l durinj; 

■ Illy'absence in- Florida^ T bo/j to inform you that refer to post-, 
'oon’e .fivino the information you <vsk for until 1 have hud un op»on- 
' luiiily of. diocussin;; the matters in t'jestion v/i tit Hr. Vi Hurd ' 

March Mist, 04. 

U, ’Joubloday >3»q. 

c-» *Minon Klcc. Til. Co. Shnmokin pnnntu 

»*ar Sirj- 

V?o believe yon have in S.hunokin, If* prossur n indicators, 

° r wfii’c.h ar«? the nw stylo, and lo old stylo, m desire to ob¬ 
tain thono old indicators in or tor that >•/-> can have then altcrad, o 

bo.-:, wo'iioj; t<> tfrty that urn have Riven in*.tractions for oni to bo 
Csjjrvrtr fieri - imn'dii.tely. 

v '" lie on close hereoitli >.*. circular 'Inscriptive of the hew 

"potential indicators* an't ««1>, hox**, anti which -.'ill us-sist your 

'electrician in sottin" the iniicai* r >*‘ fJ » 
Yours truly, 

l)°tir Sir;- 

boliovo you have at lav/ronco, U old stylo pros sun 

indicators. - FTi should liko v. obtain those for the purpose of 
altering •thorn to conform to *Jv» now ttnd improved d-sit'n. Will you 
please 'return them, or as nnvy tut you can spare to .ino. Ott c-o 
'Messrs. Bnritnonn & Co. J.'DJ? Av«l 1*. city. 

Vjftjn. T. Perry K»q. 

c-o Edison Elec. Ill. co. Bolleronte Penna. 

hear sir:- 

170 are in receipt of your latter of the ISUth inst, in 
reference to two sots of safety catches for Vo, 10, unit 12 wire, 
whls is ra< her a yp-kuo way .of ordorinR safety catches, • as thorn • 
are so cany different kinds, rfo can only presume that you desire 
them for house work, and have sent you plug .safety c.inches. If ' 

you want anythim? else, please Rive a more accurate description, 
and y/o will- send it; 

' ! Yours truly, 

Thos; A. Edison oonatn. l)eot; 

March fllst, 04. 

.'V Pratt' Troasuror 

Unbcock & Wilcox Co. City. 

: 'boar firj- ■ 

Rolorrinij to your lottor ns to th® pricos i:sk«d Tor 
by Mrv Stuart or Cincinnati, would you kindly ob-lia® us by in-- >• 
st run tint;' yoit’r nuonts to quoto list prieos to hin. I think ho Is 
«« to try and do his own work, instead or aivioa tho corytrhcts 
to us.- • nhothor ho will suocood or 
Yptirs tidily, 

' 1 Thos. A. Bdittoj 

March 31st,U4 

Messrs. s^rijimnn & Co. 

WXi Av<». 15. City. 

Dear sir;- 

• via desire to supply all our electrical exports with- > 
a complete.sot of your catitloyue and supplemonts. . Could you send 
us about, 10 Tull sots in order to accomplish- this. It will bo v'yy 

1 1 T, ' 

convenient for r us as well as for yourselves to bo enabled to 
specify all ou orders the number of the .article \ia desire to ob-' 
•'tja'in; as sAowi on the face of your issues. 
i v ! yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. ijopt. 

f ■ "■ 

.March filot, 04. 

'Ah Stuart Rb<j. 

;;„c> y. Ohio Edison I:u;ta:i’lution Co. 

Dear Sirj- 

In reply to your letter oP the With inut« v/»» beg to say^. 
t j ia t you uro entirely mistaken in regard to, the a tacit w- proe-so 
building at■■piiina. He propose erecting oKj.-bricJc C4 ft. 

high, huso to extend to the top or wiildin«, 10 inch's oricX v-ull 
•0 rt. urpmre from base »r building plumb to robP . Prora 
-t-hut point tin stuck will »o IS inches over tin height oT ** Pf. 

^nd the r^inin,; ft. h inches -roll. The wall to be arm^l 
with an in-l -p-ndent' inside circular Pine running froniWftom to top 
with ?: indi uir inside. hud better ^pinin'-this matter 

to the pique R.intlenen, as «» uirentl? they do not understand what 
we propose doing. 

Yo: rs truly. 

Thus. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 


March 31 et, 84. 

March :?lst, f'J4. 

A. Ii. Smith Esq. 

Appleton Pfis. 

Dear' Sir;- 

Y«tir I-sttor oC the f-'7th inst, arrival to-day. Wo will 
ro into l ho rat tor, anti s^ntl yon tho ostinato you dosiro ut tho 
«arliosV poKS-iblo momnt. you may oxpoct to hoar from us in 
roRard to APPloton v-try soon. 

• ’ : yours truly, 

• • • 1 Thos. A. Edison Constn. n opt. ' 

•;>n'ch ilst, tM. 

A. Boq. 

'Sec'y. Ohio Edison Installation Co. 
Cincinnati oWn. 

■Hear Sir:- 

!7e beg to enclose V»r*v/ith plan of the propose! Central 
’Station for lighting the Cincinnati Block. You will observe in’’.' 
the elevation where the present floor line is, an-1 you will also 
note that 77 inches over the whole area of the boiler room is ne¬ 
cessary to bd excavate! in order to Accum.«'l&ta the boiler..;,,;- . 

' liy reading our letter of the Hath inst, in eonn'odtion 
with the ala- we now send you, th» difficulties in i»he way of our 
•making a complete bid for this installation will be clearly yfd- 
•santed. Kindly let us hear from you in regard to this matter .as 

early as possible. 

Yours truly. - • ■ 

Thos. A. Elison Constn. opt. ; 

S. Hastings Esq Treasurer 

Edison Elec. Light Co. City. 

'IlftfSr, Sir:-- 

Wo send you herewith estimate, specification 
ing, spec if lent ion of street installation, chart of district, plan 
of building, and contruct for the installation of an Edison Elec'. 
Tight Central Station Plant, of 9200 lamps capacity at St. Paul Hinn 
the said 'estimate amounting to S92, f!5n.45. This estimate is 
bused on the present Value of labor and /pi^^fial, and v/e hold oil r- 

iaelves in readiness to close *t on the terms stated at any time. 

w/itJun GO days from the date, hereof, but not after. - 

•The local Company in executing the contract for the in-'' 

t • 

stullation of H plant, should be careful to comply with the laws 't? 
of the State 'of Minnesota. A*w»eting of the Board of Directors " ‘ 
should be caided and a resolution passed directing the officers 
named therein,' ( usually the President and Treasurer ) to sign' the 
contract on behalf offthe Corporation, and affix thereto theCor- : 
■jporate seal. Care should also be taken to have tho’ of fleers'js^n- •• 
irrg the contract acknowledge it before some .offieerWti'thorisj^^^;..' 
lav/ to take acknowledgements and administer oaths, and in thomuck- 
nowledgomen.y should be, Incorporated'an affidavit by the officers 
that they have signed the: contruct, and affixed to, it the corporate 

; he Board of Directors 

;he form of acknowledgement 

authorising th ( 

The aektiowledgf 

,ate of Minnesota require. 

i written on the Slunk pages annexed to the 
alo not,regard the contract us binding upon 
L horo properly executed, together with ti c 

merit should 


iid upon its execution. 

■ he amount ro-iui: 


will return 

ruct signed, 

Yours truly, 

Ikliaon Constn. 

Thos. A. 

A|>.oil 2nd, 1004. 

A. S.,'kiasoll Es<j. 

2410 Prairie Ave. Chicuito 111. 

Hear Sir;- 

Wo son1 you herewith estimate, specification of build- 
•inr!, specification oT street installation, chart or district,' plan 
or buildingi and contract for tho installation or an Edison Sloe, 
liffht Central-Station Plunt or 500 lamps capacity at Knoxville Tenn 
tho said estimate amounting to SI4, UIM.H4. Vliis ostimuto is basoi 
on tho prosoht' value of labor and material, and wo hold ourselves 
in readiness to .close it on tho torms atatod at any time within 60 

days from tho. date hereof, but not uftor. . 

Tho local Company in executing the contract for the - in¬ 
stallation of a plant should be careful to comply with tho laws or 
the State of Tennessee. A meeting or the Board of Directors • ■ 
should be'called and a resolution passed directing the brrievjrs 
named therein (• usually the President and Treasurer ) to sign the 
contract on behalfan* «frix thereto the Cor- • * 
porate s/wl ,-taken to have the officers sign- x. 
‘the contract acknowledge it before some officer authorized by 
to-take acknowledgements and administerboaths, and in the’,- 
Acknowledgement should be incorporated an affidavit by tho "officers 
that they have signed,the contract and affixed to it the Corporate 
Seal, in And by virtue of a resol-tion of the Board of Director*^! 

v , , do- .ho Porn of ackriowlo'iBomont to'bo such 

authorizing thorn so to do, > . 

Th'o acknowlodBomen 

, „„ th, am w «»***** ° r **"*—•* r,n , 

Ih-uM v, «««« *** “■‘" k ***** •**" w ’* *° **" 

. i do not' «nrd tit. MUM* “ “»M»8 W- ** 11 

it in rnanivod KW. *•****»» «"“***• *****'"!' 1 ' 1 "' 1 

sh ,ck rot the umount rcuirei to t. P»i* «* '---cotton. 

On receipt of the con.roct «-«* ** '*’>* ^ 

will return a duplicate sij'nod. 

Yours truly. 

April 3rd, 84. 

H. 8. Andrews Bsq. 

united States Hotel Newburgh H. Y. • 1 

Dear Sirj- 

• ; I7e are obliged Tor your letter or the 20th inst giving 
u summary or the daily running expenses or the Belloronte Planti, 1 '' 

‘In regard to oil. Do they r,ot filter it, and re-use it? 
Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Bdison Constn. gopt. . 


April 3rd, 04. 

Aj ril 3rd, 

H. Ward Leonard, Esq. 

Middletown, Ohio. 
l)oar Sirt- 

Wo have your favor of 1st inst, which has remained 
unansworod owmi* to pressure of businoss, consequent upon Mr. Ediso tuo 
roturn to the city. 

'la pro sumo Mr. Androws v/i 1 1 communicate v/ith you in re¬ 
ference to the starting of tho station. 

He started .lov/burf'h on Monday niflht, find tho local people 
are wonderfully ploasod with the rosftlts attained. 

II; loft Mew YorL last ovoninf! for Pennsylvania, on routo 
for J'iqua and Middleton, so you will doubtloss hear from him in 
course"of a day or so. 

Yours truly, 

Thos, A. Edison. (Jon^t. llopt. 

April Hr J, a-i. 

Willis H. stovmrt Bsri. • 

* Santiago Chili 
Doar Sir:- . 

Unclosed 1 bn« to hand you « lotlor from Mr. A. Kspin- 
•osa an ont'ineer in Idna who dosiros sorao information in rngura to 
.r. oloetric li>'ht. plant. I hay? toll him that iiis lottor has boon 
r'sPorrod to' you for roply, and tl;tat you ’./ill eonraunicata with h'ia 

imrnodiu to y. 


April 3rd, 84. 

0. Cornish Sa»i. 

U«i»l0 Park W. J. 

Dear sir 


Replying to your 1-nter or the 10th Hard,, 1 would' 
1 roCnr vn ? to no who dosiro information in 

roj/ard to yourself personally. 

April 3rd, 04. 

"!y Dear Krausi:- 

I hoard of u young nun for you to day. lirnost 
hJ'a to^vWnho has boon in business in a banking houso in 
Stockholm for the last five years, and came over hero at the ro- 
q „*st of his { father. H- is vary anxious to got a position,"is <«♦* 
quit') wall postal, and speaks «n«ltsh thoroughly. Oen. Christenson 
,>f Messrs, nraxol Morgan fi Co. knows all about him. Shall X sond 

the youhi; nan down to 

An Hv/ar?. 

Aj.ri 1 3rd. 34. 

My dear Fruosij- 

This wilJ introduce to you Mr. norRran, about 
v/hom I v/rito you this morning. 

I v/ould sugRost that you have a talk with him, and then 
you might go and soo (inn Christenson, or if you 3iko, T v/i3 3 make 
any enquiries you may desire nifiJ to. However, from what Ernost 
toJ3s mo, I think his Jlrothor v/ould suit you exactly. 

Yours very truly. 

Now York, 

April r?rd. tH, 

A. Stuart. Esq. 

Sooy. Cincinnati. 0. 

Doar Sir;- 

v/e have your favor of JttJth ult, which wo loft un~ 
: ansV/erod in order to i?ot Hr. Edison’s porsonal views on the sub¬ 

We think it would bo better for you to deal with Hr. Ward5? 
enquiries yourself, in as much as you havo tho business in hfleed. 

Via shall bo interested to see the outcono of tho ox- 
porirnont you are '.ryinc at Circlevill o. If you wish us to do 
any‘of, v/o will r»ivn you an ostiruatQ for any part of it 
•which you raay not desire to do yourselves. 

Some experiments have been conducted at borfjr.iann 1 s with 
tho .loel-l’ilson lamp, v/o think Major Eaton is posted on tho matter 
and v/otf-d suf.'ftost that you enter into correspondence with him. 

Yours truly, 

Thus. A. Edison, Const ..Doit. 

A. Stuart. Rsq. | I 

Secy, Oifteinnati. 0. 

Uoar Sir:- i 

Referring tb\ your 3ottor of 1st inst, wo bog t,o state 
that we (iro Join/: ovarythi.nR possible to finish up t.ho work at 
Tiffin, Matters that could, bo fixed locally, uoro attended to 
by Ur. Rich, wfy'o v/as in Tiffin so mo time back, Thora aro con¬ 

tain instruments in connoction with the electrical work, which wo 
cannot sand .until finished. Those instruments aro now being testod 

and imncdiitioly we have uro absolutely satisfied with the results, 

• \1 

wo will do ^ivory thing in our jowor to have thorn placed in Tiffin 
at tho earliest io3sibln moment. V/o can assure you that nothing 
will be /anting on our part to close tho roattor up. 

Apr Hrd, U4. 

U, A. Shiv./. Esq, 

''Evening Tologrmiu Koruld Building. ,u'ity. 
hoar Sir:- 

Mr.. Edison has returned from Florida, and ho informs 
mo that ho did not receive any of t,ho lotters which I sent him, 
lolating to your enquiries about electrical launches. They must 
have miscarried in the mail, which T very much regret. 

Can you make it convenient to drop in and see Mr. Edison 
sometime whan you are passing this way?. If so, I am sure ho wil] 
bo happy to give you the info location you dosiro. 

Tours truly, 

April 3rd, 34 

April 3rd, 04. 

00 o. w. tfilber Esq. 

Morris House Troy Ohio. 

Dear Sir:-; 

! ffe find that it is impossible to telegraph you money* 
as there is no agency in Troy. Enclosed we hand you our check 
!’o. UG4 for $50-. Please sign and return the encl< socl receipt. 

It would be well for you to notify us when you require 
money before you run out, as in this case at least it would have 
saved a delay of two or three days. 

Yours truly, 

■ Thos. A. Edison Cotistn. Dept. 


>n Constn. 

April 3rd, 

Western Edison Jipht Co, 

53 Wabash Avo, Chicago. 133. 

Dear Sirs:- 

1 have your favor of lath ult, which remained un- 
ansvrarod ov/in/; to my absonco in Florida. 

Tn roply T bop to state that tho current can bo used for 
the purpose you speak of. Tho bent way is, to mix tho coppor ore 
v/ith coke, and run it into I 3 at os of bloefc matter. Then tho 
copper can bo deposited pure, and tho pold and silver remain in 
the mud. This can bo done xn the daytime at a Oonfal Station of 

April 3rd, 04. 

S. Ward Esq. 

Doar sir:- 

c-o Oonmorcial Union Assurance Co. 
Circlovillo Ohio. 

SoLlyin,, you,. Mtn ^ 

r™ „tor,u, or rro , „ lns tWolveii ovoi 

“ h0 " 1 ' J ~* M “' «rm li„hU„ e until 

y«r «n«o„ ta. boon t . option . W| M1 yoo teTo . 

H »l*te you possibly „ 
thlu you ri0 „ r , bla on stw . Uohu ^ 

■ to th, o„ u „ ht . „ „ bblnB „ bablona!l 

— - a. or » 

poriod luring wjlioh tho light Is a novolty. 

Yours truly *’*■'' 

Th ° 8 * A * Bdison constr^ Dopt. 


April ard. 

J. H. Hi13 ikon. Esq. 

314 Devonshire fit. Hoston. Hass. 

Doar Sir:- 

v/ill you t'loaso send mo ono dozen copios of i.ho 
"c(ot and dash* polka you spouk of, toRothtgr with bill for sinner. 

Yours tru3y, 

April -in!. H4, 

Louis Rau. Ksq. 

Socinto Rloctriquo Edison. 

33 Avo do ^JfOp or a. Paris. Franco. 

Dear Hr. Rau:- 

This vri.31 introduce) to you, my friend Mr. A. 0. King 
of Poston, who is connoctod with tho Hloctric light business m 
this country. 

Anythin)) you can do for him during his stay in Paris, 
will bo vory much appreciated. 

Very sincerely vours, 

April Sr a. »4. 

•Major Elood Puga. 

Socrotary. Edison & .Swan United Electric Light Uo. 

:57 Hoi born Viaduct. London, K,u, 

My dear Major Flood Pngo:- 

1’his will introduce to you, rnjr friond 
Mr. A. fi, ling, of Boston, who is connected with tho Electric Light 
business in this country. 

Anything you can do for bin, during his stay in london 
v/ill be very much appreciated. 

Very sincerely yours, 

April 3rd, i/1, 


.!, E. 1 inflsbury, Esq, 

'Yontorn Electric Company, ; 

30 Hooreflate Rt,. Jondon. KnflJana. 

My dear I inflsburyj- j 

This v/ill introduco to you my friond, Mr. j 

A. (i, bins, of Boston, 

If you can do anytJmiR at all for him dwrinu his stay 1 

in Jondon, please consider mo fcho debtor, to bo wiped off when 
you rnako that. lonfl promised visit, to Now York. 

Very sincere!y yours, 


I do not propose to write you another letter, untiJ you 
write to mo. Probably this will achieve .lust what you want. 


A. 0. Kina Esn, 

Portland, Me. 

Dear Sirj- 

In answer to your various eo!<ann»iic.-.vtions in regard to. 
Portland, •Y/o Peg to submit the following, and in compliance with 
your request for further figures we send herewith an estimate pre¬ 
pared in accordance v/ith your ideas as to the route of the conduc¬ 

It is only possible to run overhead conductors to a 
very limited extent in Portland, as in the residential part of the 
city there are many tress, and those prevent the installation of a 
pole line system. It would be possible to combine the overhead 
and Underground systems, but as the greater part of the instalia-"" 
tiion has of necessity to-be laid underground, it' would be advisable 
Tor h permanent investment to have a uniform installation through- v 
out, and for this reason, the bid which we now enclose is Upon 
the assumption that the underground Bysteni will be adopted. f, 

Our reasons for stating that it is advisable to have' a- 
uniform system will no doubt be readily discerned by you. ■ - - 

In the msd of a combined aerial and underground system 
the annual percentage chargeable for depreciation will bo larger 

tha „ if underground conductors alone are utilized, and as compared 
to an underground system, there are objections to aerial conductors 
With which no doubt you are yonrsoir so familiar, that it will be 
unnecessary for us to dwell longer upon this point. 

Our reason for not running the lines on both sides of 
Middle street, was that'we desired to furnish an estimate for a 
1000 light plant. It was therefore unnecessary to have more than 
1000 lights in the district at the outside, and had wo taken in 
the opposite side of the street referred to. ve should have covered 
about 53300 lights, thereby making the cost of the 1000 light plant 

•SWSMKNT 0V PROFITS * We arc not quite clear as to 
what statement' or rpofits you refer to, but all which have been 
•prepared in our office show per-cents for dividends upon the cap- - 
>ifal necessary to the formation of the Company, and in no case upon 
;thb cost of the installation alone. 

ge remarked the marginal notes upon our contract return 
nod'with your communication, and yre think that ati explanation in.: i - 

view of your remark that the Portland. Company refuse to sign any 
such document, would at this moment be in order. 

The first objection taken is to the clause “RKM0VA! OP 
.OBSTRUCTION'S", and the question is asked as to what is meant by the 

,,ord obSuction. In the paragraph in question the word roforrod 
to cannot bo considered ns meaning “Hock"* or any or the obstacles 
usually rant with in excavating. Such obstacles would in no eaao 
provont the contractor from erecting clos er layin:*a*S»s. Ob¬ 
structions within tho meaning of tho cluuso in guestion are only 
such as provont tho execution or tho work, and tho use or tho word * 
"provont" do Pin os tho meaning to bo given it. 

T!,o contractor must roly on two things. Pirst that he is 
to liftvo tho right to lay tubos, .,r oroct. polos along tho route 
described. second that ho is d” 1 - t« bo proven tod r.-om doing so by- 
mason or any obstruction existing along such route. Tho clause is 
idtondod to provide for cases that the Construction Apartment 
may encounter in the installation or planta vi*. the occupation of 
the streets by other stnictu-es to ouch an extent as to, prevent the 
laying or tubes, or erect^ 

condition of every ..street‘in every town To/ which he contracts to . 
nun his con'dad^p, and must assume that lie is to meet only with ; ill 
such obstacles ii^ ; |r^ usually encounterod, and which willl permit- 
the execution contract. It might happen that vaults, pipes- 

or other structures occupy the^ streets to such pn extent, that the . 

WyirtB of tubes would be Visibility, or that trees, poles 

oo occupy the space above tho surface that wires could not bo 
strubfj. Those would bo obstructions within tho moaning of the, 

In view of tho business in which tho Construction Dept, 
is on>:a{{od, tho possibility in question should bo provided for, and 
the clause as written is very favorable to tho local Company; if ah 
'siiciVt'ob'struetions are encountered it is made their duty to remove' 
them, but if they fail i» this, then the obligation is imposed on 
th'> contractor to either remove the obstruction or avoid it as he 
may deem best. It is only when ho is unable, or do-sms it inad¬ 
visable to do either that he has the rlight to terminate'work, and 
we would point out that this.ri-jhi is only ('Ivon to the contractor 
"after the company have boon ftu.ilty of a duplicate breach of their 
'•agreement, tho first when the obstruction wa3 net with, and the 
•second when they f the Company ) failed to remove it. 

•• The next objection is taken to the clause 

BREACH OP ’CONTRACT*. It is not stated whether the objection in />" 
this case retors to the limit placed upon the company’s default' itr . 
payments, or the amounts to be retained as liquidated inmates by. ‘' 
the contractor in case of such dofaul't'. If the former, the five 
days need'hot be an arbitrary limit,f^jlut can no doubt be satisfac-f '. 
.’tl/irily adjusted-by the parties to'^the agreement. If the latter 

it is only necessary Tor anyone desiring the information to make 
out an estimate or -/hat it would cost tho contractor to, bring an 
installation to a partial or final state or conviction, and then 
be obliged to remoyo it on account of non-payment on the part of 

the Company, in r-lor to 

:<*rtain that th» amount b retained 

but sufficient to cover the cost of such removal, and reconvene* 
tho contractor for the damages he would sustain under stich circum¬ 
stances. !<e would bog to add, that in ad lit ion to the dur.iagos 
sustained by the contractor, and the expense above referred to, if 
mifiJit be well for an on piirer to consider the effect 
such a contingency or. the future work of the contractor. The fact¬ 
or having had to remove art installation would be seized by rival 
•companies and used a« capital against the Bdison Light, and thor® 
*ir. hardly any doubt that such companies would withold the real' 
cause or the removal, and apply theories of their own.^^P^ 
That the contractor would sustain severe da*v»a^*’-ij a 
case of this nature, cannot be questioned, and any amount he might - 
retain would but slightly reffompence him for his combined loss of - 
work in hand and work in prospective. duscussing this 
agreement theereciprocal roi^ns of tho contracting parties must - 
be carefully considered. T$®'traetor is tangible, and can be 
^reached by a judgement in case of the failure tojperform his part- 

nr the agreement, and while objection my bo raised to calling a 
Corporation intangible, it is virtually tho caoo. We aro aware 
or course of tho possibility or obtaining a 'judgement against a 
Company, but where thoir subscriptoon list represents thoir capital 
’and n«» property of any valuo is in tiioir possession tho chances of 

•executing such judgement i 

> vory slight. It : 

amount o” nonoy to moot theinbligulion. In tho personnel of a 
CfDhpany t.horo may bo many responsible men, but tho extent or thoir 
. Viability in tho ovont or a judgement against tho Corporation is 
-represented only by tho amount sot opposite thoir names on' tho.sub 
scriptdon list, and for thoso and like reasons tho contractor.giitfiMh- 
-shp' ld bo protoctod in his agreement in such a meaner as to provide ; 
for all emergencies without appealing to, -and depending upon a^v^r 
judicatory Tor equity. . > ,>£ jjijii". 

• If Wy or the gentloraoni^^pigiijRve' W»o- fort! and ,<Sj^anjrY 
will come for/ard and guarantee our contract wo shall bo jitite 
willing t6 enter into an ordinary business agreement, but where, we •. 
lire 'dealing with an invisible body, wo consider our agroomont' a 'V, .. ! ■ 
'nto'sf A.di^ussion in person with tho Portland 

I'entrlemen would enable uu to more clearly expluin tho points in ■ 

April 3rd, 84. 

S. Kennedy Esrj, 

.Belmont Maas. 

Dear Sirj- 

Yoiiir letter Of March 10th, has remained unanswered on 
account of.'iftjr absence in^Florida. 1 shall he very happy to send 

you all thO electrotypos^of electric engines etc Tor use in con¬ 
nection with the booh you are writing. .• 

Yours truly, J 


; \ ‘ . . - ~ 

April 3rd, 04. 

-Wphilip Kid in Ksq. Secretory 

• ■ • • • >*i-v Messrs. Bergmann & Co. City. i 

‘i- ‘ . I 

Dear Sir:- 

I bog to acknov/ledBo roceipt of your lot tor, enclosing j 

908 stars*'of «t*ck of borgmnn & Go, in tho mirao of. Thos. 'A. ' 

Edison. I return you herewith cortificuto Tor 100 shares, which j 

pleasa have transferred iramediataly to the name or Charles hatch- | 

*4 lor, anti sand certificate to ran. Mr. Batchelor's address should <; 

April 3rd, aft. 

iv... b. Garrison Bs<j. Treasurer. 

■ ’ In reply to your letter of March Oth, which hits re- 
mined unanswered on account of ny absence in Florida, it is with' 
luch regret that I an compelled to say that it will bo impossible 
or me to enter irjto the arrangement you suggest, namely, to fur 
isJi you with ..two "I.'" dynamos, and aece -t payment by’ taking stock 

•very great pleasure to comply with your wishes in this matter, but 
as the state or ray business will not permit it, 1 have with reluc>- 
tanee Vo accept the fact and govern rayself accordingly. 

In regard to the dynamo still outstanding on our books 
against your Company, if you will let me know law much time you 
desire, before making this payment, 1 will do all I can to moot 

•your wishes'. Jielieve me to be, 

Very truly yours, 

April 4th, 04 

i. Edison Bloc, light Co. . 

!•’* S. Hastings Esq. Traos. City. 

‘Dear Sirs;- 

vto arc in receipt of your lottorbor the 3rd in£!t, au¬ 
thorizing ua‘ to canvass a Tow blocks in Brooklyn. As you request' 
wo will bond- ourmcanvassar to Hr. Spencor Trask 70 Broadway, who 
will a'ivn hira instructions ns to tho district. 

Yours truly, 

Thos, A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

April 4th, 04. 

VanI I). Dyer Esq. 

Aldrich House tfrovidence R. I. 

Dear Sir:-. 

WeVare in receipt of your letter of the 2 nd inst. 

We know that Grimohaw is in Richmond, but ho has hot 
'advised us or his hotel uddress, and wo consequently unable to send 
'hdW a telegram. 

- • ; (Yo wired you to day to come to Now York when you finish 

Providence, and to bring Grinshaw and Hoore with you. We. want a 
canvass made of a portion of Brooklyn, and these men can assist 

•• • Yours truly, ! 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dept. . . 


Messrs. P. 11. Crider £ Son. 

Bellofonte Ponna. 

Dear Sira;- 

Roferring to your letter of March 28th, and to tho 
Kill' you end sad for S53. f>0 for briek and other material supplied 
-'by J. Wallace, we find from a conversation with our Superintend 

“Mr. Rich" that the party thut he (Mr. Rich) contracted with for 
the bride work in connection with tho Belleronto station was being 
supplied with brick by Hr. Wallace. This latter person running : 
short of material obtained what he required from you, and :-uch 
muterial is shown on tho face of tho ipvoioe that wo now return. 
Under tho circumstances, we have no authority whatever to pay this 
bill, and you must arrange with Mr. ffallaco for settlement, or else 
Wth tho person Ur. Rich contracted with for the brick work or tiio" 

■ Yours truly, 

• • Thos. A. Edison Con*:tn. Dept* 


April 4th, 04. 

W. 3. Andrews Esq, 

c-o Edison Elec. Ill. Co. Middletown Ohio. 

Dear Sirj- 

■' Replying to your lottornof the 2nd inst, wo bog to say 

■that wo agree with you in thinking that it would be u good idea to 
im r "** r * urot y oatc>. 9B and load strips or surficiont size in 
the loading wires of two or more dynamos running in multiple arc. 
Wo have therefore ordered to Newburgh 4 old style feodar sarety : 

Yours truly, 

Thos." A. Edison Constn. gopt. 

April 4th, 04. 

H. Ward Leonard Esq. 

c-o Edison Bloc. Ill. C o. Hiddletown Ohio. 

Dear Sir.;-: 

Enclose i wo bog to hand you map of the Middletov/n ays- 
t9ra * tos,Hh ® r with a table showing how the wiros should run. 

german silver resistance mentioned, and which is tc 
be used in connection with render No. 2 will be sent forward in; a 
day or so. 

' Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison Con3tn. Dept. 


April 4 th, 84. 

if.,, Patton Esq. 

• Pennsylvania Elec. Light Co. 

H'-“ _ v;.' Harrisburgh Panntt. 


Your letter of March 27th addressed to, the Edison Klee. 
Light Co. has Loan referred t<> us for reply. 

In regard to driving two 400 10 candle lamp dynamos with 
a 9*2X18 engine, which latter has as you state a nominal rating of 
48 horse power, we beg to say that this indicated efficiency is ar- 
ived at by presuming circumstances entirely different to those 
which surround the operation of the engine in connection with one 
of our Elec. Light Plants. In stead or using 100 pounds boiler • 
pr.a.ur. m us. » — 57 16<*~ 

in diameter on the engine, and pulleys 12 inches diameter on tho dy¬ 
namos. With these conditions it is necessary, for the engine to 
run at about 800 revolution per rainuto, to bring the dynamos up to 
their proper speed, and cutting off at about U stroke over 80 fe 
•is developed by the engine. ffo have a number of thoso 9*2 X 
engines in service, and doing the work which we propose accompli- 
siting at Harrisburgh, with the name machine, so that our knowledge* 
has been gained from practice. 

0 ; 

Your3 truly, 

RafurriRg to your favor of April 1st, I bog t,o in- 
"forra 'you that I havo nav»r ntithorizo.-l an Agant o.y tha naiad of 
A.lams to raprosunt mo, oh tho Rdioon iilontrip Light• 0o« in Poxico. 

April oth. !J-i, 

H. (.1. houbloday. Bsn. 

haar Sir:- 

VVill you plnaas oblifjo us by going to fount carmnl, 
and r oport to us on tho oxsict condition ox' tho Plant thora/ 

If you h<iV i sun Ur. Androoa sinoo ho loft horo, and if ha 
has boon thoro, ihoro "/ill bo no nocnssity for you* nuking this 
tri'p, lihloss ha has spokan to you in rolation to tho nut tar. 

V/o undarstund that tho arnporo motor at Sunbury is brok- 
on. Is this so?. 'Vo also undorstun I that tho fain bury poopla 
havu disoardod tho uso of thoir motors. 

Ploaso adviso us as uarly as possible in rolation to 
th'o'so' various mat tors. ’ 

Yours truly, 

Thus, A. tfdison. Const. Onpt. 

April Oth, 84 

April uth. fl-i. 


Andrews. Ksq. 

Dour' Sir;- 

Mr. Kdison has road' ybur memo with relntion to horse 
po'./or roquirad at Stations, ov/ing to drop of f >odnrs and other 
cuuses, and in reply ho says,“You do not probably catch bit to tho 
fact, that tho first investment is tho trouble in push inn our 
businoss. Tho local pooplo must suffer a continuous loss in operat¬ 
ing their Station ov/infj to their lack' of confidence in our business. 
Wo are fully aware that .town oast where coal is doar, five per cent 

is tho most that should bo lost with our system; yet,,we are"just 
as fully av.’aro that it would be an absolute impossibility for us 
to start a Company, if we put the necessary amount of copper in 
to prevent any further loss w than five per cent. We long'ago made 
a curve to illustrate t j" tain t u t r w fre the critical point between lees 
tho' cost of coal, and interest on copper investments, when the 
public has gained confidence in Kleetrie lighting as a permanent ■ 
investment, we shall doubtless be able to ,cs«% out the ideas 
.which the curve reX’errod to would seem to indicate are the correct 

Yours truly, Jr)l 

April :>th. £14: 

W. R. Androws. 

Hoar Sir:- 

Roforring to your favor of March 'ird, Hr. Rdis'ori 
states that “ tho' X 12 engine is rated by Arlington A Sinw 

at' 300' revolutions, cutting off at "1-4* with 100 pound's o^stoam 


•art OH 7-10 norso pm/or. As tho Arming ton £ Sims Company giiaran- 


tee their engine parts to stand 100 pounds pressure, and as it has 
always boon inton.-tod to curry 120 pounds in our boilors, no matter 

what the load is, it is easily soon that with thoir own guarantee 


the engine will givo SO-)!. P. and cu off at “1-4". Bvon with this’oo, tho strain on tho Armington tl Sims ohgiho parts, ac¬ 
cording to size, is six times loss than on a Baldwin Passenger 
Locomotive, indicating V.'iO H. P. 

Tho A it S Co soil tho U 1-2 X 10 engine to run at 325 revolutions, 
100 pounds pressure to develop 40 7-10 H. P.. I guess,you are 
talking about the wrong engine?. 

April oth. !}-j. 

¥/. S. Androws. Bag. 

Doar Sir:- 

Wajor Baton has again rapnatod tin statmunt that thi 
Hazlston Plant was aturtn.t withu ut any previous Vist or >.h i on- 
Ki’no or dynamos boirig mudo. Thut ia; v/hon frho stoani 'ws first 
put on tho Plant, lamps outsids v*r<» • ulroady eorsnoctod. 

Tours truly, 

Thus. A. Kciison. Const. Do'pt. 


April 3th. 04. 

',7. H. Pro-iso. Rs-j. 

(Jonurul Post Office. London. England. 

!,;y dsar Pronao:- 

Yuur lottor of th Jany cam-i to hand while T 
was absent in Florida; hones the daisy in answering same. 

I will endeavour to got. up sow) papor on some now things 
of mins, if you will undortafcn to road it. I could never under-• 
taki the task mysolf, us if 1 did, I am sura I would never got 
within thro;) mil os of ths mooting, as th) idou od halting to say 
anything boforo an audience would simply'Sifearo Cl ' } » 

Yours truly, 

April sth. :i-t. 

A, B, Pearce. Esq. Secy* 

iJnion Bolt YforJta. Paterson. M. 
Dear Sir:- 

'Viii you kindly give an 
are' in Town. I would see you 
that Hr. Pears made you of work, provide: 

Doan is giving us trouble, ar 
us, and an affidavit from you would in 
great, assistance to us. 


t call the next time you 
with relation to the offer 
l you gave him a commission, 
id has trough .1 suit against 
all probability b > of' 

April Oth, 84 

v ''•■'■fife 

H. C. »i*llkhap. Ea<j. s»o»y. <rrna». 

Edison Eloo. Ill. co. Nowburt/h M. y. 

Boar Sir;-. 

b,,I! “«*”'«'>*» With n»n, thank. rooipt 6r ^ 

T” '' r <H ” ‘ n,t ' *™« »» «» Fourth hath,,.! tot* 

™* r ° r 851 M0 - “***« «» oooond w* or. 60 pnr. cat 

=00. o» ,„,r contract doc ohon th, cation „„a r ,ncy to u „ht 

Wo oncloso racai’pt for sarao. 

ore ploased to hoar of th „ satisfactory condition 
° f th ° li,J,ht * ** Yir ° d yOU this nomine to tho effoct that tha 
nps you rdorod on Tuosday last woro exproscod yostorday, 
prosumo you racoivod than, this nomine /. . 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison^ U opt. 





April .'5th. Ml 

C. H. Campboll. Bsq. 

' Prosont. 

Plouso got wo up a plan showing 
mothod oi‘ putting in say 1000, 1000, 2000, 2S00, and MOOO 
(10 candlo pov/or) Plants. Tho angina to Do usod should i 
X 13, and tho dynamo.!} “H* macliino^ calculatiing to taka 
•10,O''lights from ouch machino. 

S? Insull. 




t.ho host 
in 1-4 1-2 
out say 

April ;5th. 01. 

Corapagnio Continental'! Edison. 

O'! Avo do 1*Opera. Paris. Franco. 
Dour Sirs:- 

Tour’ favor of 00th Jany caiw> to hand while T was 
absent in Florida. 

I very much regret that your Italian Company should have 
got into trouble with ray friends in Geneva who control my Electric 
Light interests for that country. I have 1st tors from my Genova 
frl ihds.'absolutely denying the statements inadomby the Milan Com- 
•liiit too. Under the circumstances, I am placed in somewhat of an 
backward position, in as much as I have no reason whatever to doubt 
"the accuracy of the statements of either party, ant raV entering 
into the matter -would have no other result than that of drawing mo 
into a quarrel which ought to be settled locally. 

y:j Genova friends advise me that it is their intention 


rights of other Europoan parties who held i<iy patents. 

to r’ospai 

but at the same time, they state that they are constantly mot with 
the'’difficulty that your German Co, through their agents are 
v/ilTing l.o soil Rice trie Lighting apparatus in Switzerland.' 

T must confuses that I think that if the Genova Go. bad . 
been’ approached' in a manner not quite so sovoro as that indicated 
by tho corr is'pondenco of the Milan Commit too, 'he whole question 
would have b< 

ettled without any" trouble whateve 
Vours truly, . 

April tith. n.i 

Sooioto d^Kppnroiliago Mlectriquo. 

!J aoulovnrd diwSPhoatro. Oonovu. Switzerland. 

Hoar 3irs:- 

I have your favor or the 
th) trouble ypu have had with the Milan 
r<3t:r:n thatnthey should address you in t 

^■Jnd ult, with ro/jard to 
Company, and I very much 
tlw rnniHr in which they 


I do not doubt but that it is your intention to fully 
d-o,,,net; the rights or the Italian Company, and,I have written to 
thu Oompagnie Continental, to this effect. 

,%H. 1 °' inn0t " n;l,rSt ' in:l Why ^ Kerman no. should endeavour 

.•^*$^-.businoa.»- in vour territory, and I havo asked the compa*^ 
.Continentals for an explanation. i v 

; ” e,„„r ir 7 

'Mt 3 .rl„d, <h< ,, u , „ oli , , hwa4 

v..y *W, pr,r w „„ «. tht , , JU , sUini ^ , nm 

by so doing T would only complicate matters.. 

• •• Naturally 

lh-. Kalin. MmyM, dwlrn , 0 ,»*„ „ „ roru on „ u 

articles in connneMon »Uh thn Hdlaon w , Mrt , »d ^ my „c lh,m in MinpMltion *Uh 

p * ** aKntnnt yotir n„ doing. I think that morn rrlondiv . 

« u ,p,uu™ ,HP»; aoafcaatioa with nor,, mltto M 

-■■ ■ - 1 ■ - 

you claim are not patented. At all event*, I would much prefer 
not. to b, the judge as to what you should, 'and what you should 
not export, as should I place myself in the position you ask me 
to, the only result would bo a controversy between myself and the 

Italian” Company. 

Thos Sponcor. Ksq.. | 

Hazleton.. Pit, 

Dear Sir;.- 

Wi'll you plouse infort:i4|p f *'h<it coal is now 
used it Hnzloton, what, priori is paid for it, and whether thorn is 
any trouble in got ting a pood draft. Whether the blower and '".rial 1 
tarifjih) sent to Puzleton has boon working, and if not, when will it 
bo?, v/hon it lias bo >n erected, will you pin iso non I ***•a full re¬ 
port as to the condition of the draft?. 

. Yours truly, 

April 3th. U4, 


Kdison & Swan Untfc-»:i Rloatric: highi <!o. 

37 llolborn. '/induct. London. 1C. 0. England. 

Doar f?iJ*: — 

Roforrii’.f' to yum* i’..vur of .-bith Jany, which r/ns re¬ 
ceived during my a bronco in Florida, I bog to inform you that I 
shall bo glad to guoto you prices for machines of any capacity uni 
of any reasonable speed, provided you will specify exactly v/hat; 
you require. 

If you will please sand t;i'< ;i statement. of tho number of 
lights you 'dosir a to got out of tho dynamo*. aiao that it is to bo, 
and tho speed at which it must o.i run, .1 will sand you figures by 
tho return mail. Voantiiae, I will havo somo preliminary figurjyj 
made on tho basis of what little data 1 find contained in your 
.above) referred to letter. 

Yours truly, 

April ath. fl-i. 


M. I.. M. H nftbwU . Ban. 1 

Honlo P irk. N. J. 

Dear Sir:-- 

Roforring to,your'favor of Zlfst Alt, which cam) to jji 

hiinrt rlurinp my ubsonea’in Florirln, X will rant you tho olU Lamp 
factory for S7.‘i. par yoar. ,! 

Truly yonr-s. 

April 5ihi 134 

II Rico ! 

Palma sola. Pin. 

Dour Sir;- I 

Referring to your favor, asking whether I have a lamp lj 

for use under water, 1 beg to inform yqu.-tliut at this v/riting I 
•'have not one, but I am going to get up such a lump, and go down to 
•Tatfpe and Punta Rassa next winter, and fish with the aid of sane. 

Yours truly, 

April «th. Hd. 

'V. D. Rich. I2siu 

hoar Sir:- 

V/o :ir<» informed that Ui),Ilazlotor! orifiino stood out 
unprotected from the weathor for five weeks, and that nftor it 
was put on tho foundation it was novbr cleaned before tho Plant 
\/as star tod, and also that -tho Plant was started without ny 
previous tost of tho 4ffleioncy of (.ho same, being made. 

Ploaso inform ys if this is so, and if so, tho -oasons 

Thorn : 
Point' too small, t 

also complaints as to rafters in tho roof 
to thoir being no guttar on ono side of tho 

Yours truly^ 

Tlios. A. R dip on. Const,' Oopt. 

April .Oth. 04, 

April .'ih. 

McPharaon, '•Ull,.u\j r.„. 

D'tar siroj- 

BorlORtOWR. ,!«[. j # 

noxt tin,-, ho 

I v/oulrt vary r mch lifco to *.,e your hr. Willard tho 
“ fch,> cUy * "' Uh rol,iUon to tho amount ol* com- 

April 8 th, 04 

■M» : J, .tanks Esq. Manager 

Edison Klee. Ill* Co, Brockton Mass. ‘ ! 

Dear Sir:* 

.. in rocoipt of ypur letter of tha lst.inst 

requesting: l»;‘ to sond you' 150 10 candle power lamps of 105 volts, 

■.s'jfes., . 

w^^your' Hr. Garrison, in consideration of excess ivo 
breakage^:, please accept our apology Tor the oversight in not 

sending these before. They will go forvmrd at once. . 

Believe us to bo 

Yours very truly, 

April 5th. Oi. 

John. B. Verity. Esq. 

Co B. Parity A Sons. London. England. 

My doar Vority:- 

Your lot tor of lflth March cumo to hand a few days 
ago.' ' I hold it, as I wished' to speak to Hr. Edison about, tho 
mat tor, and ho was away in -Florida. I am-’going to got' h'ifli to 
write a lot tor to Major Flood Pago, urging that some arrangement 
should bo wade with you. This lottor will go off by either this 
or tfin next mil. 

v/o do not uso steam dynamos' for Isolated business. V/hat 
you should usd is a It l-B X IB ongino, running at about B50 or 
ii7£i revolutions pur minute, and belt direct' 6n to two *H" dyharaoa 
without any countershafting at all. This would bo fcbettor and 
more roliablo. I will send you a plan showing how much space 
this onginrt and dynamos take up.. If you want to run one machine 
in tho 'daytime, put in a smaller engine withono machine attached. 

\7eVostimato that 7 B-'-l lamps'-are attained per horse .. . . 

power in actual practice. T presume that the 0 lamps you speak of • 
was. simply taken as a rough.calculation, 

' All our prices are quoted to you' F. 0. B. Now York, so 

that all you have to figure,on is Insurance-and- freight.. Thirty 
shillings per ton will 'cover the freight, but; I do' not' know exactly 
what tho insurance will be. By- next mail I will send you a re- 

-vised price list, quoting prices delivered in Londob. 

Mr. Edison is very an)(aous indeed that fcho arrangement 
you propose should bo made by the Edison & Swun Company, und 1 
assure you that everything will bo done,oh this side that is 
possible, to assist you. 

X will get up plans for a 2000 and a 3000 light plant, 
and send thegi or to you early next week, and I will also state what 
I would ship the stuff from New York for. 

In installing an Isolated Plant, you should bo careful 
to only put in capacity for the maximum number of lights that will 
bo burning at any one time. That is; suppose the Grand Hotel re¬ 
quires 3000 lights( I mean, wire and outlets for 3OO01ights) they 
could not burn these 3000 lights all at the same time. Perhaps . 
tho average would be below 2000, in which case youn plant sh^uli^i £ 
have a capacity of 1500 or 2000, otherwise, you would havo' 15oip" " 
or 1000 lights more than would ever bo required. To explain more 
.fully what I moan, I may say that down town in New York, we havo 
10000 lights wired for in our district, and the absolute capacity 
of out Plant is only 0000 lights. Tho maximum call upon us for 
lights is about 5500. How, if every single light in‘bur district 
was" to be turned on at one time, tho-whole snap would be busted J y . . 
to use Aniericanislft), that is'; "part of Mow York would bo turned 1 . 

into darkness, as we have not got a plant sufficient to carry* .y 
10000 lights. But it would require an effort bn the part, of the 
Almighty to got tho whole lot of lights burning at one timo, con¬ 
sequently, wo feel.perfectly safo so long as wo are able to take 

cars of 5 or 0000 lights. I may mention incidentally, that we 
uro now enlarging tho capacity of our Plant, so that in about a 
month we will bo able to take on 2400 more lights, which will bring 
tho capacity of tho Station up to about 0500 lights. As soon as 
this work is finished, we will be in a position to supply tho 
demands of about 150 applicants whom wo aro unable to supply at 
the present moment. Then, a little later v/e are ,oing to improve 
the machines in our Station, and add another' 1200 lights to its 
capacity, simply by a small improvement which will not cost mors 
than 5 or 000 Pounds for tho whole outfit. 

If you rind it impossible to make any arrangements with 
the London Company, that is, of u permanent character, why not try 
and make a dicker with them for each particular plant you want 
put in. If their terms should be so onerous as to prevent your 
making laaor.oy on your plants, it is just possible that wo might 
bo ablo to inak e you a little bettor prices, as we do not want 
to make money out of our machinery, uraloss you can make something o 
out or the installation of same. Wo are very anxious to see our 
maehirios operating in London, and put in the shape they.would bo, 
if Verity A Sons had charge of tho work, with Halloway as their : 

I was up to Johnson’s houso tho other night. Mrs Johnson 
has boon sick. She has either had a swollen sore hhroat or mumps, < 
or some other complaint, to which human flesh falls victim. 

' Wo have been haying most horrible waather in Now York of 

lata, In faot, I think I must have bottled up a lot of the London 
weather. , To-day is "just too lovely for anything”, as a gushing 
■Now. Yorker would say. 

Hoping that you will bo able to do something in this 
Isolated business, and with bust regards to all the people 'at 

Boli'ove me, very sincerely yours, 

| f- IT. L. Garrison Esq. 

;{,/ :[ Uoston Haas. 

" '• ’ boar Sir.;- • • .• ■ 

I received your favor or the 4th April. l very much 
'ro«rot not to bo able to satisfy yon by taking stock in your local 
•company. It is 3 imply a question of working capital, and I have 
•Wt the working capital which would Justify mo in doing what you 
"wlibh mo to. 

. n ° wil1 supply you with the dynamo you require, and give 
L" yOU R 9ix monthfI credit on same, together with the one which you 

• • now have. . 57111 this be satisfactory to you?. S7o nhonld require ' 

’■ f.?" t0 hRV ® th0 rifiht 40 0321 n P‘ >n y°u for paper for the amount of the 
account at any time during the six months, this paper to fall due 
at the same time that the account would be duo should the dynamos ' 
remain in opon account. 

We very much regret that you should have been put to the j 

expense of 8*000- in exchanging the dynamos, but at. the time ybi£ ; 
station was built weplanned safe* to the boat of our knowledge, at 
that time,- subsequent experience proved that our plans could bo im- / 

proved. ir we had had the experience at the time wo contracted Jj 

to put un your plant, that we have to day, Westimate would have 
.been, even if made on the basis of absolute cost, about 82,500 j j: 

tjhM ih * ***** of t>ur contract with you, this sum of 82,500 |j 

representing our loss on the work, 

7- " '' -^I 

jf y 1 should very Much like to non you with relation to ,, 

■$mrr ntatiom iw I understand that you are very rauch dissatisfied.' 
wijth our ConaVru'etion Doi>t* and I wish to know tho cause or tho 
dissatisfaction. ! will you please advise no when you will be in 

Mew Ynrlf a'fVih'in? • 

Yours trnlv* 

April 7th, 84 

C« H. Cooke Ssq. 

H. .gerstown Md. . 

"i>e'nr Sir;- 

. mvin « mhy complaints rrom «ur Hap bept.'ln' 

r^ntlov -to- the inaccuracy or your canvasses, we requested them . • • 
to (five us in' detail those in connection with your canvass or 
Spring field Hass. They are as follows;- • ; i •• 

. Slock si dimensions of City Hotel omitted. 

should be block 33. 

dO you state 'corner Temple at Hi(jh'St“. - This 
‘cannot bo as the streets are parolell. ...... 

• - Bloch 03 you state 'High St at VntM This is impossible 

us jtJiese Streets' are'parolell. 

Block 34 On may you cull this block No. 34, and On the ■ 

canvass ;it-is called Ko. 34 and 03. v . 

Block go designated o n canvass as 06 and 09. The com- v 
Plaint further states that you never R o around a block' in the 
regular manner, thereby making it very difficult to trace yoiilS^n- 
vasses. Hill you kindly send us *» explanation in regard ■£ ? 

'i h4«-mat t o rs. 

: , ;E '" ' YflSfll'' t ruly, 

! ^J$s. A. Edison Constn. pept. 

: ^ ■ By ; 

April Uth. M. 

Edison lamp*, Go, 

East Howard. M, .T, 

Doar Sirs:- 

• I bo C to advi'sd ijou;'that I have agreed to Jot Mr. 

P. S, Dyer hr.vo one per cent intordot in the Lamp factory, on the 
same basis as that already agrosd; upon as to l.awson, Howell,, and 

Yours truly, 

April Oth, 84, 

P, S, nyor. Esa, 

Edison lamp Ho. East Newark, M, J. 

Dear Sir;- 

UnforrinR to your .favor of 4th inst,, j bog to ad- 
:’Vis's you that i have to-day written to the J.tuaj Co, stating that 
I ein''willing that you should havo ono per cant interest in the 
'.’"'ITanp factory, on the sarno basis as that already ugrood upon as ■’ 
'.'."to lawson, Howell, and Bradley, 

April fcith. oi. 

W. S. Aridrows. Ksq, 

Middletown, 0» . ' 

Dear Sir:* ; 

Referring to your fwor of Oth inst, wo .will comply 
with your roquost, nnd sond a stool gauge t.o filo up brushes at 
■■oil our stations in futuro. 

Yours truly, 

April Oth,04 

■Wfl. R. Andrnws Esq. ' 

•'V' c-o Edison Elec. Ill. Co. Middletown Ohio. 

.We ore in roceipt or your lot tor of the Gth inst. asJc- 

'inrr Me to Bond to Hr. Conan t 0 old stylo surety catch aftachi*»ntsV 

Wo have a letter rrom Hr. Conant in which ho statoB that ho dows - 

not proi»oso using those old style catches, and requests us to send 

now stylo catches Yfith tho attachment piocos as used on tho present 

To odor switch's As wo ordered forward how stylo catches before :: 

v/e received your corarnunicntion requesting us to send old ones, and 

nr. Conant*u letter and your letter under reply, being of cur ent 

date, the -Corner arrivin': first, we will- nuke no change in the or- 

dor, unless we are so requested by you. 

- yours truly, 


ram at n. Dept. 

■ April Ufch. 04’ # 

' • / . V 

Major S. Mood Pago. 

Secretary. Edison ft Swain•Unitcfd Electric light Co. Ud, 

I.ondon. England. 

noariSir:- r • 

Wo have your favor of 37th March, and 'very much' ro- 
gret that you should have boon put to any inconvenience by oho of 
your cuatomora having the prices ox- our dynamos. Considering tho 
extant of our business, however, and the mny opportunities that 
■would prosent thomaelves to anyone desiring information, wo aro 
not at all'surprised at this. 

If you can suggest any method by which we could roctify 
tho trouble; wo ..would be very glad to carry out your ideas, pro¬ 
vided they do not interfere with our business. 

Wo are figuring on slow spend dynamos, and hope to re¬ 
ceive further information from you on tho subject, as requested 
in our last letter. 

April Oth. 04, 

N. W, Pratt, fisq, 1 - 

Uaboook « Wilcox Co. Now fork, 

Dear Sir:- > 

Wa hnvo favor of 7fch April, and bog 

■that tho Annincton A Rims Co, are going to sell engine 
Stuart on tho some basis >» you are going to soil him 
namol'y, list pricos. 

Yours truly, 

to inform you 
»s to Mr. ' 

April 0th, 84 

'Geo, H. Bliss Esq. 

i ' Oen. Kuo. Western Edison Ught Co. Chicago Ill. 

4$W«r Sirj- 

p : ‘ " Tf& are' in receipt ol* your, letter of the 2nd insti and 

, regret' W 'hear that the plan of Dos Moines building is iniscSsirried. 
As you reqifest we will send another one to night to Dr. F. g. crot- 
•terden Pros*t. Dos Moines Edison light Co. 

tie will look into the matter of belting, .and see, if w.q a 
can use any of it. ..... 

v ore is no objection whatever to cutting out any of-the 
tools on our °stimte, which are dee- od unnecessary. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

April Ut.h, 04, 

Ooo, H. Bliss. Esq, 

Supt. Chicago, 113. 

My dear ?<h*rBliss!~ 

wo thin); v/o recollect your making an enquiry 
oi' somo ono hqro about tho Edison-Hopkinson dynamo. We prefer to 
"call it tho Itopkinson dynamo. Our reason for this, you will see 
'on'reading tho i>3^)Y/ing, which is hr extract from a letter Mr. 
Edison has from tho Manager of tho'Edison * Swan Co, of 

london. N 

“Many difficuJtios have arisen in connection with tho so-culled 
' «Edison-Mopkinson“ dynamos. You are aware that t ho English Edison 
Company had'made an agrooment with DrHopkinson for the use of. 
his machines. We find that this machine is at present far from 
perfect and it is loading us into trouble, Tho machine as it now 
is cannot bo relied on, arid-is hot nearly so useful practically, 
as your own:' but wo are still bound by t;ho [agreement made by the 
Edisori Company". 

Yours truly,' 

Apr Oth. 04, 

(». C. Bolknapj/^ Ksq. 

Highland fjationn) Hank, Wewburg, il.Y. 

:'Doar Sii^T'- 

V '/ Wc »*vo your favor of 7th inat. The only reason ; 

xyibMro unwilling to send wiromon to Nov/burgh is that it .Would*" ' 
i/croaso the cost of^jviring, owing^to our having to pay the board 
/of the moh. 

Will you please consult with Mfc Wlkor, and if you still 
think it advisable to send' a man, kindly telegraph us as soon as 
you have arrived at a decision, and v/o will got you a competent man 
to second Hr. Walker’s efforts in endeavouring to got as many lights 
cbnnoctod ns possible, 

' Tours truly, 

•PHos., A. Edison. C nst. Dept , 

: jd—Q — 

April nth, ui , 

Prof 0, Colombo, 

Dauea Oenoralo. Milun, Italy, 

Doar Sir:-- 

Referring to the sottlemont T matlo v/ith you 
in Milan, I bog to advise you that 1 have this day hoard 
Phil ado Iphia to the offoot that tho cranl-shaft is ready 
ohipmant. It y/IIJ r;o forward to you by t.ho next steamer 

whori I was 


Yours truly, 

April oth, 04 

’ • ' • ,r ' p. conanV Esq. 

i 'y’:‘r c-o EdiBon Elnc. Ill, Co. Jtowburgh . 11 . Y. 

Wo urn in ro oipt of your lottor or thn 7th inst, and 
■sorult you by to ni«ht»s mail bluo print of Howburj'h, with tho dis¬ 
trict niarhod off <i.s you roquost. Tho hydroraotors and safoty cuy- 
chos mentioned in your lot t-^r of April 6th will rsach you by to--;. 

Thoa. A, Edison Conatn. Dop 

April 8th, 84 

Or. K. E. ;Or/»ttora.?m 

Proa't. Dos Moinos Edison Lii/ht Co. 
09B Moines lowa 

V In compliance with tho request of Hr. 0*o. H. Bli as -• 

'**■ ** *° “**— »*» “-W1DK -.ho 

or th, static, „ ri , r our propM .1 auction, or, maa,. 

TJioa. A. Edison Consin. Dopt. 

April ut!?y-U4 ( 

Prof Colombo* 

Bun^ii Oonaralo. Via jjjgnaoni 12A, Milnn, Italy, 

Dear Si/:- 

/ Wo onclosa you herewith copy of u circular transmit* 

tod' 5 to tho Secretary of State by Kr. Kavo, Italian Minister in 

PleaBO advise mo if you aro go in#" to do anything in 
relation to the tnattor. 

' : 'H, M. Houbloday. Esq, .• 

Shamohin. Pa, 

: Dear Siri- 

! " ' Wo hnvo your favor of Sth Inst, and will go into the 

matter of altering tho Shamolin plant immediately, v/o hop’d to bo 
riblc to sond you un optima to to-mbVrov/. 

Tho dolay in connect ion Vith the mattor is ov^ing to 
tho immense pressure of buninoss consequent upon Hr. Edison* s ro- 
tum from tho South, ..... 

Yours truly, ^ 

April »th, u4, 

Thos Sponoor, Esq. 

JIaaloton, Pa. ■ 

Dear Sir:- 

' "V ’ ■ Wo liavo ybur favor of 7th inst, and would suggast 
that you hurry up the fixing of the blowor. 

V/ill you j laase havo t.ho experiment triad, as soon as 
it is put up, of burning tho chaapost possible coal. W« think 
that by tho aid of tho blower, eonsidorablo of tho expenso of 
fuel can bo saved. 

Yours truly, ‘ : 


Southvmrk'Foundry H Machine Co. 

430 Wash.i eg ton Avo. Ph&la. Pa, 

Dear Sirst- 

Wo have your favor of 4th Inst, and in roply would 
•r'oqdostnthat. you send thu crank-shaft to Praf Colombo, Co Pane a 
,'ttdridrale, 12 A Via Manzoni. Milan, Italy, 

' Ploaso insure the ano for what you consider its value, 

and pay all froight and insurance' charges in advance, sending bill 
to us for the smmo, and whatever repairs you have iuado on the 
crank-shaft. Also ploaso send us bill,of lading for tho shipment. 

April nth. m. 

Goo, N. McOibbin. Esq. 

•VJ vfest. 31st. St. City. 

Door Sir 

qoforrinn to your favor of .‘Jth'inst, I bog to on- 
c .3oso you at# the roquont. of Hr. Edison, o pass which will enable 
1 'you to visit our Control Station on Poarl St. 

Yours truly, 

Kncl 1 

Major Eaton:- 

Hr. Garrison will b<i h*r* to morrow, and v/iahoj to 
son you. n* ask** us to inform you. 

S. Insull 
By K« 

Anril »Jth, 1HU4V 

April 0th, 84 

Coo. IT. Bliss, gsci. 

Ooh. Man. ffoolim Edison l.ijf't Co, 
Chicago Ill. 


In further reference to your letter dat^l at' Des Moines 
•Tov/a, We. bog to say that of the belting on hand at tliUt place it 
would bo possible for us to use the 10 inch, and the fl inch double 
-belt, but, wo would not recommend placing it in service, '.inasmuch 
as they are not lace sown, and are consequently n«/t reliable., 

• Yours truly, f . J^- • 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Upp^.r 



I shall be much obliged if you will supply mg with-" 
the data asked for by Major Eaton with relation to your business;- 
As T '^plained to Hr. Johnson yesterday, i wish to. see this myself- 
in preference to it beinB sent :to Major Eaton. 

Yours truly, . 

April Oth, t! 4 

Thos..p. Gonnnt Esq, 

c-n Edison Elec. Ill. Co. Jfowburgh y, 

;Dear §ir;- 

. Will you please tm& 'all tho tost lumps in the station 

on 'iho mih which you have now in -the got run in tho station-, and ■ 
soo what is tho effect on tho foolers for tho purpose of testing 
tho working of tho reeder regulators. This should bo done out¬ 
side or running hours. ghat wo want to got ut is whether the fe-.- 
•dhr regulator answers its purpose, and whether it would bo safe 
for us to go ahead and order about SB, 500'worth or these instru¬ 
ments Po'- i>ur other stations. 

Ahy experiments that nay suggest themselves to you with" 
the idea oT testing them, please conduct, and advise us of the 
result at your’ earliest convenience, as it is imperative that we ’ 
should order the feeder regulators as e..rly as possible. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison Oonstn. Oept. • ; y : -- 


April 9th, 04 

'A. Stuart Esq. 

Soc’y Ohio Edition Bloc. Installation Co. 
Cincinnati Ohio. 

’ Dear sir:- 

■ RoforrinB to our tolojjrara of tho 7th inst, in which we 
stated that Middletown was started on Saturday nijjhi the 0th inst, ‘ 
will you very kindly send us r.t onco u chock for SO, 994.08 tho 

same being GO por cent of the amount of our contract, and which 

payment matured on Saturday last' in accordance with our anroomeht. 
We require this m noy urgently, and truBt you will not fail to sehd 
it, as herein requested. 

Wo are this morning in rocoipt of a telegram from our 
Superintendent Mr. Rich dated at Middletown, in which ho says " " 
“Plant is running finely, 200 lights”. 

Our superintendent (foes from Piquu to Middletown, and 
•it is our intention to have him push this station to completion 
vri.ll' all possible haste.- • 

Yours truly, ■ • ' 

Thos. A. Edison Const. Dept. 


April'. 9th, 18U4. 

/ :V| 

’■ .P.;-'s. Hustings Esq. Treasurer * \ 

Edison Bloc. Light Co. City. 

Dear Sir;- 

Enclosed we bog to hand you statement of account to the 
1st March 1004, showing the coot or canvassing, mapping, electrical' 
determinations, preparing plans and estimates together with pro¬ 
portion or general office expenditure for each town, work in con¬ 
nection with v/hieh has passed through the hands or this Department. 

As requested by Major Eaton wo have prepared this state¬ 
ment' in detail, and in such a manner us to clearly show the cost 
of bringing each town through the different stages of work to; 
final completion, which latter state is attained as soon as an os-- 
timate has been handed in to the EdisonraHlec. Light Company or;its 

will observe- that a number or towns which we will " 
m'ention later on, have not yet been brought to fdmul completion, ■ 
notwithutanding the fact that a Charge against sucli towns is made 
under the head of preparing plans' and estimates. ' 

. In many eases whore plans are prepared for a certain 1 > 

town it happens’ that they can be used to advantage in connection 1 
v/ith come Qther place, .we tJierefore consider that -it would nojj,; 

‘ith the"? 

an equitable division of expenses to debit each 



V) ’ 

actual amount which accumulator! during tho time that.the plpns Tor 
such place wore undergoing tho process of completion. Wore wo to 
udopt this course we would in some instances bo unable to charge 
other towns in connection wl^h which tho some plans wore adapt- 
able, inasmuch as tho cost of preparing tJioso plans would have al- * 
ready boon charged out. Our object has boon to make each city 
b'oar an equitable proportion of tho accumulated expons"^ and not to 
'ull'ow one place to take what night be called an unfair advantage. 

In order that you nay know the exact condition of work 
in connection with these cities, wo will dwell upon each individ- ' 
ually, with the exception or those for which estimates have not ' 
seen furnished, and our not mentioning thorn will convoy to you 

this fact.. j' . 

St. Louis go. One estimate furnished .Tuly 20th 1003. 
Portland.He. One estimate furnished during the month'^r 
"df February of the present year, an i two others were suppl'jLed/'du-' 
ring taarch, but are n.ot included in this statement, inasmuch tfs l't- v 
is rendered to the end of February only. ■ • - • • 

IVestboro Hass. Two estimates were rumished on Peb.»l‘IKSift : 
Louisville Ky. Three estimates, one Dec. 14th*and two 
.Feb. 20th. : M 

ndorground insta- 

)'M'' Havorstraw N. Y. Two estimates, one Doc. 12th, and one 

pone. 24th, 101)3, tho former for an underground installation, and 
the latter proposed aerial lines. , 

Haverhill Hass. Two estimates Doc. 3rd,1833. • - re- 

Hudson N. Y. Three estimates, one Peb. 11th, 1084, and ' 
two on the' 13th of the same month. 

Hov/ Orleans la. Onan underground insta¬ 
llation on Feb. 14th,1334. On March 30th 1004 we prepared another 
for overload wires, and informed you of the Tact. It is roudy 
whenever you desire to utilise it. The cost or thin latter est¬ 
imate is- not included in this statement. - • • U 

Dallas Texas. One estimate Fob. 20th, 1304. 

Poughkeepsie H. Y. Throe estimates, two of which wo 
furnished on the 20th Doc. 1083, and one on 

Madison His. Two estimates, one Jan. 4th, and one Fob. 

Williamsport Pa. You will observe that 

tliis town; i'S^oti-'^ ' 

'toiled upon our statement tY/ico. The first canvuss was raadoby 1 " 
the Edison Elec, light Co., and our first estimate was prepared Trra 
from thin data at their request, owing however to the ihS4curacy - 
of the cunva-ssv and to tho fact that the Williamsport Company 

.it. became necessary for us to make a now canvass, and prepare a 
'further estimate, tho cost of which is, as shown on the statement'.' 

Ypailanti Itich. One estimate Pob. 6th. Another, eat?- 
imato, tho cost or whicli is not shov/n on this statement has boon 
prepared during tho present month, in fact at this m&rnont v/a are 
doing v/’ork "in connection -with Ypailanti under tho direction of " ‘ 
your agent Markin, who is in Mow York. ' 

. Hillsdale Mich., Ono estimate Feb. 11th, 1804. Our 

remarks in regard to ypsilanti apply to this place. 

" Circloville Ohio. Pour estimates furnished, one Jan Ot! 

‘one Pob. 13th, and two during the month of March 1884, the cost 
’• of not Point} shown on our statement. 

Sherman Texas. Ono estimate Jan. 0th 1884. 

Utica N. Y. One estimate August 10th 1864. 

ffatsontown Pemnu. One estimate July 30th,1883, 

• Srie ponna. one estimate August 16th, 1003.' 

rV- ! -Hartford conn. One estimate October 20th, 'iu83V?i.v,-' 

f'~:' ' Davenport Iowa. One estimate Sept. 27th, 1803V 

‘ Danbury Conn. Three estimates for this placo were 'fill** 

ni'sHed up to the loth irfn! 1804. 

Southington Ky. Two estimates. One Oct. 22nd, another" 


Norwich Cohn. One Hov* 8,108.3. 
.Racing ffis. One October 20th, 1888. 

Natick Masts. One Hoy. 8».1803. 

Danville Ya. In copying this statement we rind that 
ouriaccouhtunt has included the costs or Danville Va., and Danville 
^ennu., in the amount ns shown on our statement. In preference' to 
altering this statement v/e attach a memo which will show how the '• 
amounts should he divided between the two places, one estimate has 
been furnished for each. 

Evansville Pennu. One estimate Hay 20th, 1888. 

Charleston N. 0. One estimate June 15th, 1008. 

Lowell Mass. Three estimates furnished during the month 

, : • ' ' t ■•-.■^fe¬ 
tor P Sept ember 1088. . 1 1 * 1 

•' • Governors Island N. Y. One estimate ' ' 

I.lowilyn park N. J. One estimate July lOthi - 

Pennsylvania R. R. Depot Jersey City, iit Jj^^ll!’estimates .. r ?- 

Canyon Arkansas One estimate July 10th, 1003 

lien dot a Ill. Two estimate; 

» Sept. 25th, arid, another 

Oct. 18th, 1003. . 

Pittsfield Hat.«. one estimate. Peb. 10th, 1004. 

;4'i$3fl^»AVge against' this place not being shown on this statement. 

Appleton (7is. One estimate supplied March 25th, 1804, 
and another- April 9th, 1084, entailing a further debate about this 
:pTaee in the next statement we render you. 1 

r ’.' ' southbridge Mass, one estimate Keb. 10th, 1004. ■ ' 

''' Kansas city Ho. One o8timate‘ii{8^^^ii^^l^t)4 ' 

Auburn Y. One estimate Jan. 22nd, 1004, and a sub- ■ 
sequent estimate on Peb. 29th, 1004. 

i You will observe, that commencing with Pottsvill’e 'therefi 

is no charge mode against any of the following towns for., preparing 

'plans and estimates. All these places were canvassed during the 

‘present year, and for none of them, as far as the statement in 1 • 

^question is concerned, have estimates been proparodi thut is to say 

<oUr bids in- connection with anymof them will boar a dute after' thd 

1st of March,' and our charge against then for preparing plans etc.! 

will appear in the next statement rendered you. • 'Ywy?'?' 

• "• 

.In future we will have our returns in your hands by ~ 

about the 12th of each month, and these will show our cha’rgos for '"' 

work dono dbring the previous month. Any further information which 

v/ef can give you in regard to the account we shall be happy to 



Should you find it necessary to ask for further infor- . 
mation, wo bog to apologise for having railed to orabraco it, nither 
in our statement attached, or in this lottor, as our earnest on 1 - • 
do'avor has boon t*> supply you with all details and information ' 
requisite to render our accounts perfectly intelligible, and to 
give you an accurate idea or the present condition of work in con¬ 
nection witl^^p^Spr'Vvery town shown on our statement, and which 
latter wo riv-^ly submit for your approval. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

April oth, a4 

C.rc. Tripp inn Esq. 

. iyiV : sup*• »pro## twin Inland R. B« 

iontf Island City M. T. 

Raf*»rrini} to your favor of tho 7th, I bou to oneloso 
dyvrawith lot tors which will ftnswor tho (inquiry you make about ••• • 
Floyd. «. Cornish of Monlo park. 

A. Stuart. Ruq. Secretary, 

Ohio Edison Install at ion Co. Cincinnati. 0. 

Dour Sir:- 

Replying to your lottor of tho 'Hh inat, I bon to state 
"that I would much profor instead of your buying from mo tho mater¬ 
ial which you specify, that you would buy it, through tho ordinary 
channols; namoly, Porgnann & 06, Edison Machine Works, Ansonia 
Urass a Copper Co, etc etc,' inasmuch as it would bo impossible for 
mo to handle tho natorial for you, without charging a profit on 
same, and in my opinion, there would be insufficient Justification 
for this profit if I simply ship this material to,you for your ' 
disposal in v/hatevor way you wight, think best, and without taking 
.'upon myself any responsibility in connection thorov/ifch. 

If you had askod mo to take the contract for the Eloctri- 
cal v/ork at Circlovillo, and desired a bid on that work, includ¬ 
ing tho Material, I should Have boon perfectly willing to quote 
figures to you, inasmuch as thei responsibility in connection with 
that v/ork v/ould then rest with mo, and this v/6uld be my Justifi- 
cation in charging a profit on the v/ork, an it v/ould bo incumbent' 
uj on inysolf to boo that it wan -propwrly executed, and that it. 
v/ould givo satisfaction, end answer the purpose for which it it' 


i with relation to sending you a competent Eloctrician for 

"SO Or 40 days.- I am quite wil3ing to do so, if you think ono 
person is sufficient for thti. purpose, and would.simply chare© you 
• tho actual cost in this instance in order to ho Ip you through 
,:.y«iur experiment. If you order us to send this man, it must bo 
distinctly understood that all rq«jonsihiJity in connection with 
‘his work while under your instructions, rests on you, and any 
orrors ho may make must in no wise bo charged to me. 

With relation to your roeuost that I should use my in¬ 
fluence to obtain for you lowor prices bn engines, boilers and 
other material,-the reason you give for making such a request 
."fading that, “v/o are all in tho amo boat**,-I would point out to- 
Hfyou that it -would bo impossible for me to get favorable torms^fpiv 
: "any class of material unless .1 gave in sown form or another awd 
“equivalent for such terms. The equivalent in the cases in question, 
is, tho immense volume of business I do both at homo and abroad, 
certain nrruriR<B*wi.ts as to ordering material;, and the payment for 
some in advance of iny actual regpiremonts, which of necessity-in- 
vclves the use of my personal crodit. - ,/ • 

‘ I‘iim only too. anxious to coroporato in every way. with 'yq^/;. 
^in order to achiovo our ono common object; namely, the successfur 

development of our Central Station business, end if it is found 

tha^ you can put in Plants cheaper (with a reasonable percentage 

intisfactorily. as my Construction J)opt 

that, the fact should bo proved. 

copy of the oloctrical determination made 

"’for you and sont forward. 

April Oth, 84 

e-o Edison Kloe. Ill, Co. !>i<iua Ohio. . 

Pear Rirj- ! 

ir. Edison is very anxious that any work at Pearl h'tv 
which would in any wjty jnapordizo the prosont station, or in doiT, B 
which you would run thn slii'htost chunco of cuusinu the prosont 
dynamos to stop, should bo dono on Sunday. He also states that 
every possible precaution should bo taken with tho steura pipma, so 
us to ensure absolutely perfect joints, as should any trouble • 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. 

Francis u.' Upton Esq. 1 

Troas. Edison lamp Co. East Movrark H. J. 

*Hoar Sir:- 

ffill you plpaso settle up Hr. Holzer*s account to the 
last pay day, and [?ivo him credit for the difference which is duo""" 
him, and -from that date pay him at the race of $50- per week irr ' j 

Ctish.’ ' * ■ ' '■ ■■ . ■■ V ; 

Youi*s truly. 

April 10th, U4 


ifc- ■ 

H(?,nry A. Clarke Ran. 



r< Hoen Bdg. 


Whon you were in the city the other day, Mr. Tats . ... 
; 8ii ° W '^r ln r,n{Ur * 40 !to ^ stown » or whieh Place you- debirbd " 
canvaaa * Yo,, informed him that you would obtain from 
Mr. Hastings tho necessary authority Tor us to make the canvass,'’as • f 
As one of our canvassers was awaiting in Cumberland for instruc- 
tions, we said that we would send him on to Hagerstown-, and that' 
y0U COUld haV ° MR Hus6in « s confirm our action by sending us a ■ vjf 
letter. Mr. Hastings states that you did not speak to him in re- 
fjard to this natter, and we .have therefore made the canvass of 
fWvgerstown without receiving from the Edison Blec^ Light Qo. the 3 
authority which we should always obtain before making u* canvass.;:^, 

• Will you kindly write Hr. Hastings explaining this to him, 
tell him to issue the necessary instructions now. Our,man “• 

finished Hagerstown, and we are just in receipt of a tel ? _gram'from.- 
him, asking for instructions. Having heard nothing from ybu^uv- 
furthor canvasses, we presume you have no more towns in connection 
■ji'itJi which you do. 

JP V/hlC, ‘ yoU a * sir * ^atiotics to be compiled in regard to 
pig, and we therefore to night recall our canvasser to How 

■ % /; 

Yours truly, CL/) 


April 10th, 04 

. . William schwenk aeq. 

l|-.;v4 ‘ ' pr^s't. Edison Bloc. Ill. Co, Ht, Carmel Pennu. 

: v v }o9d0^ir •- : . 

• • Enclosed wo bog to hand you statement or your account"- 
t'o tho 1st irist, uh'owing a balance in our favor of SO, 732.74,' vfo 
annex a bill forlS34.02 for material supplied at your request by 
Mr. Rich. Will you bo kind enough to sond us n chock in full, or 
Partial settlement or this account. Our payments in connection 
'with Ht. Camol have nil matured, and wo have had to meet them' with 
money derived from other sources. At the present time we require 
to use the amount we ask Tor, and shall Tool greatly obliged ir 
you can comply with our request. —" 

Yours truly, iji’s 

April 10th, in. 

.Ciardinor, (!, .Sims. Es*i. 

Providoneo. !?. I. 

My dear (Jardinor:- 

Mr. Harrison was horn this morning, and was 
talking to us about, tho Brockton business. Ho informed us of t,ho 
arrangement ho has made, with you as to tho engine which ho requir¬ 

It would ms^oriallly holp him, and bo a favor to us if 

you eould arrange to take tho^Edison Electric Illuminating Bo's 
note at sis months for tho ongino, Of courso thov would pay in¬ 
terest on tho note. If you can got it discounted, and wi33 do 
this both I'Mison and inysolf will bo personally pbligod to you, as 
v/o are vary anxious to holp Mr. imprison out,, and this would go a 
. long way towards doing so. Wo sold him tho dynamos on thoso 

'same terms, 

The Brockton Company is perfectly sound. They 
nothing; huvo as you woll know a groat deal of property,' 
and uro doing a good businoss; but their troublo is, they have not 
onotigh capital to extend their'station, and tho payment for your 
engine will very soriously incommode thon for the next few months. 

I told Mr. Harrison that I would try and make somo such 

arrangement as this v/ith you. Ho is o no of the vary host follows 

wo have in our businoss, and anything eithor Edison or mysoif can 
do to holp him through, v/o are only too hapj y to. 

Yours very truly, - Q-' 

April 10th, 04 

•A;'&uart Esq. 

' Treas. Edison Sloe Ill. Co. Middletown Ohio. • 
Cincinnati Ohio. 

spear sir;- 

r Enclosed wo bog to hand you statement of your account 

'to tho 1st inst, showing a balance in our favor or $7,611.9.1, • 

"EG,084.GO boin« the second puyraont on account or the Middletown 
contract which matured on the Bth inst when the station commenced' 
supplying light], and the balance of the account is for material 
supplied outside of our contract Tor house work. I7e shall be 
pleased to receive your eheok in settlement or thin account at 
an early date. 

April 10th, 04 

13 , ]). Hubburd Esq, 

S0 c»y* Edison Elec. Ill. Co. Tiffin Ohio. 

War, Sir;- • 

Bncloaod wo bo« to hand you statement of your account 

•fo'"life 1st inst, showing a balance in our favor or 33,400.04. Will 
y o„ very kindly send us a chock for all,' o^jfortion of this 
account. no require- to us. the nonoy. and shall fool obliged if 
you can uccodo to ( >ur roquor.t. 

, Yours truly. 

Thus, A. Edison c«nstn, Dopt. 

April 10th, 84 

j Sec»y. Edison Bloc. Ill, Co. Bellefonte Pennct. 

/ V j Enclosed we beg to hand you statement of your account' 
to the ,1s tf inst, sh-wing a balance in our favor of $7, b'SG.dy. ' ffo' 
A& o uryW a bill for one «Y» armature which tta Rich informed us 
you rt ,4a ire'to retain. 

Ca>i you very kindly send up a remittance of $4000- on ’ 
a-cjfsunt, o'* this statement. Re ro.juir* the use of the money, and 
w entrust that you can oblige us. Awaiting your reply, wo beg to 

Thos, A. Edison Cwjstft,. »ept. 

April 10th, 04 

itonBrB. P. B. Crider & Son. 

' . Bellefonte Panna. 


r \ 7 o nV r, in receipt of your postal card of tho Oth inst, 

in which you state that the recover tho amount 

of g5».50 for material furnished Prank Wallace is to place a 
mechanics loin on the building. If you examino our position in 
this matter a littlo more closely, vn think that you will!decide 
differentl’y. ’ He simply desire so protect ourselves, as we havo no 
order from Wallace to pay you the amount, and should we do so with¬ 
out this necessary authority, there would bo nothing to prevent his 
'collectini' from us the amount of his Mil. We understood Mn Rich 
t f o say that ho had no arrangement with you in regard to the mater¬ 
ial supplied by Mr. Wallace. We have however written jtto .aRain ±v : 
order to obtain the exact fucts of the case. It is ■qtiito unneces¬ 
sary for you to -discuss coereive measures as we are quite willing- 
to pay all charges against us, and simply make the proviso that 
such charges shall be presented in the regular manner. Wo will 
Write you again as soon aB we hear from Hr. Rich. 

' Tours truly, 

•Jfc\ • ... 

?•* : . • V| ; »,Thos. A. Edison Constn* Bept. 

April 10th, 1J4, 

. I Ftiblor. jisq. 

Pique. Ohio. 

Doar Sir:- 

'"&> shall bo glad if you will nalculato for us at tho 
earliest possible moment tho fo33ov/ing data, and forward sarno to 
us as suttn as^ossible;- 

iilrnt.Tho cost per polo of sotting polos, assuming tho polos 
to bo 40 foot, long, and to bo foot out of tho ground v/hon sot, 
Hocond. The cost of gaining and trimming por pole, 
jfhird. Tho cost of Tinning our heavy copier v/iro por mile; 

Oo^t, o 1 running proas ure■wire por mile. Cost of Point ini' >olos. 

this dote got out in detail, shotting us hov/ you 
arrive at yourfigures, and tho prices given should bo avoraged • 

Our roason in ashing this information, is that wo want 
to ostimato more.closely on our pole line estimates. 


April loth, U 4 . 

V, D, 1 Rich, Ksq, 


■ Doar Sir:- 

"/o shall bo glad if you will calculate for as at 
your earliest, convenience, *h~ following data, and forward same 
to us at the earllent possible moment 

UJ&I. The cost per pole of setting Polos, assuming ,. 0 ic S 
to be do root long, and to bo M3 font out of the ground when sot. 
£iiSQHa# Vho cost of gaining and trinsing per j O lo. 

mXSi ' Th *‘ COat ° r runni ‘«' ho -"-vy «op; wire per milo. 

The cost of running Pressure milo . Tho Qf 


■’0 V/ant tWa ,lata '" ot “P in detail,' showing how you arriv 
-t your figures. The prices given should be average prices. 

Our reason i^ asking for this information is that wo v/ant 
to estimate more closely on our pole lino estimates. 

’•70 have also asked Mr. Hibler to figure out this inform- ' 
Nation, and v/e wish you to let his figuring entirely it ^r , 

.ondent of you, as wo would like to compare tho conclusion hd,..' £ 

•arrives at with your conclusions. 

Yours truly, 

April 10th, 84 

17. D. Rich Buq. 

? •' , Middletown Ohio. 

Dear sirj- 

’ We aro in receipt of a communication Prom Messrs. 

PV B. Crider fi Son Bo lief on to, in which they state, in reference 
to prank Wallaces* bill, vrhich thoy ask us to pay to them, that 1; 
they will place a mechanic's loin on the building, unless we remit 

Have you paid Zeiber, the party with whom you contracted 
’for the erection of the station, for the work ho has done?.' If 
■you have not paid him,this amount of S53.S0 should bo deducted 
from his account. you or course understand, or you at least a 
should'understand, that when you make a contract Tor the erection . 
of ft station, and when that contract has been paid, if the con- 
tractor has'not: paid his sub-contract*rs, they can place a meehun* 
ics loin oh' the building , and so damans tho title, notwithstanding 
the fact that you nay have paid the contractor for all the Work' 
he has dono. For this reason wo consider that you should never ', 
feh'tor into an agreement with a contractor, unless he furnishes. a’' A ‘ T ... 
bond. Did you exact a bond in the caBo in question?. If not, and 
if Zoiber has been paid we can db nothing but pay Orider the amount 
of Wallaces’ bill, otherwise they'will damage: the title of tho 

station VulMinS W **“ *“ "* 

„„ „r „„,rr.o mil not ailovr. lb «• not mind »»1M 


which will prevent the probability of our making 

ond purchase 

April 10th, 04 

Spencer Trask Esq. 

70 Broadway City. ; 

Dear sir 

! Tho bearer is Hr. Oyer, ->ne or. our canvassers, and we 

send him to you at the request of Hr. E. S. Hastings Trees. Edison 
Elec. Light Co, v/ho states that you will give Hr. Dyer instructions 
in regard to making a canvass or a few blocks in the city of 
Brooklyn, for the purpose or compiling statistics in regard to 
light. : ' 

Tours truly, 

Th- s. A. fifaison Constn. Dept. ■' 


April 10th, m. 

W. L. Garrison. Esq. 

Boston. Mass, 

Dsar Sir:- 

’■Vo enclose herewith |jh».tch of portion of your 
Station at Brockton, arranged so as to take in the extra 14 1-2 X 
•If* onRino. . 

V/o have written to Mr. Sima to-day about taking the note 
of tho Brockton IllurainatinR Co, at six months for the en^ino 
you have bought from him. v;e will probably havo a reply from him 
tho day after tt>-morvovy, anil 'will then v/ritro you. 

Yours very truly,' 

April 30th. 84,. 

J, \7. ’Thoolor. Kstj, 

Cashier, Ansonia Brass « Copper Co, Now York, 
near Sir:- 

I must apolotfixo for not answering your favor of uth 
irist more prompt3J, but I hail overlooked the matter entirely. 

T look forward to montinfi the note duo on the 35th inst t 
and v/i 11 .endeavour within tho noxt day or two to pay you some- 
thinn on account of the Machine Works account. At the present 
moment I cannot say v/luit. but I ox)act,on Saturday to wroto you 


Yours truly. 

April Uth. M. 

'W. "S. Andrews. Esq. 

Middletown. Ohio. 

Dear Sir;- 

’° h ‘ rB ° 4 tw " — » « — Is oomp „ t . nt ln . 
•tract « to,, oco, IJoccc t „)j hl „ to au oo _ 

Yours truly, 

Thos - A. Edison. Const. nopt. 


April mh#nj4. 



W. S. Andrews. Esq. 

Middlotiwn, o. 

Dear Sijfc- 

Rof'orring to your favor of Oth, v m bop to say that 
wo havo written to the Hollofonto people, («Unf! tho proposition 
that we will change tho angina at our oxponao, and supply thorn 
with tho copper wire and electrical instruments to mako the necoBB- 
ary extension, provided they will supply the rest of tho material, 
and do tho vorl. thornselvns. , 

Vo think this is a very libera] proposition, and if Mrf 
Harris doos not accopt it, we shall como to the conclusion that/it 

is impossible to please them. 

W, S. Andrews, Esn. 

Middletov/n. 0. 

. Dear Sir:- 

Wo have your favor of 9th ihst as bo Hazleton, and 
Varo touch oblij'od to you for' the information Riven, "le v/ere 

under the impression that, wo had already v/rjtttton you as to this' 
natter, blit find 'we have not done so. 

The fact is, Major Raton has stated and roitoratod 
the fact that the Hazloton Plant was started without any previous 
test boinr made. Ho Rives as his authority Mr. Marble, 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A, Kdison. Const. I)opt, 

April 11th. U4. 

M. Aduma, Esq. 

Oo Cortjmann A Co. !fov/ Yor)., 

Dear Sir;— 

v /ill you plonaa oa] 1 hero to son Mr. Edison v/ith 
relation to tho ovidoneo ho desiros you to rive in tho Wolch caan 
Yours truly, 

April 13 th. M. 

• J» V/. Jtiob. Ksq. 

Manctt Gonoralo, Milan. Italy. 

Doar sir 5 ,- 

I havo your favor of 3’lth I-’oby, which, romainod un- 
ansv/orod o>/ini; to i;iy absorioo from llov/ York. 

I orieloso you a mono fron ono of ray principal oloetrical 
.exports hero, frora which you cm t robably pot the information you 
' -'desire. . 

With rolation t.o unin;' our old typo dynaiaos as motors, 

I havo not ox ict data horo which T can sond you, but I understand 
that tJio Paris Company havo, and T would suppost that, you v/rito to 

Ii I can fiivo you any further information in rolation to 
tho ropul ition of your foedors, T should bo most happy to do so; ' 
Yours truly, 

I' ^ 

Apr 13 31th, M, 

. Edison I ami- Co. 

! East Nowark. M, J. 

Near Sirs:- 

•7o have your favor of 7t,h inst, and Mould draw your 
; attention to tho fact that Mr. Uj ton himself suggested that v/e 

■ should soil tho lamps referred to bjt tho Ttalinn Company as having 
^ l!<)n shipped in cask 4100, at 4c conts, as tho or dor for shipment 
to Antv/orp and Milan togothor made up 10,000 lamps. You will 
therefore pio.-iso sond us crodiiernoto for lo conts each on all «ap S 
shipped to Milan under recent orders. 

I’loase let us knov/, when you Will ship some more 10 
c.uidlo powor lamps to Milan. ’Vo vouJd im» rose, upon you the 
necessity oi’ keeping dose to t.ho volts indicated on i.rdor. 

April 13th, 

. m. 

"If.C. Bollknap. Esq. 

Secy, llov/burgh. !!. Y. 

Dear Sir:-. 

Wo have your few or of 30th April, and as requested 
v/o h';ivo instruetod Hr. Walkor to teach such now men ns you may 

' With relation to t.h'o questions you ask,- Wo would point 

•' :'oUt‘ that. Mr. Walker's work has very little to do with the station' 
itsolf, and ho v/ent to Howburn early in Koh’y m order to get tho 
"ViriSfcH. work wall ahead. • We’do not however, propose to hold 
strictly, to the period of thirty days, but 'would propose to charge 
your Company' for his services from the let of April. 

It Would bo a matter of nrranRomorit betv/eon you and Mr 
D ota0rt,-or such othor portion as may bo instructed- us to whether 
-you should ohargo thorn for Mr. v/alkor*s sorvicos, -.. 

If v/o sent you another man, it .would bo at the expohsb- 
• to you of his wages and expenses. Wo al3ow our men S3,50 per day 
for'expenses, and thoir wa'gos of course vary according to their 
abi3ity. Wo do not think it would bo necessary to send another 
'man, as wo believe Mr. Walker can do all that is necessary in t.ho' 

way of instructing your local 

port to Nowburg iiaiiGdiutoly ho is disengaged f 

other work 

'Now York, 

With relation 

of the breakage, ancl if v;o 

Thus, A. Kdjli 

Ai m 33 th, I'A, 

t, P. Conant,. Esq. 

Mowburu. N. T. 

Boar Sir:- 

Mr. Tlollknap complains to^.us that a number of their 
3 amp's havo broken. 

P3oase lot know v/hother thorn has boon a normal or 
abnormal broakaRo. in fact, son.i'ua—Call information on tho stilr-' 
joct, as *®fe,.;tant So find out vliet he- v/o should son.l thorn ] amps to 
ropJaeo those brokon,at uur oxponse, or at tho expense of tho local 
‘Company. ‘ . 

' Yours truly, 


Messrs P. b. Cridor & Son. 

Bollofonto, pa. 

Dear Sirs:- 

'7o havo your favor of Oth inst, and bOR to'advise 
you that vro havo this day accaptod you lo days sifiht draft on ui 
for 3003.00. 

Yours truly, 

Oustav Sol (tdn||^a(|, 

Supt, Nov/ Yurt, 

•Hoar Si r:- 

'7iU you please Rive mo do tall information with ro- 
liition to alteration of Central..station dynamos. T have your 
traoinRn of this wort., but. j think in order to enable thtfKKilan 
people to nligp their dynamos successful ly, v/e.ouRlit to send thorn 
an addition to the dm-vincs, some explanation ir» to ho t they should 

April 3 1th. 1)4, 

A. Stuart. Esq. 

Secretary. Cincinnati. 0. 
Dear f?ir:~ 

RoforrinR to your favor of 7th inst,v/IPHo not think 
it would, bo advisable to use any 'other then' Babcock # ’.Vi3 cox 1 
boilors in the “Block Plant". 

It is necessary in our business to have boilors which. 

will Givo stoa:n quickly, anti which can bo easily and rapidly cloan- 
od, and so far as our experience j>oos, vto do n<,i know of any other 
boiler which v/ ill answer those requirements. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison. Const. Oept. 

Gustav Soldan. Ks-i, 

Supt. Nov? York, 

Boar Sir:- 

T m anxiousJy aaitinp for t.paeinf«Sof th*t armature 
connections of our various mchinos. You iutvo on.Tv sent, mo t.ho 
true inns of tho 28 and SO Jitfht armatures up to the present time, 
and T havo promisod to send out blue print?; to a nroat number of 
poopJo, but. :un doJayod until T r’nt tho information from you. 

April 13th, 84, 

A,' Stuart, Esq, Secretary. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Dear Sirt- 

Your favor of 1st innt -whsi/ch we info meet you v/o 
’•/.anted Hr. Edison to soo-jjiyas overlooked; hence the do3 ay in re¬ 

V/o understood from some ono frou 'your offico, v/ho vma 
"'introduced to our Enginoor by Hr. Sehofflor, that it, would bo quite 
possible to excavate the spot roforrod to in order to got the 
'necessary depth. 

Tho now pioco of property you spook 'of v/ould suit us 
admirably, and wo do not doubt but that'we could get tho lights 
you want in a spaco 23 X 200. Tho only troublo would bo-how to 
got tho stack and oxhuust arranged. v/o could easily run it to 
tho top of a buHSding find cross a street, or v/o could oven drill 
a hoi d through a stroot 30 or 40 foot wide, if nocesdary, ■- 

v/o can send you an nnginnor in tho course of ,ii v/qok' or ‘ • 
so. Unfortunately, tho mn v/o' would like to sorid is 'at .present sick 
in bod. 

Tho main troublo in connection with this new location 
would appear to us to bo the' chimney draft. If there is already 

ApriD JUh. U<1. 


15 • B. Hubbard, Esq, 

Socy. Tiffin, o. 

Doar Sir:- 

'Vo havo your favor of fcit.h 
stato /ou have dischargod the motor man. 

’/c cannot Xeop our Hr. Bovos in 
you should therefore tal.o imodiato stops 
ordor to onablo Hr. Bovos to instruct him. 

April 11th. m. 

inst, anti note that you' 

Tiffin indefinitely, and 
to got another man, in 

Yours truly, 

I’hos. Edison. Const. Dept, 

April 11th, 04 

Magnolia, Florida 

3 bog to acknowledge with thanks receipt c^Jyour 
lot tor of the :ird inet. por Kr. HcOilvniy, enclosing 310.713 for the’ 

.lunch which I did not got. • 

1 an vory much afrai'l that the recording angel Jins a 
special ontry against ray account for improper language upon the 
day"of ray departure. If you can suggest any way in which 3 can 
...;got this j£fl.78 into the hands or St. Peter, i*f will probably bul- 
‘-Ance ray account, and all '/ill bo well. • frJ 

It was ray intention to hare left orders to have th-v 
head waiter killed, but subsequently I relented. Next year however 

T will be able to avenge rnyj 

ge myself, and in the meantime I beg to 

m m 

April! 12th. 

' A, Stuart; Rsq, Secretary, 

nhio Edison Electric Installation Co. 

Cincinnati. Ohio. 


v/o have your toJoi?mi«t statin* that there is some 
lnisundorstaritiini; about the Middleton matter. what you ref or to, 
v/o cannot at all male out. 

"lo shall be very clad if you will send us a chock im¬ 
mediately for *.ho payment dun on the Middletown contrict on the 
startinp of the Station. The Station has now boon running a 
■ W °° k « ,u,d ‘.inasmuch as wo are urgently in need of funds, vrrt must’ 
roquost you to send us a check per return mail, as v/n had redo nod 
Ida “gotting' sane early in the present wdok. 

• Yours truly, 

' Thos,' A. Rdis'on. Const', Dept; 

April 12th, 84 

Halo Esq. 

39 COU*** St. Boston, Hass. > 


P9mlt to in ^oduca to you, Mr. M. Adams, the gentle- 
».n »ho», a . pi> . ltlm w „ k , ln Wth thi> w 

Welch versus myself. 

Yours truly. 


April 12 oh, IH 

•P. S. hustings Esq. Treasurer 

Edison . Elec. Light Co. City. . 

»oar sir»- 

!Vo send you herewith estimate, specification or bnild- 
i"8* specification or st*o«t installation, chart or district, plan ' 
<>r building, and contract Tor the installation of an Edison Bine.'" 
Light central Station Plant r>r 1000 lumps capacity at danville, Vu. 
the said estimate amounting to Sh7, HOB.537. This estimate is based 
th< * Present value or labor an l material, and we hold -ourselves- 
i". readmes:, to cl it ..n t.he terns ututed at any tine within’ • •• 

i’0 days rron the date hereof, gut not artor. 

The local company in executing the contract rpr.;tlT.e in- or a plant «Jio Id be careful to comply wfih th^’ijfaws oT 
■the state or Viginia. . .. 

A mooting of the Board of Directors -should be culled 
and a resolution passed directing the officers named therein (usU- 
'ul-ly’the president and Treasurer ) to sign the controot on behetnf; 
of the Corporation and arfix thereto the 'Corporate seal. Caivi*^ : 
should also be have the officers signing the contract riclc?' 
nowledge if before „one officer authorised by law to ta-e acknhv^" 1 
lodgements a*d administer oaths, and in the acknowledgement shoUTd' 
be incorporated an affidavit by th- officers that they have signed , 

• rehock for th-.* amount required to Uo upon its o:cn*u •: ion« 

On receipt of the contract. bynth/s Conimny, we 

wil! return n Xuplicato ai|»no:l. , 

I yours trulyi 

; ; .. 

i Thoa. A. Kdisun Constn. 0o»t. 

April 12th, (H 

*•' Rich Ks'i. - . fj 

c-o Edison Klee. Ill. Co. Pirjuii, ohi,.. } 

\ hoar sir;- 

Dl90S9 n0t ° th “ <lttao,wi loi.tVr'fron Mr Ooubloduy, in ' j 

vhich hestates V-at the wires' of theKt. Carnal ays ton are very 'i 

Sl " Ck ’ aiid - alSO crosa arms „ r , tol^ht | 

M , H» Mw tM . , rorki „ v>u ls aoo5 

..y . io«M „„ f . Tr , t „ m<Mr „ h .., a „ tnn ,„ 1 ., t , ]> . 

Pnn you explain the cause of the ,-,iV . :.. . - !i! 

... . ' ( f - . - <»ur, ,/iies br^ahihi; ■ i- 

it cannot bO that they are too li,jht, as they ,. r „ th „ SilWQ „ . i 

the ordinary telephone wire, an,l in > nn , *. ~ • '!( 

• n jh,? Cona traction of our system • , 

twxco as many poles are used as in tho construction of the Yol*. - MU 

Phono' system, therefore these pressure v 3 ro„ cannot break from ••• ■>« 

thexr ov/n' weight. -Mease ventilate this matter thoroughly. 

. Yours truly, . 

Thos. A. Edison Co rl 3 tn. Oopt. ' 

April lath, !34 


■ p^nbl't'lr.y 3s;. 

^ T; “ 

Edison Bloc. Ill. < 

Do. Rhamokin, Honna. 



lYo are 

> in rocoipt of you: 

r lot tar of tho lOtli inst, 


invosti;jato y 

r onr stutomonts in 3 

:*o:;ard to slack wiro, ami 

.'if jh't 

cross arris. 

It UOjjjfjV 

is vary stranjjo tha: 

. tho prassuri v/iros shoitl 


» fiB t'i'jy am 

tho sorao siao as i 

lolophono wiros, and in th 


ruction of ..»n 

r systora twieo as it 

luny polos are uood. as in 

April lath. 

Apr!3 33th. irt. 

Ky dour Hr. l'oith:- 

I am sorry to any that. I aha 3.3 have to again 
put off tha appoint,raont for to-morrow nh*t. I had v>ith you. 

My I'’athor-in“3av/ isiidoad, and X want to spond t.ho timo with my 

t/ifo and frailly, 

I v/i3D adviiso you 3 at or, mu), in;: another appointmont'. 

7i, A '/iMu 

Yours vary tru3y, 

April 12t,h, f)4 

A. ft. King B3;i. 

:iuy loni'wood avo. Floxbury, Muss. 

iiop.r sir»- 

*7o aro in roenipt of your lottor or eho loth irst, andi 
in roply boj; to sp.y that nil Win "urtlairl pnpors Imyo boon son t 
.-you,, Thoun which ro. - ininod in our bonds uftor eonminicuting with 
s.ff'V* *>n tho uth inst, toying b-»on f.xyrar 1*4 yistnr lay. 

in r!.lu.ion to tho lot'.or ortplainin;' tto various nar- 
.'linul notnc on Win font of tho contract, v/o bog to roraind you that 
vo wroto thin lot tor nddrossing it to you, and that you took it 
with you vh-'ih yon loft How York, 'To hay* hovfnyor plnasuro in on— 
closing a socond copy, which *c>ntp..-;t will r-ueli you uaroly. 

Yours truly, 

t'ios, A. Edison Constn. Dopt. ' . 


April 3'lth. bd, 

H. Ward loonard, 

Middlstov/n, 0, 

Hour Kir:- 

I h ive your favor of uth M ril, and would remind you 
that it is a comparatively short tins shim 7 advanced your 
salary, iind -ndor the» present state of businoss, J should not fool 
Juatifiod in advancing it 

You soon to loso Si:-} It of tho met that those of our 
Eloc’.rica] exports who are receiving larger salaries tJian you, have 
boon longer with us than you h ,vo. You ,.v« comparatively no* in 
th«'. business, vhilo tho othotn have boon vith us for soiao consider- 
able time. 

Yours truly, 

April 14th. U4, 

Major Eafcon:- 

I nci constantly netting nnquirios fron Ruropo with 
relation to now methods that v/o havo adoptod in connection v/it,h 
the electrical part of our business; requests for drawings or cop¬ 
ies of drawings of new dynamos and other things v/hich v/o turn out. 
In fact, for all hind of information v/ith relation to the system, 

I am anxious to know what is my exact status with re¬ 
lation to those enquiries. Am I by agreement comiellod to give 
such information at ny own cost, or have T a right to charge for 
same?. A33 I wish to do is to prevent myself from boing continu- 
-ally burdened v/ith these matters, but of course, I am perfectly 
will ing to givo tho information if it. is pai.l for, 

Yfill you oblige ran by looking into,the matt or, and ad¬ 
vise, mo as to tho position I should take in the matter. 

This memo is prompted by an enquiry T have from Iiorlin 
to-day, asking for a groat deal of information, which it will take 
considerable ‘tiem to got out. 

' Thos, A, Edison,' 

per McC, 

Edison 7>niap Go. 

: j Bast Newark. N. .T, 

; Uoar Sirs:- 

Edison havim: sipnoct the stock oert.if i cut os con¬ 
nected with the Bradley, Bowel 1, nynr and Jav/son too per mint in- 
toror.t in the lamp factory, 1 shall bo,Bind if you will send us 
•an account, tfivinij us credit for the anount duo hr. Edison under 
above'e.'ient. The bout ./ iy would be to credit foreign order 

A) ril 3<«h. «4. 

Messrs Borijuumn $ Oo. 

Mow '(or].. 
Boar Sirs;- 

•7o have ct rood tloiJ of scrap copper at the Jabra- 
: tory Which wo have received from the different stations. I do 
not moan tho larRo bundlos of coppor, but just odd lenaths. There 
in probably noinothinf} under :iOp pounds of those odd, 

'•'.'ouJd y«u buy it fr«a us as scrap, copjor?. If so, what' 
price will you allow us for it. Vo thin}, it would bo usoful in 
you-- foundry. 

Yours truly. 

Thus. A, Edison Const, nopt,, 

April 34,th. 04, 

L. «/. j 8a'rro3'3 . Esu. 

!■ '140 Nassau St, K«w York. 

Dear |iir:- 

jj y havn rcforrml your circular notice of 10th i inst 

No,'fonts duo on Canadian jr atonts Kos 0033 *4023, to tho OyJtl 

e Tnlej-rupit Co, • Thoy. aro the pnrtxos who outfit to pay same. 

/ : Yours truly, . 


April 14th, 04 

S. Hastings Esq. Tr-asurar 

RePorrinn to tin attached letter Cron hr. Clarke, 

however tills in a small t 

We would KUf<;{est that it raijjht b»-das 

nst root ions u> to, whore ha is to.;; 

ho desires'Canvassed, and ••.rr.t’-.j'o with you for istmoin;; to us tire 
necessary authority to make tin canvass, than to have us send a 
canvasser out from York, brio;' .him back Iwro, anl sand him out 
twain. IP such a system as this latter is adopted the charges an*' 

•ft.lust tovns in m Clarke’;: list riel are >;oih;; to bo hi;;h • 

)s. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

Apr 14th. IA. 


Ivivn lo't'tor from ?tr. cl far ho in v/hich ho says ho 
! ProclorieJ. and Ann.".; oJis, !!d, canvassed, 
loniro us to do this work, jloaso send us an 

Yours truly, 

Thus. A. Rdison. Const. Dopt. 

ronnoetion with 

still producin'; f»» 

with this :>dnc< 

Cincinnati Ohio. This chnrt'o is foi 

March /Jilth, - for.what is known 

(look.plant", with the details or which you are no donut 'It'/niii 


Y. Two estimates worn prepared for this 

March 51th, 

overhead installation, und nnoth; 

fin underground installation, 


April 14th, 84 

S. Hastings -‘Treasurer 

Edition kImo, light Co. City. 

Tn compliance v/ith the request embodied - in ; 

i prepared for Hillsdale, Hich., aasiim: 

’Tn irirklo informed us that the local Company deiiiredmt <>' ’ 
,/n-oct their ’own bull-ling, an4 that they had a bid Trom a respons- 
!"!•> ' : ,r> ' , ”' 1, -ti' 1 " oV t?o p**l-» lin« *yston, and they 

^i.o'l i s. i,i> ,iii„v,- thniti to iml v/ith this, in connection v/ith - 
building the Central Station. Inasmuch as we have yet to install- a 
virgin plant in uichigan, v/e desire to assist fi r . {jarklo as much asw 

quested, ve eliminated $1,414.39 Trom the. cost -of-material atfd • • * • 
la'oor to be supplied by ourselves, thus making the Hillsdale esti-- 
mato for 0 0 0 lights Sip, 400, all details in connection with *hich 
’are in the bunds of Mr. Markle. 

Thoii. A. !« 

sydight lino Rngina o 


fear Kirs! 

P3 ease 

ohRino ti 

mal inn A) 


April 14th. U4, 

Mr. P-,-Johnson. 

«il 7th St. Now YorJ.. 

Hoar Sir:- 

»oforrin»' to your -favor of-UlMth Inst, l mil altogether 
tinaci(U'iintO(! wi t)i tho do tails oJ’ the matter you refer to. The 
Edison Machine ‘7orks is run by the Superintendent, .-in Soldun, ./hem 
I hold rosjonsiblo, .and T would 'not like r, t . intornforo with him 
in any course v/hi«h he may t.hin) it t.o' the bout interests of the 
"Machino 'forks to tako. 

i\'. .1. .Tonka Esq. 

' !!ani-.;>'ir. Edison sloe. Ill. C«. Brockton, Haas. 

Ooft'r Sir-;- 

• Allow mo to introduce, to you Colonol Ono. i‘. r , Shorman, 
who dosiros to <nspoet your station, and I shall l>o vory r.mch 
• obl.ij'.yj for any inforraatiofl you can kindly Rivo !i in. 

,, t Colonol fihorman starts in a short t in's for <uionos Ay ms, 

v'.horo ho is to tak-» eh. i\'|« of an installation wo am making in 
that plneo. 

Apr 14th. im 

Al’bort. (tao. l ing. Esq, 

rtUX longwood Avo. Koxbury, Mass, 

Ooar Si'rj- 

T huvo your favor of l;lth innt. 

I an prom sod proof nhoets of tho now form of under- ’ 
eround contract to-murrpv/ of next flay. iMinndiatoly I got a proof 
■from tho printor'l will send you a copy. 

Yours t. roily, 

April 14th. 84. 

J' 'Gold ft Stock Tolof-raph Co. 

I. : .;?■ ■. 

h. ' 185 Hroadvmy, How York, 

Hoar Sira; 

rofo -rotl 

Wi33 you j<l oaoo attend to 
in orielo3«d circular from Mr. 

.Yours truly, 

tho payment of the foog 
Sorrell ?. 


April 15th. m. 


A. Stuart. Esq. 

Cincinnati. Ohio. 

Hy dear Mr. Stuart 

you Will remember that when I was in cincinn- 
ati ’ W ° ha<1 “ ion « discussion about the Tiffin contract, the re¬ 
ductions T made in connection with the estimto, and your state¬ 
ment that our charts were very excessive; b n the first of 
April wo had to our credit on this account the sum of Jsio.oo 

which is the amount of profit made to that date in conation with 
the ;1 orh at Tiffin, which involved a trip of myself to Cincinnati, 
and no small trouble in this office. This profit will disappea^ 
before we got through. 

This will show you what a big pudding there is in 
Central Station work. 

Yours vory truly, 

April! loth, !>i, 

'i'ho.s. 1\ Conant. r:s<i. 

Mov/bui-fj, !■;. Y. 

Bear Kir:- 

Uo have your favor of irsth innt explainin'* tho lump 
broaPapo at, :tov/bur C h. Wo note however/that thorn is one point 
you oriit, to mention another; namely, that an'error was made in ‘ 
tho first 3mips put up, -8o wo. aro iAfonwd by tho lamp Factory 
authorities-. Instead of U8i,« ; tho roguAWaaj.a, resistance 
3^,., wore Placed in tho outside circuit. .if this is so, why did 
you not. Mention tho natter in you- letter?. Is it, necessary for 
us to ship other resistance lam,.a to cover tho number broken by 
this b] under?. v;e hardly think wo ou f :ht to have to , f! o to outside 
parties to find the K.\'ACT.^^^f', iny s3iG j lt troubJo< 

Yours, truly, 

Thos, A, Edison. Const. Dept. 


April 15th, tty, 

Major Haton;- . 

I *n trying to find out tho expanses o, 
Station for a month. Ah noon as 7 gat tho information* 
‘foorid it to you. 

S insull, 

per McC, 


I will 

April 15th, U4, 

N. 0, Yost. Esq, 

Treasuror, Itaalotun. Pa, 

Doar Sir j- 

We havo your favor of 14th inst, anrt are vary much 
obligod to you for tho oho cl for S3000 enclosed therewith, 

\?a havo placed this amount to tho credit of your account 
and remain, 

Yours vary truly, 

Thos, A. Edison. Const, Dept, 

“ y / 4 U ^> 

April 1.3th. B4, 

F, H. Upton, Esq, 

Edison lamp. Co. Ka3t Newark. H. J-. 

Doar Sirt- 

Can you prepare a table for mo showing what Bhould 
be the breakage oaoh night in a month, say for the first month 
aftor starting a Plant of 500 1 igh got at is 

about what breakage should occur in our stations in the first week 
or two, providod the prossuro is normal. This information would 
bo vory useful to us, as it would enable us in the office here to 
detect immediately anjt errors in the electrical fart of our work 
in case abnormal broahago is reported to uu. Our present 

difficulty is that wo do not know what tho normal breakage should 
bo. Of course it is easy enough to figure out the average break¬ 
age^ but Mr. Edison says ho thinks you can tell ub about what the 
actual breakage should bo by tho night from our first night of 
starting a station until the proportion of bad lamps are shaken 

Tours truly, 

April 15th, 84, 

'’John. T. Porry. Ksq. 

Bellofonte. Pa, 
S Dear Sir:- 

Will you plpaaq find out for us tho running expenses 
por month of tho Bellofonto statibnt. If you can find out. tho 
expenses for the period embraced by the otatomont of receipts 
.which was sont us, it would be of great assistance to us, 
fours truly. 

J, W. Nowbury, Baq, 

Room IS, No S3 Broadway, New Tori;, 

Dear Sir:- 

Rofarrinn to your pontal, I bop to inform you that 
I havo ho Typo-Writor that I am prepared to place on the market 

A. J. lav/son. Esq. 

Edison Eloctric light-System. Halifax Sugar Refinery. 

Woodsido. Halifax. Nova Scotia, 

Dear Sir;- 

1 have your letter of 11th inst, and have read with 
interest your account of the work in connection with the Canadian 
Department, Anything I can do for you, I shall bo most happy to. 
: j- 1 thinli that the remarks Mr. Edison may have made have 

h been conveyed to you in an erroneous manner. Mr. Edison, so far as 
I recollect, me^t nothing personal so far as you are,/’concerned 
at all;,... ........ 

. If 1 can be of any service to you, I bog you to conmand 

April 10th, 84. 

; W. s, Andrews, Esq, 

'Dear Rir:- 

•1', Vo understand from the Har.loton Company that they have 

troublo with thoi/vinjoctor; also with the governor of their en¬ 
gine. Mr. Yost states ho spoho to you about the matter, but 

his letter to us, is, as far as J, am aware the first intimation 
v/o have received of their being any trouble. 

Yours truly, 

April lf)th. 1J4, 

"Mosora Armingtori A'Sims Engine Co. 

Providence. n. I, 

Vo havo a letter from t,ho Hazleton Company, stating 
that the govornor of their engine is not at all satisfactory. 

Please sond a man thoro immediately to Tix same, and 
instruct him to get through the work as quickly as possible, as 
those trips cost us considorabl' money'. Please wire us WBr r rfZtT =: 
morrow as to when tho man will leave for Hazleton. It is very im¬ 
portant that this matter should bo fixed immediately. 

If the troublo in this matter is your fnult, of course we 
shall look to you to pay tho exponsos. 

N, c, font. Esq, Secretory, 

Edison Eloetrie Illuminating Co. 

Hazloton, Pa, 

5Dear Sir:- 

Wo are obllffod to you for your favor of 15th inst, 
and will take, imaodiate stops to have a, man sont to fix up tha 
govorrior of your engine. Your letter is tho first we have hoard 
of any reoont trouble in this connection. 

Please lot us know what trouble' you have v/ith the 
Isas*. Wo will also look after thin irarandiatoly. 

Yours truly, 

April 10th # 84, 

Messrs liorgnann A co, 

Nov/ York City, 

Dour' Siror- 

I v/roto you bowo days ago asking the price of 
Pressure Regulators. 170 are very anxious to order those, and lire 
simply waiting your bid for from 30 to 40 Regulators. The day- 
after v/o wrote you, the v/ritor called at your office to seo your 
Mr. Eorgmnnn in relation to the matter, but he was not in. Your 
Secretary, Mr. Clino, promised to got Mr. fiorgniann to make un a bid 
right away. 

Cannot, you manage to attend to this matter? as the delay 
is really very seriously inconveniencing us, 

YAhat progress is being made in altering Pressure Indi¬ 
cators? . 

Ploaso give us prico of the new form of Pressure Indicat¬ 
or with tho slight modifications which Mr. Spraguo will inform you 
of if you ask him about the matter. 

April lrtth. 04. 

Y/cstorn Edison liRht Co. 

Chicago. Ill, 

Dear Sirs:- 

Again referring to your favor of 12th inst, with''" 
"relation to re-winding «f* armature,- we would draw your attention 
‘•to the foot that your ordor No 240 of lath^Pobruary simply in¬ 
structed uc to ropair tho-4wfl|ljJtt5R9, v/o look upon that as covoring 
any. such repairs as re-winding, inasmuch as when the armature 
arrived at our Works, the wires v/oro all burned on ends of armature. 

and the fibre heads fell off in disconnecting, which involved ro- 
1 commutator 

winding. Then noticing that the arms t o re was in pretty bad con- 

I ; • 

dition, wo though it best to suggest t,o youmthat a now Commutator 

bo put on, and v/e telegraphed you prico of same, our telegram 
,stated^nothing about any othorjfropaira that might bo necessary, '' 

. We nogrot to say that wo cannot agroo with you in your 
- statement that “there is no question as to where the fault lies in 
this transaction*, nor can wo see Why wo should make any reduction 
on the bill for the work. If you will carefully look ovor your 
ordiir, our telegrams, and romambor the condition of the Armature 
v/hefi- : it reiichod ua, wo cannot possibly see how you can chargo the 
mistake in this matter to us, , When wo mako errors, wo are perfect 


-ly to stand rul 3 the oxponso in connection with same, nnd when 
thorn is any question ns to who is responsible for an arror, we 
aro willinR to moot you in a liberal manner, but we must confess 
■ that wfe,' ‘do not consider. thin to bo a case which will allow of 
either of the above solutions,. 

Wo look ujon your ordor Ho 240 ns covering any necessary 
repairs, and your. telegraphic authority to us tis ompowerinr! us to 
put on a now Ooroautator; this 1 at tor heir® something beyond what 
'wo consider in our business as necessary repairs. 

Wo fail to son why tho looseness you speak of should be 
'blamecl to us; 



In Cuvthor roforonc' 



Mr. Rich, who inCoi 

■by Boilr 

>J« whom 



Rich sim-jl; 


iy paid one?), uni which you 

proper person 


You uni or a tanil 

allow a loin to bo plucotl upon th-V bulletin; 

to toko alYantU('o of this 

'P-17ul3iico»' bill upon 


Thos. A. Edison Dap1>< 

c-o opt. A. Hichmontl, Yu. 


in accortlaaco with instructions rocoivnl"from you >v v/o 
Boht to Mr. D. Munro Loxinytoni i.y.i hluo print, o!‘ thnt plucn, 
tojjothor with tho unnoxotl cirr^sp -nd >neoi which oxpluina itsnlf. 
You will obsnrvo Proii t:i-> ortvilopo in which our communication to 
Mr. Munro was oncl«s<vl,' th«t tho lot tor vrus ir'tluimo >. 

Will you kindly obtain information for us in rn<<isri to 

Referring to your favor of lr»th inst enclosing 
Stewart’s lottoi; v/hioh I return horovath,- Hr. Edison is of the 
opinion that uny engino businoss that Mr. Stowa&t should have 
offor-td to him in Chili should bo done through us, Kr. Stewart is 
in Chili under special contract with us, and is supposod to dovoto 
his time to our business, and under 3uch circumstances, if there 
is any money to be made out of engines, wo think that it should 
come into o|bs. hands. We should of course lie perfectly wiping 

to make some arrangement with Stuart with relation to outsido 
engines, independent of our arrangement as to electrical matters. 

Yours very truly, 

tif. :>. Hi 

iJ'-'iii* sir: 

1 'Offard ?.o 

loin upon 
URtion or 
attains6 !7u 
Tor i,o loir 

!>uy Gviloi- 

13l>c. 111. Co. Ml lliotorn, Ohio, 

l?o aro in roeoipt of your lottor or tl ,n r,.*h inst, in 
tho bili or J - »• -ffi-.lluco* which Messrs. i>. Crid(n . * 

YOU ttt.1t-,. that you understand tho application M‘ -.ho 
lulion to 1/fcanu in every state in the union, ..ctVi* *•/*»■»-»1» 
ro that Crider g Mon have no el,.in whatever upon «». 

lor g son huv o Cull :>.v.v> r under '.ho la-/ lh .> 

•■ho The risht which is "Ivon us, is ’ that or 

1h>.o,v,s aj|ain«t ZniUAr,- •JojLn turn W ri K ht or action • 
.i.-co. T.hia ±.-i ... chain **■ linics or ••/lueh \y> woul/i/pro-'■ 
/o unconnected, and therefor* W o shall simply have , 0 . 

i: lion t.h > amount or uullncoa* bill.- 
Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Kdison Constn. Dqpt.' 

April 10th. 

My doar Mitchell 

This will introduce to you Mr. Edison* s 
assistant, Mr. !•'. J. Spraeuo. 

lie wants to Rot soiao data with relation to the motor 
, : you a polo to mo about. Ploaso Rive him such info rant ion as you 
;can, and wo will seo if wo can fix you up a motor right sy/ay. 
With kind rogards, i remain, 

Vory sincoroly yours, 

April 10th,. CM,. 

;; PridJ Bi*ntloy:~ 

Cannot, you assist mo towards getting tho trade 
iof supplying tho principal Wostorn Union officoa with dynamo our- 
rontv. T. could arrange to do tho work vory cheap, and 1 an 
auro my torms would bo jorfoctly satisfactory to tho Wostorn 
Union officials, as 1 would mnko tho payinont do pond satis¬ 

factory performance of tho v/ork'. 

If you can assist, ino in any, I shall fool vory much 
"obligod to you, ' 

With kind regards, I remain, 

Yours vory truly, 

Honry Bentloy, Rsq. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

April lfith, 64, 

t), II. B«tos. Esq. Superintendent. 

• Haltimoro and Ohio Telegraph Co, 

Mills Building. New York City. 

boar Sir:- 

I understand that Mr. Bentley of Philadelphia is per- 
fdctly satisfied with tho small dynamo attachad to gas angina, W 
which ho now uses to got currant for tho operation of his instru— 

Cannot wo rauko some arrangement by which I could supply 
tho main offioos of your Company with dynacio#turront to replace 
'tho'batteries you now use?. I can do this work very cheap, and T 
v/ould put t.ho machines in on terras which I am auro would be per¬ 
fectly satisfactory to you, as I v/ould,make payment for tho same 
depend on the proper porfomanco of the work, 

: Yours very truly. 

April loth. 64 . 

,<jU ; 

• Coo. B, Bsq. Suporintondant, 

Cold A Stock Telegraph Co. Now York 

'-Doar Sir:- 

I shall bo glad to. furnish you with one or moro 
dynamo machinos giving 300 volts and with capacity for supplying 
curront. for 50 od^li||^tock Printer circuits of 150 ohms oach, 
for. tho sum of machine, I will guarantoo 

that you wi31 got perfectly satisfactory results from some, and if 
thoy should fail to do the above work, T v/i3 3 take them back from 
you without any expense at all to your Company, provided you noti¬ 
fy me within 30 days after their delivery, 

.. ZJQ 

The above offer 1 b open for days, and should you 

docido to give me the order, I can probably arrange to dolivor 
them to you about three woeks of order, 

Ploase let me have your reply as early as possible. 

Yours very truly, 

April 17th. bd. 


Erastus Winan. Esq. 

How York City. 

Dear Hr. Wimant- 

I placed in Ur. Henry Bentley's office in 
Philadelphia a few motths ago a'small dynamo machine attachod to 
a gas engine, in order to supply'him with current for tho operation 
of tho Stock Printer, and other tolegrapjj~husinoso there. 

Would it not be possible for mo. to make. some arrangement 
with you and your friends in Canada, to supply current in this 
manner for your main- telegraph offices, and thus disponso with 
tho expensive and troublosomCbattories which you now use, 

I v/ould bo willing to base the terras on the satisfactory 
performance of the work undertaken, which would protect your Com¬ 
pany Against any expense whatever unless results were attained. 

If you write to -Ur. Henry Bentley, 1 am sure he 
you his dynamo works satisfactorily. In fact, the Gold fi 
have asked mo for estimates for a similar, class of work after 
having heard {fat what I hove done in Philadelphia. 

. v Yours very truly, . 

will tdl 1 


April 17th, H4, 


Thos, P, Connnt, Esq, 

Nov/burg, W. Y. 

My doar Conant:- 

A13 tho •'big-v/igs* are going to visit tho Now- 
burg, .'Station on Monday noxt. Mr. Edison, Major Eaton, Mr. Upton, in 
all probability Mr. Johnson, and tho illustrious writer of this 
' epistle will go up to Nev^hurg on the afternoon train on that day, 
and you ought to do your lovol boat to male a everything look so 
nice that nothing but universal praise shall bo heard as to our 
Y/orl. there. The engine should bo v/oll cleaned. You should 
" ‘'polish up tho handle on the big front door*, and do whatever also 
is necessary to produce the best possible effect. 

via are blowing about the Now burg Station, and consequent¬ 
ly am anxious that everything should bo in extremely good shape. 

You should bo able to tmll us all about the number of 

lights connected, tho number burning, and also some idea as to 

v/hat col lections will amount to. in fact give us all information 


bn"every point you know about, and if possible on points you do 
not know about. 

Yours very truly. 


April 17th, 84. 

S»/h Francisco, dal. 

Geo, d. J.-idd, lisq, f\ ] 

>322 Sansorao St, 
bear Hr. haddi- 

J pineo/d in Mr. Henry Hantloy^s office in Phila¬ 
delphia a fow months agh a small dynamo machine attached to a ga3 
engine, in ordor to suj/ him with current for tho operation of 
the Stock Printer, and/other telegraph business there. 

Would it noli be possible for mo to make some arrange¬ 
ment with you, to sufjjly current in this manner for your main 
tolograph officos ij/i Francisco, and thus dispense with the 
line batteries which are now used, 
wji1 ling to base tho torms,on the satisfactory 
undertaken, which would protect the pur- 
|tna<» whatever unless results wore atta inod, 
to Mr. Henry bant ley, j am sure ho will tell 
•ks satisfactorily, " In fact., tho Gold ft 
i askod me for estimates for a similar 
ing heard of v/hat I havo done at Phila- 

oxpensive and trouj/!lor]oi 
I would j ha 
performance of the wori 
chaser against any expf 
If you write! 
you that his dynamo wo 
Stock Tolograph do hav^ 
class of work after ha^ 

Yours very truly, 

M* L. 

April 17th, 04, 

Messrs Bargraann R Go, 

Now York. 

Dear Sirs:- 

V?e have your favor of 14th inst, and bog to say 
'that we have docidod to keep tho scrap copper ourselves for the 
'■pro sent. 

Yours truly, 

April 17th, 114, 

Thos. P. Oonant. Esq. 

Nowburgh. li. Y, 

boar Sir:- 

7o hav'o your favor of 10th inst, which explains to 
our satisfaction the laatt.or of tho resistance lamps, w a can sno 
that v<o have boon v/rongly informed iri this matter. In fact, it 
would appear to us that a mountain had hoen rando out of a mole 
hill, but inasmuch as wo oafcy had in view the mountain, it ro-;\ ; 
qiiirod a letter from you to show us that, v/lrat really existed was 
a nolo hill. 

Yours truly, 

‘ Thos. A, Edison. Const, Dept, 

April 37th, trt, 

IWnry. A. Clarke. Bs<t. 

Baltimore. Kd. 

Dour Sir:- 

Referring to your favor of 3.3th inst,- Mr. Hastings 
informs us that tho J.iftht Co dnairo to postpone having tho towns 
canvassed which you mentioned'. 

Yours truly, 

Thus. A. Edison. Const. Dept, 


April 17th, 04 

Albert 0. Kintf ssq. 

882 loncwood Avenue, Soxbury, Hass. 

Dear Sirj- 

' We are in receipt of your letter of the 15th, and'"en- 

icflosed bejj. to hand you copies of the estimates prepared by us for 
Watervillo. Wo regret that you were not furnished with those 
earlier, but you did not make the request, und we had presumed 
when we handed copies to Colonel Bancs, boron ho lert New York, 
that such Action was in accordance with your wishes. 

In relation to Richmond, we will as you request push 
.work in connection with it. As soon as we can name a definite 
'date for the completion of Richmond, wo will do so. 

Yours truly, 

I Thus. A. Sdison Constn. Dept. 

April 17th, 04 

A.’ S. KiBSoll Esq. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

;:.$ear sir:- 

I have been unable to answer your letter of the 10th 
Inst boram to-day, owing to tho!fact that the information you re¬ 
quested has taken some time to prepare. 

in cornpl lance with your P. No. 1, I send herewith a 
specification for the construction of the Knoxville pole line, 
which gives all the details necessary to enable a contractor to bid 
intelligently upon the work. 

In regard to our cash offer for same, have you not made 
a mistake in asking this question?. Our cashmoffor is mentioned 
in our estimate, . 

Replying to your p. No. 2j we would tuko a contract to 
install this Knoxville plant, and have the station ready to supply':: 
light to lamps at any point along the mains, within 00 working 
days from the date of the signing of the agreement. 

Referring to your p. No, 3, there is no machinery men¬ 
tioned in our estimate which would remain unused, and therefore 
'there is nothing, the cost of which wo could deduct. There aro 
a few tools, such as screwdrivers, hammers'etc, Which, if they can 
be purchased more cheaply in Knoxville, we are not particularly, 
anxious to supply. 

yertisinij which rests ir. the hands or.tjin ntfont, dealing with the 
'formation oT a company in any town. An a«nnt is supposed to com- 
municuto to the «onoral public,in order to enthuse thorn through the 
boat available channels. 

Your p. (5 has boon ottondod t< 

Plans* present my 

iomplimonts to colonel 

•I, Saunders, and ask him 

accept tho 

)hotoffraph or myself, which 


Yours truly. 

April 17th, 84. 

W» It Garrison. Esq. 

Boston. Mass, 

Dear Mr. Garrison:- 

In order to prnvent your drav/ing a wrong 
conclusion as to my rocont offer, suggest,ing the use of a^JK^j^ar 
at Brockton, I my inform you that I dirt so on the advico of Mr. 
Pratt, the Treasurer of the Babcock b Wilcox Co, who has hart ex¬ 
perience in putting up boilers for about 300,000 horse power. 

Ho informed rno that in all on see whore small coal is usod, his 
oxporionco is that there is again of economy, and increased 
•facility of working a boilor by using a blowor in addition to a 
good natural draft, 

I have vory great confidence in Mr. Sim’s opinion as to 
his engines, but when dealing with Babcock fi Wilcox boilors I 
prefer to take the opinion of the makers of them, Personally, 
I do not believe in a multiplicity of .advisers, 

I write this by v/ay of explanation, so that you will 
understand my **»sen for suggesting the use of a blowor. 

Yours very truly, 

April 17th, B4. 

W. Xi. Garrison. Esq. 

137 Federal St, Boston, Mass. 

Boar Sir:- 

Wo have your favor of 10th ins't, and have tolograph- 
od you this morning to send Mr. Jonhs on, and wo will.saw* that ho 
gets all instructions possible in connection with tho Y/orking of 
tha I.ight business. 

'.Vo havo ordorod a dozen Pilsan lamps from Borguann & co, 
and will have them hurriod through as quickly as po ssiblo. If 
"thoro is much delay in getting thoso out, we can got other lamps 


Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison. Const, Dept, 


April 17th.: 04, 

Major Eaton:- 

I havo racoivsd from !(r. stowart of Santiago a oopy 
of a lottor which ho has addrossod to you and datod 13th March. 

I would liko to havo your views on the matter, arid also 
■ copies of the various contracts ho rofors to in his Jotter, s » 
'that I may judge intoll igantly of the* questions ho raises. If it 
would bo too much trouble to make copies, cannot you loan mo the 
'original contracts, and I will bo very earofuJ to return thorn to 
you in gaud shape. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison.- 
por McC. • 

•Societa Generals Italians di RleUrioita. Ristoma Edison. 

Via Manzoni. 12 A. Milan. Italy, 

bear Sira:- 

Y<,ur favors of tho .'5 th of February, and 27 th March 
camo to hand while I was absent from New York on an extended trip 
in tho South. " I will now take them up, «nd answer your various 
questions soriatum, 

nth rolation f '° tho "O’ Dynamo,- I send you per express 
blue prints of tho drawings for tho modification of tho prosont ^ 

dynamos. I a3 so enclose you horov/ith copy of a letter f»ni tho 
superintendent of our Machine Works, explanatory of tho drawings, 
and I also hand you a copy of the brief of the tests on tho two 
dynamos which we have altorod, and which we are now putting in 
our Central station. You will notice that we have used on the 
field magnots exactly tho same wiro that was originally on tho 
maohinoa. This has boon dono for tho suko of economy in tho first 
investment, and in ordor to got tho volts wo normally roquire, v/o 
have altered tho field rogualting resistance, exact data in rolatio;^ 
to which wo will send you shortly. If you require any further 
information in regard to this matter, ploano let me know. 

As advised you olsowhore, the Crank-shaft has been ro- 
sh'ippod to Milan. 

I also enclose vou a statement ahowinn the general 

Wo aro making shipments of lamps just as quickly 

■can turn thom out. As advisod you by cable, we shipped 900 ten 
camlle power lamps on tho « 0 uttaodo» on the lath inst, We shall 
•mafco another shipment by the first steamer sailing* 

We have onrfoavoured to traco up tho error you allego in 
connection with our shipment of 27th December. We most invariably 

find that whon complaints 

: made of any extensive short ship- 

ihat' tho barrels havo hot been completely unpacked. Only a 
tys ago v/o received a barrel back at the lamp faetoryas empty, 

i tho bottom of the barrel. 

This 7 /as in connection with a shipment to somo of our friends in 
this country. Will you fjoaso examine the barrol referred to 

again and havo a careful count of y,t«a* lamps made, and if you still 
find that'there was a short shipmont of 200 eight candle power 
lampsi v/o will, credit you with tho amount of sane. 

Referring to your 1 ettor of 27th March,” we have given 
you credit for the overcharge on the 750 lamps you'speak of. 

With relation to your enquiry as to what. we will char go 
for 25,000 lamps del iveiff|tio extend over the current year, we bog 
; to quote you prices as follwv/s:- 

8 candle power lamps, 40 conts 

w i/i 

If you give ua an orders for•25,000 wo will be willing to 


forward thorn in paqptred shipments extending over a year at above 
prices, and all charges^as freight and Insurance paid to Conoa. 

I trust thoso prices will bo perfectly satisfactory to you. 

With relation to your repeated (inquiry about the Porter- 
All an shaft,- wo hove answorod this question in the foregoing. 

The credit for sockets supplied to IJergmnn ft Co vras 
an error. tte have sot this right in our correspondence with the 
Cdtapagnio Continentalo, who will have doubtless advised you of.the 

Yours wry truly, 

April 17th, 84 

Smith Bsa. 

• f >; Appleton, ffis. 

Dehr Sir;- 

s'"!'*' wo are in receipt of your letter or the 14th inst, and 

\yill immediately look into tho suggestions you make, and report 
upon th-un/ 

We are sending you to-morrow an estimate for a plant 
proposing :ir> candle power lamps in Appleton. 

■ Wo regret exceedingly, that it has boon impossible to 

utilize to a '{renter extent the wire which you have on hand, but 
•we, at the same time think you rather overestimate the loss f ypu 
•would sustain by having to abandon some of the wire at present ’in 
use, in Tact we know that your figures are wrong, and when we send 
you a reply to your letter, how being acknowledged, wo will show 
you where you err. 

April 17th, 04 

Esq. , 

Niagarn Palls, N. Y. 

Enclosed wo boo to.hand you statement of running 
pohsos, and also Btatomont of probablo profits of tho Niagara Fulls 
Plant which it is proposed to install. m havo assumed tho capi- 
ta ^| f t,w Cora!5a "y as 13000 dollars, and on tho statomont wo show 
in.what manner tho amount is distributed. m this distribution 
you will -observe that opposite Edison Else. light Co. there is the . 
amount or S378 q, this is tho 25 per eont of the capital of the 
Company which the parent Company requires to bo paid to then,,, for 
-' riHhtS KrGh ^' 1 ' h * 1«««1 company. The real estate we have 
Ussumod as filOOO, and tho water power connections as 32500. ff* 
have no way. of determining the correctness of those amounts, and -V 
have simply guessed at them. If they cost loss it will increase ^ 
the amount in your'treasury, and if they are decreased to a very..*,^ 
(^ent extent, say $ l0 00 you could reduce the capital of the C o»S ’ . 
i'-ny to Si4000, as it is not necessary to have more than 7 or S000 
in th0 tr ™ry, unless the local company wish it. 

;S^|r sir ; - 

Yours truly. 

April 17th. 04, 

A. Stuart, Esq, 

Socretary. Cincinnati, 0, 
Doar Sir:- 

1 have repeatedly boon advised by ny non that you 
have made offers to them with a viov/ to their severing thoir con¬ 
nection with me, and entering into your service. 

I do not think that your course in this matter is fair 
to me, or reciprocates the spirit which I endeavour to display 
in niy dealings with you. If you want one of ray men permanently 
in your omploy, why cannot you ash me. Any o£ ray man who aro of 
absoluto value to iny business have such relations with me, that 
all such offers aro invariably rejortad to ioo immediately. 

Yours very truly, 

April 17th. b4, ,' : " 

II. v/.ird Leonard. Esq, 

Middlotwon. n. 

Doar Sir:- 

T am obliged to you for your Jotter of 14th inst. 

Mr. Stuart is of the impression that he can do Construct¬ 
ion work himsolf without our assistance. Ho loaves out, of con¬ 
sideration a grout. number of factors, and from his want of ox- 
porionco minimises all tho troubles in connection with tho business. 

I do hot think in your own interests, it would bo'ad¬ 
visable for you to accept an offer from him unless it is mads 
through lijysol'f, as of course you v/ould be greatly dependent upon 
information from hero in order to attain successful results in 
connection Y/ith your work, 

I suggest that you refer’Mr. Stuart to mo tho noxt time 
" ha makes any reference to tho matter to you. 

Should an opportunity oceur of placing you near homo, and 
a position whore you could do good work for tho Edison light in- 
torosts, and consequently gain credit for yourself, I think you 
can roly upon my seeing that you are not forgotten. 

Tours vary truly, 



April 17 th, 04 

J«hn R. Mnrkle Esq. 

153 Griswold st. Detroit, Hioh. 


W ° ar<5 ln "•***» ° r letter of the 14th inst, In 
r>l«Uon to the number of pol „ 8 roqllirod at „ ill8{lal<} , Tho 

us 473 as mentioned in a detailed spoeification which we ' 
sont you. Wo think you have another list, which mentions mator- 
t«l consecutively, and which wass«iven you in error. The long 
specification, upon which yon node some notes, is the one which 
y'ou oust consoler as being correct, and the other you had bettei-: 

■ Vh, l-rtfc. «• 'ho polo,, „ ap .. m . au ^ 

«r, th, oxtromo f., r inotonc,, v „ Cm a ^ 

toioh i, to bo „,t . to to, 8miaa , „ atanaa 35 

above the-surface of the earth. i 

„• "" *" *• «»n.Uh .to, sofat, 

c».oh,„ but „o to to, eontractor to n.rpl.h .ta^tor*; ■ 

■»hl.h .r, to to Mtoto i,p„„ nla cross .rrn, Z0$*' \ 

Th, MOO pounds tolTMtoto „lr» „« 12 "i. r „ 
prossur,, »n< is n,rnlsh,d by th i„ „ you ; 

yoo tor, boro, tod to stood tost oU. th, „ir, t „ b , torjfc 

person who desires to take the contract for the 

work is required to run it. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison COhstn. 

April lUth, 04 

•'tfouty; Esq. Pros't. 

. )' Edison Eloc. Ill. Co. sharaokin, Ponna. 

Sir:- . 

■ ■ W# received last month a lot tor from Hr. Qouliloday, 'in 

•which ho stated that you desired to change one or your "H" machines 

’ Mfr .v 

■And substitute two “S" dynamos. 

X lTo huv ' > annt to »r. Doubleduy an estimate or what'wo will 

•do this work Tor, anl enclosed wo bog to hand you a duplicate. • 

You will observe that the amount which we will charge is SI,900.5? 
less $1300, which we allow you for one «H” dynamo returned to us, 
leaving a cash transaction or $009.57. 


April 18th, 18U4 

A. Stuart Esq. TrBasurer 

Edison Elec. Ill. Co. Middletown, Ohio. 

Cincinnati* Ohio. 

ba'ar Sirj- 

I am in receipt of your letter or the 10th inst, on-' 
closing Bhock' wo. 17509 on u. S. National Bank or Now York for 
SO, 084.05 in payment of the second instalment or 00 per-cent or the 
amount of your contrnct v/lth me for the installation of the Middle- 
.^oyn plant. 1 .have pleasure in enclosing receipt herewith. 

Very many thanks Tor your explanation of the deluy, I 
will as you request treat the matter confidentially, 
i Yours truly. 

April lyth. tM # 

A.. ntunrt. Ee<i. Soorotnry. 

Ohio Edison Electric Installation Co. 

Cincinnati. Ohio, 

Dear Sir:- 

„ -* 6 — 

'7 * pu,vwr / 

I have a note from Hr. Bovoa^v/ho is at Tiffin in 
which ho says:- 

"I am glad to bo able to report a considerable abatement 
in the lamp breakage for seven days, April 3th to 11th inclusive .! 
14 lamps, or two per day: and from April 1st to 10th there wore 
only 31 lamps broken, or nn'avorage of 1& 3 100 per day.* 

Tours truly, 

A)ri.l Doth. JJ4. 

A. StUnrt. Ksq. socrotary. 

Ohio Edison E3octrie Tn-tii • 

.«c Tnot.iJ . at ion Co. Cincinnati. o 
Doar .Sip;- • 

I hav.j your favor of 17 th 

M lnJt ’ nnd «“* “Higod to you 

M ~ — --• - - -—- 
■ - - «. - 

—.«. 7ir tMn ^ ^ th ”—-—* *■ 

01 1 " /OU ' :0t th -** ») «.irc3ovi33o, j ao not 
d ° Ubt bufc «n Edison v/ii3 , , . ’ 

ancl di-cu- t» oemtew loo}, into the matter 

tJl ° ‘lUoation with you. 

1 Very truly- yours. 

April 21st. 84 

Pi-jua, Ohio. i ' 

Doarvsii - :- 

. are in receipt of your letter of the 10th inst, in 
reyard to She governor of v-.e engine at Hazleton. 

' -rfe “have a letter from the Treasurer of the Hazleton 
Company) in which he states that the injector is working in u very 
•unsatisfactory manner. As you suggest we have written to Double- 
day to run over there and see if ho can fix it up. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison constn. Dept. 


April 21st, 04 

Rrastus ffiraari"Esq. 

p. i). Pox 803 Nov/ York. 

Do/ir Sir;- 

%■■ - vary many thanks for your lottnr of thn 10th in3t, in 

"r'oiittion to tho lyrwino which 3 propose usinp in Toronto. I 
should not douiro to put it in, unloss it will offoct a ynarly 

April 21st, 84 

''*7. H. Dwslly Esq. Trgus. 

, Ertison Rl~e. m. oo. pttll Rlv 4 r, 

Dear sir;- 

“ —tins t., tho onnino „„„ , hloh wn |myo 

.»»nt to Pnil „o bop t „ t hnt „ r pr . tt of ^ooook , 

«loox Conpnn.Vinr,,™.. ^ u „„ ^ 

/ ”" In ’ **“■ »,„n tno, oro r „ r 9J o C . 

, t*. H„l,Un„ Pnrposoo. As „nrtnnitond it in „„ ry „ rt o„ non... 
*"“» ‘“ "W — » ' P—ondokij,, Wtll< 

*"’"** otonooo. i„ mission to ootonoi iron, tho 

prosouro i* not on hi„h on it ohotUi rtthln . ^ & 

■MWttion to thin, it i. or onniotono, t „ tho ,„„i„„ r , 

has to no his o-ro ririnu, non mnnloa hintto taho com „r „ loraor 
.station on-nit, than «li h, p-nibl, aithoot tho n.oi.tnoc, i,r 

that blnwor „, H „ f oonno. i„„„.i ... 

rapthin,, r„r this nppi.rotun. „„,ii ^ a „ k „ „ « , 

Thoe. Ao Edison Oonstn. Oop*;. 

rvJTrtVijthi* injector is Rlvintf very Rreat dissatisfaction. "lws». j 

'rim over thorn us quickly as possible, und see v/hat the trouble is, j 
and have .it remedied. "" 

:';v Yours truly, 

Thos. A* Edison Oonstn. Dept. 

April .'41st, t)4. 

A. Stuart. Ren. 

Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Dear Sir:- 

I have your letter of loth inst, Ky information 
soor.iod so absolute that I did not thin): it. necessary to v/rito and 
as), you as to tho facts. 

I an very son*y that my latter of 17th inst. should have 
caused you so much irritation, as T. had no intention v/hatovor, of 
in any way hurting yuur Toolings. I'rou tho statement 7 had heard, 
I thought it boat to communicat^with you iiunodiatoly, and 7 an. 
very glad indeed that your lettor donics tho reports which had 
reached mo. 

Trusting that this explanation will bo satisfactory, I 


Yours vory 

April aistfc'a-t« 

A. li« Smith Esq. 

Apploton, 17is. 

' Dour Sirj- • 

i in further reference to your letter or the’l7th insty 

wo bog to say that according to tho chart of Apploton, which you . 
sent us, you hava MM2 lights connected up to tho dynamo machine 
which you propose to hare supply light to tho dwellings mentioned 
in your communication under reply. it will therefore be impossi¬ 
ble to load this dynamo further. 

The 400 light dynamo in our estimate, which you stato 
“only cost S000 is an B s” machine, go would remind you that the 
estimate you refer to proposes the use of 10 candle power lamps, 
arid this “S" machine is capable or supplying 400 lamps of this 
candle power, but only 800 10 candle power lamps. ffe will wrii<*” 
you again to morrow in relation to the "K r machine, and your quo-$£ 
ries in regard to same. 

Yours tmly, 


Thos. A. Edison Oonstn. Dept. 

April 21st, i>4 

Edison lump < 30 . East Newark, N. j. 

I am in receipt of yonr letter of the 10th inst, in 
relation to the note book in the possession of Hr. Herrick. As thi 
this book belongs to me, you are hereby authorized to take it, and 

April &3nd, 04, 

Mrs M. It, Uradt. 

Glen Palls. N. Y. 


Reforrinif to your favor of -31st Inst, I btstf to inform 
you that my tirao has been so fully occupied! in the development of 
other inventions that T have -.boon unablo to givo any attention to 
the instrument' you open}. of for the relief of deaf people.' 

I fully appreciate tho importance of getting up ouch an instrument 
blit at tho present writing I cannot say when I will be able to 
enrry out a lino of experiments with a view to perfecting tho same 

Yours respectful! y t 

April 22nd. 84, 

D. II. Burroll, Raq. 

J.ittlo Kails. M. Y. 

■ ■/ 

Doar Sirt- 

I have your ootoomod lUv^r of l«th inBt, 

1 havn not forgotten about tho work suggested for im- 
prov-trmnts in connection with dairy business, but my time has been 
so fully occupied in connection v/ith othor matters that I have been 
unable to do much in connection with it. 

tilth relation to engines;- To use tho onlines built by 
tho Armington .<$ Sins Co, of Providence, Ft. I. They work perfectly, 
and cost us about half the price,per horse power as compand with 
any othor engines which it is possible to uso in our businoss. 

J should much profor that you wait until tho engine you speak of 
has made a good record in several factories, before going into the 
i,latter or a test of same. 

Yours very truly. 

April 22 nd. w. 

1'. P. Oonant. Esq. 

Nowburg, N. y. 

. Dear ’5>ir:- 

Col Sherman has returnod from h’ov/burg, and in con¬ 
versation incidental ly mnurked that thorn was a breakdown there 
yostorday in connection with the large engine prior to starting the 
Plant for the night's work. 

v/o are sucj risdd that wo got no report of this b y this 
iiiornin,-’ a mil or by telegraph from you. if any troublo occurs in : 
"connection with our plants, and"wo do not-hear of it, wo are placed 
ip a very peculiar Position, as a report is bound to reach this ^ 
office f«ii one source or another, and vhon wo are oslod to authbn- 
ticuto barns, people do not seen, to realizo that it. is just; possible 
wo may not have boon posted as to the matter. 

TOiat Wo wish you to understand is^ that wo waht a report 
of every troublo in connection with a plant where you .we. station¬ 
ed. Y/e do not blame you for such troubles or anybody else. Vo 
simply wish to bo posted «x> that wo may knew how the business is ' 

Old not some trouble occur previously in connection with 



2 , 

thia »«ino?. if what was it?. v,as it before you a-rivod at 
Nowburg or aftor?. 

A very larw jnrty of gontloaon aro going to Nawburg on 
'! Thursday afternoon, and it would be a wry ftttaJ blow to our Dept 
if tho ongino did not run properly. 

If wo had hoard last night that there was any troublo 
with tho engine, wo should have at once ordered a man from Arming- 
ton 4 Sims to go to Nawburg, as it is imperative that everything 
should bo in good shape on Thursday; and furthermore,, the >,«wbuis 
people have a riffct to expect us to do overyhing possible for 
thorn, inasmuch .as thoy have treated us so very well. 

little troubles may not seem to bo of much consequence 
to yourself, but wo assure you that tho far. t of our not hearing of 
thorn very seriously prejudices us in the eyes of tho Rdison Elec¬ 
tric light Co, and of tlioir friends, 

Yoursf?vorjri truly, 

Chao. T. Hu I,'lies Baa. 

Morgan House Poughkeepsie, H. Y. 

‘ i^pear'sir:-' 

I sent you n note yesterday stating that our visit to 
•Mewburgh was postponed until Thursday. Hr. Edison has seen rather’d'er the weather ror the past few days, but we Will go on Thursday 
withou t fdi.l, ' . 

’ Mr. Upton, Major Baton, and a number of gentlemen con¬ 
nected with the proposed osango company will be with the party. 

; Enclosed 1 beg to hand you three letters which have come 

here addressed to you. 

Yours trulv. 

April 22tii, 04 

w. Sorrell gs»l. 

14o Nassau Rt. Oity. 

Dear, girjr 

' i sent the attached notice to Mr. Taylor of tho Gold 

Stoek/ ,Tolu[{rpph company, and bay to call your attention to his 
notes,/M tho back. Will you uloaao lot rao know what Torm of ac- 
tion'^s ^necessary on roy part in this oaso and oblige. 


April 22nd* 84 

.•£, s. Hastings Esq. Treasurer 

' v ; EdiBon Electric Light Co. Now York. 

Dear sirj- 

ReferrinR to our accounts against you in connection 
with canvassing and makin;; estimates* wo shall bo glad ir you will 
lot' us have a chock , for $5,000 on 1st Hay, and another shock for 
$3,000 on the 10th May, in part sottloraont or this account. 

As this part of the account hnB boon before you since 
Decenber last, wo trust you will comply with our requests as above, 
inasmuch as we have a very heavy payment to meet in the early part 
of May, ■- V * $£ , 'f 

Your early reply to this will greatly oblige us. 

Yours truly, 

Apr Zind. lii. 


D3ar Sirs 

Works to 
furthor ni 

Lino Engine Co. 

Syracuse. N. Y. 

I have your favor of <5J3t inst. 

I propose to send up the Superintendent of our Machine 
look at tho ontjinS you havo ‘built,. and win writo you 
3 to tho exact date of hia visit to Syracuse. 

Yours truly. 

April tKdnd. U4. 

Jamas Harris, Esq, Socrotary. 

Edison Electric Illuminating Co. nollofonto, Pa, 
near Sir:- 

t -7g have your favor of luth innt. The proposition : 

■ uiade to you by ua is a very liberal one, ami will involve upoh us 
quite a heavy loss on the total work in connection with your con¬ 
tract, "!o do not thin): your Directors' can fairly ash for any 

modification of it, with a view to our boarinr any further expense 
than wo aro willing to, as per our proposal to you, 

\'fo must ask for an oarly decision in relation to this 
matter; as otherv/ino our men will be on&wed on other work, v/hich' 
will cause vary considerable delay in connection with the proposed 
w©rJ.’ for you. 

Tours truly, 



April <Mnd, M, 

Gustav Roldan, Ksq. Supt. 

Mow Yorft. 

Dear flir:- 

Rrnost informs mo that you would liho to hw« an' 
order for a doson of ouch bind of switchboards, and brush-holdors, 
in ordor to enable you t.o hoop certain icon at tho V/orKs, 

Our jolicy is to shut down tho shop, ;inrt dispense with 
ovary class of labor possible as soon as v/o yctnthrouRh with war 
v/orl.. To fiivo tho ordor referred to, simply means to continue 
a heavy I’ounral expense so far as 7 can noe, T thin) it would 
bo wall foi- you to on* u| and seo Mr. Rdison and myself about this 
"la also want to see you about your point; to Syracuse, to 
"sod tho Straight Pino engine running thoro, that wo ordered some 
months ago. 

Yours truly, 

V Stuart Esq. Secretary. 

' Ohio Edison Bloc. Installation Co. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Hoar Sir*- ': 

in accordance with your request received a few days 
ago, wo have pleasure in enclosing fi scheme Tor running wires at 
•cirelevillo, in accordance with our electrical determination for 
the 1000 li«ht plant. 

yours tnjg|8f 

. Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

Aj>4fi3 23rd. M, 

M. S. Androv/s, lisq. 

Piqua. 0. \ 

Hoar Sir :~ 

Uofn>*ring to your 1 otter of ,40 th mst, wo cannot, our surprise that you did not inform us of r.ho original 
orror Mado by Hr. Iliblor. 

•You state that in tho first caso ho put uj JJo in wire. 
Hov/ at tho tino tho wire was put up, and oven for some months to 
como, it would bn impossible with the load the' Hazleton peojlo now 
havo for thorn to bo "any very groat drop oven though Ho 1.0 v/iro 
had ho-n uaod. Tho putting up of tho O viro wan practically no 
advantage; it involved us in oxtra expense, drtinagnd the v/iro so 
that v/hon taken down we cannot .possibly soil it for much rnor v than 
scrap,' "and now you aurtgost that V/o put in yet a third v/irq.'in ' : 
‘place of tho No 0. ~ 

’7o havo looked carofully over tho scheme for wiring at 
Hazleton, and wo cannot discover any place v/horo Ho 7 v/iro is usod. 
v/iil you ploaso inform us where you got your information as to 

Ho 2 Feeder requires .Ho fJ Wiro. Mo pros'umo this is tho 
foodor you rofor to. Tho total length of this fonder is about 150 

foot, so tlmt for tho thr-><> wires wo would n)'iuin> about 450 foot ^ 
of wire. Is this tho fondor you rofor t.o?. 

via must ash you to inform us of ov«ry trouble oi' -uiy 
kinf/yhich you notice in connection with all work, whofchor you 

.iro iiimdiotely ros 7 .onr.iblo for it or not. 'Vo would remind you 
that you aro work inf. for this nopartmont and not for any of your 
co-workers who may bo vttachd ti> tho liopt. Consequently, wo 
naturally osqoct you to inform ur. of ovorytliini; in connoction- with 
our business that you think would into rout us, and thorn can bo no 
doubt bat what this orror would havo interested us very much, and 
if w<> had known it in tho first jlucri, w«; v/ould have boon saved 
considorablo oxjonso now. The writer had come conversation with 
you on this subject soma time back, and insisted on the above views 
'It is not a question of loyalty to thoso y/ho have control of o'thor 
■'branches of our Work, but it in a question of whht we havo a right 

to ask of ovorybody vrho is working for ua. 

Yours very truly. 

;April! 83rd, 04 

/K«»bcook & Wilcox Co. 

t' 30 cortlandt St. City. 

Dear Sira:- 

.. .:, if to,, to (tend « »!,»». Ohio . 51 hors, po*er MW 
whlih n shipped thnr. by y”» »P"> “ rwisition r.-o» us durlno 
th, M» if J»n«.ry last. *» yoi »«. s».r, «M ««*»“» 

decided ti instsll » Pl«nl of 1000 liBhts, Instead of 500. thereby 
'rendering U necessary for »s t. mrni.h » holler or ore.ter e f flc- 
cienc, then the one In ouostion. This latter »as shipped to Pi,u. 
and is in service, and the rorrnr no desire to dispose of. and . - 
oonid like to know, lr yon nonld very kindly consent to take it 
hack, „ or course deliver!.,, it Into yonr hands Tree or all enpen. 
n, to you,: and »e *111 nlno Mr fwr any repairs vhich w hsvs 
been rendered necessary mim .. the met or its hnvind bees ship- 
ijod to arid rro Trorii Piqua. 

t" Await in (( 'yoiir roply* V'* hr> P> to remain 

yourattruly* ■ .^v’d 

Thoa. A. Ediaon Conatn. Dopt. 

Dy • (2~i. 

# 1 : 

April Hard, i-'A, 

V/, M, Brock, Esq, Managor, 

Edison Electric Illuminating Co, Shamokin. Pa, 

Dear Sirj- 

Your letter to M.\ior Eaton giving list of complaints, 
lias boon roforrod to us. 

V/o shall ship the balance of pressure indicators requir¬ 
ed in your station. 

Vo shall probably send one of our men to Shanokin within 
a day or two to collect the necessary data to enable us to figure 
out tho cause of 1 .hc difference in pressure. 

Yours truly, 

Thos A Edison Const Dept 

April 23rd. U4, 

'Voatorn Edison 1 ight, C'o. 

Chicago. 131. 

Hoar fiira:- 

Again referring to your favor of Jutli mot, v,„ boB ' 
L ° infwna yoU th,lt tl,a nav st J rJn of armature has «4 bars, ana it 
has a resistanco of about .003 ohms as against an average rosist- 
■ 4nU0 with '-he old stylo of .0304 ohms. Wo got 230 amperes at 
th .' standard spond of the “J» machino. 


April atlrd. b4. 

.r i-nios Hums, Esq, Secretary, 

Edison Electric 131 uninntinf; Co. Hollofontn. Pa, 

Hour Sir:- 

'Vo have your favor of Hint ins't, and in reply bofj to 

statu that tho proposition made to you in our lot tor of thn uth ins’t— 

is tho boat we can possibly do. As stated in that letter, wo con- 

8id " r our^Mw a perfectly good one, a*t our only object in 

mating tho offer to you was that you laifgit fool perfectly satis- ! 


1i wo carry out tho wort ns suj^ostod in the above i-o- 
jorrod to letter v/o shall be absolute losers on your contract of 
about SI,000. You will therefore see how impossible it is for us 
to niato • my further concession. 

Wo considered at' the time wo made' tho proposition that 
it was a very liberal ono, mid. when Major Eaton was informed of it 
I ho fP'vo a similar opinion. As contractors v/o cannot possibly 
afford to do anything more. 

Yours wry truly, 

April 33rd4 

Edison ft Swan United Rlnctric light Ou, I.’ td. 

Jondon, Rngland, 

Dear Sirsi- 

Mjf Rdison roforrod t.o us your cable of ye stordny’ s 
elate, ashing fo»* price and dato of delivery of four rtymnor. having 
output of 330 apporcs, running 110 volts, with speed of 300 re¬ 
volutions; and v/o requested him to cable you that if you would 
give us acsuranco of your future trade in slow speod dynamos, v/o 
would ho willing to build an ox]oriwntil wuchino at our own ox- 
ponso, and quota price for the machines you want for your present 

irposo insidoTthirty days. 


In order to got u 

to get up the.dynamo you require, we would have 

to spend quite a considerable sum in building an ex;erimental 
machirio 'under the direct.ion of Mr. Edison, and w©.should not fool 
at all disposed to do this unless v/o could! look forward to getting 
furlhor orders from you; inasmuch as v/o could by no l.fians build 
four machines for you and cl oar ourselves on samo at any reason¬ 
able prico, considering what tho experimental rnaiBhinp v/uuld surely 
cost us. Wo are anxious to assist you in every way, b\n you 
will doubtless recognise that it would bo very unfair to us to got 

up the, machine you require, »nd run the risk of not Citing any 
furthor orders from you, owing to .your having tho machines built 
o3sowhoro. Thom is no demand in this country for machines of 
tho above character, and we should consequently bo cob, polled to 
build n special lino of machines for you. This wo are perfectly 
veiling to do, provided v/o can rely on getting you trade for this 
class of machine. 

Yours vory trul jy, 

Secretary S Treasurer 

Copies of this letter 

Chatterton, M.C. 
Cooke, Charles H. 
Grimshaw, James T. 
Lyon, Charles P. 
Mensch, Carl 
Moore, A.T., Jr. 
Stewart, John M. 

April 23rd, Q4 

0. V. Wilber Esq, 

Dear sir;- 

Gwinti to certain chanson which are taking place in 
•connection with our business, it has become imperative that we 
^•should decrease our staff, and we are therefore very reluctantly 
obliged to notify you that after Thursday the 1st inst, we will no 
lonRor be able to {five you employment. 

Nothing but the necessity of circumstances has impel¬ 
led us to" pursue this course, as yourrdutios have been very faith- 
rhlly and efficiently diseharRed, and we will be happy to (five you 
a letter cer^jPfyiny to thin Tact, ^ouId you desire it. 

Yours truly. 

April 23rd, 04 

'■'■jff. S. Andraws Esq. 

Piqllft, Ohio. 

Dear Sir:- 

mu you ; >lo».o lot »» »o» J““ 

„W nany, an* tho naraas or your non. *»0 aoryiooa yo„ non « tho 
present tim* conveniently dispose or. 

■ curtain ohanfion .n takinn :>ln«o in oonnootion »HI> out 
■ uuslnoBB. uhich ronU.r it nooosaar, for an to rouun. our st.rr to a 
rinlmn, uni* nhoulU liko infomatlon at onoo. ao that no 
mny lie loot in arfootinH our object. 

Yours truly. 

April 2;?rd, M, 

Vhos - «. Lighter. E Sq . Treasurer. 

Edison Bloc trie 711 urni acting Co. M ol ,nt Carmel. Pa . 

Dour siv:- 

have your favor of ,Mnd inst covering check for 
31,000, rtacoipt for which please find onolusoct horov/ith. , 

• 7 ° tMnJ; «"* th «* foason given by .an, should bo 

urged by you as an excuse for payment ^ur contract being so 
3ong delayed. , 0 have long ago boon compelled to pay for nl 1 , tho 
v/hicli tras used infc,connection vith your Plant, ^Jh a .' 
ract that sro Von, not paid, is not allowed by the people wo buy 

m excuse for our not jeying them. 
V/o would surest that you take soi 

1 moaaurcs to settle 

* Ur ' ! ur Gontly in nop.! of the' money which yo 

Yours very truly, 

Thos A Kdison Const Dept, 

Apr 33rd. 84, 

H. H. Portor. Bs.j, 

Dopt of labile Charities « Correction. 

<)(> Third Avo. ;,'ovr York. 

i)oar sir:- 

»of"n*ini! to w „f «, teto,, 

ronn Voo ** « nofooo * **«. „„ w tho 

"»““«>* * h »‘ «•“ “*> »<* M»r»fofo bo pootoooo. 
i'o^ ii C„\, days. 

T „1» ,, n ls „ ,, UMd 

to business api’.in. 

Yours truly, 

ft'Q, ' 

April 24th, 84 

ff. S. Andrews Esq. 

Piquo, Ohio. 

Dear Sirj- 

■ Enclosed wo bog to hand you a letter from Hr. Stuart oft, 

the. Ohio Edison Elec. Installation Oo., in regard to street light- 
i fi^||'n5.:Hiddlotown, and under separate wover, we Bend u chart or 
that place showing the .piill^li^^liirao of the mains and readers. We 
^vish you would communicate with Mr. Leonard, or obtain yourseir the 
information in regard to where the extra mains are to run, the num¬ 
ber 1 rtf feeders, and poles, and also where each lamp is to be loca- 
ted, also explain how the new wires are to connect with our center 
wire, and let us; have this information as quickly as possible, as 
v;e desire' to give Hr. Stuart an estimate of the cost or the work at 
the earliest possible moment. 

Yours truly 

Thee. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 


April 24th, 84 

vT. P. Bunn Esq. vice president 

Edison Sloe. Ill. Co. Tiffin, Ohio. 

Dear Slr:- 

Referring to your letter of the 15th inst, in regard 
«t v o' the extension or the Tiffin lines, we beg to say that wo have 
■had fin electrical determination prepared, and we willlsend you an 
•estimate of the cost of making this change early next week. ■ If 
has boon a rather lengthy matter to prepare, as some of the present 
wires Will 1 of necessity have to be changed. We will give you com¬ 
plete details' wh<*n forwarding the estimate. ■ 

Trusting this will meet your wishes, wo beg to remain 
Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

April ?Atfn, 84 

A. Stuart Esq., Secrotary., 

; Ohio Edison Sloe. Installation Co. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 


r . \ Enclosed when to hand you ouroostimato for the in- „ 

catmint ion of electrical apparatus for an Edison Eloc. Li B ht Plant, 
Circlovillo, Ohio, or 1000 lamps capacity, and amounting to ■ 

156, 9^0,40. This amount in addition to the material detailed in 
the schedule, provides for the services of two experts, one to be-in 
Ci^cleviHe for 50 days, and our chief electrical engineer to ha^a. 
general supervision of the work. The items have been entered in 
exq^t accordance with the list you furnished us. Kindly advise.. 
at once if you desire us to take charge of this portion of the 

Thos. A. Edison Con at n. Dept,. 

April 34th, 04 

William Echwanlc Enq. Pros't. 

Edison Elecl Ill. Co. Ht. Carmel, Ponna 

D®ar $ir:~ 

jj y referring to our estimate for the installation or 
, : tha ; Mt! Carmel Plant. you will find that undar tha hand of -Tastin B 

W Regulation; Switches and Indicators-, we have included two. 

jqualisers for readers, tha amount charged Tor same being S172.50. 
■Owing to tha fact that where one Tee-ler alone is used, two reader 
equalisers become unnecessary, and wa have determined to cut this 
io.ut or the estimate, and give you a credit on the contract of 


YourB truly, 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 



April 24th, 84 

Stuart Esq. Secretary 

Ohio Edison Elec. Installation Co, 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 


........ ffe ar)9 i n receipt of your letter of tho 22nd inst, in 

iSegard tolstreet lighting in Uiddletown, and as far as we can sea, 
without going further into details, the idea appears feasible,' and . 
the suggestion good. 

' We have sent Hr. An draws a map of Middletown, with the 
mains narked on it, and have requested him to locate the route of 
■the e*tru mninB, tho position or the poles, and also where each 
lamp is, and how the new w<reB. Aa soon as we obtain this infor¬ 
mation, we will calculate the cost ant give you our ideas as to 
tho amount for which you can afford to take a contract Tor the 
city lighting. This matter will be rushed for you.. 

Yours truly, 

Thus. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 




April 34th, 84 

M. C. Mustsin Esq. 

Horse Cave, Ky. 

Dear Sirj- 

I am in receipt or your Inter of the 22nd inst. In 
reply to your first query, I bog to say that liRhtninR rods aro a 
protection ir the connection with tho damp earth is Rood, and there 
is plenty of surface. 

' ' Replying to your second query, i w<,ui#ji(gtf»^ 8 . 


rods Jshould be connected in metallic circuit, and in the earth at 
two or more points. 

Yours truly, 


April 24th, 04 

April 24th, 84 

T. Cornell Sea* 

Ron dou t, 1-J. T. 

Dear sir:- 

j b eg to acknowledge with thunks receipt of your latter 
' o^; tho 22nd Inst, enclosing chart of Handout marked with the lc 
cation of available real estate Tor electric lighting purposes. • 

Let me express my regret at not having hod the pleasure • 
of meeting you 'at Newburgh last night. 

yours truly. 

April .i 5t,h. trt. 

'V, H. Hrool.. Rsi|. Manager. 

Edison Electric 731 unimt.inn Co. Shanohin. Pa. 
Dour sir:- 

Again refer ring to your Jotter of lot}, inst ttddroas- 
. od to Major Raton, v«i bog to ndviso you that our Mr. |iyor 3od*ws 
for Khamoliin to-night, unci will col loot the' data nocossary it>v 
an to figure out tho-^^i -br the trouble you have with Jump broak- 

YoUrs truly. 

A. Edison. Const. Dept. 

April 25th. «4. 

I 1 ’rank, ,T, Sprague. Rsq, 

Now VorJ, 

Dear Sir 

T hojj to acknowledge 
inst, resigning your position as Rio cl 
■/ith tho Construction nopt. 


receipt, of your favor of 25-th 
trical export in connection 


April ii th. m 

April 25 th. H4, 

J mms Harris, Rsij, .secretary, 

Hollofonto. Ha. 

Hour .Sir 

Wo bote to acknowlodgo receipt, of your favor of 24th 
inst, aceopt inf proposition contained .in mir 3 ot.t.or of lith Inst, 
provided that the extension ’//■• projoso to put up bo of sniffieiontly 
Iv.-avy cu).] or to enable you to mho a r.ti33 furthnr oxtnnsion of 000 
foot on /our Hunt. . 

Wo have fijjurod on tho watt.or, ;ind find it v/i3 3 cost us 
sot.i 3 itl.l o extra oxponso, but un.lw tho circumstances v/ill comply 
.’itli your ronuoat. 

Wo shall lool. forward to rocoivinfi chock for 32300 from 
you to-inorrov/, und u further chock for 321500 a fen/ days 3ator, as 
stated in your above roforrod to 3ot.l.or, 

Yours truly, 

Then. A, Edison. Const. Dopt., 

April amh. lA. 

Major Rnton:- 

•70 uro a on di rtf Mr. tlyor to to-night, As soon 

as wo Rat his 'rof-oit w» will bo ab.lo t.o ntat.o exactly what is 

necessary to bo riono'thor© in connociion with fixing tho plant. 

' up in bettor chapo, so far as tho prossuro is conoernod, 

R J nnu11. 
par MeO. 

April ii.'ith. B4, 

Major Eaton:— 

I oncloao herewith lout.or from Kollofonto. Tho 
remark about Stock not boinj: taken wo consider i'u.i ]y justifies all 
"'wo hnvo .said in relation to this matter, «o .far no Pennsylvania 
towns am concerned. 

T. A. Edison. 

per McC. 

April il.Tth, U4, 

Major Eaton!- , j 

Referring to annexed lott/or from Mn Pruosi;- X am noli tho dynam... to tin TubfV'Cu at the factory price, 

provided you will fliw. your permission. It is nocounary that ho 

should havo currant,. find ho in now,put to vary great inconvenience 

by having to get sWji'at Ooorek 'St, 'fa I prosumo undor the oir— 

curat ancon you will not object to my/Rolling him the machine. 

T, !i, Edison. 

■' per Men. 

April 25th. U4. 

(i U S3 tav MoJ <lnn, K sq, 

Mupt. Mow Tori:. 

Door Mir 

’?•! huvo your favor of 25 th .infit., and in ropjy would 

state that the 250 anporo dynamo to run at 200 revolutions should 
Bive'UO volts v/ith full load on. v /ill this main any differ¬ 

ence in your figures?. 

April iJ!5th, 114. 

Oardinor. 0. Simo, Bsn. 

Provide*nco. U. I. 

Dear Rirt- 

I him obliged i:o you 1'a' 1 your favor of -{4th inst, and 
shal 1 bo glad to soo Oov JV.rarU and yoursolf. 

April 35th. U4. 

If -ManaRor. 

| clarondon Hotel. Novr York. 

' Dear Sirs- 

| T feeR to notify you that I propoBo 

I now occupy in your hotol.. on May 1st. 

to vacate t,ho rooms 

April 3Sth. Hi, 

Ghristojhor. A. Poiree. Bsq, 

P.jjj|feox 1350. Providence, R, J. 

Hoar Sir:- 

I huvo your favor of anth inst, and in reply bop t.o 
state that tho pold in placer sands on Snake River is free and 
mixed v/ith v/hito quarts and black iuapno tie sand, f,iy Liachino will 
separate about 30 tons perday of tho auriferous sands inttv/o parts, 
one part containing r.iui-notic sand find tho othor containinp v/hito 
sand and pold, 


Windsor Hotel, Manchester N. H. 

Dear sir;- 

.Replying to your letter of the 25th inst, in regard to 

•obtaining employment for you, wo beg to say that wo think your 
'inactivity will only be temporary. 

Yours truly. 

Thou. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

April 4Ht)i. B4. 

W. 8. Andrews. Esq, 

Piqua. 0, 

Hy do:ir Andrews:- . 

Innodiatoly tho Pique Plant starts, wo aro en¬ 
titled to a choc), for $11,500.' This chock will bo payable JUtMr.- 
Stuart, and should bo sent to us in such shape as to of imnmli at a 
uso to US, by nioans of a draft on Maw- York. I *n in a very bad 
hole. I sup)-use' you wil 3 say thin is nothing now, but I want-you 
to again try and help inn out,' and do your very lovol best to got 
Ur. Stuart to sond us a draft so that it will roach horo not 1 a tor 
th:m Thursday morning next. You havn bom no successful hereto¬ 
fore in getting money for mo that I f ••el confident, you will' not 
fail in'this ease. Please v/irn me immediately you have any in¬ 
formation as to what the prospects are of ray getting money. 

Y/ith relation to the rumours you have hoard about re¬ 
organization, and the letter 1 sent you as ki ng which of your man 
I shoUId discharge, I- beg to say,, that wo : aro making arrangements _ 
‘by which all construction work will in all probability bq ,'clPno b^v 
"tH's *Isol iitod 'company. Per tho purpose of those negotiations Jahd" 
’to produce an efrect on those we aro negotiating with wo find our-, 
selves compel led to relieve p.uraelves of the greater, j art of our 

April 20th, 84 

U. s. Androws Ksq. 

' Piqua, Ohio. 

nonr sir;- . 

ffo aro in roco'ipt of your lottor of. tho 20th inst, and 

in royly bofi to say that wo vrobld not adviBO tho uso of Mo. 16 
dirty whitn wiro for opon cloat work. Gan you utilize it' in, 
'cnnivvji ion with con coaled work’. 







n. S. Andrews Esq. 

Pi qua, Ohio. 

Dear sir*« 


Replying to your letter or th» 24th inst, in reference 
to the Har.leton feeder, we beg to say that it was not our intention 
’to convey to you the idea that we though you were disloyal. We 
have had many criticises made by certain parties in regard no our 
tTeihg unacquainted with all the details or our outside business, 
and in many cases we know that those criticisms were .justified, ns 
some of our employees had omitted in many cases to report to us 
matters which vro should have known, and when ihes» reacts our ears 
tlirough outside channels it makes it v~ry, unpleasant for. us. 

" ”” ,t ‘ ” r »“*• l»«,r 20th lM . 

‘roferonca to dionor,**.. , • *< 

SPenSlBK Wlth th ” "">*» Portion of tho proa 
lin* saroty entchoa. i wll3 h , 

,,, ^ * Wlk «*h you, i„ r „„ aM 

• t1 "’ n,, *‘ ,to > »■ *» in „™ *,». 


it poia 


M.: F!, Adams Esq. 


Dear Sir:- 

; As .soon as this note reaches you will you very kindly 
telephone up here and make an appointment to meet Mr. Edison's 
attorney, Mr. J. C. Tomlinson, and very much oblige. 

Yours truly, 

William Hi Brock Esq., Manager. 1 

Edison Sloe. Ill. Co. Shuraokin, Pa.' 

Dear sirj- 

your letter or the lGth inst, addressed to the Edison 
Elec, light' co., in regard to Teodor regnlotors, has boon referred for reply. Wo have sent u man to Shamokin to son to the 
uneven pressure at the end of the feedorBi and the matter of feeder 
^regulators is having our attention. 

■**-i yours truly, 

; . ■ : •. 1 ■ • • . • ! . ■ 'i 

: ' 1 

I • . . • . ■ • • ' 

April 28th, 84 

j ’ . " ' ' 

Wtn. Brock Esq. Manager. f 

* Edison Rloc. 111. Co. sharookin, Pa. i* 

Dear Sir:-. | 

• 1 Your letter of the 19th inst addressed to the President 

of the Edison' Rloc. light Oo., has boon rot’orrod to us Tor reply. j 

Wo wotrld ctatw that wo aro doing all wo possibly can 'to. put tho ; 

Shanokin station in proper shape, as regards all necessary elecr j 

‘ •'Vrical appliances. , , j 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison Constn. Dopt. 

April , 04. 

turret. n. VI. Vroora. Esq. 

Trenton. N. , 1 , 

Dear Sir:- 

Your favor of April-23rd was duly received. 

Tho l.o tt or you apeak, of as writ ton to Hr. Roiff v/as not 
roooivod by Mr. Edison until the other day, which accounts for his 
if'norance that an execution would bo issued. 

Mr. Edison fools that, tho Judgment is one ho should not 
bo compel led to pay, as tj® note on which it was jj^ginod was given 
to Mr. Seyfort for hi;; accommodation, and was practically liquidat¬ 
ed in their negotiations concerning tho Automtic Telegraph. 

Would tho fact that tins Moyfort -know that, tho note was 
an accommodation note; and that it had boon practically settled lay 
the negotiations referred to,- especially, if it was delivered to 
her after maturity,- in v t ,ur opinion havo nny offoct upon tho dis¬ 
position of tho case in case a now trial could bo obtained?. 

V/d thin); those facta could be shown, and if there is any oppor¬ 
tunity of obtaining a now trial by nppoal or otherwise, Mr Edison! 
wbiil'd bo inclinod to mal;o ovory effort to do so. If a now ' 
trial- cannot bo o btained, or if in your judgment those facts'.Ward'" 
b0 of -^i^Btancb to Mr. Edison upon a now trial, I pre¬ 
sume nothing 'is loft but to make tho best settlement we can. 

Kr. Edison has not property in Now Jorsoy sufficient to 

satisfy tho judgment. Tho property at. Monlo Park bo Jones, to the 
Edison Bloc trie Ught Co; and tho furniture and -Personal proj.orty 
in }.,r Edison* s house belongs> hxs wife. Tho titJo of the house 
is in him, but is mortgaged to nearly its .full value; so that tho 
plaintiff to satisfy her judgment will probably have to sun upon 
it hove which would entail considerable delay. If therefore, Mr. 
, Ediso „ was dis) osed to fight this claim as bitterly as possibly, 
hn could delay the plaintiff considerably. Under those circum¬ 
stances, would she not taho loss than the face of her judgment. 

Mr. Edison has Mr Seyfort* s receipt for S300, which under 
*ny circumstances should bn ddductnd from tho jud,..m.nt. 

'•■ill you ) lease lot. me tho exact amount of tho 
judgment, arid whether you th in}, any snUloi.mnt for a loss .miount 
ciuld bo made; and if so, how much could you get. thorn to throw off 



April 20th, 84 

R. H. lord Esq.', Treasurer. 

EdiBon Elec. Ill. Co. Lawrence, Mass. 

bear Sir;- 

J ? ' Referring to our letter of the 22nd inst, in reference 


’to' ouj’ account for S2, 418. 07, night I ask you to very kindly reply 
to same, and send me a check Cor the above amount. 

I should not trouble you so much in regard to this 

matter, worn it not for the fact that we require very urgently 
the use of tho money. 

April 20th, 04 

K. B. Hubbard Esq., socrotary, 

Sdison Bloc. Ill. Co, Tiffin, Ohio. 

Dear Sir;- 

By re forrinu to our records, wo find that the amount 
duo us by your Company for material furnished co you for housq 
Wiring, such material having boon supplied outside of our contract, 
■is, SI, 060.04. ' : 

v> upon receipt of this letter, will you very kindly son! 

us a check Tor this amount, We require the use of the money very 
urgently, and trust you will be able to oblige us. 

April 28th, 84 

Messrs. Hale & Walcott 
/ \ Boston, Mass. 

3ear sirsj- 

Enclosnd I,boo to hand you ray chock Ho. 074 of to 

day's date for S200 on account of the suit. 

Hr. J. C. Tomlinson, of Messrs. Keeloain© & Tomlinson, 

who is my attorney, will visit you on Wednesday or Thursday of ;• 

this week. j 

April 2Bth, 84 


J : A.. !•’. Hilbert Esq., 

i B«>x 246 Baltimore, M<1« 

Dear sir;- 

I am in recoipt of your letter of the 25th lost, and 
I. ;in.r»])ly bog to say that ^slmll bo glad to receive the sample of. 

*.V 3 2 -inch wire welded after the manner you mention. 

Yours truly,' 

April SOth. 84 

^Honry FleDch Esq. Treasurer. 

Edison Elec. Ill. Co. Piqua, Ohio. 

Dear Sir;- 

purroii mo to acknowledge with very many thanks receipt 
"6T your courteous invitation on tho Jifith inst. to attend the start¬ 
ing or the piqua station. It is with much roprot that i haver 
beeh obliftod to forego the pleasdro of visiting Pi qua, butytftijgXOtt- 1 
dition of niy health will not allow of ray leaving Mow York;” 

April 20th, 84 

S. 8. Raton Eaq. president, 

Edison Electric Light Co. 

Now York. 

Dear sirj- 

• Enclosed I bog to hand you a letter addressed to me by 

-Mr. John R. Marklo, in reference to an option Tor the city of Do- 
-troiti Mich. 

April 20th, 04 

IT, If. Dwol'ly Ebq., Treasurer. 

\ Edison Bloc. Ill, Co.,, Pall River, Mass. 

Dear sir;- 

*’•“Referring toonr letter of tho 20rd inat, requesting 
a’ ‘s'ettlemni of your account, will you please be kind enough to • 
fiffind' ua' a chock for 31 , ftOO.ll in accordance with our letter.above 
referred to. (?e require very urgently tho use of tho monoy, and 
trust you will oblige without further delay. 

April 20th, 84 

sA* 1m Smith Goq., 

\ Appleton, l?ir„ 

Dear Sir:- 

Ghelosed wo boi; to hand yon our estimate Ho. fJUl B, for 
tho installation of e 1000 lifjht Rdison Sloe. Lif'ht Plant at Apple- 
ton, I7is,, amount Inc to S3R, 570,17, 

This estimate provide a for the us a of the two «K? ijjadh- 
ines, which you have on hand in Appleton, and in rejjard to the ' 
other material which you have, wo have taken into consideration as- 

much us it' is possible for us to utilize, 

Wien you we-e hern you mentioned the ruet that you de¬ 
sired us simply to bid upon the outside work. It would be im¬ 
possible Tor us to do this, owinq to the circumstances which cer¬ 
tain events cause, as if you increase your station you will require 
‘■n’ll the electrical material we specify, and the other material is 
necessary to have a complete installation. Such small items cs 
wrenches, banners arid screwdrivers can of course be cut out of this' 
bid if you do hot want them, but as you of course understand it 
will not do to cut from the estimate any of the. supplies which have 
a direct relation to the su^seaofull operation of the plant. 


April 20ti\*£4 

Sfruinht Line Engine Co. 

Syracuse, H. Y. 

Dear sirs•- 

1 am in receipt of your letter of the 26th inst, and 
in reply hen to say that roy superintendent will i?o to Syracuse 
in amfew days' t,o see about the engines. until'his return I will 
be unable to deal with the subject matter of your communication, 
above referred to. 

Yours truly, 

April idOth. ti-i. 

'7astorn ftdison Light Co. 

Chicago. Ill. 

Doar Sira:- 

Again referring to your favor of «!3rd inst, v/o bog 

to inform you that it will cost $140.10 torro-wind A “L* Armatures 
you Have, and wo will allow you for tho scrap coppor takon off 
tho armatures 11 cents par pound. Tho arnaturo wire is woighdd 
for scrap after tho insulation is burnod off. Tho above’ prico 
includes tho now stylo of commutator and now fibre heads atf tho 
onds of armature. If now fibre heads nra not required, wo will 
make' an al Iowanco of SO on each armature. 

With tolation to tho m V armatures you havo, it will 
cost S125.10 for each armature. Of courso you understand that 
the dynamos are changed from “B” to *A" armatures by simply alter¬ 
ing tho connections of tho magnots. 

Yours truly, 

'Wastorn Gdisori Light (Jo. 

Chiciigo. Ill. 

Doar Sirs:- 

v/e have your favor of 20 th inst, and in ruturo 
willsoo thut you gat tha information you ask for with rolatlon to 
armature and dynamo tists. 

Yours truly, 

: I©-® 

April tfG'th. 04. 

Western Kdison Light Co. 

Chicago. Til, 

Dear Sirs:- ' . ' 

We have your favor of JiSth inst, and wo halve al¬ 
ways road the word “ropair" to signify oxactiy what you state; 
nabioly;- “all v/ork necessary to put apparatus in first class con¬ 
dition". Under those circumstances, wo cannot so i why you 
should complain at ‘our putting .the armature you rofor to, in first 
class condition. If you told tho loan what such v/ork was go jng to 

cos't hoforo receiving our bill, we do not think that you should 
make complaint against us bocuuso our bill happens to bo in excess 
of tho amount you quoted. However, inasmuch as you say you are 
absolute losers of S140» wo are willing to bear half of tho ox- 
pbnsa, and therefore enclose you a credit note for 370. Wo do 
this entirely irrespective of the merits of the case, which' we 
still boliovo are in our favor. 

Wo rogrot that the *K”urmature 72 was shipped -to you, 
and 'enclose you a crodit for 3!3Q.91, amount ehargod against you 
for repairing this armature. The error arose from t.Jio fttctjy.that . 
we' rbco lvod no advice as to ‘Wherelit. came from, and at this 1 w^i't'irig 
|are, trying to find out exactly v/Jio .shipped it.. Our shipping 

dork was under tho impression it cai 

f<* ok y 


us a bill for the freight charges; and either hold tho armature, 
up til wo roguire it, • elsewhere, or until you have onw-which rotjuiros 
repairing, in which caso you could return to us tho defective 
arnsutvir'e and rotuin tho one v/o havo sent you in mistake. 

In future v/o will see that you are not charged wi'th cart¬ 
age on express shipments. 

With relation to your complaint as to "it* dynamo 41;- we 
will give instructions to havo every package marked “koop dry*, 
and then no possible error ear. arise in this connection. 

v/o heartily reciprocate tho hope expressed in the clos¬ 
ing paragraph of your letter, t and remain, 

• Yours very truly, 

P. S. Hastini's Bafj. i 7’reasurnr. 

Edison Electric Liflht Co. 

60 Fifth Avenue. 

Doar sir;- 

\7o send yon herewith estimate, specification of build-' 
inR, specification of street installation, chart of district, plan 
or building, and contruct for the installation of an Edison Elec. 
’IlRht Central Station plant of (l 000 lamps)capacity at Far ftockavmy, 
m. Y., tho sui'l ostiruito nn-iunt ini; to 700.71.^^This estimate 
is' bused on the present value of labor and material, and we hold 
ourselves in readiness to close it at any time within the flfl days 
from tho date Jieroor, but not ufter^ 

• The local Company in executing the cotf^ract, should be 
•careful to comply with the laws of the State of New York. ' 

; ■ A meeting of the Board or Directors should be called, an 

'and a resolution passed directing the ofricers named therein, ’(usu¬ 
ally the president and freasUror ) to si(?n the contract on behalf 
of the. corporation and affix thereto the corporate seal. Care" ' 
should also be taken to have the officers si(jnin|{ the contract ack¬ 
nowledge it before some officer authorized by law to take acknow- 
'and administer oaths, ;ond in the acknowledgement should. 

affixed to it the corporate seal, in and by virtue* 
of the Board of Directors authorizing them so to dp 
tXe 'forn of acknowledgement to bo such as the laws of the State of ' 
‘How York require. Tho acknowledgement ahould bo written, on tho . 
blank pugou-dnn.exed to the contract.' 

l?o do not' regard the contract as binding upon us until v 
it is received here properly executed, together with a certified 
check for the amount required to be paid upon its execution. 

On receipt of the contract executed by the Company, we 

will return* u duplicate signed. 

Yours truly, 

• - • Thos. A. Kdinon Constr^ Dept. 

. "T- •■■■■■"■ 3y 

,<jr>.. •" '■ 

• cr____, 

• pouiifs oM3Tp* trt rr^w{'t i 

(tOOJiVOO Ol|d 

^ai^jju uu pbtoaodaopup Vo 

Z ITJtdv 

Bdison Blue trie Illuminating Co. 

Pall River. Hass. 

Dear Sirs:- 

Wo have your favor of ifllth inst-, and ill reply beg 
to state that tho stack you have is plenty largo enough for the 
purpose of running two 73 H. P. Boilers. Wo sent tho blowor 
and engine to Pall River solely on tho advieo of Messrs ^abcock & 
Wilcox, who write us that“to the boat of our belief, fins fuel 
cannot be used to advantage without using a blowor". Mosers 
Babcock H V/ilcox’ experience is exactly tho same as that of our 
Mr. Bdison in his numerous tests with the Babcock & V/ilcox boiler 
under varying conditions at Menlo Park. 

Y/o cannot understand why you bhoiild have such trouble 
at Pul}. Rivor, whereas at Brockton with exactly the same kind of 
boiler they have no trouble in keeping up their steam, and thoir 
stuck is but two feet higher than yours, and throb inches smaller ' 
til diamotor than your one. 

Wo should bo perfectly willing to moot you in this 
matter, but vie consider that tho authority of the Jjabcocli ;/5 Wilcbx 
Co is quito sufficiont for us to ask yon to make use of tho blowor 
and engine sent you, und then if that does not obviato your trouble 

v/u will discuss tho Yiuoation of increasing tho «i«« of the stack.. 

Wo uso blowers in all t,ho plants wo are putting up, and 
v(o should not at pro son t think of putting up a station without 
including a blower in tho,estimate. 

Wo v/ould further point out to you that oven supposing 
it,is necessary for you to have 20 foot more stack, a far smaller 
amount than that which is owing to us would cover the cost of ' 
same, v/hich at tho outside would hot be more than SI50. Under 

these circumstances, and in view of the facts above stated, wo must 
again ask you to sor.d uo a hhock, as your account has booh out- \ 
standing so long. ' 

Tours truly, 

on Const Oaipt. 

Thos A Rdis« 

Jh'M.Doubloday. 15sq. 

Shnmokin. Pa. 

Ddar Sir:- 

Referring to your favor of 23rd inat as to Injootor 
wo bog to say that wo cun son no reason why thoy 
should have trouble with it unless they failod to oponoit tha liva 
staarn induction pipo whon fooding aguinst boilor pressuro of 70 
pounds or ovor. If the fire doors are kopt open any length’'of 
timo they must loso steam, or if thoy firo to heavily they will 
loso stoara. 

You might run down to Hazleton again and soo that every¬ 
thing is in good shapo thero, and see what you can do with theit 
Injector. . 

Apr.2F)th. 04. 

H. M. Doubloday. Rsq. 

Shamokin. Pa. 

Door Sir:- 

Wo have your favor of 20th inst, Wo cannot under¬ 
stand at all v/hat Hr Bdock moans by complaining that ho has not 
not tho pressure indicators. Wo havo soon a letter addressed by 
him to jtajor Baton, and also one ho has addressed to Mr. Hastings. 

• Hb keeps station that ho has not not tho instruments, whileVyou 
say that you havo. 

Wo havo wired you this morning to take tho oxtra pressure 
indicator to Sunbury. 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Edison. Ronst. Dopt. 

W /c?-^ 

Deutsche Rdison Ooaollschaft. 

Berlin. Germany, / . 

Dear Sira:- ' . , . 

Wo havo your Mo -1307 of 31at March. 

At this Writing, 1 do not soe how it is possible for mo 
|to instruct you by moana of correspondence, as to how wo determine 
tho aroa of conductors. I am inclined to think it would bo 
n.oce-s sary for you to send a man hero, or, for no to send'a man. to 
Borlin. I oxpoct however that.Hr. Batchelor wil 1 bo hero' in the 
course of a wook or .so, and I will consult with him and write you 
further, in. relation to the matter’. . . ’ r ‘ 

' April 30th. »1. 

■ rj/ ■ 

[f •'' . . •. ; 

it}/- ■ •; J'- ■ \ ' • 

i Prof H. A. Rowland. 

t John Hopkins Univoraity. Baltimore. Md. 

| Dear Sir:- 

\ j huyo your fayor 0 'f -auth. inat, and in reply 1 bog to 

atatq' that wo can wind you a machine that, will run 200 volts and 
| stand, a current of 10 amperes. Tho volts can bo lowered by 

resistance box in the field. 

Will this answer your purposo?. 

Oustav Soldan. Rsq. Supt. 

Nov/ York. 

Doar Sir:- 

We roquiro the following information with relation 
. to'any muchinos that you may in tho futuro ship to tho 'Vestorn 
Edison Light Oo:- 

First, apaod or armature. Second, fiold resistance. 
Third, oxtornal roaiatanco of fiold. Fourth, Electro motive 
forco. Fii'thj approximate''insulation resistance of armaturo. 

If thora is any furthor data given on tho tost tickets 
ordinarily uaod, wo require same in addition to abovo. V/hon only 
armatures are shipped, wo roquiro such of tho abovo information as 
rofors to armatures. 

Yours truly, 

April 20th, 10U4 

H. 0. Sima 'Raq,, 

Niagara '//ills, H. Y, 

Ooar Sir;- 

?fr. ’Tastings, secretary of tho Edison Electric Light 
company, has Jmndod to ua a letter or you ra undor da to the 20th 
inst, and has culled our attention to ’sSo" paragraph in which you 
stato that. tho itora or $749.00 Tor electrical, motor, wiring, and 
engineering experts in cur estimate 1’or the installation or tho 
"iaguru Pulls Plant sooms to ho excessive, and has asked ua to ox- 
plain it to you. . !7o therefore beg to inform you that this amount 
is to provide Tor the salary and expenses 
0/ wirinr: export, and an engine-ring expert: 

17e understood from yoti that this plant was to run night 
and day Trom the date or the commencement or its operation? we 
therefore in the item in question provided for the payment or sal¬ 
aries to two permanent engineers, vrhora v/e should instruct in such 
■a manner as to enable them to take charge :o.f- the plant after lijpr ■ 
men left there? thus you will see we have to provide Tor the salar¬ 
ies, travelling expenses, and board of three men, and the salaries; 
alone or two men. With this explanation, we think you will agree: 
with us that the amount is not excessive. : 

of an electricul^m‘it^'^- JW ^ 

' 7/V/'"—— i 

April 21.-th. *M. 

Oustuv Soldan. I?s<j. Supt. 

How York. 

Dear Sir:- 

Tho Westorn Rdison Light Co complain that Dynamo' 

*R” -11 shipped to Kaukauna was not marked “J;dop dry*, and con- 
so<i'uontly the box os wore shippo.d on flat cars instead of in closod 
cars, resulting in damage to tho machine, and an to the 
Woetorn Rdiaon Light Co of having to koop a man at tho above 
placo for days while tho fields and armature wore being dried. 

Please*'Vos ih future that every package sent to this Co 
is marked -op dry*, and take all precautions necessary to have 
•iamu shipped in closed Cars. 

They also complain that armature “K” Mo"72 was shipped 
to thorn in error, as it never came from Chicago. Wo cannot under¬ 
stand why so many errors occur in connection with material sent to 
this company, and must urgo upon you to have this work doho with 
more caro in the future. 

. Yours truly, 


April 39th. 1)4, 

■ •W. V; Pratt,. Ks. t . 

Treasurer. Babcock A Wilcox bo. Now York, 

Boar Kir:- 

Thb Rdinon Klaotric Tlluminal; ing Oo of W) River 
inform us that, your export told thon that .tbh? the stack wo put up 
thoro K3#r°not hifth enough. 

7o notico in tho list, of stacks which you sent us on 
:>th April you state that 140 It.. P. Hoilors require stacks Ofj» in 
■iiuMotor 'aid 00’ high. ’-Vo hive at I«"iO 3 River u stack -IA° in 
dirs.56.fcpr and. ;>»)»' high from tho <-ro.*nd. Should not this give al l 
fcho draft fiiiit is noc ssaryf. 

7o my mention that wo pro jjosc putting .in a blower, aot- 
lnp; or. you'r suggest ion that hoi. tor moults vo ul d be attained from 
snail coal if we .adopted this course.. pur ;.\oi Riv/.-r friends 
object to a bl.owor, and want a hi eh or stack. Wo think that tho 
stack is high onounh, and that. I ho blower would 'remedy all ‘ defects, 
but we' v/ish to have your opinion ori the' subjoct, as wo desire to 
" quote you in writing them. 

Please lot us hoar from you per bearer, and oblige, 

Yours vory truly. 

James Harris. Rsq. 


April 30th. n-t, 

Dear Sir:- 

Dellofonto. pa. 

Ve have your favor ofapth inst enclosing Shock for 
3:3500 ’ for which-wo bog to hand you rocoipt herewith. 

Tho ongino has boon shippod from Providence; and wo win 
ship tho copper immediately we got a reply from our ,; h Perry in 
relation to which way Company proposes itself to extend its 
mains '300 feet. Wo have telegraphed and written him to-day 
ip relation to tho matter, and have requested him to confer with 
You on the subjoct. 

- Yours truly, 

Thos A .'Jdison Const Dept. 


A. Stuart Esq./ secretary 

Ohio Edison Elec, installation Co. 

Cincinnati# Ohio. 

Doaj sir:- '' ' . .. 

.are in receipt of your letter of the.28th inst, and; 

in reply bo,} to say that we will wend you an estimate for CocinRton 
: on Monday os Tuesday next. ffe understand exactly what you wanti 
and will comply with your wishes. 

„ , yoursttruly# 

.... Thos. A. Edison constn. Dept. 

...In further reference: to the'Tirrin extension,; We send' 
yp» under same cover chart shov/inc the proposed• con'rso,-. or\ t,he ad- , 
'ditionai conduijtiors»statement. [jivinj} the'-.quantity and sizes of 
wire required foir the work, statement showing the proper sizes, of 
wires to run•between different points as'located on the chart, and 
our bid for the supply of the necoss'ary. wire arid electrical' ap¬ 
pliances’, 'amountin'!.'to .si, 265.09. 

Owin'! to our having had to install an additional feeder, 

•those, appliances will be necessary, jin'your station in addition .to 
-what you already have there. 

,!7e would cali ; your attention; to the chart, and explain 
that we have round it necessary tor mpvo feeder No. 1 from its pre-, 
sent position in the center, of block Mo,. S',to,the .'center of uloc^! ,:' 

. No. 7. -peoder Mo. 3‘ running Trom .the Central station to the point ' 
■•marked 3 on the. alley-between' Perry and ’Market Sts., Just- aprOsj^ii- 
■tivoMrtvor is :the feeder above referred to. ' v 

■■•■■r The mains running from the Central Station to points ‘ ’ 

sriiarked X and. 3 we have. found it necessary, to augment by the in- -. 
Jstullation’ of wires', the;-sizes of which ure given in.-ou-r Scheme an 


You understand of coarse that 

bid is simply for sup* 

with the material, and prices as quoted 


i7o understood Prow yourlett' 

propose doinn 

pakih;; this installation, yourselves 

;11 work in connection 

Trustinn this will moot your requirement! 

John. T. Perry. Usq. ^ 

Dollofonte. 'f a. 
pour Sir:- i ;i 

Wo wirod you this morning as follows:- "Loo): at nap 
showing proposed ox tons ion and wiro immediately v/hothor Company 
propbso to extend throo “D" *100 foot oast or throo "C" 000 foot 
west. Consult Harris. Answor quickly." 

In case you do not understand tho moaning of our tolo- 

gram, wo send you by post bluo print of Bollofonto showing tho 
proposod extension there. Mr. Harris wrote us that his Company ’ 
wish tbloxtond the mains 000 foot beyond whero wo are going to 
run, but wo’aro not auro ; whothor ho proposes to oxtond throe "V. 
(500 foot "throo "0" 000 foot., Honco wo wired you for information. 

Will you please look^over tho map, and chock your roply, 
and !if";you; find you have raadp. nny 'or r or. in your tolagram, ploaso 
notify us- immodiatbly, as it niakos: a differonco in pur; ordor for 
coppoi 4- . • i yuu had hottor- see; !&:• Harr is about-the. mat tor. ... 

Thos A Rdison Const Dept. 

‘‘ ' . . ’ * '• • , ‘ May 1st. imi4. 


. Evoratt Frazur, J?«q. 

• 133 Front Stroot, . City,-'. 

Doar Sir:- ' 

•. 1 I have a quantity-of apoolmnn work dono .by. tho auto- 

' .graphip. procaas, this boing'th« ayatpm of tolography, which Hr. 
Ediaoii has apokan to you about. 1 

; . Tho .next tirno, you aro up tjhis way,if you win givo mo 

.<.!.* .dall, I ohail bo glad to ahow f,hdm to you.;: 

Vary truly ypura, 


E, Gilmore, Esq. ’ 

' ' City. .. 

. Dear Sir:- 

Aftor Thursday, tho‘‘uth 1 ,’ i'nsV,v/o v/ill no longer bo 
a'bio to givo you ociploymnnt in tho Enginooring .Dopartraont, but' v/o 
• v/isK to transfer your sorvicos and constituto you stonopraphb'r in • 
r'cKiof, • 

during tjio ci niri(< wnojv would suggest that you soizoy 
ovbry opportunity to practice up''your shorthand. 

May la p. ir«)4. 

john B.jv^ty, Raq. ' '' 

care B. vorit y & sons, —V 

King stroot, Covont Garden, 

London, w, c. England. 

Hy near vlority:- 

1 havo your letter of tho 19th. April, and ain 
very glad you have Rot the license from the Edison n Swan United 
Bloc trie Light Oo. on tha terras statod,"and"both Hr. Edison and 
myself think that the royalty which you have to pay is a very 
favorable one to yourself, I have got the plane out which wo 
propose sending you, but will hold them until I hear rurthor 
from you on tho subject. 

I am very busy Just now, that is 1 should say so if 1 
wore writing a rogular buslnoss letter, but inasmuch as I ain not I 
will toil tho bare truth and say that I am in a great hurry to get 
away so as to attend a walking match, and therefore you will " 
excuse this short let'tor and.obligo, 

yours vory truly, 

May 1st, 1804 

To whom it .may concern*- ■£ 

This is to eortofy that Hr. John M. 

outfh and efficient manner, and wo tales great pleasure innrecomraon- 
ding him to any one requiring his services. 

.Stewart has been employed in this department as u draughtsman sine* 
the'. last. His work 1ms always been performed in a thor- 

10*1 Ooerck streot, city. 

Doar sir:- 

Vfill you ploaso let me Know by Ernest to-morrow morn¬ 
ing if Hr. Adams pulley gripper is still on the niachino that you 
originally tried your experiment with, and also when it. would bo 
convenient for Mr. Hutchinson and sovoral other gentleman to' soo it 
in operation. 

Tours truly, 

- . May 1st. lari*. , 

A. Stuart, Usq. Sooty. •’ 

Cincinnati, ohio. 

noar Sir:- 

; Rororring to your favor of the 20th. uito., wo aro in 

Holographic communication with our Mr. Leonard and immediately we 
can got sonw data we will wire you fully as to the proposed light¬ 
ing of the - streets at Middletown. 

Hoping wo will bo able to get the information to you in 
timo, we remain, 

Tours truly,’ 

T. A. Rdison Conatn. Dopt. 

May 1st. 1H04. 

H./.M. goubloday, Ksq. 

Shamokin, Ponna. 

Doar Sirj- 

Wu hav i your favor .'of the 2©th. ulto., and would 
point out to you that the difference iri lamp breakage between 
the blue and rod aido of tho shamokin system is' a vary bad give¬ 
away cm tho engineer. We trust that you will point this'out to 
tho local poopie, aa tho.results you have attained by the use of 
tho automatic regulator proves most decidedly that tho gentleman 
whoso duty it is to attend to tho regulation is chiofly distin¬ 
guished by lvis non-attontion to his business. Tho use of tho 
automatic regulator in a central station system is very dangerous, 
somt time orothor something ijx will go wrong with that regulator, 
and in an instant tho Shamokin Company will lose all thotgR lamps. 
This is the.main roason that we have been objecting to the use 
of those regulators, more especially as it is tho onginoor*a ‘ 
duty to attond to the;propor manipulation of those rosistaheo 

Yours truly, 

T. A. Udison Oonstn, Rapt, 


10 Cortlandt Street, City. ' 

'••A;;-. . . •: . M 

Dear Sir:- . ■ 

Referring to your favor of tho 2&th. ulto., addressed 

tp Mr." Edison, I bog to enclose herewith a chock for 8400., being 

Mboiint of rent in advance on your house in dramorey Park, so that 
for'orico your desire to be laid on tho first of the month is 

I nay mention to, you that it is usual when people Khiva 
accounts against us for them to send for the money when it in 
due, and if you would pursue this course on the first of each 
month you would save yourself any inconvonionnn from not receiv¬ 
ing the money and us tho trouble of having to send, it to you. 

It is Hr. Edison’s intontion to frcaupy the house him- 
solf for the balance of the lease. 

Thanking you for the information you give as to the 
accumulation, of ashes in tho cellar, I remain, 

May 1st, 1884 

To whom it; muy concern 

This is t«> certify that Mr. Carl Monsch 
has- boon employed in this department as a draughtsman since the 
'1'ftth Hov,i(|i^j(SsSii !? His -work has always been performed in a thorough 

May 1st. JW14. 

j, !■’. iio.Clain, Bsq. • ' VX 

; city. ■ '' 


- V/o roRrot to state that aftor Thursday, tho irJth.' inst/. 

r *'vrj» wi'll no longer bo able to p.iyo you omployniont, as tho changes, 
Y/hieh arc taking place 'in' our businoos nocessiiatos a XKttNkfciuH 
goridral reduction of our staff, 

' V/d shall bo pioasdrf,'‘if you dosiro it, to Civo you a 
•'lotfor. cbrtifying to your of f'ic ibncy as a s'tonograpKbr. • 

- Yours truly, 

T, A. Bdison Constn. nopt. 

- •- • • ny • 

Kay 1st. lUUd, 

|-I. "Iti'b'i'ar, Rsq. 

Dear Sir*- 

Wo roe rot to s.tnto that of tor tho loth, 
of tho present month v/o will bo unable to give you further em¬ 
ployment TP 

Wo shall bo gl<id Vo havo you «omo to New 'Tort, as soon as 
possible, and v/o will : explain Vo you our reasons for' dosiri'ng to 
inahp tho chango. . 

• ’• Yours truly, 

"..- ../j-y .... , T. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 


. . May Jst, 

‘ TJioiaas, . Henderson, Esq, 

" : r ’ ■■ ’City-. " " ' 

Door' Sir:- ' 

v/o vo t; rot to state that aft or Thursday, tho Uth. 
ins't., wo yill no longor bo ablo to givo you anploymant, as tho 
changes which aro tahipg plao'o. in our businosh nocossitatos a 
gotioraT reduction of our staff. 

V/o shall, ‘bo pleased, if you dnslro it, 'to give you 'a'' 

'Je't'toV certifying to your efficiency as a stenographer,. 

Yours truly', 

T. A.' Edison 'Const n, hojt . 

,»y’ ‘ . 

W. F. Tillotaon, Raq. • : 

'"*> Bast 17th. Street, city. 

Doar Si**: — 

Roforring to your favor of tho 26th. ulto., X rogrot 
.to inform you that Mr. ISdison ie absent from t'ho city Just now. 
Ho will in all probability bo back in tho course of a’ few days, 
and I have no doubt ho will be delighted to sob you early next 
wb'ok. I nay ciontion, howov.or, that f.(n Bdison's laboratory at 
Monlb Park’ is'closod just now;. 

If, in tho meantime', I can bo of tiny assistance to you 
it will afford me very groat pleasure to shoV you anything you 
ciaiy do'airu to see in connection with Mr. Bdison's system of Sloe- 
trie lighting in Now York City. ’ 

Very truly yours. 

I sand you by this mail, undor separate cover, { 

.blueprints show ini; connections of our dynamos, and another blue 
print' Hiving the sizos. 

■ ■■■’ l also’ onclus* herowith a statement" in relation to 

dynamos. This various information will doubtless bo useful to 

Yours vory truly, 

John."0. Vority. Ksq. 

London. England. 


May 2nd. 01. 

Arthur. S. Qovos., 

Tiffin. Ohio. 

Doar .Sir:-'- 

Wo have your favor of 2Gth ultimo, anil aro glad 
to loarn that so small a number as only -17 lamps was broken in tho 
Dionth of April. 

Can you poss ibiy give us u statorcont of tho exact"run¬ 
nier expanses for April, as vb Should very much like to know whoth- 
or tho Tiffin Station ts paying or not. If you can males up this 
statomont for us, wo ahall bo much obliged. 

Wo should also liko a statomont of tho avorago life of 
tho lamps for April. 

Yours truly, 

Thus A Rdison Const nopt. 

Hay 2nd. 84. 

Tho publishor of “Scionco*. 

4 Ijond st. Maw York. ' 

ooar sir:- 

^bog to oneloso you l.orbv/ith chock for SJS.OO, -in 
payment of my subscription. 

Plbaso ruturn vouchar rocaiptod. 

■ Yours truly, 

”ny 2nd, l^a4 

'292 Ay**.' B., City. 

170 aro in . i^e^ipt this morniny or your order No. j'4l, 
and will send you at one**, oho •graduated 0 litre bot'tlo, two hy¬ 
dromotors, one sealiny tool and 1000 seals. 

In relation to tM balance Tor weighing motor, plates, 
und tho information you ask for in regard to sane, wo bo,; to say 
, that wo use two sizes, Ho. 7, and Mo. 8. No. 7 is Tor u'charge up 
to 100 y •ammos in each pan, in fine French polished ylass case, 
'front sliding frame counterpoised, all bearinys, uyato pianos, with' 
new and improved arranyements for arrest of pans and beam, sensible 
to 1 20 Milligramme with its full chary*. Provided with apparatus fl 
Tor specific yravity. Rider and weighing tubes. Boom divided in- 
1 20 . Pttrt « r milligrwames. Pons 2 inches'in diameter, cost 

Mo. 0 is of the same make, for 20 0 grammes in; each pan, 
sensible to 1 2 0 milligramme with its full■char,,e. Provided with 
arrest for pans, and apparatus Tor specific gravity. Rider and 
weighing tubes. Beam divided into 1 10 part of milligrammes. Pa^ 

[.threjeurinches in diameter, cost SI44.09. 

EBl20:iV ; -AOHIC ' • 

In an installation whore 100 litfht motors are used, it 
is necessary to place in sorvico a Ho. 0 balance, as the muxiraum 
capacity iof a Ho. 7 is insufficient to accomodate the plates from 
ii 100 light motor. These balaraces are nude by Messrs, docker & 
Sons, and they are of special design*' Unproved for adaption to 
bur business by experiments made by Hr. Kdison. The prices we 
•quote are such as we charge local companies, but from them we will 
‘'give you a discount or 5 per-cent. 

> Awaitin'! your reply, we are 

Yours truly, 

Thos. A. Kdison Oonstn. Dept. 


MO' Gg [.tut! YAEMflS’ . 
Cct'ftsj gtsrfTOS* concfwofjcn sob/ 


■'Hast jfowurk. M. J. 

To whom it ratty cohcorn:- 

Thiu is to cortify that Mr. Jamos 'rrimshaw 

has o9on oraployod in this dnpurtmnt as u canvasser since the 1st 
’"’feMarch, 1004. tTo have found him t„ bo ac tivo and energetic, and j 

wh take i>lOasiiro'in^ rocr.innndini' him to any ono requiring his sor- j 

r vices. 

To whom it ma^- concern;— 

This is to certify that John K. Boos has 
boon employed in the, office of the Edison Machine Works.for the 

past three years. He i3, to the best of our belief, honest and 
trustworthy, and we have found him to be bricht and intellitjent. 

Messrs. Bergmann & co. 

292 Ave. b. City. 

Dear Sirsj- 

The enclosed letter Trora Hr. Andrews addressed to 
y v ou Was sent to us Tor perusal. ; 

In a let tar addressed to ourselves by Mr. Andrews, ho 
complains of the Tact that he has invariably to suffer inconven¬ 
ience and delay for the lack of material ordered from you, Trom 
your regular stock, and he states that when even a sample order is 
sent to you it is shipped out in small portiona. Will you please 
hurrt forward the material asked for, and oblige. 

Yours truly. 

Thus. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 


Dear Sir:- 


Mr. Insull Informs mo that ho learned, whon at Now- 
' burgh'ybetorrlay, that your Dirot*tors aro vory much inclinod' to 
fix' tho price of light at one cent por hour per tan candle lamp. 

' I atu strongly of the opinion,from my experience in" 

othor cities, that you can Just as easily got ono and a quarter, 
cents,' and T writo to urge you to soil your light at tho latter 
figuro. It is very easy for you to roduco your price later on if 
you find that tho people in Newburgh will riot pay sommuch,. but if 
you start at one eont you will find it very difficult indeed to 
raise your price should you come to tho conclusion to. soil atba 
higher figuro. .. V"' 

At Brockton, Maas., when our.station started thjjro, 
th‘6 Diroctors of the I&cal'Ootopany decided to charge at thh"rkto 
of oho'cent, thoy now say that thoy- very much rogrot that'thoy 
ditl not commo’nco charging at ono and. a quarter cents, as from the 
mahridr in Which the light has boon taken hold of in Brockton'thoy 
are donvinced that if they had started at a higher figure thoy 
would havo boon ablo to got just as many H$ttBAt&'kbri, whofoa3 nowu? 

l*o- co ithSirVa'roiE&fraid to increaso their jprico as it might possibly 

.LHoyivaEr-isoii' V. 

May cth. 1(W4. 

prejudice ,|piolr business. At, rirockton tho light was taken hold 
of much slower than it is being adoptod at Now bur git, an d tW. 
diyidond oarning capacity of tho plant soomed to no at tho time to 
bo much loss' than I think it is at Nov/burgh. 

I write this lot,tor to' you riot bocauso I think it im¬ 
possible to mako monoy at ona cont, p ir hour, but bocauso I think 
that your Stockholders should hayo the extra dividend which tho 
oxlra quartor of u cont will bring thorn and which I 'feel assured 

mm**' to what they aro in othor cities. 

you should not ba over anxious about gotting tho whole 
capacity of your plunt taken up right away. If you wait a littlo 
until your consumers have learned to appreciate what thoy havo 
got, you will, we believe, find no difficulty in disposing of all 
tho light you can sell on practically your own terns. You are 
selling a light which is vastly superior, to any. which is 'boihg' 

MSHd supplied by your competitors tho gas company, and in deciding 
wha't prico you will charge wo trust you will boar this in mind. 

In thus adv|j^ing you wo not only draw from our experience in 
Now York City but also in every 'placo'-V/horci’wo havo got a station 

May Oth. 4 

ttiietav soldun, Esq. Supt. 

104 Goorok street, city. 

Dear Sir 

It is now soiao wooks since I informed you that wo 
dosircid to shut down thooshop just as quickly as you finished your 
prosbrit work. I must usk you to hurry forward you work as 
quickly as possible, as if is our intention to shut tho Machino 
works down absolutely. 

I sant dovm an ordor for some .*500 brushes. Those I 

want put through quickly on contract, and even if they uro no'. 

finished by the time the balance of your work is,this should not 

interfere with tho closing of tho shop as 1 prosame only one or 

two men will bo roquirod to finish thorn. 

There are several experiments which you have in hand 

that should bo pushed through as quickly as possible, us iiumb'd- 

iafb’iy tho shop is shut down wa want to have tho boiler fixod, and 

consoquontly will havo trouble in gotting powor.; ' i rofor more 

especially to tho mica boxes, which should be put through in. tho 

shop as oarly as possiblo so as to onablo qs to got a test oh 

them boforo starting work on tho boiler. 

Yours truly, , 1S/A 

May. Oth. lfJO.4. 

Hubbard, Rgq. Socty, -.rr-f:'• 

Tiffin, , Ohio. ; f 

Ocfar Sipj- 

Mr. Stuart, of Cincinnati, has boen horo-for tho' past 
faw days, and in tho course of conversation ho submitted to us a 
proposition which came from you to. him,, roqiiosting our opinion on 
tho sarw.' It v/ua in raferonco to the li e ht you aro furnishing 
sob» 'hotel in your City, in which, as ws understand it, you pro¬ 
pose putting about llo lights for a stipulated sura por yoar, wo 
think tho amount was $37o. 

Mr. Stuart roquostod us to writo you our views ori tho 
subjoct, and first of all wocbeliovo it a mistako on your part 
altogether, in conn>ction with tho Edison lieht, to soil it to- ... 
anybody in lump for so much par yaar, as^it induces a rockloss *#- 
•burning of tho light, it bolng not at all 'toVthiir interest’to 
us'o debnotny, which you will readily son hurts up the expbhsas on 
Jamps'^^it the main objection which occurs to us, and'Which wo 
;|aVo'yory doopiy interostod in, is that you are inclined to liht 
anybody have tho light,-who is willing to put it in, at most any 
prico, and for four of tho gas company. tlfd aro of tho’opinion 

that it would have boon a good plan to lot tho'gas company have it <! 

W .tlkUl-ViBittlC • ;• 

UOVfVa EpISOM • • .' 

at this prise, for the hotel people would have repented of. it 
niuc'JV sooner than you. 

•'*’ • Our experience in other towns warrant us in saying that 

you should not bo too anxious to got your station all taken"'within 
the first three, or “four, or fivo months. It' is not expected 
that" is"to bo done, so far from it we would prefer to hoar that 
you wore refusing to' take lights' at reduced pricos, and even at 
your’ own price, provided it did not have enough burning hours, and 

by tho tirno the Kail lighting coirmencos you would wish you had 

soloctod your customers out of those who have a long average of 
burning. Krom what wo have hoard of Tiffin there is nothing 
more certain than a fine success with your plant and a good 
dividend"if you will be firm in your terms of price. 

’Vory truly yours, 

T. A. Edison Gtfhstn.' D’opV. 

tostad tho light. 

I do not write this boeauso I am afraid y#u will not 
inako money if you chargo a cant, but simply because I am con¬ 
vinced’ that,unless the conditions at'Piqua ara abnormal, you ban 
wi'tK :parioct ous« irsaka tho oxtra dividand which tho quarter of a 
co'n'.t' will bring you, and which on tho total lighting will rnako 
a vory groat diffbronc'b to your stockholders. 

Tou should not bo ovoranx'ioUs about got ting tho wholo 
capaxity of your plant taken up right away. If you wait a-little 
until your consumers liav® learned to approciato what t.hoy havo 
got you will, we believe, find no difficulty in disposing of all 
the i||ght you can soli on practically your owh terns. You are 
soiling a light which is vastly superior to any which is being • 
supplied by your competitors, the gas company, and in deciding 
what price you will charge wo trust that you will boar this in 
mind. In thus advising you' wo do hot only draw from our oxpor- 
ionco’ in Now York city but also in every place whore wo have got 
. ^'"station started. ' 

' Yours very truly, 

T. A. Edison Constn. Dopt. 

Way Oth. 84. 

Henry. A, Clark. Esq, 

Eric. Pa. 

Dear Sirs- 

\ 1<3 send you horewith estimate, specification of build¬ 
ing, specification of street installation, chart of district, plan 
of building, and contract for the installation of an Edison Elec¬ 
tric light Central Station Plant of 800 lamps capacity, at Cumber¬ 
land, Hd, the said estimate amounting to 817,774,38, 

Tho local Company in oxeouting the contract should bo 
careful to comply with tho laws of tho state of Maryland. 

A meeting of tho Board of Directors should be called, 
and a resolution jassod, directing tho officers named tho re in,. 

: (usually the 1 rosidont and Treasurer) to sign the contract on be¬ 
half of tho corporation, and affix thereto the corporate seal. 

Care should also be taken to havo the officers signing tho contract 
1 'acknowledge it boforo some officer authorised by law to take ac¬ 
knowledgements and administer oaths; and in the acknowledgement 
should bq incorporated an af by the' officers that they have 
signod tho contract, and affixed to it the corporate seal, in and 
by virtuo of a resolution of the Board of Directors authorizing 
them so to dot the form or acknowledgement to be such as tho lav/s 
of the state of Maryland roguiro. The acknowledgement should be 

written on the blank pages annexed to the contract. 

Wo do not regard the contract as binding upon us until 

it is rocoived hero proForly executed, togothor vrith a cortified 
check for the amount required to bo paid upon its execution. 

On reeoipt of the contract oxecutod by the Company, y/o 
■will roturn a duplicate signed. 

Yours truly, |. 

Thos A Rdison Const Dept;. |j 

May oth. 1004. 

Prof. S. S. Laws, Prest. 

University of Missouri, 

Columbia, Boorio Co. : Mo. 

Cun you placo tha oxact dato when I gtartod to 

■'work "for you, and do you rowunbor whothor I"informed you at that 
t'irab" that I had just arrived from Rochoaterv what 1 want to got 
. ;'4't'.’ ia a cortal^j/ato that I was in Rochester somo timo prior "to 
going into your employ and so far I havo not boon vory succossful 
in placing tho oxac't timai' ! " . 

Very truly yours, 

May Oth.. HUH. 

A. Stuart, Kaq. Socty. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Doar Sir:- • ■ 

Y/o huvo your favor of tho 1st. inst., and oncloso 
horowith receipt for SO,000. on account- of tho second puyunnt or 
fifty, por cant on tho construction of t.ho Piqua plant. "via niuat 
apologise for not sending this to you on Saturday last, but in' tho 
;proseuro of business ovorlooked tho unit tor . 

Very truly yours, 

T. A. Edison Ronst'n. Oopt. 

»/ fS-$" 

May! Oth. .100.4. 

•'cV'i. SP°irs, Baq. 

oaro I). Van l-iostrand, • 

23 Hurray St roof., City.. 

I am much obliged to you for yours of tho 3rd. inst. , 
to'g'eTtfhbr with the MSS. index to the French set of patonts. 

it is peculiar that only this morning wo got an"index 
from Washington ^vhieH the Unito.d Status authorities prepared with 
relation to tho same set of volumes. 

. 5” Varytruly yours, 

.■ M: ; 

P. S. Have you got any more of t.hoso works which I asked 
you to buy for mo personally? 


■ ' ' ' -Bdawa .A kamohT 

fiV &%*AMWfc 39 .OH; 

.x-roY m'A • 

■i ; 

•JiScfp'ro t'ary* , 

Kd iso is n swan United Hloctric Linht Co. 

•; 57 Molborn Viaduct, 

London,'H. c. Rngland. 

Ddar Sir*- . 

.CRITERION ENGINES . I havo your favor of tho"24th. 
'uitoV',' and am in communication with .the Armington A Sima Co. with 
relation to tho troublo v/ith tho onginoa at tho Criterion Thoatro. 

Vary truly youra. 

P. V. Hridson, Esq. 

aa & D4 Nassau Stroo tj City. 

D'oar'; Si'r :- 

I havo your favor of tho 2nd. inst., and in raply . 
bofe to stato that, my tinw is so fully occupied that I would much 
profor that you si^gjd mo' a copy of Dr. Diockmann pa ton t, and f 'can 
th?n Vory roadily judge as to whothor his invdrition would bo of 
any uso to no. 

Vary truly yours," 

I noticed whon at. How burgh that hr. Conan t, is keeping 
an ox,ac"t record of tlio ampere and pressure every half hour in the 
sta'fipn tJioro. Cannot you havo tho saw* record kept for a few’, 
daye"’in’; every station whore you have men? I shall also bo glad 
if^i/piv can arrange to give mo the exact lire of lamps at every ' 
''station whoro wo have our nov/ pros euro indicators up. 

Yours vory truly. 

T. A. Bdison Constn. Dept,, 

May Oth. 100-1. 

W. S. Andrews, Esq. 
j Piqua, Ohio. 

Dhar Sir;- 

We have’ your favor of the 1st. inat., and in ro'pl/'•>'« 
tp" state that tho pxpnriir/Jnt tried by Mr. Doubloday provos absb-' 
1‘atie'ly 'th'ati the main trouble at Shamokin is confined to this 
incapacity of th» onginoer thoy liavo,' rather tlian to the incom- 
plotonpaa of our installation there. In my opinion it would bo 
very dinner ous to do ponds upon automatic rojgulutora in contr’al 
’stations, as should same give out the probability would be that 
tho wholo of tho lamps on the system would bh : broken before tho 
engineer would have time to switch his automatic out and use his 
hand regulator. ’ ' 

With relation to your suggestion to work tho r >l'ay of an 
automatic rogulator by tho' pointer of ono of our indicators,'wo 
would stuto that wo have tried the experiment, but it is not • 

.j j strong enough for the work. 

I i • Yours truly, 

; -t .-., T. A. Bdisoi 

• •: «y 

| .;' ' 

j no- 09 yuH YhHkiir 

I ; • ihowvs y; jjsgoii*. . • 

___ • 

May Oth. 1084. 

doio'bsl" Ooorgo k, Oouraud, 

34 Walbrook street,: 1 ; 

London, r. c . Rngland. 

Hy Doar Colonel 

I have your letter of the 2'»th. ulto. 

I wirod in relation to the Indian and Colonial witter ai 
T Hoard. nothing from anybody about it for some time. I did" not 
eablo. London in the manner which you speak of in your lot'tor,' but 
prosumo lirexol, Morgan $ Oo. must have"done so. I think the 
cs'b’la rnusfc' Have boon sent at the time when I was absent in 

Very truly yours', 

May oth. laa-i. 

E. Prazar, Esq. 

123 Pront Street, City. 

Doar Sir : - 

\ ' I shall ba vory much obliged to you if you '•would framo 

a let tar which you think would bo suitable for Mr. Edison to write 
wiTtli relation to the application for a concession for tho electric 
light and telephone in Ooroa. You are acquainted with Eastoirn 
affaire and the mode of conducting same, and I think that your 
knowledge of thoso matters would enable you to put tho applica¬ 
tion in much bettor shape than I could possibly do it myself. 

Apologizing for causing you so much troublo, I remain, 
Very truly yours, 

May oth.. .1004 

Hay oth. iort^'1 

Thomas’ P. gonant, Rsq, 

Newburgh, M.T. 

Roar Sir:- 

Xlo )tavo your favor of tho -Hhi inst., and in reply 
bog to 6tuto thut it is not our intontion to adhere strictly to 
■'tTVp"terms of our contract with relation to tho time of keeping 
oiYr exports at tho Newburgh station. We do not, howovor, dosiro 
to koq'p you or the other mon longer than necessary, and we should 
'.l’i'ke to know if you do not think it feasible fqfc you all to tako 
; your' doparture from there by Saturday next. 

Of course we Want that niap of the electrical work boforo 

you leave .• 

vr/-V Yours truly. 

May Oth. 1004, 

Char 168" i?,' Parkor, Esq. 
fa Stovons Inatituto, 

Hobokon, N.J. 

Daar SirT- " ; . . 

' • >'vv : . 

' • Referring to your favor of tho 3rd. inst. Hr. Edison 

desiros mo to inform you that a 35 H.P. oloctric locomotive 'would 
in all; probability cost about $2000. and would roquiro about 
eight pound 9 of coal par H.P. on tho track. If buckwheat or 

dust coal were usod it would cost about' 82,43 por ton. A 200 
H.P. oloctric locomotive” would cost from 33,000. to 810,000. 

Yours truly, 

M .; 

P.. Mohtsn, Esq... 

care Gust, lundoorg, 

30 Kilby Street, 

Boston, Hass. 

,‘DWSir': - 

Referring' to your favor of tho 3rd. 
do’aivas-mb to iriforni you that ho will bo glad to 
at this office 'bbt'woon' blovon and four. 

Vory truly yodrs, ; 

■:;osifl3 .A 8AK0HT- 

Hay 'Vj't : h r / 1 i'fUSd^S -OK 

inst., Mr. Edison 
so,s you ariy day 


Hay 6th. 1W4. 

Messrs. Dolano a Co, 

Osar Si 

Replyingto yon: 

28 lijfht machine is 1073 pounds net. 

that the veitjht of 

itock of the Edison Electric Litfht Company, 

M. S. Koith Esq., chairman, 

American institute Electrical Engineers, 
p. 0. Box 3332, Now York. 

Dear sir*- 

I am in receipt or your letter or the Gth inst, and in 
'reply bog to oay that I shall be pleased to accept the nomination 
■•of your Conitteo as one or the Vico Presidents or the American 
Institute of Electrical Engineers. 

Yours truly, 

Hay 8th. It*i4. 

^Arthur J ; . I.imbaj 3, Esq, . 

John Hopkins university, f 

Bnltir.ioro, Md. 

Dear Sir:- \ );']'■ 

Your favor of' the 7th, inntj, addrossod to Hr. Edison, 
has boon roforrcd to us. 

The machino raforrod to by you was shipped from our 
’-Works yostorday, tho 8t,h. inst,, 

Wo havo ordered a resistance box to bo shipped to you, 
which you .will use as suggested in’ fir. Edison’s lot.tors to Prof. 
Rowland. Tho machino sent is bf bourse a shunt machine. 

Yours truly, 

Reety. a Troon, 

Wo havo recoivod your various lottors in rolation to 
• tho Santiago station and tho business in g<inoral in Chili. 

Major Raton has written youj T boliovo, that ho thinks 
it would bo woll for you to go ahead under our contract, at tho: 
same time doing all you can lV.r the Santiago poopl". I do not 
doubt but What tho Santiago matter will settle itself eventually. 
.'Your memorandum asking for the shipment of various pamphlets, 
electrotype's and bluo prints will bo sent forward to you by fast 
freight, together with **» canvass books askod for in your lotter 
of ttiobaiot. March. 

cable key book, togothor 'with memorandum regarding 
Chilian cable key, came duly to hand. 

Wo havo got no now contracts of late, in fact our busi¬ 
ness at the moment is rather dull.: This is of course hut tempo¬ 
rary, and wo do not doubt but what as tho'fJuninor comos along wo 
shall have plenty of work to do.' : 

Tho contra! station down town is running splendidly. 

The collections keep up above 30,000., and only tho day bofoVe 
yesterday we sold 3000. worth of light, being tho largest amount 
of light' sold in that district, although the maximun number of 
lights on at any ono time was only 3,500. The roason for this 
is that wo have boon having weex exceptionally bad woathor for 


and consequently had a firoat doal of day lighting. A 
..peculiar circumstance in connection with tho running of our plant . 
.is that hk as a rulo. we saldom have now moro than 3,000 lights on 
as a maximum, and that our average lamp hours has gono up from 
fivo to six hours. This is' owing mainly to the character of tho 
lighting, that Mr. ChirhocJ: is'nov/ obtaining in tho district, os ho 
ndw has an opportunity of c loosing his customers, and in no case 
doos ho tal.o a now consumer unloss tho average lighting is very 
■high indeed. Within A few days wo expect to start on tho two 
,n« dynamos v/h ieh have boon placod in tho basement of tho socond 
building at Pearl Street by our Construction Department under 
contract with tho Illuminating Company, This will give an in¬ 
crease capacity to the station of about 2,400 lights, and judging 
from tho results obtained during tho first week in May and the 
month of April, it would soonl to indicate that our ‘Sumner lighting 
in' the first district is' going to bo equal in ovory respect to’ the 
'Winter lighting. 

Wo are figuring on an uptown plant' between 23rd. and 59tb 
at roots and bth. and Madison Avenues, and there in a maximun of 
115,000 lights 'burning at. any ono time, it is our intention to 
divide this into two districts, tho upper one starting at 42nd, 

■ Street and tho lower ono ending there, In all probability tho 
'station for each district will amount to about $500,000,, or a 
total.]6f $1,000,000,V At this writing I do not know whothor one' 
or both of thso plants will bo put in this Sumner, 

** Our snail' turn plants aro running elegantly, all bugs 

^•a Y o boon oUiainatod. The now pressure indicator is a porfoct 
sub bo 03 , A largo party oj us wott up to Newburgh to view tldnfjt, 
and the station thoro seems absolutely porfoct, with first class 
fprossuro indicators, food or regulators wo pat a result of upwards 
■Of I,ono avor'ap.o with our lamps, and inasmuch as this plant has ' 

month this result 

in thing wonderful, as 

it is of course CKpoefod that thA Ibad l.ami« will be shakan out 
during the first month of rtinriin'g .I - ■ 

four orders shall be atitUdod to promptly and shipment's 
mado by us as quickly as possible. ' 

Your proposition to-mail us drafts on London will' > 
satisfactory for tl,o present if you find you are unable to arrange 

Mo cannot, understand -why your contracts have not arrived 
s they wore sent from hord on Kobruary Cth ,. 

I will see if I can got from the Gorman Company a cer- 
ifiod copy of the decision in' the suit with the Swap Company . 

Very truly yours. 

May 8th. 1884. 

Messrs, Bqrgmann & Co. 

202 Avenue B, City. 

Dear Sirs:- 

Eoforring to yours of the 8th. Inst., wo do not. wish 
‘you to mal.a tho switch suggested by Hr. Andrews for the light tiling 
arrostor at prosont, but would request you to boar it in mind 
Y/hon you aro putting through another lot of lightning arrestors. 

; Yours' truly, ■ 

' T. A. Edison Const.n. Dept., 

By ' ' ' 

% • 

May 9th. llsU4. 

Straight lino Rnpino Co. 

Syracuso, N.Y. 


’Yo.havo your favor of tho Uth. inst. 

As thoro soorns to bo sorao doubt as to when our Suporin- 
"tbridont will bo ablo to visit. Syracuso, wo would request you to' 
ship tho onRino to tho Edison Machine Works, 104 Ooerck Street, 
Now York, at your oarly convonionco. 

Yours 'truly. 

May Dth. 1WJ4, 

C. E. Chinnock, Esq. Supt.- 

^57 Pearl Street,, fiity. 

Dear Kir:- 

Wo have your fwor of the lith. inst,, and have in¬ 
structed our onpinoer, Mr. King, to inspect your structure, as 
. requested. ' Wo wil3 send you his report in duo course. 

Yours truly, 

T. A. Edison Constn. Do)t, 

May 9th. lfcB4. 

"" /' ■ 

Edison & Swan uni tod Electric ;1 ight Oo. 

97 Hoiborn Viaduct;, " 

Iiondon, E, c. England, 

Dear Sirs:- 

Roferring to your lottor of the 24th, April, wo beg 
to enclose you harowith copy of a lettor.from the Amington & 

Sims Company in rolation to the 13 x IS engine at the Criterion 

' 1 Wo would emphasize what Messrs. Armington & Sims say 

about |tho ongine having boon started by you prior' to your expert 
reporting on samo. Wo do not for one moment think that the 
A fi S peoplo would send from their shop a defective ongine. 

Wo are buying engines from them all the time, and invariably find 
that' thoir treatment of us is the very bost. We think the troublo 
must have boon with tho nan who started the engine originally, 

Aiiyway Mr. Armington will in all probability go to look at tho 
engine, and when Mr. Sims arrives in X’ondori wo do riot doubt but 
what ho will arrri^ge matters entirely to your satisfaction, ‘ 

Very truly, yours, 

L ' : • CLj&C' 

[ : J ’■■■■ - 

Enclosure. 0 . 

Deutsche ISdison Gosollsehaft, 

"■ Berlin, Gormany. 

Dour sir 

You will greatly oblige me if you can send mo by rotum 
mail a copy of the lociaion of tho German patent office in the 
suit with the Swan Company as to the lamp. The copy should bo 
certified by the Officials of the German Potent offico, if possi¬ 
ble, arid also by the Chilian Consul, If you cannot got tho 
Gordon Patent Offico Officials to give tho necessary certifica¬ 
tion, cannot you have the copy made by a hotary Public and have a 
cortiTicato attached" by the Motary Public saying that tho copy is 
an authentic one. Tho Motary should then 'appear before tho 
Chilian Consul, whoso certificate should bo attached certifying 
that tho Motary is such as ho represents himself r.u be. 

It uiay bo that in Germany tho official v/ho gives tho 
certification above asked for is other than a Notary Public, - 
Tn this country all documents are certified to either, by a Notary 
Public or Justice of tho Peace. Tho certification that wo dosiro 
is to bo ran do by tho Gorman equivalent to this functionary. 

I roquiro this copy of the Gorman decision for use in 
connection with ray business in Chili, Any expense attached to 
the abUvo pioaao chnrgo to my account, , . 

Thanking .you in advance for tho trouble t his will entail 
upon you, I remain, 

Very truly yours, 

[lay Gth. 3tu>4, 

A. Stuart, Esq. Sooty, 

Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Doar Sir 

Roforrinj; to your letter of tho 7th, inst. v/itJi 
relation to tho bluo print of tho stroot. installation of Middletown 
. v/o have boon having vory bad woathor horo for tho rant row days, 
and consequently havo boon unablo to do any bluo printing, but 
hope to sond it to you by to-morrow* a wail. 

Tours truly, 

T. A. Edison Oonntn. Dopt, 


May 9th. 18W4. 

W. 14. Stovmrt, Esq. 

Santiago, Chili, 

boar Sir:- 

noforrinp to your two cable orders received, and the 
probability of our receiving other orders from you, we think that 
it"would bo well for our mutual."satisfaction and to enable you the 
bettor to .doal v/ith your business for us to cablo when wo ship 
each plant. V/ith this object wo shall uso the key v/ord signi¬ 
fying' the character of the plant ordered and .followed by the date 
tho shipment is made, and to save oxponso in sending the cabins. 
For example, if you receive a cabin “Transgress Tenth- you will 
understand that wo shipped you on the tenth' outfit -B- v/ith 75 
sixteen candle lamps in place of ton candle Imps. 

\1e havo cabled you to-day as follows -Transgress shipped 

tenth-, from which you will no doubt understand that your first 
order to us has boon shippod. 

just as we aro writing this letter v/o have rocoived froln 
you a cable as follows -Tramp-, from which v/e gather that, you 
dosiro us to ship outfit -A*, with double quantity of wire. 

This shipment will be made at the first opportunity. 

Vory truly yours. 

May yth. 3till'!, 

£To .whom it may concorn:- 

•j’his is to certify' that. Mr. John K, 

Me.Clain has boon «nploynd in this ■Department as a stenographer 
and" typewriter since February 3st'.; last, ' .His duties have boon 
very faithfully aiul efficient.!y porform^ond v/o consider him 
to bo a vory superior shorthand wafer and an dxcol lent typowritor, 
and taPo groat ploasuro in roooumending him to any ono requiring 
such assistance. 


Mj»y 0th. lUJ-l. 

Vo v/liom it may coneom:- 

Vhis is to certify that Hr. Thomas K, 
Honderson has boon omr-Joyed in this Department as a typewriter and 
stenographer since January 1st. last. ‘His duties hnvo boon vory 
l'aithfully and efficiently discharged, and wo tal.e great ploa 3 uro 
in rocoiirnondiiiR him to any person requiring the services of a 
Hood stenographer and typewriter., 


Hay lath, 

0. 0. JTurner, KsQ,. V 
General Auditor 

Missouri Pacific Railway co. 

■ i St. Louis, Mo. 

Osar SiRj- 

At the request of Mr. Chas. S. Rocap I tuko great ploas- 
uyo in certifying that ho actod ps our chief Book Keeper for tY/u ■ 
r*ars and & half at a salary ofSi,UOO per annum, and wo found him 
in all respects competent and reliable in the discharge of his 
numerous duties. Ue consider h^n an exceplioally good book Keeper 
and we found him very valuable ah expert in initiating and ela¬ 
borating methods or keeping ou^yaccounts in the early stages of 
our business. Mr. Rocap carao/fjy ^s highly reoommended by Mr. A. 
Hegewisch, president of th^f United S’.ates Rolling Stock Co. and 
his connection with us waqf/severed owing to changes in the Manage¬ 
ment of our business. ' , 

:if I can give Vou any further information ploase coceand 

/r ' Yours truly, 


r . ' President^ 

May lf?t,h, ltf!4, 

A. ,S« I issoil , Esq. 

Jnoxvillo, Tonn. 

Dour 3ir:- 

v !o havo boon unable to reply t,o ywar loiter of the 
•ilrd, April before to-day, ov/mp t.o tho v/opic which tho changes you 
dosjbrud undo in Inoxvillo on tailed', 

’,7o now hand you another ostiinato for this installation 
unour.ti up to Sl'.t,n!!i!,rui, topothor v/itJi building spoeification and 
chart, of the district. Hy ro fur ring to this latter you v/ill 
observe t]'.at the linos as mrJ ed are exactly in accordance with 
your let tor under reply. 

Hoforring to your «P.4 0 , woewould say that tho moaning 
of “Mo.12 K.v/.g.o is Mo. 12 Rinniriphon viiro oaupo. 

In ropard t.o your “P.0», v/n do not consider it necessary 
to cap tho top of polos with half inch hard pine. Tho top of tho 
polo is out tho portion which pivos out first, and whothor’ cappod 
or not ./ill outlast that section which is introduced into tho 
i; round. 

In relation to your «P.7», do not. you think that, it 
raipj.t bo as v/oll for us to have a contract v/ith the local Company 
in 1 noxvilla for tho installation of this plant boforo wo discuss 
terms v/ith contractors for t.ho erection of the system. 

May 13th. 11JU4, 

GooriJO ». Hon croft, Ksq. 

Tjovcostar, ilasa. 

Dual* Sir:- 

Koplyim 1 . to your Inttor of thn 10th. inst., unclosing 
a communication from Mr. 03ntnonn rorschu], ^ bog to say that you 
can inform that «ontIowan that; T v/i)3 supjJy him with a dynamo 
machine and resistance box for a tool prinV.r circu.l. for S:*75. 
dolivorod amt sat nj in running or.lur at. tto3yolo, and wi33 r<uar- 
antoo tho printer satisfactorily- or no pay. 

Vary truly yours, 

c y^oLA^ 


a~ a> 

May 13th. I«i4, 

M.. Si. Boll.nap, Esq, Troos, . 

, Nov/burgh, ]J. V. 

Donr Sir;- 

v/o bog to ooknowl od r i><)' v/'it,}) thank's rocoij.t of your 
favoi* of thb 32th. innt., enclosing draft for S4,000,, and en¬ 
closed hand you rocdipt for sarno. Wo v/ilJ write you furthor in 
nil ation to a credit for the amounts vdiich you montionod to us v/hen 
last in Mow York ns having, boon debited your account by tho Bloc- 
tric Tube Company, in addition to the charge rnado by us. 

V/o also havo that portion of your lott.or of tho 12th., referring 
to credits, under consideration, .'and wiJJ conmunicato with you. 
furthor on this subject. 

Very truly yours, 

T. Bdison Oonstn, Dopt, 1 


, 1 ' 


May 33 th, 

Western Edison light, g,,. 

c>oorgo U. Bliss, Esq. r»on*3 Supt. 

Chicago, Ills. 

Dear Sirs:- 

Referring to your 1st,tor of t.ho loth, inst., in which 
you ns), for lowest figures at v/hieh you can of for to mal.o carivas- 

sos and ostimatos for Edison Central station Plants, wo bog t. 0 

say that tho cost of such^ depends vary largely upon the circum¬ 
stances under which it, is performed. Tf you have a number of 
tovms, say 2a or ao, and can run thorn all through togothor, tho 
work is going to cost vory much less thanjjr only :i or 3 tovms are 
taken in hand and carried through to completion. Wo call a town 
'completed when on ostSiraato has boon produced for installation^ a 
planl;. V/o have boon doing some work in New York recently in - 
connection with canvassing and’ preparing p3ans,and this has cost 
us upwards $81,000. up to tho prosorit time,* and which not yet 
completed. Of courso this is an oxcoptional .caBo, and tho 
district aro very largo, ontail-irigl thereby a great deal of labor. 

To show you hiA/ those costs run v/o would staid that tho 'amounts 
opposito the following cition roprosont tho cost to us of producing 
ostimatos for such towns, which of courso includes makiijj tho 


charts, plans, apooifications rtc, 

Mow Orloons, ha............■■ 

Will inins port, Pa.. 

' Vpailartti, Mich................ 

Circlevillo, Ohio...J..... 

Ann Arbor, Mich,.......i....... 

Mobile, Ala. 

t 332.47 
11®. 33. 


'■}■ • ■ 

' 212.75 

Wo consider, however, that."tho amount of 3350., which you 
state you wore advised to quote, is altogether too high* With the 
provision that you havo not leas than lO toms to put through at 
once, wo thin], you Should bo able to do the"'work at an average 
cost of 8173. per town, arid Vo cohsidor that you. would be safe in 
quoting this price to ‘inquirers'; • . . . ' 

Very 'truly yours, 

. r. A.. Udi'son Oonsth, flept. 

Mny 33th, llJU4, 

C. E. Ohinnock, Baq, 

• ' Wy Poftr-1;’Street - • 

Doar Sir:- 

Mr. Kdinon has 'roqiio'atod no to write anti ask you if you 
cannot arranj-d to pui4 a 1 H.P. motor in tho "Mail R P.xprasB* . 

•He days ho con mho arrangoraonts so that they will not havo to"' us'd 
it ‘af t.or dark. 

Messrs. Allston, (lorry « Co. 

ill; v/«ll street, City, 
near Sirs:- 

Your letter of the Oth. inot. has boon 

for reply. 

1 but tw •**» «• •»“" * 

***, Stroot, »» Tort, rtoro «, «»~“* 

can do to within t«o por .««•' 

Vary truly yours, 

iy 13 th. 1004, 

refer roil to mo 

e ore at 104 
j, t, and which v/e 

~* r *m • 

- May 14th; 1884. 


il-.y. Kirby, Koq. 

, 'ih : ‘ . .' Piqutt-, ’ Ohio, •.•■•'{ttlp""* ' •/ -r- 

Sir;- ' ' 

’ Owing to ehongos in our business wo regret to' ^’-that 
'vre s^alf bo cdrapolJod to disponse with your sorviooo after Wet’, 

23 st. ins.t.,- ' !;’• 

Wo would ‘suggos't th'alv, you 1 'bonimmicato’with Mr. Stuart, 
ol* Cincinnati,' as ho may' possii>io givo'-you; 'the work at circla- 
villo. Wo have no control over thio wiring, thoro, as if wo had 
• wo” should' inos't certainly son d you ourselves, ' 

•ft* V. Yours truly, “ " "V 

y :rr r. A, Edison constn.. Dept. 

May 14th, 

?N;'4i Stovaris,. Rsq. . 

•V ' ’' ' " ‘ ' Nowbiirflh, N.Y, 

Roar Sirs- ' , \ : •’ 

- ' ■ 'Owing to changes’our business'we regret to say that 

:v/a ’shall' bo 'compelJod to dispense with youri a’ervi'ee's after the 

’21st ," ‘inB.t, , , ' X '' 

- ■ ! 1 Yours truly, -- ~ 1 ? - 

... «..;*,- T, A. Edison constn. Dept. .Tvjv’ 

May 15 th?, 1804; 

■■■^\Mtpri-,;.- tfeq. Promt; ■ ' *■$$?*** 

v ..p.;l*K*^^n'!«JtiwtW'rf: *4gKt' Qd,‘ - 

*->r - , .•" City.- -• ■ ' 

'Sear 'S'i'rY- ' '' “'••■’ ’ • - : ■ ■■ ■>- ~ r • 

’ • ' ' f bof! ' tb el vaf yGu Tjol'oV a' list oK i&fo I m‘ how 

'carrying in connection with iqy, jctf octri<Sii ; ‘Mtr ,- ih anticipation 
of; :«hoir ¥<rvico S , in an ^Wahility, riot bWing required at' an. "I • 
joai^;rfat:o 'in'connection: with contra] station work.’ I haw~W^ ' 
*tus;o whatever- for those men at the present moment, and w bri^td~ 
vobTo^f. iti carrying’ them is, that it would seoin to bo a VeiTg*5Sr 
’Pity that 4 those Wn-*6tia ■ 

Considering th”q^ti^iiift^ ^^*expTOs'o incurred in enabling 
thrin to; obtain the nocoWa^ '& efficiently per ft, m 

;tKdir ;v^ k -, x shall bo glad vtftf Edison Electric Light - 

vCo, are willing to carry thtfse men, pending the decision 6f *K«J5*. ' 
/CdBwiYtoo’now "inquiring into the question of the future VonduWi^g 
' ^^^yfiEa^urinB and Oonstriiction businoaa^ ' * 

X ^ mr . . ****** ' ' ALLOWANCE.' 

, H * M * DoubiedaV..v.V..24;oo;.v.17/so 1 * 

Thomayrconant. 17.50 

-^os‘Ly^..' .V.,.. ^o..;. . lV#go 

I'd" 1 ' .^rr'ttt + 

.:im • ; 

Kay 1:5th, IU!4,: 

Th'o Electric Tube Co, 

, tld Dridgo Ktroot, 

Drool. 3 yn, N. Y. ; 

Dear Sirs:- 

Rofor^imt to the onclosod, thorn is no objection to 
your quoting prices so far as wo can soe, Holland is entirely; 

'froo, as thdy have no patent lav^s, and if you can do any business 
with' this firn so much the better, v/o would suggest., however, 
that your prices are quoted cash on shipment in Kow Yorl., 

Yours truly, 


May 13th,18B4, 

'Dr#. B. Parnhoin, Ksq. ; ' ; it' :: ;> :■> •• f. ' 

? Vw-, Proacott, A,T. 
itiakr 1 'Sir:* 

•si . . . 

...... ...... floforririR to your favor of tho 39th, April, 1 haV'o 

looked into the ear.iplo of oopper wire inBUlated by the process 
you ref^r to, and in roplyj state t)iat! : 'i W not think it 

would' bo of any liso to nib ‘in' py; buairie mZ •' 

• * . .. " Voiirs trulyV . 


May 15 th. 11JU4. 

Kdison Jump Co. 

F.aat Hwarl., h. . 1, 

Door Kirs:- 

V/d havo shipped you to-day box cohtairiinn Sv/ari lamps, 
from london, ordorod by your Hr. Upton. Ploano l.aop them until 
his return', an ho wants t.hom for somci special purposo. 

Yours truly, 


Mny lnth. )«b4. 

Janos Harris, Ksq.Secty{ 

Bo] lefonte, Ponna, " 

Dear Sirs- 

We have your two favors of tho 12th, and 12th. insts. 
We very much rap rot wo havo not boon able to start, work 
at Bellefonto oro this. We have boon waiting for tho delivery of 
tho wire and also tho foundation cap for our engine, which being a 
now size thoro has boon considerable do] ay in getting 

We are promised our v/iro at "a data which should enable us to 
got it to Be]lofonto by about, tho 27th, of tho month, and the 
stringing of samo wi.ll take a very short time. 

Why cannot you have tho polos put up so that v/hon tho , 
wiro arrivos all that, will havo to ho done will bo to erect seme, 
Wo are writing' t.o Mr. Perry by this moil with relation to 
the matter, and wo shal 1 be glad if you will consult with him. 

We will .order insulators and pins' shipped to you irrnod- 
iatol'y, " ' 

We aro oxpocting that hur Mr. Rich will to in Boll ofbnto 
in a vory fow days to make the alteration in connection with the 

ongino. Yours truly, 

T. A. Edison Oonstn. pop t. 

M . 

May 15 th. 14**4, 

■;,Vm f>. .Haotinns, Bsq. i_. ] V ; ! / 


Daar Sir:- 

RoforrinR to our correspondence as to da tails required 
by tho Oor.nittoo of Expenditure with relations to accounts rendered 
for canvassin# and ostimatinR, I think' the host way v/oulcl bo for 
mu to placo our vouchors and books at tho disposal, of tho chairman 
of your Ooifinittoo, and ho can then satisfy himself as to tho cor¬ 
rectness of our accounts. To not at tho dotails askod for by 
him would entail on us a vory fire at deal of work and considerable 
expose, and as I urn very anxii/us to Rot an immediate settlement, 
of the matter 1 should much prefer adopting the course above 
surr astod. Will you please conrnunicat/e with Mr. Goddard and 

advise mo as to his views on the' subject, 1 
Yours truly, 

May 15th, l«i4. 


Rdison R Swan United Bloc trie J.ipht Co, 

57 HoJbom viaduct, 

Jondon, K. 0, England, 

Dear Sir:- 

1 havo your favor of tho 1st. inst,, enclosing order 
No, UHi, for which I am much obliged, 

I will take especial pains to son that tho dynamos sent 
you aro porfo’ct in ovory respect. our machines are all made 
with pulleys inside tha bearings. Shipment, -will bo made from 
Nov/ Tori, in about n week. 

Hay 15th. 1UM. 

H. M. Doublets/, Rsq, 

fJhamohin, Ponna, 

Dear Sir:- 

Hofori-i!i|» to your favor of tJio' Uth. insl,., is not tli 
lamp breakajjo at' lit.Camel very excessive. You loantion 43 for 
the' month of April, yftjj you please inquire into this matter 


May 13 th. ,11414. 

Si\, .fJtuarl,, 'l!oq. Rocty. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Dear Sir:- 

Worring to yoav fiwor of tl-.o 10th. inot.., which would 
), av o toon replied to you yon tor ilfiy but for 'tho ahj&meo fron busi¬ 
ness of tho writ or, wo would state that wo do not thin], that v/o 
ought to bo called upon to give you a full receipt, for the amount 
d,» us under tho Middletown contract, or for tho twenty five por 
cent under the Circlovillo contract, until the thirty days note 
has boon tal on uj by you. We :;iay mention that up to this writing 
v/o have boon unable to got. your note discounted. V/o pro sumo this 
is owing to tho fact that, the ’drawer is sc/ far away as Cincinnati, 
’and the natural disinclination of Mow York banks in the present 
stato of the money market Ke^ discount paper v/hich 

they are not thoroughly familiar v/ith. 

The map of Middle town and also of Troy have both boon 
'■’sont you by expross some days back. If you have not roedivod same 

please v/iro us ineiediatoly on receipt of this letter. 

Yours truly, 

T, A, Edison Oonstn. nopt. 

[ : • ‘ ' . . 7 . ' 

j Hay 15th. 1HH4, 

[ • v V • ; \ 

| V. Q. Grigg, Esq. 

[ 1 Queen Victoria Street, 

London, E. C. England. 

Dear Sir:- 

I Will you plonsebuy and ship to mo as soon as possible 

tv/enty five (25) Woodhouso ft Rawson lamps of the old fibre, throe 
'.vatts per candle, prico 4s, per lamp, also .twonty fivo (23) of 
their lamps of the new fibre, Z 3 4 watts per candle, prico 5s. por 
lamp. Wo notice they advertise those in tho “Electrical Roview.* 

Very truly yours, 

May 13th. laU4. 

i Ohnrisori, Rsq, Troas 
$ --v'» ■ ■ Boston, Mass. 

Jst^^ttear. Mr. Garrison;- 

Your favor : df. th r c' 13th.: ihst. i 

‘wKy 'put 'any niore "b^d'ors ih uhtiT you ab sblut el y need 
thorn? vl\o new 'typfteVs 'two weeks, and I 

do not soo why you cannot' Ri&^Y^WoUBh' ‘until Sopte’mbor, which 

Twi , lT"givo you raoro time for raising raonoy.. ' """ 

' If all the lamps you now havo connected were to buiST'alY 
■‘drico'^ou would bo working your feodors to their full capacityso' 

" you nSust .bd careful and take ")nc(as,U!?a^s ore Torfe' or you wilT havo'* ' 

"some trouble, .* .. ; T ‘ v "■ 

The map, gividK'^he''%'cat'i'oh r 'df'tW lights you now haws 
^conhocted'’came to hand' th'is'’ T^^^jg|£g^tho same thor- 
.tdiigijly. ;cono into tiy our raatKeti»t'i'cians Wglit. ‘.away. ’ 

*’** 7 tindorstood Hrirgmann to say that lamps WitTiiout 'p'oV'celain 
’wi'lf cost about *23, “tfe* 

^* f do not see any reason why ;our‘ stock should riot' he */'"* . 
'•'bWatpcK up to *l', v p00.''^V sha‘ire^|'^f wish'th’oy would give mo a 

chanco ^jdyTot' mo see wKst* ^ ;®iuf:i(fo t'dwrirds liiv 
.... yery- itruiy yeuV*,j . , 

May leuh.lHik 

Everett Praxar, Hsq. 

1X3 Front Street,, City, 

bear Sir;- 

r-am wuch obliged to you for your favor of the loth’, 
inst,, enclosing the letters which you would suggest Mr. Edison; to Ooroa Vitii relation to the exclusive rights, which you 
so kind] / cabled about somotine back; ' 

r Very truly yofirs, 

May 10th, 


Charles Hatcfolor, Esq. 

104 Ooorch Stroot, oity. 

hoar Sirs- 

I boa to advise you that a mooting of the hoard o. 
Directors' has boon called for Wednesday, the 31st. inst., at 
10 30 A ;«. inasmuch as tho matter to ho discussed is the fu¬ 
ture conduct of the Machine Whs, vail you Kindly *nhe it con¬ 
venient to bo present at the mdot'i'htf. " 

Tours truly, 


May 19t,h. 1HW4. 

’.Tostom Rdison light Co. 

53 Wabash Avenue, 

Chicago, 13.3 s. 

Hoar Sirs:- 

Wo havo your favor of the 15th. inst,, ancl wili bo 
careful to sao that you get the fullost possiblo information in 
rol ation to tests of dynamos, such as'you suggest in your abovo 
-oforrod'to letter. 

The resistance between the armature and base, which 
as you state is usually marked very high, should bo infinite. 

It is, however, almost impracticable to got such a high standard 
of efficiency. \ ’ 

The City you refer to as having boon 

■\ A 

passed by the Chicago Board of Aldermen, would seem to us to have 

boon dime tod against liigh tension curren t machines, and such a 

restriction is antirolyunnoecanary whore the current, is at no 

low a potential as 110 volbq. Cannot, you make some arrangement , 

so that this ordinance can be\u di f iort in t,he case of low vot 

machines? \, 

Yours tru^y 
Edison Machine<w or j ls 

, \Secty. ft Tress, 

G. Wilber, Esq. 

Oornor 4th, R Rodman Sts. 

Kali River, . Mass, 

'Dear Sir?-*' • o ' ■ 

1 ben toolbknowl’octgg roceipt of your lot tor asking 
whether anything had baon decided' hero in regard t,o canvassing, 
regret to say that up to this writing nothing whatever has booh 
done, but will advise you as soon as anything's takes pla|*». ^ 
Yours truly, 

r . A. Edison Constn, Oopt. 

May 30th.lUU4. 

Eyqro,tt J'paaaJTt Bsci. Ooroari consul ConoraJ, 

!} Front stroo.t, city. 

Doar Sii*:- 

J have the pi assure to enclose you herewith letter in 
duplicate, dated tho lt>th. inst. , and addressed to «en. lucius 

pooto, United Staton Minister to the Court of Corea, and also a 
letter.addressed to his BxcoUoncy Min Yonr. Mol, President Coroan 
Koroi'gn Office. 

I will esteem it a very groat, favor if you will so far 
obiic® me as to see that' those lottors reach tho parties to whom 
they aro addressed, and any endorsement that you can give in con¬ 
nection with thorn will bn highly appreciated by. 

Yours Very truly, 

May 18 th, Han, 

Gori»;l ? . ? J ucitio-)!. ftioto, 
i 5, Seoul, Coroa, 

Dear Rirj- 

'i'hrouj'Ji Mn Consul oonoral I'mzar, T took Min liberty of 
sending you a cable despatch, on tho lfJth. April, roactin/j;- 

“fidison requosts exclusive concession Bloc trie light 
(and) Telephone) (in) Coroa.® 1 

1 trust that my do spat, oh roaehod you in duo course, and 
intelligibly, and that, you found it convenient to havo the appli¬ 
cation, thoroin contained, handed in to His Rxcoll oncy Min Yong 
Mok, President of the Coronn I’oroign office, 

T havo now the honor tu hand you herein a letter addres¬ 
sed to 77is Excelloncy in confinflation of that cable application. 

'V’ill you do mo the further favor of reading and deli- 
vorinn the enclosed, and accept my thanks for your kindness. ^ 

Relieve no, near Kir, 
Your obodiont servant, 

‘ Hay lbth.lw;4, 

W«, N. Stovrart, fisq, 

*■ ■ ■■ Ji:. ’Santiago, Chili,' 

bear Sxr:- 

I have your favor of the Hth, April, and have roquostod 
!,fa "°r Katon to 3oo} into tho question of tho dofonco of the patents 
in chili ‘ - Tt is a matter which s h aik havo to bo brought before 

tho nirectors of the J iglit Company, and we theroforo regret to 
state that wo cannot deal with it as pn.mptly as we desire, 
v/o shall, hov/ovor, see that no further delays absolutely taka 
place than are necessary, and will write you fully An relation 
to tho matter as soon as possible. 

1 may romarh tliat I have written to Berlin for a cor- 
tifiod copy of tho decision rendered there, 
fours truly, 

■ 7 • 

May loth. 3M4, 


0. P. lovrroy, Ksq, , 

1 jr. broad Rtroot, oit.y. 

My noar Mr. Jov/rny:- 

7 havn your favor of 
bo 'wady to sea you whenever you ’desire i 
the natters to bo discussed by t1«n 

JDtli. insft., and shall 3 
i with re3 ation to 
of. Throe* 

May 19th, 

Georga T). Bancroft, Rsq, 

Holyoke, Moss, 

Dear Sirt- 

Y/hnt have you done with relation to dynamo machines 
for supplying current to the western Union Co. at Holyoke? 

Very, truly yours, 

. J 

May lbth, 

Charles Uatcholor, Rsq. 

■ City. ■ 

Dear Sir:- 

I enclose you herewith lot.tor frow Mr. Bentley with 
relation to an extra amaturo fur oho of his machines. I thin) 

•a special arraaturo will have to ho made, but Kr. Roldan will now 
about this, 

I have written Mr. Bentley, acftnowledging receipt of his 
letter and stating that v/e would ship flww^whan it is ready. 

Yours truly, 

•• Socty. R Traas. 


May mh, 

Honry Bnj^tloy, Rsq. Prost. 

Phila. local to) op, raj h oo, 
307 South Third St. 
Phila. Ponna. 

Vie havo your favor of May 13th. and have ordorad .in 
' be built for you, which sha)1 bo shipped immediately 

Yours truly, 

Sucty. R Tra 

’ May 10th. lliU4, 

Thomas A. Rdison, Rsq. 

05 Pifth Avenue, City, 


A special mooting of t,hd Board of Trustees of tho 
Rdison Machine tyorhs v/ill bo. held ;at tho office of tho Company, 
No, 05 Rifth Avenue, on Wednesday the 21st, day of May, at 10,30 
by order of tho Prosidont, 

Yours truly, 

May 3 9th. lbb<t. 

■A.; Staart,, Esq, .'5octy, 

Cincinnati', Ohio. 

Goar fiir:- 

V/o havo your favor of tho 10th, inst,, and bofj to 
rotum you horowith tho Oir.cfbvill« contract. duly oxocutod by u 
Vfa vi’3) hurry tho natoria) ’forward and ndviso you in 
day or two as to tho laattar, 

fours truly, 

T. A. Edison Gonstn, 


Ji vS 

May 20th. at.'H4. 

Nafnol butanoda, Esq, 

0a.13o clol Hal aeon, Mo. 1.51,, 1MU, Ido 
Ouayaquil, Ecuador. 

Dear Sir;- 

Referring to yo.,r favor of the noth. March, with 
•relation to oloctric light apparatus, J bog to state that vour 
communication arrived at a time when T was absent from business, 
v/hieh you oust ploaso accept as my apology for not replying oar- 

I will write you by tho' nosit nail making you proposi¬ 
tions in detail with relation to tho exploitation of ny s/ston of 
o)octric lighting in your country. 

1 will consult with Mr. levy in relation to this matter. 
Very truly yours, 


/ e# 

Edison Sv/an Unitod-Electric light CO,- 
:17 Hoi born Viaduct, , 

lopdon, E, c, England, 

‘ Wwuld it not. bejjpossibl o for'.you to rent out, some 

of the «G“ machines, which |j» now have in stool; for you, at say 
300. por annum, and Which would give you about ton por cont ro- tho investment andyyjvo por cont depreciation? Thore is' 
comparatively little-wort! sUll to bo done on the dynamos (at a 
cost to you of about 61700. paph), and v/o would very much like to 
gat thorn out of our shop,- arid think if you could make some such 

arrahganont as above, it woujf^oy you to have them finished up 
immediate! y, The room ocau/io^ by the engine and dynamo is com- • 

■ paratively small for tho r^'l'ts obtained, and when it became noc- 
ossary for you to move them,,if you only rented them for a certain 
jtihip, - this work could bo dop comparatively cheaply, as compared 
•with moving small machines ad a number of engines, and besides 
■whidh a rental of 300 pojjpnnum' would be a very moderate one, and 
if it should bo considered.fesontial to have a spare machine 
which personally l cons/dor / 

May 20th. 1UIJ4. 

W. N. Stownrt, Rnq. 

.Santiago, chili. 

Dear Rir;- 

I beg to one 3oso you herewith copies of the tv/o con¬ 
tracts of tho Uth. Fobruary, lw;4, which we hope you v/i 3 3 find 
boars all tho notatiHrial, judicial and consular soals and certif¬ 
icates that it is possible for you to wish for, PI one© acknow¬ 
ledge receipt and return tho copies you now have, unloss thoro is 
any particular reason for your retaining thorn. 

Vary truly yours, 

May 20th, -1UU4. 

V. n. "rjtov/apt, Rs'i, 

.Vantiatfo, Chili. 

1 have a author ur your lot,tors. Ono with relation 

t<- Peru, another with relation tobolivia, and a third one eon- 
ceVntn>* a nan for central station work, and a. fourth ono with 
‘ relation 'to tho price to Do charged' for lamps, all of which - I wil.1 
answer you by tho noxt nail, suffice to say for the nonont that, 
wd have gut .Bolivia from tho Light Company, and immediately T can 
go into tho proposition you maho, '.which 'will be to-otiirrdw or tho 
next day, 1 will write you a firm offer in connection with this 

7 cabled to you to-day, "Tramp, twentieth", from which, 
in tho rdadinc of my former letters, you v/ill understand that wo 
havo shipped to you outfit "A",' Hri light plant. 

Very trul y yours, 

May aist.1884. /. 

Mjr boar Mitchell;- .v'-.. • ; 

Mr - Edison has to-day sent down to the Suporin- 
tondont of tho Station at Pearl Stroot data on which ho can now 
quoto you a price for putting up the motor to run your Gordon 

: I do not doubt but what the Superintendent, Mr. Chinrtock, 

Wia: can on you either to-day or to-morrow in relation to tho ; 
'mat tor. 

With kind rogards, t remain, 

very truly yoiir3, 


Francis B. Mitchell, 

33 Park Row, City. 

.Chinrittok,. Ra«l. 

357 Pearl street, city. 


I have looked into the mattar 8 hx of the motor for tho 
•Mai). R RxproiiR* |-ond I f in i thatv/n cari 'uso a 25 light machine, 
which will cost tho Xllwihatinfi Co. about 8200.. Wo should 
wind tho mac hino 'm, as to run'at about 400 or 500 .revolution's. 

I think it would bo wol) for you to off or Mr. Francis 
■ B. Mitchell, tho publisher, to put in tho motor and bolt same 'to 
tho (Jordon pross, that ho wants to use it in connection with, 
for tho sum of 815., and thou rent tho motor to him for 81. per 
week, giving him to understand that the current will bo chargedc 
for through tho meter Just the Bamo as for Tight, according to the 
time ho uses tho motor and the power he takes out of it. 

Would you kindly see Hr. Mitchell about this matter 
immou.ntoly, as he called on mo personally, and 7 told him that 1 
would see that, nomfurthor del ay occurred. Of course T understand 

Hay 23at. lttfM. 

Thomas . P, Conant, Bsq, ■ ' . 

Nowburf'h, H.Y. 

Donr Sir;- 

Referring to you** 3 otter about, the Armirigton & Sims 
eneino, I bog to advise you that 1 Hr. M, P, Moore, of the A, R S, 
Co,, v/il3 ca33 at the station at NowburRh to see you about one 
o’ clock to-morrow, T thinJ. it \rou3d bo wo 13 for him to moot 
Mr. Bookman there i||| possible. 

Yours truly, 

May 21st. 1HW4. 

Oeortfo H. Bliss, Ksq. 

Chicago, ' Ills, 

Dear Sir:*- 

T- havo your favor of tho luth. inst. from Des Moinos, 
and am glad to hoar that you havo succeeded in getting tha Edison 
lighting Co. formed thorn, and hopo you will bo able to carry tho 
matter to a thoroughly successful conclusion. 

Vory truly yours, 

; May 21st, lJjU4>;> 

"w. S. Andrews, F.sq. i ■ 


Dear Sir*- . 

Tho probablo cause of tho trouble at fjynbury with tJio 
boiler it; that oni’inodr duos not carry hi/{h onouph prussuro, 

Tho springs originally sent there woro sot, 30 that tho valve, would 
pop at 00 Jfcs., and wo subsequently sent stow sprinRs to onhbl£^ 
them to carry 32'5 lbs. The very lowest pressure they should 

carry is 100 lb,3. . 

Yours truly, 

T. Edison Constn. nopt. 


=CS. 33. Eaton, Rsq t/ Prost. . ■.. ■_ . . ' . " ' 

Kdinon Electric JiiiHt Oo. ■ 

i $5 Fifth Avenue, Oity. 

Dear Sirt- 

v/o have 'still a number of towns to propare estimates 
fur, aa por writton instructions' rocolvod from Mr. Hastings. 

As it is very improbable that the; wort in connection 
with thooo estimates v,il 1 be done by us, and inasmuch as it is ft 
heavy oxi-onso to us to havo to carry our onpinoorine. force, and 
' further as tho wort. is b<kmt done on the J.ipht Company’s account, 
couJd you not arranpo to carry our onpineririnp pay roll in con¬ 
nection with this wort, until some docisioili is arrived at with 
rolation to the future conduct of the' enpiWrinp and construction 
■•/furl. \ 

Our staff is composed of the foil dying men, 

.. • isaian: 

c. 'll. Campbol 1, Rnrcinoer,.... 40 *°P 

o. o, Y. finp, Rrspineer... .......... [1 37.50 

0. Ullmann, Draughtsman........ ...H . . W.00 

,T, T. Atkins, Blue printer...'. ...ji/y, 15 »° 0 

1!, Guiraaraos, Map and:Elect. dotojrmin,inp3 0, j£iQ. 

Forward i.... J[ 137.330 






Por'.ward,, ,.., ,8137,50.. 

Graur, Map pint’, and ol oct. dotrafl...,. 25,00 

il D. Dyer, Canvasser-{includinn 

ov/anco for expenses ).... 37,50 


Your early docision in relation to this matter will 
/■rdatly oblijjo, iind, if you agree with the above suggestions, wd 
should lil;o thin arrangement to start from the sane date as that 
on which the Light Company assume the pay roll of a portion of 
our electrical staff. 

May 21st, lotH, 

Kda. son Jaiap Oo, 

East Nuv/iu*)., M, ,T, 
Hoar Sirs;- 

Roferring to your f avor of the 37th. inst., I hr.vo 
v/rit,ton to Paris stating that if the Italian Committee will make 
an exact statement of their claims with relation to «n» 3 mnps’5t^’: 
will submit saiga to you for adjustment. J thin), it bast to pur¬ 
sue this eourso, rather than to send tho number of lamps spoken 
of by Mr. hiob, as his letter does not state whether tho 'twenty 
ono lamps, which ho found dofoctivo, is the total pa which las 
Company would make reclamation, 

Yery truly yours, 

May aist... 1(JB4, 

J. I. ForralJ, Esq. 

'Southwark Poundry and Machine Co. 
I’hila, Penna, 

Dear Sir:- 

1 would ronind you that f h'<jlyo not. ^’ot. received tho 
irico list of tho gas anginas' as promise^ by yoii^ 

I vrunt prices for all engines jjotv/oan & and 20 31,P., and 
in- classifying tho onginoa >%|j^i^uld likri^ them classified par powor 

doliyorod on tho bol t. J. *f • . 

T think T can work up considerable business in tlioso 

gaa engines, and X should therefore ask you to\quote no the best 
" • i 

terms on which you v/ill supply them to r 

Very’Vtruly yours. I 

i to\quote r 



c? k £- 


May 21st. 10B4. 

Otto Oas Rnpi'no Co. ■ 

Phila. Ponna, 

Doar Sirs:- 

1 have considerable orders for gas onpirias arid should 
liJ:b to rocoivo from you your.lowest prices for all sizes of dri- 
CindS 'botvroon 3 and 20 JI.p, • * •••■;.- 

In classifying the onginos please pivo mo tho horse poVor 
you will guarantee delivered on the bolt. 

These onpinos are for uso•throughout tho United states, 
and I am anxious to make some spocidl 'arrangement as to prices, 

I thin}. l oan do considerable business invthis connection. 

Kay 21st, 1UIJ4, 

Col.,,George \'i, JjJioman, 

oaro Monnra. Smith * Kc.Noll, 

Greenwich St root, not, Vosoy a Pulton stfi. 

Dear Sir 

V/a.11 you kindly civil'at this office, at half past two 
o’clock to-morrow afternoon, to sottlo matters in relation to your 
agroonion t. 


May Hand. 1UH4, 

W. ns Rich, Esq. 


Boar' Kir:- 

Wo understand that there Va's Romo serious troublo with 
urio of the engines in tho coritral station on tno .10th. inst. 

On tho evening of that day you ./oro hero in tho office, 
but did not say a word to us in relation to tho riattor. \lo car- 
taihly thinl. that aJ1 troublo you may havo should at once bo re¬ 
ported to us. In this ease wo are very soriouslv inconvonioncod 
by tho breakdown, and, naturally, fool somewhat surprised tliat wo 
should havo to got our information 1 in rofornrice to tho matter 
from outside parties, rather than from our ovm people connected 
with this Department. 

Yours truly, 

T. A. Edison Conatn. Dept. 

May 23nd, 1)M, 

SWdiaon flo. 

. Rust Howard, N. J.' 

Dear Sirs:- 

I have, your few or oftho ^nd. May, and a«ai» W(5 to 
roturn tho inv^co for ton ««n$« lW WHod at sixty oonts. 

I goinM w run tho wholo <%>«. Santiago business 
n‘om' this offico, and I cannot soo any reason v/hy wo should pay 
sixty cents ft,r ton condlo lamps if wo ship thorn to Santiago and 
fifty cunts if wo ship thorn to Shamokin. 

Very truly yours, 




May 22nd, 

Messrs. norgmann fi Co. 


Dear Sirs:- 

Jt is now upwards of a week since you promised mo to 
ship some equalisers the next day, and this promise was but a 
repetition of one you had given mo about a week previous. 

I have tried in every possible manner to impress, upon 
you that you aro subjecting our Construction Department to an 
enormous loss by delaying those instruments, but my remarks to you 
on this subject soom to bo absolutely without effect. 

Will you please give us absolutely a date on which you 
will undertake to ship some equalizers, as our patience in rela¬ 
tion to this matter in. well nigh exhausted. It is now about 
thirty fivo days since the instruments wore ordered from you, and 
at the tirno tho orders wore given you absolutely promised to ship 
siijjne within twenty ono days. An answer by bearer will greatly 

Yours truly, 

•r. A. Edison Constn. D.oj t, 

May 22ns 

May 22nd. 

• vSJ D. Raton, R S q, Pront. 

Kdifion Kleotric Tight Oo, 

Dear sir;- 

mrerrln,. «. year favor „r « h „ aiat. in,,., p01 „ 

*“ V ’«*'»■«** *"». I' would poia, M to y „„ „ 

not ., matter „ aaaamin,. oypoaao of „ thl . „ pr „ u . 

tally done by the ordora Eivon u , by t he O e„ po n y to male 

o«n TO .a„ s and .e.imo.., ; .^naamaoh „■ „ m „ inf „„ 

”” at the pr».»„t time, #h.t 7 nnt done 1. .** 1 , , ha , ,„ ay 
ah« l M.o par, payment „ the port pro s ro„aa„, „„ 01y ,- p3y 
~H bolonpiit! to the inotood of my ».** to .ait antii my 

bU1 “ f “ r * h ” ’° rt •”** “ —"P*«U: I .hint IP y„ u TOuld 

Point thin oat to «... do.-it,o„ it aoald matori.Uy oproe, ,h„i r 
decision in relation to th« matter’"- 

Very truly jours. 


I appear to hayo ovorlbokod. 

I sand you horowith a circular doscripti'vo of tho Shav/ 
Moiso Quiotinft Hosalo, v/hioh I rofarrod to'-in speaking to you when 
you v/<»ro horo. 

X pay for those instruments as follov/s:- 

A 4° to 0“ pipe....S 130,00 

a 7» to lo* pipo, zaa.oti 
a xo* to 10 ° pipo,,,;.....-., 400 , 00 ; 

The price list you ask for in VnJVo earno lot for as to the 
number of different sixes of low spe'od''dynamos, is nov being got 
out, and will bo sont forward to you itotiadi.atoly certain oxperi- 
merits I nm nov/ conducting are completed. 

With rel ation to the ordaro for' four /i50 amporo machinoB 



'"ruririing ait DOO revolutions, ^ vKiuld mention that our Companies 
herb have instructed mo to build some mac Junes of the same type, 
and at tho satno tlmo have requested Messrs. Armington ft Sims to 
build an upright engine to be attached to tho dynamo and to run 
of course at tho same speed, T am very sanguine that this engine 
will bo very superior in every respect to ahy dnginoa which are 
noV/boing uaod, and imodiatoJy the Arming tori ft Sims co, send us 
thd first one for tost, I will givo you further information in 
relation to the matter. 

Very truly yours, 

May 23rd. 1HM, 

:Mft'ssVs« ':Porvost & Co., 
flasiHa 0, 

Tiioa, Horn. 


By arrant* cm on t v/i t.h tho Rrtison Rlrictrio Tight company 
I undertaking to exploit more .actively their business in Bol¬ 
ivia,’ and 7 undorstand from riy Chilian agent,, Mr. W. W. St'tfwart, 
that ho''had soma conversation with you in relation to tho mat tor 
’when in your City in February. 

7. have v/i rod Kr. Stewart,' requesting Kirn to take charg'd 
of tho Bolivian business, arid hri roq^estridimo, in the event of my 
doing thin, to notify you that you might.: enter into an arrangement 
y/ith him in relation to samo, wKieh 7 accordingly have tho pi ensure 
in doing. 

Vory truly yourn, 

. ■ ■■ ! ft. 

^ v • - v. 

Rafaol Outaribda, Esq. 

‘ ’■ Guayaquil, Ecuador.'' - 


F'urthor referring to your favor of the 30th. March, 

' I bog to son,, you herewith c«„ ws of portions of the cities of 
Tiffin, .Ohio, Newburgh, New York and Pique, Ohio, showing you 
v/hore our electric light conductors run in those cities. 

In Tiffin and Piqua the wires are: run overhead attached to polos, 
but in Newburgh underground ccinductors are Used. I also send you 
herewith a statement showing you' how to got at the information wo 
desire before it is possible to estimate on exactly what material 
would bo required for lighting up the City of Guayaquil, either 
for Private or street lighting. T r you can send mo the necessary 
data,which the above refold to statements explains as being 
necessary, and also a map of the city showing me whaf portions 
you would Propose lighting, I can send you an absolute estimate 
of the cost of the material., I should also like to have, from 
you the cost of wood for fuel, coal and quality of same, sixes of 
Poles from thirty to forty feet io^anfl^so-tho thickness of 
seme at the top. in addition to the above referred to maps I 

.interior of our electric light. stations in tho: tuwnB of Tiffin, 
"Newburgh and Piqua, 

I may explain that, vm have, in addition to the plants . 
above mentioned, 'upwards of twelve othor cities alroarty lighted, 
bodidos a groat nunbor of buildings in all parts of tho Unit aid' 
Status lighted Y/ith machines owned by tho proprietors of tho 
buildings thonsolves. . 

I also send you a statement of tho apparatus necessary, 
for a 500 lightip^)^|Sjtric light station, and also of stations of 
U00, 1000, 1000 and 3300 lights. Tn those estimates 1 have loft 
out tho v/iro nocossary to carry tho. electric current, inasmuch as 
v o cannot calculato 'ehat quantity viril 1 bo required until v/e got 
such information as is asked for above. As a rule, however, 
when tho price of the wire is added the estimates would bo from-- 
per cont to per cent moro than .given in the accompany¬ 

ing statement. The cost of supplies f^r wire for the intoribr 
lighting, togethor with thV fixtures, o r f"course varies, according 
to the naturo of tho lighting and the quantity of lights, but the 
following amount would, in alji probability, l>o sufficient to Unable 

you to start the business in connection with, tho plants by a siao 

mentioned below. If you cannot sand mo the exact, data as asked 

‘for in one of the accompanying statomants, ploaBo send me a map 

'of'your City, marking on same tho area you would propose to l||ht 

■for interior lighting, and also the position and number of street 

lights which you would require, ; The street lighting is done by 

means of separate circuits, so that ip the estimates sent you 

I haye not included tho plant for the lighting of the streets, 

but the cost of this is comparatively low and depends mainly upon 

tho position and number of street lights, Tf you propose erect- 

ing a plant, such as is scheduled in the xXentx statoraont, it would, 
in all probability, bo necessary for you to have to experts to 
put in tho machinery and teaoh your employees how to run tho 
business, I should bo happy to supply you. With those on the 
following torins. You to pay me the travelling expenses of the 
oxports from and bock to Now York, and to. provido them v/ith suit¬ 
able board and lodging whilst performing your work, and to pay ino. 
tho amount of Slr>o, per month for each man, from the time he leaves 
’.; : Now York until he arrives back again, '• j)f courao you would have 
to supply all xMKaxxHxy ordinary labor iii; conn6ctioh. v/ith the Y/ork 



they would simply superintend^*. 

Should you bo ablo to noftotinto the sale or a contra!'- 
" ,MMm '*»*• 1 «” •»*». «•“ * ‘toaount of psr w on 

P«d M quo,ad. Ky **.«. «» „„ bolrd ln Now Torti> 

payaw to to >u by bankara to™ to ,hs city imnibdiataly op , h „ 
racdifct by than of irm-ieoa and bills of lading. 

. ' ’ M '*"• “ f * h ° *>»vb simply rdfors to »hat wo to™ 

oontral station lichttoB, that is tto lighting of housos from „„„ 
btotnal point in tho M „ „ddi,i„nv,o thl . wort „ do in th.s 

«.*. oountry 1, ,o™od the b„si„os. ; bf isolatto lighting, 
.othat u th. installation Of a dynamo'm„L„„ tothor apparatus. 

1 sand you by this mil Sntlmat.i i for » light, 50 light, 
100 light, 300 lioht, .000 light tod «0 liL plants. Tha prions 
■quotoi in thoso or, frno on board to «„L, paymant ,0 b. mado 
ba plantation of bill., of lading and tov'oiL to bantor. toro. 

If you .. do businoSs of this ohnrLtar, 1 shall bo glad 
to .How you a dlsooun, J par ,to, on all irdnra you gat for 

■ iv 

toy furthor information you liny dosiroW shall bb soot 

happy^to supply y„ u with, tod to tha moaouma har\)\ tha plo.suro 
* very truly youro, \ 

Way 23rd. 10fci4, 

Qardnor 0. Sims, Uaq, 

Providonco, R. I, 

My Hoar Oardnor:- 

- ‘ Will you please th'inl. about the matter of your 

business in South America and see if v/e cannot arrange to get 
from you the 'exclusive agency tfioil yoiir engines, so as to work it 
in connection vith our light business. 

Very truly you>-s, 

May 2f?rrt. ltJiii. 

W, H. StOY/art, Esq. 

Santiago, Chili, 

Dear Sir:- 

I havo boon through all your lot tors addressed W Mr. 
!3dison to-day, and dictated replies in relation to 0)10 mat tors 
that appear to bo opon, 

T may state that wo aro Coin/-: actively' into the business 
of the liKht for South America; 

Mr. Edison has got from the J if-ht Co, full control of all 
South American countries, and I am- ,«oit»n to take the.general 
direction of this business in his office. V/a want t&.'soo Chili 
the banner country, and if you do not cot all the attention you 
want or that you aro entitled to, if you v/il 1 advise us wo will 
do our best to satisfy you. 

Very truly yours, 

May 29rd. 1BB4, 

VI, N, Stowart, Esq. . ! 

Santiago, chili. 

Dear Sir:- ; 

Eoferring to your favor of the 9th, April, I bog to 
inforri- you that ton candlo lamps cost fifty and ton cents, 'that 
is sixty conts, in Mow YorJ., I think, you should charge seventy 
five cents for those lamps in connection with village plants. 

' Very truly yours, 

May 23rd. 13*34, 

AT . . N. St wart, Rsq, 

Santiago, Chili. ' H 

Dear sir;- 

Roferring to your favor of tho 27th. February, 7 hdvo at 
last suoeoodod in getting control of Bolivia, and shall bo moot 
/happy to maJ.o an arrangement to v/or). Bolivia through you on the 
sam0 basis as our Chilian contract, v/ith tho exception that 1 will 
allow .you fifty per cent, instead of forty !por cent as in tho caso 
of dhili. •: 

Will this arrangement'"be satisfactory to you? If so 
ploaso advise no and T will have tho papers drawn up and sent to 
you forthwith. 

I have orJorod two sots of now brushholdors, tho same as 
on tho now :ii light, machine, and twenty fivo brushes to bo chipped 
to you at Valparaiso by tho next steamer^. 

Iumediatoly I got control of Bolivia, I cabled you yos- 1 
torday “Exploit Bolivia*, from which' yolu will doubtless gather 'that 
I an able to raahe an arrangement .-with you v/ith rolatidn to this 

I have advised Messrs. Provost S Co. that they should 
confer v/ith you in relation to Bolivia,’ as you have tho direction 
of that businosa. 

Very truly.yours, 

is a, 

Kay 2^r,d. !Uts4. 

Santiago, Chili. 

• Dear sir;~ 

.’fciforrinp: to 'yom* variouo .propositions, both in lot tors 
‘" u,L ‘ n '* ,K ‘ myself, 'fith rn] at ion to the running of the 
Santiago station, T bog to state that J think it would bn a very 
tfs’out mistake to try to merge our contract into tho .Santiago Cp., 
or to merge our contract and tho .Santiago Cp. into one national 
Company. J think thorn is far morn jaonoy in it for all parties 
concerned if you v/ill go alio aid. •and Work your contract rith no 
Without rofnronco to tho Santiago business. of course it re ny 
sincere desire that you should do everythin!; possible to "improve 
s ' eondatioa of th- ^ o station, and if you can na]..i in, 

arrangement with the sharoholdors by which, at tho same that 
youi efforts aro directed towards improving their property, yoii 
can make money for yourself, t need hardly say that you will ndrtt 
v/it’h my most cordial support. 

Very truly yours, ' 


P.s. Tho reason 1 think it would be better for us to icoop 

to our own contract is that if the exploitation of my system in 

Chili is loft .to a hoard of Directors the progress would be very 
slov/ indeed, whereas if it is dependent upon your individual of- 
orts I an sanguine of far bott.or results, attainable in a far loss 

>W. 'Stewart, Rsq. 

Santiago, Chili. 

Door Sir:- 

I notion in /our lettor of the 37th. February that you 
"suggest that 1 should ontor into an arrangement with Messrs. 

Provost ft Co. to wort, our light in Peru. 

•As I dndorstand it Messrs. Proust % Co. wore the agents 
of Pabbri ft Ohauncoy, and so far as J undemand no business of 
'any consequence has boon done in Poru. 

before, writing th*» on the subject 1 should 1 ihe have 
'' your ? ideas further in connection with this matter. As 1 under¬ 
stand It, if none arrangement is mrtri by mb with Provost ft Co., 

you would propose some working arrangement with thorn by 
which* tho business of Poru arid Chili woUhd be wortod joint /, 
that in any event you and Provost ^ Co. wodld co-operate for mu¬ 
tual 'advantage. 

P3bane lot no hoar from you fully in relation to 'the 1 . 
•‘Peruvian "businosB, your opinion of Provost ft Co., what yo'u think- 
•the prospects arc there for business, whether it would be hotter 
•for mo to send a man out from hore to Poru or whether my inter- - 
osts would be bettor sorvo’d % negotiating with Provost ft Co./ 

I leavo it to your diserd^oh >‘as to vhofhdr. you s^ 
suggest to Provost ft Co., on receipt ^r' this, .that/ they ri’ • . 
write mb offering to open business relations with mo. i» 


P. S. I am particularly improssod by Fabbri R Chaun'c'oy's 7 
agents, judging from what they have dono so far, and that is tho 
roauota why I ask you whether it would not bo bettor to sond a raaii‘ 
from here rathor than to enter into arrangements with Kossrs, 

Provost & Co. Xf, howoyer, you think Udssrs. Provost R Co, would 
run tho business in a businoss liko Adnner I would bo inclined 


P. B. Shaw, Esq. 


Dear Sir:-r 

May 24th, 3HB4. 

Your lottor of the lUth, May, addressed to Mr. R. 13. 
Eaton, President, has boon brought to my attention, and inasmuch 
as you stato theroin that J hwo made misstatomonts, 7 think it 
we33 to write and set you right on this matter. 

Mr. Doubleday was loft to act as ho might choose. 

I required him at Shamokin for a few days and after that ho was 
quitq at liberty to dispose of himself in such a manner as he might 
think best. What his arrangements wore in rotation to Cumberland 
1 do not know, as I have hod no communication whatever with the 
parties thoro. I'fancy Mr. Doubleday startod his negotiations 
with them through Mr. Marr, of Sunbury.. 

I very much regrot thathis actions should have caused 
you or your Williamsport Company any ihconvonionce, but it is a 
mattor which should be settled v/ith tin Doubleday alone and one in 
connection with which my name should not be brought, oxcopt so 
far ub my statement that I was willing for Mr. Doubleday to go 'to . 
Williamsport or any whore else that ho might oloct after he had ' 
'•left my service. 

I must moat earnestly protost against your assertion 
that I made a misstatement, when indeed the fact is that I offered 
to supply Major Baton with any of the members of my staff that, he 
might choose to call for, and which i3 a sufficient repudiation of 
your charge against me. 

My great desire is that a station should bn erected in 
Williamsport, and anything that 1 con do to further the business 
in this connection I shall bo most happy to do. 

Very truJy yours, 

May »Hh. 

C, E, Chinnoc}., Esq. 

*i:3V Pearl St root , Oity. 

Doar Sir:- 

Roferrinp. to yours of tho ,44 th, inst,,, T think you 
had bottor advise Mr. Miteho31 k to use his v/ator. v/ith smal 3 motor, 
as interest on our motor with depreciation would oat up any prof¬ 
its to us, if wo moroly so3d him tho current and loaned the motor. 
Yours truly, 


May 20th. lfc!IJ4, 



ciil 3 

V. 'B^uoks, Esq , 

Hoom 113, Tompla Court, ' 

O Bookman Streot, City, 

Sir;- ■ 

Rofontfi* to. your>f«ror of the 22nd. inat., I shall bo 
to soo you hero any morning you can find, it convenient to 
about olovon o» clock. 

Yours truly, 

May aoth. 1UU4, 

A. Stuart, Rsq. Rooty. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Hoar Rir:- 

Wo havo tho pjoasuro to ac> now] odtfo of your 
favor of tho Stotad. inst., and bejt to inform you that wo havo rocoi- 
vod from tho Tiffin Company a romittanco of S1500.. 

Wo havo ordorod our eJoctrioian to Oirclovillo, and ho 
will bo thoro in tho eourso of a day or two. 

Yours trull y, 

T. A.HEdi'son Con at n. Dept, 


May 20th. 1CU4, 

A, Stuart, Esq, 


;■ D'oar Sirt- 


I was prosont at a moating of somo of t,ho principal 
people connected with the Edison Eloctric Tight Company on Satur¬ 
day last, and in talking over our business roforonco was made to 
yoursolf, and one gentleman stated that you found it absolutely 
impossible to deal with our Construction Department, and that you 
had pivot! up trying to pet what you wanted, and so far as you wore 
compelled to deal v/ith us you would simply accept what wo had to 
say and not dispute it. 

The statement was made to provo that wo are impractica¬ 

ble, and inasmuch as my dealings'With you havo always been of the 
most pleasant character, and that T have always endeavored to sat¬ 
isfy you in the best possible manner and to Rive you entire satis¬ 
faction, the statement somewhat surprised mb, .* 

Would you mind lotting mo know, if the above statement 
•attributed to you, is substantially correct, and if you can sug- 
gost any moans by which wb can rectify our mode of procedure, so 
as to rnoro closely accord with, your wishos, it will bo my earnest 
db8ira to ondoavor to follow your suggest ions. 7 . had thought 
that wo had ondeavorod to rondor ovory possiblo kind of assistance, 
Vory truly yours, 

May 20th, ljU«4, 

.4,.. Stuart,, Esq. Roct.y, 

Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Dear Sir;- 

X have your 1 otter of t.h'o 24th. inst. 

.1 have only tho same grounds of judging of Mr. Leonard’s 
ability for tho position you spool, of as you havo yoursolf. I 
'agree with you that ho is a vary smart young man, has a groat deal 
of push in him and is endowed with a good doaD of what you' term 
“cheek* , Ho might succeed in tho work that you dosiro him to do 
or might not. Anyvmy T am perfectly willing that you should 
take him, if you so dosiro, and in writing to him I authorize you 
to tel 3 hiih so. •" 

I an paying him at tho present tamo $20. per week and 
552,50 par day to cover his hotel expenses, he receiving..his bare ' • 
V travelling expenses in addition. ' "''k . 

Ho. has boon wanting an increase of salary for several 
months past, and I had promised to give him an incroaso as soon as 
tho state of tho business justified i‘t,‘:' 

Leonard is vary woll posted as to the technical part of 
our businose. How much ho knows of the coiomprcial side of it I 
do not know, 

Ploaso advise mo whatever courso you may decide to pursue 

in tho mi 
in which 

it tor, amt T nonet scareo3y say that, if thoro is any way 
I can help you, T am aJv/ays iquito wiJlinp, to do so. 
Vory truly yours, 

1.1 A. 



(£-vl 4- 'b-' 


Hay 27th. 1U34. 

j, R. Campbell, Esq. 



Dear Sirt- 

! I rogrot to havo i 

to inform you that owing to changes 

'that are now in the course of progress in connection with our; 

:business organization, we shall be compiled to dispense with your 
sor-vices ono weok from Thursday next, tho 49th. prox. 

V, 0 trust that this will prove but a temporarily severance 
of your connection, with us, as wo hope that the negotiations now 
pending will either result in our conductiffe the construction 
Department, or else turning over the business either to the Jdght 
o, isolated Company. If the latter should bo the case, we need 
hardly assure you that we will do everything we possibly caff to 
obtain for you a position in connection with the business. 

Yours .truly, 

T. A, Edison Coristn. Dept. 

To Whom it May Concern:** 

This, is to certify that Mr. j. P. Kirby, has 
boon working for us for about a year, ami has performed his duties 
as an export wiroman in a perfectly satisfactory mannor. V/e bo- 
'lievo him to bo thoroughly reliable and efficient, and that he 
would givo porfoct satisfaction in any simiJar position, 

Tho onDy roason va havo for dispensing with his sorvicos is that 
vJe aro making changes in our business organization. 

T. A, Edison Oonstri. Dept, 

Huy 27th; 1HH4. 

iq., a. Y. King, Esq. 


Doar Sir;- 

T rogrot. to havo to inform you that owing to 'changos 
that are now in tho course of progress- in connection with our 
bUsinoss organisation, wo shall; bo compelled to dispense v/ith'your 
service's ono woo): from Thursday next, tho 29th. prox., as tho 
writor has personally explained to you. 

Via trust that this wiO1 provo but a temporarily soveranco 
of your oonnoction with us, as wo hope that tho negotiations now 
ponding will either result in our conducting tho Construction 
Dopartrnont, or ol so turning ovor tho businoss either to tho light 
or Isolated Company. If the latter should bo the case, wo need 
hardly assure you that we will Jo everything wo possibly can to 
obtain for you a position in connection with tho businoss. 

Yours truly, 

T, A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

May 27th. J.U04. 

r'Edward H. .lohnson r Esq. 


Dear Sir:- 

I bag to oncloso you herewith statement, for work done 
on the "Oregon*, amounting to $327,23. 

. ' This matter has romainod open for quite a long time, and 

the work, although done for the Tendon Company, vms billed to you 
at your request. 

I am inclined to think that if .this matter had boon doalt 
' with in the. ordinary currant account with'the Tendon Company, that 
wo sh^|gj||i|have got a settlement somo tiled back. 

Will you oithor take the matter in hand yourself or 
else have tho accounts handed over to me, and I v/ill ondoavor to 
collect then. 

Yours truly. 


May 27th. lw;4. 

N William fichvmn)., Ksq. Prost, 

: 't,. Carmel, Ponna. 

Dear Sir:- 

• • Wo wrote you on the Jrfth, and 23 rd. May, and sent you 

•tdjogwins on the 23st. and 23rd. May, ashing you to send us a 
remittance in settlement of ou" accounts with you, v/hich show a 
balance against you of S!J,4U.':>..yn 

'■'In regret to say that v/o have not' yet, iip to this writ- 
inc, received any acknowledgement from you of the above letters 
and despatches, and we fear very much that they must have miscar¬ 
ried. ' 

Our account v/ith you is now upi|ards of thro? months ovor- 


At the time the contract was sinned v/ith you,it was 
understood that your payments, would bo p^iptly made, and in fact 
ono of the reasons urged by you, in asking us to reduce the amount 
of the contract, was that wo cojuld; Sopond absolutely on getting 
our monoy as the payments foil due. 

Vfo sincerely trust that you will send us a remittance 
for the whole amount of your indebtedness to us by return, as your 

long delay is causing us very serious inconvenionce. 

Very truly yours. 




No.1. May 37th. JHU4. 

W.' N. Stevmrt, Eaq. 

Santiago, Chili. . 

Dear Rir;- 

Ppr ijroater convenience in detecting v/Hother our 
letters have miscarried, 1 shall from this date number the letters 
sent to you, startine from this letter No.l, 

Very truly yours, 


Hay 27th. 101)4, 

•John T. Perry, R3q, 

Poll ofonto, Ponna. 

hoar Sir:~ 

' _ v/o have your ftvor of May .idth., and u ill non that t.he 

various articles you spool, of aro sont forvmrd, 

Tho v/iro vm havo sont you for tho oxtonsion is undo 
largo enough for the local oonpany to connect thoir >500 foot of 
extension on to tho ond of it, this being our arrangement /ith tho 
local, caapany. "‘hoy \ri 11 thoroforo have to ordor v/iro for thoir 
•inn foot of tho extension. ’.7o shall bo glad to noil it to thorn 
if they so dosiro, as v/o havo a considerable stool, on hand. 

Yours truly,' 

TV A. Edison Conslin. nopt. 

* <pi 

Messrs. Borgmann n Co. 

202 Avonuo B, City. 

V/il3. you pleaso send by registered mail to vf, H. 

•''Stwart, tjaro Edison Electric U*ht (Jo., Santiago, Chili, oho agate 
stylus for the phonograph which you shipped to Santiago, and also 
ono silvor plate with tho following ongravod upon itj- 

'“Presented to Prof, huis J. Sogers by Thomas A. Rdison.* 

Hr. Stov/art wishes to fix this plato on tho phonograph, 

so you v/i3 3 no doubt* l^ni 

*o t up, PInano send foil3 for 

May iJUth, IHWAi 

'Everett Krazar, Rsq, i 

Ooroan Oonsulato conoral, 

J;if? Front Street, City. 

Dear Sir:- 

’ . i have year favor of the ,>.7th. inot., mA have t! iven 

instructions for some Instrument. to he .sot up, and an noon an they 
are ready 1 will lot you know, as J should like to have you and 
3oW0 of your friends son then wort-infl. * do not think T could 
arrant to'send any to Corea Just at |.rosont. 

The first time 7. at; down town 7 will do myself the 
of caj)ini: u„ you w «. *.« M •»* *» 


7 think it would ho hot tor to dofor tho interview //ith 
the ,panose Consul until such time as tho instruments, above 
referred to, are in shape, and $$> I.Would propose taking him ^#h 
you over to my laboratory to 'see.them in operation. 

Very truly yours, 

May 2lJth, 1WS4. 

?S.- n, Raton, Rsq. frost, 

Edison Electric Jifiht Ro, . 


'Dear Sir:- •> 

T have your favor of tho i'/Sth, inst,, with relation 
to the ontfinoorinfl and electrical .forco of t,ho Const,ruction Dept. 

T thin}, tho amount stated in quite inadequate, unless tho 
Executive Committee are willing that tho business should bo con¬ 
ducted without tho 7iftht Co. havinc and ontfinoorinp forco, or-one 
to which they can rofor to v/hon required. 

t will, however, nek a tho best, 'possible disposition of 
tho money, and ?;r. Xnsull wiJ.V so;: you in relation to tho details 

Very truly yours, 

of tho matti 

May 2fcith, 


S. 15. Ration, Rsq. Prost. 

Rdi.'ion Bloctric J.ight. no. 

boar Sir:- 

T bog to oncloso y 0 u horov/ith chocl. for 8110,73, being 
royalties duo you on orders received fron Mr. stdvmrt up to this 
date, as par accompanying moriorandur.i. .. 

Please acknowledge receipt' i>f sane, and oblige, 

Very truly yours, 

Mr. 1 innoy 

Boar Dir;- 

in shape 
:as T wish 


Hay MHth, 1*184. 

caro Borgmann ft Co. 

aoa Avonuo B, City, 

VfiU you pi nano havo tho autographic instrument a put; 
tho first opportunity you havo and advise mo of same, 
to bring some gontlouon fluvm to soo thorn. 

Yours truly, 

May auth. Imh, 

A.yRchJossor, H, 1), 

!!astinRs-on-Hudson, >J.Y. 

. Soar Sii't- 

Roforrin/' to your favor of tho ;*nh. inst., 1 shall 
bo j'Ja'd to look into tho insulatini; compound you span! of as soon 
as you havo your patents out and saiipl m roady for tost. 

Vor/ truly yours, 



May 2Uth.lHfci4. 

W.' N. Stewart, Esq. 

Santiago, Ohili. 

Dear Sir,:'-. 

CHILLAN . I have your favor of tho 22nd. April, 

enclosing map of Chilian with canvass KHwpiHfcR plotted on sarno, 
spexial rop'ort, of prices of material also report on central sta¬ 
tion lot and memorandum as to tho matorial which you require an 
estimate for, and supplomont to cablo codo. 

-I am having this estiinato pushed through, and will cablo 
you immediately I have got tho figures out. 

It 'would have been bettor if you had located on the 
map whore you think street lamps will bo required, but inasmuchas 
you have not done this, I will; have the copper figured out at a 
loss of ton per cent on the feeders and two per cent on mains, so 
that should you put on about 200 street lamps, in addition to the 
500 house lights, your loss will be fifteen per cent on fenders and 
three per cent on mains, this being the loss on which we ordinarily 
calculate in this country. 

Very truly yours, 



W.'N, Stewart, Esq, 

’Santiago, Chili. 

Dear Sir:- 

May 28th.1884. 

Referring to your request for certain material for the 
Phonograph, I v/ill send you the agate stylus and silver p] ate, at., 
my expense, as soon as the latter is"ready. 

Very, truly yours, 

May 20th. 1UU4. 

C. K. spoirs, HS(i. 

' 22 Hurray Rtroot, oity. 

Dour f'ir:- 

V/iJ] you please send no up sono authorities on drawing 
copper and iron v/iro, at your earliest convenience. 

Very truly yours. 


May 31st,. ; ' 

^C^qijles 'Jlatcholor,. Rsq» 

'L..' . ... -• 

s?Deyi& 'Sirsr* ‘ , 

Z .-j» v/o bop. to onclusy^lar-v^th a idt'Mf 'from our ohiaf 

Elooiricaj; Engineer r»*«6fa to brush- 

hol'ciors.. Mindly return Vj j'.'-\I: • 

•j> ••)• ■•••■•“• .~ ] 1 V. ''' ‘ : .. 

, V ! • " T. A,! ^d£son Cons tin DojttV” *!* •"!- 

,r- 'T, 





Esq, Treas, , • 
1 .Poll River, ' Mass, 

ft ?' •.Hr. Andrews has reforrod to us a Idt'ieV whicKIfio "rior? f" 

'’co'ixMf from you under dato of May. 40th,, in ’regard to the~ , wages*']3? 
" SKdldon, th'o engineer who was employed by Mr; l& ch . “ 

"" V/b have converged v/ji'tK Mn Rich' b'n thTs 'subj'bct and ho 
•states that 'the tonus of SKelYroW's :bnBWeW4^' wbro’ ; that he was' to 
'do' whatever vfork was required ^^''iViSi^afetTwd ‘<ft the time 
‘consumed during tho oxocutioV of ‘such work',' a'nd His rate was to b.o 

•;* ' Those onfiinoors v/hom wo employ at' the central st’at’TbnS 

rare rie'vo'r hired by the hour or day., 

A “great deal of !ti^7fc»rV *w»UjSK. Sheldon did in connec tion 
with the gal! 'River atatibn w^s.'unaut^hofix^ ^y Mr Rich, arid ho 
employed his t ime in making riismy‘i^riec'eSs’airy changes, which' would 
havo savo'd raonoy had they n^^S^^effbnim^*' \ We consider that 
'5h“s has bo'dri paid all that is'duo him, and we are therefore’'uriwiTliB 
■7to")a«fl^d "h'din any further allowance, 

4 • r Yours truly,' J J 

•rf'-ftf" ' •' .. . T » A, Edison Constn, Dept, H ; 

“Colon* It 

Chili.’ , ; 

■■■*■■■ "Ml'- 

•; . ' . . 

I beg to confirm my cable to you of yesterday’s apitVaa 

'.Sfoiiows:- •' ; . / ,. «.. |~vr- 

‘ '“Annoy Basin Twain* * 

which read's as follows’T* ~ 7T?" *\ . 

;> •• •. -t- ^ : 

“soo; - ia,ooo; ooo, 13 , 500 ,^':' ; * 7 " r4 r v . 

and from which you^nT’undorst'and that 'the 500 ili^Rt' 
TpTant fod Chilian, Chili, including fixtures and wira^or.'Kpuse’T; 
"fw^frX,' amounts' to #13,000., and the 000.' l.ilflft' estimate' ‘anidtfTit^ 

'•*12,300. • ■ • ' 

. .P.“" Under wm same coyer- jlf Send‘you my eatimate No.148 for ' 

the supply of material W Edison E'loctric 

Light Plaint’ of 500 lights ’capacity 4 l¥ chil^sSi',' Chili, the same 
amounting to #11,000.91, 'dntf ^nR^e'd 1 l':o'>i't 'iS'a schedule of the " 
cost of raateriai 'fo.r use in 'connection with 'this plant ’for house 
'^t^rJt^'^^s/c^tmtlng. to *1,003.54 The 000 light ; est'imat , S»'j^;V“' 
to Ml,337.80, to. which of course must! be added the inalt^fiail' 

s '; r -> '".y ’ .’ ' • t' Tail 

'*13?‘house‘wiring, as per schedule annexed,' making .'the to't'ai'IcSii 5 '' 

*6f s'4de. #12,231.40 This incrfeaise is :cause'd'hy'"our supplying yoii 
with a boiler of 00 Hor eo' inai ead of "51 Horse Pbw'er, 
as in "the 300 light estimate.-f j;Sn^ihe'& estimate, 

f .dynanos, are of sufficient capacity to run BOO; li^ht^ j’;; 

land it is thorofore unnecessary, in orde.r '.to' obtain that number, 

to change anything in tho 500'o'st^t-^' excepting the boiler. 

" • •' • . ... . i r.:- ‘ | * i ; i ■ ; • 

• I also send you under same dovetr- ‘map's, ^lOKill'an, ‘•with the dis- 

rffiot marked off, there being“^5ll?Ti'gKts covered b*y the proposed. 

•^couWaT;of conductors, fi- 

; . OUr ; ■ 

‘I 'In regard to estimate for house wiring rria'terial-, "wnioKT' 

Camourits to $1,003.54, 1 would‘state that I wil;3 allow you 'jporao+T- 

ha3ly the sum of St50,28 on this 'amount, which is forty per cent of 

twenty five per cent on our sel^ng price',' ‘ I am enabled to do 

this from the fact that 'the said material the' Edison Electric light 

•Company do “not get a percentage,’’'arid'i 'the>!e'fore,'share the 'full' 

Ttuhdtfnt|”.df the profits with you* " ” .'' ' ' •T" 

kl "1}T. . 'Rusting these papers will reach you safely arid? b'o'Tgs^./ 

T am, ..^ ; T?tfeiiS 

Vary tru3y yours,' 

^Wvi'A. fit asm, Esq, 

, 32 Boavor Street, Olt-yi, 
Doar Sir:- : . .\. . 

H ay 3J*t, 1HU4, 

Roplying to /ovpvifatt'or of 't)$ ins t.* I bog to 

say that ther«i is very li’t'tj'o wa^igarioso "usod Yn tYii3 oountry for 
" • ' ; '; ‘ . ■ • 
-..batfory jnirpos'bs. Two tons’yearly will crivor'tho consumption j r ' 

rtv' v ” . " ‘ vory truly yours* ."tV'T 

^.. A\ UridRO Rtroot, 

Brooklyn, N.Yy ' ' ? 

Dear "Sir:*- . ’ /!’’•' * ’ . ’ ‘' V , ' r *"** 

— ' ' •Vo onoloso a Trft'.Ciir.; f nom Mr Garr'ison in Vofororico to 

■"tho Uroek'ton'systnra, vrhich pl'efJs'o Yotiirn 'aftervpertfs"al, 

4 '-r-*- ' ' vid Kavo told Mr. Garrison that if any dofoctlva ‘tfuftelf \ *" 
"wertT suppl ied by you, you will bo willing'to toko thorn back 'antf^T 
^ropYacb tJ\om, and undor like conditions you would boar a portion"; 
"tho"exponso which thn hrocktb'ri''(io. aro‘bding put to in 'fin'ding 

. : Yoiirs'itrul'/i!” *, 1‘. 

. . 1 . 1 .; 

■’fincli^Buro. a. * .IT’ 

2nd. ltjfJ4,‘ 

' W.. ,'Q. Ho] knap, Esq, Troas, i|V 

"T" " Newburgh, N. Y. ‘{*H* , '“* 

'boar Sir:- 

Roplying to your Xoftor, of th:a'22rcl.‘ uj to. wo bog to 
say that wo havo charged yo'u for tipvorail V/iVs up t,o No.34, SO 3 4 
corits por pound, and for Nbs.^iXu 'apd 1U'^ 134 7 10 cants j or pound, 
paragon v/iro wo havo billo'd 'cents per pound. 

Your latter of May 31st,, inquiring whether the 'pricos 
two allow you for cortain material, which you havo returned, aro?£Tjo 
, 'siiiao'as tJioso 'charged you, eaiuo to hand to-day, and in' roply'wo' 
would say that, thoso arn not.' the pricos at which they were" bill od, 
but wo have allowed exactly what we can get-for the matorial whan 
..'returning i't to Messrs. Horgmann « do.. You of. 'course understand 
that wo cannot undertake ourselves, -under'the present ciVcumstan- 
■ cas," to carry such material "as" t'His on hand, ! and we are therdforS' 
'woblfgo'd "to arrange for its disposition before wo receive it 

This v/e have done, as you will observe by reference 'to f 

•V;Messrs. Horgmann & Cols letter enclosed v/ith c 

Wo will write ■ybfV''^0“^jw"w 'an'df 'giye you reference to 

th'o bills upon which appefa : /*t^’';articXos‘that you dosire to return. 
Yours : ! : 1 i 

dune And, 3IJ»4, 

Charios Batchelor, Esq. 

.'Dear Sir:- ' ' "V 'C; 

•?. Enclosed wo bog to hand you a communication froni'':<i'ur' 

•.■.Chidf, El octrical Engineer, Hr. Androws, in rogard to tho "Y"' dyn- : 
“amoa'sont to Cirelovillo, one bf^which is fittod with a paper ' ]T 
pull ey and tho other with' an iron-pull oy'. 

v/b think you Ka'd bai^tbr isKip blpapoH'puil by to Circle-; 
'.Yi’llb at one a to replace the 'iron Vino.* ‘" ; ; ' 

Yo'ifrs* truly,. 

' .. T. A. 


Enclosure,b« ''T 

Edison Constn, Dept, 

vjjWij;Andrews, Rsq. 

* " ■’ . lii'raJ evil Jo, Ohlip. 

. Doar Sir;- ' ■ ’ ! . 

Replying to your Totter of bfny' M at. beg to say 
that you cannot determine which' of the feedjars an* equalizer#' 
rshould be used in connection with, until a heavy, load is put! oh," 
"Put iirf"equal izor in either of the feodors and rogulate the sValtkoh 
.‘pifossuro on ono having no oqualizor. Whon you are about loaded’??' 

■•"yoU "ca'ri thon tell, which foodor should have the equalizer. - 
^ ; Y6urs truly,, 

1’, A. Edison C’onsth, Dept. ' 1 

.lunn 2nd. lu»4. 

4A, Stuart, Rs«i. gouty. jj;].'' 

Hincinnuti, Ohio. 

'Dour Sir:- . 

'la solid you by td-rii'ght r s mail f under separate cover, 
building specification and specification of street installation, 
together v/ith chart of district’ rfdd building plan'for Troy, rthio. 
Yours truly, -<- • . 

S ‘ ■ T. A. Raison Constn. Dept, " .—, . 

„ y • 

Enclosure. , 

K, Ward Xoqnard, Esq. ; f s ; T ; i i-: i : • • • 

Middletown', Ohio',"'l)}'..~ • 

Doar Sir;- 

• j j, avo vout* favor of th' 20th, u3 ’to’.y for which* if'bog' 

?ta t‘h*ariJ“ you’. ’ __ 

- * -' '' Yfn ’Stuart wroto ■*« aaKina mo if X would bo wi’fljCnB /or^" 

r hxrn to inaho proposals' «b you,' with 5 ;» View, to your going into a 
more oxto'ndod 'fi 9 >d'in ccmo’cVion with chnW,ai‘ station work, and I 
replied 'that i saw no objodt^n whatever, and "if you should' cdno to 
' some M»'''arfan8o'marit with Mr. Stuart"I shaft' *Uflf>lS3'y too Kappy to 
assist you in ybur wort, with" “such 'advice as you may need,!"" 7 " 

7 • Very truly yours, ’"T* 

^ 0.. t r.tftH'■ 

June 3rd, 1G»4. 

• ;, W. Ifv;'Dwelley, Jr. Esq. Trees. , ; , 

Rail River, Hass, .. ; - 

•Doar Sir:- ; . • . 

Referring to 'your fnyoV. of the 22nd. Kay, there has 
doubtless been an error in aVoftt'ijitf W 's'tjsiclO briiy sufficiently large 
enough for your present boilers],. l insibad : XST Wo- to take care of 

400 horse power, as promised fhy ' 

V/e shall be glad to mal e you an allowance for tKi's, r a^' 

•tho fault is undoubtedly ours. . J.. 

l!iit with n>J at ion t.o. your cJ aim that, you havo trouble in 
getting steam for your j resent, plant,, wo aro still of tho' opinion 
originally expressed, and 'empiiasixett by Messrs:. Babcock R Wilcox, 
namoly, that your stack is quite large enough, and that what you 
want is a 'blower, sue), as we have sent you,' in order to get the 1 
host piossiblo results. ' • ■ - • . ( ■ • ■ 

V/e aro anxious to have this matter settled at' tho' "’T 
oa'rliest possible raomont, and shall therefore be glad to KearTtfrom 
you as to what you think will be a fair allowance for the error Tri 
tho stack. ; -»..>. 

Very truly yours, 

A. Edison' OoWtri,' Tifipt, 

P. Price, Esq,- Troas. 
'J$ * ... Now Hod ford, Moss, 

.Tune 3rd. ljMPt:, 


""We have youY'f afigr? ‘of Wo 2rtd."ilis't, " 1 ! 

'; 'Th'o experiment 'yoii raTar 'to 'iW '!bV8LYtff ‘triwit i^ Ohio, 
i Havre written for information Wl'MpioSftr %amc/ to you at the 

'roari'iVfst' 'poa'sibla moment. 


' 'With regard to the now estimate you require for'Wbing^ 

Havo t 

■**r&adifc . 

ostiraato v/orl.od out and sent you as soon as\'iT"fs" 

tf'ofars ‘truly, ’ ' 7 

T« X "RdAson "Constn," ■nopt. 


Juno 3rd. Xlilti, 

v-Av 'Stuart, Bsq, Rooty, , ; ’ _ 7 • ’ 

k r ’ _ Cincinnati, Ohio, •« r>- 

SDoaW Sir':- • - 

^ ‘ , . I ain much obliged to you for your favor of tKo^tJv/'' 

•3ul and for tho explanations you givo therein, • 

Vith rol ation t, 0 ' th e trouble aV Mixldl'etowh with' Wo 
mains',' I have had thi’s ma'u'.urj JS&dtiiXXjr *l^>.'<fcf'''int«, arid T find 
that; an excels of 523 lbs/'ofHj'oppor in thorn, that 

3 ®V®ral al terat'ions wore ’/'Vnh'd'ro" the mains should 

ibo';run,"ahcf'that a gentleman,' who' call of himself ^Rupori'ntWd’ori't; 

"Construe tion*, said he* would taj o upon himsolf tho rosponsirT 
•WiTfty for those alterations, T afterwards learned that f 'SSKiS ! "*^‘V 
: goritToman was Mr. Story, and that ho insisted' to our line'construc¬ 
tor that the altoratioha^jfeji^tnW/shoTilrt' Vo-made, The oxcois" 
of coppytr, which. has boon pu’tpjin/ Will; bn| 4 ^a]®ri jW‘eajro of by the . 
operation of tho foedor equaTi^r*/ ahdTfl'iiJo Wot' antioipato that 
'Oriy 'fro»i' trouble will doVel'opdr'jTtsolf 'at MiWlotoVn, as you r s"up-' 
■^p’ds'o,"'■ ' ‘ ' 

^; 1 ain sure that l would much prof or that in ever'^ caWT^ - ' 

twlv^ro you"have got complaints to make, that >ou would m'aKa tiilem m 
'‘right out', and lot us deal with them on the spot',' 'no^ithnieiniine 
f'th'oy might lead to a rerTp^'vory tihpTWWSant 

Juno 3rd, 1384, 

jij0e flontlomon connected with our business turn 

impossible to deal with us, and quote you «* an author*- 
•pl; olthouRh, personally,. 1 tyow $$ 

^tov/ardn us. A« far 

arisen have been An conn<tf<^fefWaV^B^^ilBT^tfoV^ 
should bo uaod, and on this p^f *« *■ * Ai ~ 

;son Wul'if bd Supported by We ji&ii Company, th^y appealer jto. 

m •••iis-.i... Very truljrtiydiirsY"' e ! 

i j j > 1 ■ |; 

June 3rd.. 1^4, 

■ ~i A, tiftuart, Esq. Booty. .^ \*t\ '■ ' : ■ \ 

~ . Cincinnati, Ohio, f "• * r \ *: 

‘‘IDbai?..Sir:-.-. j { . jt 

• * VfilJ you kimUy fiiyo us sono idea of whatj"'|rour oxp : 3r%' 
’ ibnco * "has been in c 


o unnoctibn with tho frarf wiring 4i fciquaf *. 

[you toll uh what the oxp<nisb has .boon to- tho y^iqua Company, 
§5i0$ibthbr ‘it - lias greatly iiuimaaml' the hiimb’eV oT t^dors for', iight, 
"in "faofany info mat ion that" you think' 'mmfii 'b'e useful\to ua' 
-'iri tJ^ ooinhootion, and by so We yd 'wil!x gi/natly obl'i^Sj, \ 

•• '"7^ Very truly yours, 1,1 " 

^ ' T t A. Edison Conatn, Dopt. 

^ ,; 



■ •’ ’Juno 3rd, I8B4. • 


- •' <• I: 

. William A. Anthony, ■' ■ '■ 

:f ~' V Department of Physics, 

j Cornell University,’ • .I-,'. 

•' * " ’ 

.Ithaca, N.Y.; 

Hoar Sir*- 

I have your Wo/of 'the 2nd. iriat., and r’e g wt to say 
that I Jawr or a. vocanaW staff rit this 

moment, as business is mthn^VtUXl^ust-^. If rt should pid. 

Jur atfaiVi," hb it probably will before the Winter, I shall' th^TT:" 

\ bo able to do something for the students you rdf dr 

! \ .. 


• •• \ 


i . : ; \ • 

Very truly yours,’ A 

.•’: ’ 

’ ' - ; . 

■ 1 •’ . ' ’■’ ’ , 

' .. . ‘ , ; j 

: \ ■ • 

{•• f f; 

■ i • 

... .: . ’ j 

... !!, - , .» ... .. . j 

,Tuno 4th. UJJJ4. 

If, “S. Reynolds, M,D, 

/ Corro (Jordo, 

Columbus f!o. If. C. 

Dour Sirs- 

Rof orrinp. to your favor of .tuno 1st., I bon 1 


you that whnn v/o liwo vacancii 
our oatablishmonts, without v/i 
business. At this writing, li 

is wo urn in tho habit; of taking into 
[jes, 3tudo'nt's anxious to loam our 
lo'woynr, via havo no vacancies. 

vary truly you rs, 

:>|ossrB. fiorgmann & Co. 

2Vii Avonuc B, 


Doar Sirs:- 

Roforrintf to tho enclosed, will 
havo tho particul«w, with tho date, on which 
o'oiv’od tho invention which is in in tor for oner 
data looked-up and coraparo notes, and, if yo\ 
host way would bo to lot' tho mat,tor drop. 

' V.oiry truly yburs, 

•J.M . 

-‘= 6 ' —’ 


Juno 4th, 1HB4,- 

you ploaso lot mo 
your Mr. Kloin con- 
>. I will havo my' 
i aro ahoatt of mo, t.ho 

Samuel Rdison, Hsq, 

Port Gratiot, Mich, 

•Htypaar Mr. t$dison:~ 

T, A. K.' Juts roquost.od mo to Bond you four 
chocks, for $30, each, which please find enclosed, You v/iJJ 
notice that one is dat,od to-ilay,: another!, on the 3.3t,h,, another on 
the 17tlv,' and another on t,ho ijrtrd.’ I trust,’ those v/i3 3 answer your 
: purposin', . ' ' 

T. A, E. is in very good hoaltJt, anti so is his i’ami'jly. 
3’h'oy.' ; ‘]ia>/t» ioft tho Clarendon Hotel and aro living again at AS 
Oraniercy Park. 

I pro sumo you have hoard of the death of old Hr. stilwoll, 
Mrs, Kdisori’s fot)\ar. 

T was very sorry I could not bn hero to see you, when 
you came on last Winter, When.'are you coming on again? 

With my hearty congratulations at your being eighty 
yonrs of age and all sound, boliovo me,. 

Very sincore.iy yours, 

June 4th, 1W4, 

l. Garrison, Esq. Treas, 

Boston, ■ Mass. 

Boar Sir:- 

Boferring tu 'your, frivxir of May a:ird., which has re¬ 
mained unanswered, owing to the necessity of completing the now 
• map of Brockton, which wo send you. by same post under soparatb 
3 : cover, wo shall bo glad if you can indicate t„, us on the map the 
'probable position and number of future lights that you thin! you ' 
are liablo to got at Brockton, as explained to you v/hen you woro 
liore sometimo back. if you can give' us some idea of what you 
oxpoc.t in the future, and will plot some on the map, wo will have 
calculations made as to your conductors, immediately we can hear 
from you. 

You should get ten lamps of ten candle power each per 
indicated horse power, You soor:i to come very near this, froni your 

Can you not find our absolutely whether your indicator 
on the neutral wire is right by comparing with the other indicators 
you have on the othor wires, as you have throe now at Brockton, 

You have-doubtless ere ‘this received the Pilsen lamps 
from Bargmann fi. Co. 

Vory trulv^yo 

.Tuno 4-th. 1HM4, 

•tf*.. Si--Andrews, -8aq. 

Girelovillo, Ohio. 

Dear Sir:- 

In roply to your letter of tho 1st. inst, wo bag to say 
that wo sand you to-night, under '.separata covor, r.hart of tho dis- 
trcit of (Jircloville, Riving. {tho 'information: you ask for iri regard 
to safety catches. i 

Yours truly, 

T, A. Edison Gonstn. Dept, 

»y J : 3, ■ 

.Tujso 4th. 1JJB4, 

,W»;’.S. Androws, Ksq. 

Gird ovi 11a, Ohio. 

Iloar Eir;- 

Will you please Irifom us by 7*0turn mail v/hothop you 
cannot arrange to no to Williamsport at an earlier data than tho 
l<!th. prox. It is of considerable importance that you should Co 
thorn in ordor to start thorn with thoir work; as thoy want your 
advice bdforo thoy proceed to put up the buildinn. I may remark 
that 'accordin'# to our agreement with the Ohio Installation Co., 
the Oirclovillo plant should be in operation by the loth, of this 
month. Will it bo possible to havo tho vror) finished by that 
date? . 

Yours- truly, 

T. A. Edison Constn, Dept. 

Juno 4th. 1U134, 

‘P. .13. Shaw, Esq. 

•«-- Williamsport, Parma. 

Soar Rir:- 

Mtyor Baton has conform! with us with rolation to our 
8 endin-n Hr. Andrews to Williamsport, for consultation prior to your 
vrort there being started. 

lie is novr in ClroloYille, and writes: us that it. will bo 
impossible for him to leave there ; bofo*> tho 10th. prox., but we 
have written him, explaining the 'importance of His Going to Wil¬ 
liamsport, and we are in hopes that he will be able to go there at 
an earlier date. Meantime wo have suggested that Mr. Conant should 
bo sent to Williamsport to confer with your Oormittoo. Before ho 
loaves horo we can post him thoroughly as to the general arrange¬ 
ment of your station, and, with Mr. Andrews to fall bach on for 
advice, in case ho needs it, wo thin! that Mr. Conant would answer 
your purpose. 

He could at the samo time attend to the Ashland matter.• 
Ma^or Eaton will doubtless have written you in relation 
to those matters, but wo thought it as wall to write some explain 

«i„„ *, «*■»«** «»« gg; °" ,u " , “ ,n- 


’S’-' ' 

.Tune 5th. 1HU4, 

Vf. 5.- Andrews, «fisq. 

Cirulovillo, Ohio. 

Dear Sir:- 

fou romombor when you wore hero T hart consider¬ 
able talk with you in relation to closing up all your wor). in 
connection with the various stations. 

1 Jim vory anxious to havo this rtb|^o at tho earliest 
possible rnoraont, and to dis] onso y/ith as many of our men as wo 
possibly can. 

Will you please advise ino as to the condition of the 
Ohio plants, end al so as to the Pennsylvania plants. That is, 
more especially, with relation to tho installation of foodor equal¬ 
isers, which, as I understand it; forms practically tho only work 
which you have to do in Ohio, except the finishing of the Circle- 
v'ille work, on which you are now engaged. 

You will apt rociato my anxiety in relation to this matter 
when I toll you that evory cent we are paying for experts*' expenses 
is a dead loss to us, without' any possible chance of getting it 
back again. 

Very truly' 'yours. 

Juno 5 th. 18H4. 

Personal . 

1 George II, Bliss, Rag. 

Chicago, 113.3, 

Dear Sir:- 

1 have, your favor of the :&nh. May, and havo porusod 
tho contents of sane with very great care. 

I am ranch obliged to you for the suggestions you make, 
arid I trust that, in a very short time matters wi31 be so arranged 
as to bo satisfactory to all, and that I shaJl bo enabled to push 
ahead vigorously and deal v/ith the businoss, which I am sure is 
only waiting to bo canvassed for. 

Very truly yours, 

June 5th. ltJBt, 

George H. Stout, Ksq. 

240 West 3bth. St root. $ City. 

Dour Sirj- 

Roferring to your fw«r of the 1st. inst., which come 
to hnnd during ny absence from the City, j shall bo glad if you wil 
do mo the favor of giving mo a call the next time yon are passing 
this way, as I wish to have a talk with you in relation to the 
Peruvian matter. 

If you are unablo to call during the day, and can find 
it, convenient to bo here to-ntorrow (Friday) evening any time aftor 
eight o’clock, I shall be happy .to. son you. 

Vbry truly yours, 

June Oth, 1884,. 

Colonel George E. Gouraud, 

- .'54 Walbrook, 

london, K-.O. England. 

My Dear Colonel 

You will doubtless remember when 1 was in london 
we hdd some talk with relation to the future conduct, of the Indian 
*• Colonial business, Amongst other schemes it was suggested 'that 
’the organisation in london should bo reduced to a mere nominal one, 
and Mr. Edison was to bo asked to act as an agont for the Indian & 
Colonial Company’s territory.: 

At this raomont, Jfri Edison '(Under an arrangement with the 
Edison Electric Light Company) is proceeding to actively push the 
lighting business in Mexico',. Central America and South America, 
and it has struck mo that we might with groat advantage work tho 
Indian H Colonial, business in conjunction with this department, of 
our offico, 

Mr. Edison has a great idea of the value of Australia as 
a field for lighting, and I cannot conceive, that the Australian 
business can bo near so difficult to handle as our South America is 
naturally owing to tho ol^ language etc. 

I shall bo glad to hear from you as to this matter, as I 

know that you aro especially anxious that something should bb 
done, as you have youra#lf very large intorests in tho Indian « 

Juno rtth, 30B4. 

should bo frittod away on Directors’f 00 s and i 

dono, and consequently r 

t,o the stockholders. 


Juno Oth. 1HU4. 

Colonol (ioorgo K. Oouraud, 

54 v/al brook, 

.London, K, C, England, 

My Dear Colonel 

I havo your favor of tho 24th, ulto., and am 
obliged for the information contairiod therein. 

In relation to tho Indian R. Colonial business, I 3hall be 
glad if you will send mo detailed; particulars as to tho result of 
the meeting, and also some idea as to what the Indian R Colonial 
Company propose to do with relation to pushing their business. 

Very truly yours, 


Juno (3th, I884 


Edison « Swan United Electric light Co,, limited, 
‘■■ 4 - . V? Hoi bom Viaduct, 

Jondon, E,C, England, 

Dear Sirs:- 

I bog to enclose you herewith statement, of account, 
showing balance against you of '*4,15.->.38 

The two ^.11s attached to the statement refer to work 
done on the .steamship “Oregon", under the superintendence of Mr. 

E, H. Johnson, who, together with myself, was requested to attend., 
to the plant on the "Oregon", on the arrival of that steamer here 
when it made its first, trip. This account has been standing a 
very considerable time. . Xt was originally put into the hands of 
Mr. Johnson to collect, and J\e forwarded ‘i’t to your off ice, but not 
having received a remittance he has turned the matter over to me, 
Ploase pass the amounts to my crodit in account current, and remit 
for same the noxt time you nro sending mo money. 

Very truly yours, 

Enclosures. '' ; 

Juno 71;h, lUiPl, 

Armington p : Rims Co. 

Provilonco, R.T. 

Dear Sira:- 

’Vo handed Hr. Mourn a letter wo received l’l-oii Mr. 

Gonant as iu> the Mowburgh engine, Mr. Moore, after his visit to 
Newburgh, reported that the ongino was-in thoroughly good condition 
whoroas the local people and our own non report that it is not* 

Hr. Moore said ho v/ould have a icon sent to Howburgh and have the 
ongirio fixed up. 

Inasmuch as thin trouble with the engine is the only 
defect v/e have in connection with our rjovrbunh installation, we 
should fool very much obliged if you would pay particular attention 
,t... having same remedied imnodiatoly. 

Yours truly, 

T. A. Edison Constn. Dept. 

Juno 7th. liHiA. 

, t, Karrison, Ksq, Troas. 

Boston, Mass, 

-Boar Sir;- 

X havo your favor of tho 5th; June, with relation to . 
th«’conductors, and 1 have already writtenyou a letter enclosing 
a Jotter from tho Bloc trie Tube 06. 

. I do misunderstand at, all why you cannot get all the 
pov/er that you will over require for 1000 lights out of your en¬ 
gines if you carry 120 lbs. pressure and run your engines at 200 
revolutions, this being the pressure and speed at which we run in 
all om- stations. Tf you will refer to Messrs. Arming ton * s'ims 
catalogue you will find that with only 100 lbs. pressure, running 
at 2T.0 revolutions, you can got 144 horse power out of your engine, 
cutting off at quarter stroke, and. if you run Wf 120 lbs. pressure, 
you can got 177 horso porfor out of. the engino. 

X want you to clearly understand that X m perfectly pro- 
• pared to stand by my contract with you, and will, hold myself ^ ' 
sponsible if y„ur engines and dynamo* will hot carry exactly the 
load-which tho contract provides for, 

\7ill you please let me knoy/ the .epcacf speed at which you 
are running your engine, arid also the boiler pressure you ordi¬ 
narily carry, and the candle power *t WiW you' run your lam) 

I'. <>arrison,2. Juno 7th. lUUd. 


that is, do you run ton candle, lamps at ton candles, or ovor that? 

Xf you will give the following information to any ongi- 
noor, he will inform you exactly what horse power you can got out 
’of ^oiir engino. Speed of ongino 250 revolutions, boiler pros-' 
•:?suro 120 lbs., cutting off at quarter stroke. 

I may mention that I havo indicated Id 3 x 13 lay/ronco 
'eriijinos at (Joarch Street, which have developed 34H horse power. 

Juno 7 th. 1WJ4, 

M; s. loith, • Bsq.' Sooty, 

/unorioan Tnstituto of Rloetricnl Bnfjinoors, 
V Murray Rtraot,, city.- 

!>oar Kiv:- 

I. have your favor of Juno Vith,, and would bo p .lad if 
you would jj'iyo mo sumo explanation as to what will bo t3io duties 
of tliO Standinj; Cornnit too on “Tncandosoont lamps", and v/hy aro 
intorostod parties put on the Cornu i too? 

Very truly.yours, 

Juno 7th. 1KB4, 

■ Rdwin J. Houston, Esq. Eloctrician, 

International Electrical Exhibition, 
>' Eranllin Instituto, 

Dear Sir:- , 

Phi}a, Ponna. 

I am obliged for your- favor of ♦»i f » 3rd, inst, 
to thanfc you for tho vary flattering invitation contained 
It vwulrt bo vory oxi>onsivo indeed for mo t.o na» 
exhibit of my inventions outside of el octric lighting, bu 
consider the matter and advise you later. 

Very truly yours. 

, and bog 
1 therein, 
o an 
t T will 


June 9th. 3 084. 

W. N. Stewart, Esq. 

Santiago, Chili,-. 

Dear Sir:- 

Agroaably to my promise contained in my notter of 
May ^.9th,, I beg to advise you that X have sent by this mail, under 
separate cover, officiary certified copy of the decision in the 
German patent case, and also a translation of same. 

Hoping that this will be of assistance to you, I remain, 
Very truly yours, 

r "..- ■- •.. 'r| 

• . it 

.mno 9t,h, lUHt. 

•Chap] os ?. Hughes, Esq. 

Morgan House, 

PoUghleopsie, N.Y. 

Dear Sir:- 

I. have your favor of tho nth. inst., ancl am glad to 
hoar ofbtho prospects of your doing isolated business .ip in your 
section. j 

Tho canvass of Now Brunswick has boon completed, and our 
men havo boon worting on it. right along, with a view to pushing the 
matter forward as quickly as possibl a. I oxpoct the estimate will 
bo coinploted by Wednesday, tho 13 th. inst. 

Very truly yours, 

June yth, 5«!;4, 

iiUassrB. .Borgmann a Co, 


Hoar Kirs:- 

Wo be,; to enclose you herewith letter received from 
Mr. Audrey,.<j as to dispensing .with the thermo-lamps in meters to be 
used in village plants where it is not proposed to run during :. h o 
day. ; • :' . 

Will you please figure ,on the matter, and inform ns 

what reduction can bo made, 

if any, in the price of meters, 

spoken of by Mr. Andrews. 

Yours truly, 

T. A. 

Edison Const,n. Dept. 



June 9th, 1994. 

D, D. Cono, Esq. 

1305 P Street, 

Washington, I), c. 

Dear Sir;-. 

I an obliged to you for your favor of the 7th, Juno, 

I think the better way would be for you to call and have 
an interview with either myself or my private secretary, Mr. Insull, 
the next time you are in New York, and v/o could then bettor arrange 
a basis for you to entor into our South American business, 

I do not think it would be possible for you to operate 
both Brazil and Mexico, although if you havo immediate business 
you could influence for both these countries I could of course be 
able to pay you a commission, 

Will you please advise me at your early convenience 
whother it would be practicable for you to come on and soe mo, and 
if so, when? \ i. 

Very 'truly yours, 

Henry Homtloy, Ksq. 

Phila. Penna. < 

• ; . 

Dear Rir:- 

T am extremely obliged to you for your favor of the' 
(3th.‘inst.t enclosing copy of your report on the v/ of tho 
dynamo current. 

^ an roe with you that, your report, ought ho bo satisfac¬ 
tory to anybody. 

I am going to paint your- name in rod on tho bottom of all 
my machinos that are used for this class of v/orh, as if I do so 
T feel confident tliat, thoy v/ill be operated successfully,!! 

Very truly yours. 

,<S. B, Eaton, Esq, President, 

Edison Electric light Co. 

Dear Sir:- 


are av/aro there was > 

June oth, 1U34. 

very great necessity of 

having a bill passed through the Now Jersey legislature permitting 
Municipalities to grant the right of way for electric light com¬ 

It was quite impossible for us to do any contrul station 
business in Nov/ Jersey until this bill v/as passed. 

Aftor the failure of the Orammo Company to get a bill 
through, T had a bill drawn up, and employed Mr. J. F. Fisher to 
got the bill through. You undertook to be responsible for 81,000. 
on behalf of the light, do. in connection with this matter. 

In addition to this amount there wore Mr. Fisher’s personal ex¬ 
penses, amounting to *753., which I have paid out of my own pocket. 

I shall bo glad if you will bring this matter before the 
next mooting of tho Executive .Committee, or Board, of the light Co, 

with a view to their reimbursing me thin amount, 

I annox a memorandum of amounts paid to Mr. Fisher, luly 
certified by him. 

Vory truly youfB, 


Chari os P. Pricw.Ksn. Tjr»«s. 

Now Medford, Mass. 

Dear Sirs- 

, Again referring to your lettor of the 3nd, inst,, 
asking for information as to free wiring, 7 'bog to give you below 
•' ox tract from a lot tor recoivod by me this morning from Mr. A. 

Stuart, the Secretary of the Ohio Edison Eloctrie Installation 


Mr. Stuart is now trying this experiment, and, as you will 
sec, ho has not yet got any absolute data on the subject.I imagine, 
however, from his letter, that ho has not yet succeeded in doing 
it on -a paying basis. 

In roply to your lettor of Juno 3rd., as to our experience in 
iho manner in which the light is put in at Pi qua, al low me to say 
that we have hardly goho far enough to give an opinion. We soo the 
success of it so far that it puts the light, in just as rapidly as 
wo can v/iro tho housos up. They have applications now for about 
BOn lights. Counting what thoy have put in and what they havo 
yot to put in, thoy have got about 400 burning. Of oourso they 
refuse to wire up anything but what the pooplo propose to burn, 
and they have refused a great many applications where they did hot 
think the light would have a good average hurhing. It has a top*'' 

C.P. a « 

Juno t)th, 3BIJ4. 

doncjr, I think, to onthuso thopeoplo much moro on tho light, and 
if ,»ots it in at once, and tho money of course is returned at 
onca by consumption of light, instoad of running tho station throo 
or four months on a very light consumption, and wasting the bal¬ 
ance). v/o intend to test the plan pretty thoroughly boforo wo 
give it up. As to what it costs to do so, we have not gone far 

;enough to givo you any approximate estimate as ynt, 7 will, 
bowover, hoop track of tho whole affair and as soon as I can 7 
will give you some condensed practical information how it soom 
operate, etc., tho cost etc. 

fSigned) : A. Stuart, 

;I4, C.isdlknap, I5sq. Soot/, A Troas, • 

Newburgh, N,T. 


v/o havb your favor of tho 9th, mat., and in rop]/ 
bog to state that Hr. Sims, of ;tho Armington A Sims fio;, who was 
our officio this morning, info^nqd, us that an export v/ouJcl Joavo 
his shop to-day for Newburgh, with a viow to fixing up your ongi 
Wo aro vory sorry that you should have had any trouble 
in connection.with this matter, but you appreciate that it was 
entirely beyond our control, and that we worn compound to fa]] 
bacl on tho engine builders to get tho engine fixed, 'lhoy have 
shown some tardiness in responding to out- request, and honco tho 
do] ay. ' ■ : 

Tours truly, 

T, A, Kdison Constn, Dept.' 

Juno loth. 3(HJ4 


A. Stuart, Esq. Socty. 

• Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Dear Sir;- 

I have your t’avdr of. the 7th. inst., and regret to have 
to state that it is quite impossible for me to go to Circlovillo. 

1 never had more to attend to than at the prosont timo, and I am 
compelled to be at my office both day and night. Besidos this, I 
havo some very important negotiations on hand which absolutely ' 
preclude me from leaving tho City, and X must therefore ask you 
to excuse mo, - * ■. 

Major Eaton informs mo that ho is going to CirelevilJo 
on l-’riday night. 

Rogertting my inability'to accompany him, and wishing 
you every success at your mooting there, I romain. 

Very truly yours, 

'[ Juno 30th. 

; A, Stdnirt,' Rst{. Socty. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 

■)nar Rir:- 

T havo /nut* favor of the nth. inst. . 

I shall bo very glad if you wi33 look into tho mat tor of 
Mr. Story*a interfering in the MiddlotoWh pole 3inos. I co.uld 
not understand tlio matter at tho, .time but thought it host to say 
nothin?* whatever about it, 

•' J4y only reason in v/riting you m connection with tho re¬ 
marks imputed to you was to have a c3 our understanding with re3a- 
t i.,n to-tho natter. Your explanation* havo been perfectly satis¬ 
factory, and all 1 wish is' that everybody Woul'd be as candid,as 
you are, in thoir business doallngs. It is hardly necessary for 
no to say that if at any time 1 can assist you, T shn31 be on3y 
too happy to do so. T think .yoni understand this thoroughly, both 
,n th rel ation to Mr. Edison and mysoDf. 

1 was |*3 ad to read that long artic3o in tho Toledo papor, 
Y/hich you sent mo the other day. • 

Vory truly yours, 


-Juno loth, 1BU4, 

J, K. Bailoy, Esq, 

Paris, Franco. 

My Boar Mr. Bailoy:- 

I notice in a rocont letter of yours to Mr. 
'Edison that you afiain refer to the matter of tho report T made to 
him upon my roturn from Paris, with reforonco to the statement made 
to me by Mr. Porflos whilst I was in Nico. 

I write otfain to explain to you that my position at that 
time was a very delicate ono. It mipht. have boon a mistaken" 
judgement on ray part, but I thoufihit; it bettor not to say anything 
to you about the matter. In fact T felt that 7 was xn such a 
very delicate position that it was impossible for mo to have done 
so, ovon if 7 had thought it advisablo. However, tho matter is 
now all ovor and I j.rosuino the best way is to lot it drop, but I 
should not like to have tho idea-that you reel at all badly towards 
mo, owinu to my course in connection 'With it. 

Very truly yours, 


‘ Personal , Juno loth. lUb4. 

J. F. Bailey, Bsq. n 

Paris, Prance. 

Dear Sir:- : : V 

7 have your letter without dato, but which commences 
'With the foilowing 

•v ‘ ‘' “I have written a letter the 20th, April,and another the 15th. 
May to Major Raton". 

I referred the letter to Mr. Batchelor, and ho replied 
that it was not necessary for me to telograph you, as you would 
have received Mr. Batchelor’s'-letter telling you that we should 
want you to represent ax our 'side of the house in Paris, 

Very truly yours, 


Juno loth, 

Charles natoholor, Rsq, General Manapor, 
304 Goerck Street, City. 

ICneJosod herewith please find copy of agreement, dated 
••3rd. June, 1UM4, between the Edison Machine Works and H. M. livor. 

Will you please have same put in the safe in your office. 
Very truly yours. 

Roety. F: Trees. 

June l0th.Ui«4. 

Messrs. Hornmunn & Go, 

' City. 

Doar Sirs:- 

T rotl,rn you herewith the papers in the interference 
on "Improvements in Reflectors.” You will notice Mr. Dyer's 
'remarks on the foot of my note to him... 

Very truly yours, 


- 'J>- 


No.10 . 

June 10th. 1HU4. 

W. N. Stewart, Esq, 

Santiago, Chili. 

•Wear Sir:- 

I find that I have overlooked your favor of April 0th., 
and I thought I had answered all your letters, but this one seoms 
to have been mislaid. 

I do not think that Wirt would be a good man for the 
work in connection with village plants. We have men whose exper¬ 
ience is very much wider, and who, 1 think, would bo very much 
moro useful to you. However, of course, I wish, in sending you 
anybody, to send a man who would be entiroly in accord with you, 
and one whom we would have perfect confidence in. We have quite 
a number of new men who are better posted on village plant work 
than some of the older men in our business. 

Very truly yours, 


June lOth.lHlH. 

Edward P. Thompson, Esq. 

:>35 North I!road Stroet, 

Eliaab'oth, N.j. 

Dear Sir:- 

I have your favoM of. the loth. inst,, and in ropHy 
regret to state that I have no appointment vacant at the present 
which .1 can offer you. Should any vacancy on rny staff occur, 
i will advise you. 

,luno loth. 11JH4, 

W, s. Andrews, Knq. 

Cirolovill e, Ohio, 
noor Sir:- ; 

"In. lx?,'; to one]otto you herewith met||* rep 
from Hr. Jyuian, of Piqui. 

Without any more explanation than this r »i 
the^o certainly caoiua to bo Sonothlnt; rotten in the 
vftth an equivalent of 930 lamps of ton c and In power 
tako in SO;!. This is loss than' throo quarters of 
] oup per day connected. Perhaps >ho motors have nt 
] od for the full month, or if thoy havo have thorn i, 
reversion of the main current. The whole thing is 
that T. think it should bo investinatod. 

Yours truly, 

T. 4. Edison Oonstn, T)opt. 

iort received 

>ort gives, 
motor business, 
each thoy only 
an hour per 
>t boon instai¬ 
m's t havo boon s 
bo abnomal 

Juno 10th. 1CSJ4, 

A, Stuart, Esq, Rooty. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Doar Sinj- 

i notico by the motor report,, which I havo just, rrac- 
oivod from Piqua, that they are on3y charging one cent per hour 
or 'ton candle lamp thoro. At Nowburgh, whore they havo twenty 
soven caudio gas to compote with, our local company is gotting 
one and an eighth cents. 

Ts thoro not mistaho in connection with this matt or? 

To.urs truly, 

V. A, Edison Gonstn. Copt, 

Juno 11th. 1«H4. 

A. Stuart, 1 Esq. Sooty. ' :•> 

(JinoiYiriati," Ohio. 

Dear Sirs-. 

V/o havo wired you two or throe tiiaoa with relation to 
"tho final payment on 1’iqua. . 

'7o should bo vory much obiigod if you could send us a 
Now Yorl. oxehanfio for tho amount of saino by return mail, as we 
rely on getting tho money for use.-by Saturday morning. 

v/o would draw your attention to tho fact that on tho 
first of tho month tho debit arfaiinst you amounted to 57,004.04 

Yours truly, 

T. A. Edison Oonstn. Dept. 

J irj . 

v : S M v Ipi * 

June 11th, JWj-l. 

J, P. Smith, Ksq, prbst, 

Oirelovillo, Ohio, 

Dear Sir;- 

1 am very much obliged to you for the flattering 
invitation contained in /our telegram, which is just at hand, 

Tt in absolutely impossible forme to visit cirelevil!o 
at the present time, inasmuch as T have so many things that ve- 
i[Uiro my attention hero, that T am compel led to bo at, mye office 
almost night and day, but 1 can assure that otherwise it would 
afford me unqualified pleasure w visit your town on the inaugu¬ 
ration of my system of electric lighting there. 

Trusting that your Company will meet with perfect suc¬ 
cess, i remain. 

Very truly yours, 


|:[ _■;•■■■' V- . • ■ 

£•' t- ^ : . ■. . 

Juno 11th.]b04. 

I ' 7 : ■ 

George B, Scott, Esq, 

Superintendent’ s Office, 

Gold fl. Stool. To]orrraph Co,, City, 

I have your favor of the loth, inst, 

T will seo if T cannot find out from Europe exactly 
what your soil is doing, and will advise you' at the earliest possi¬ 
ble moment. 

.Tune llth.lMJ4 

Ibuis j?au, Esq. 

Paris, Pranco. 

My near fir. Rau:~ 

A Mr. Ooorfte s, .Scott, who used 

phono business in Milan, xxrf was, T boJiove, afterwards employed by 
the Moci.ete Elootriqun Edison and sont to Amsterdam, Holland, ' \ 

His people here are very anxious to hear somethin,? about 

him. Can you do mo the very Hreat favor of- mahinr inquiries as 
to what the youn,? nan is doin,; and whom he is at present located. 
T would prefer that you should do this without lottinn Scott know 
anythin,; about it. : • 

I 'would not trouble you in this matter wore it not, for 
the youn,; man's father, whom I am very anxious to oblige, by - 
suppl/in,: him with the information he desires. 

Trusting that at some future time I may bo able to 
reciprocate, with hind regards, j remain,. 

Very truly yours, 

juno nth. mi-t, 

W. S. Androv/s, Ese(. : 

nircloville, Ohio. 

Onar .'!ir;~ 

KoforrinG t,o your favor of tho '•t.h, inst,, as to your 
v/J A at Oirel ovill e, wo shall bo f'lad to have your Ground j l an of 
tho station at your convenience. 

‘ .You should not loavo Circlovillo uriti'T the plant is 

started and runninG. 

Ur. Edison is unahlo to- not, and soo tho plant started. 
Yours - truly, 

T. A. Edison Constn. Popt. 

.June llth. JHU4, 

\U ,S. Andrbvfs, Bsq, 

Circl oviHe, Ohio. 

Dear Sir:- . 

Referring to'your •fav'o’r of the Oth. insfc., Wo do not 
wish to hoop Mr. Jyman one day longer than it in absolutely nec¬ 
essary. Poubloday is prepared to tale him immediate? y, and unless 
you nocossary. for him-to remain at Piqua, please arrange 
fbr him to loavo there right away. 

Yours truly, 

T A. Rdisu-Ti Cuiistn. nppt, 

r A- k . ■ 

Juno 13 th. 313H4, 

"/. R, Andrews, Bsq. 

(lire! ovi33 o, Ohio, 

Pear Rir:~ 

Tniie»li:it,o3/ t,ho oircloviJJo p 1 antsr.tnrts wo 
t3'od to fifty per cent of the amount, of our contract, 

'•Vi3 3 y 0 u p3onno non Mr. Stuart anrl arrange for 
this monoy promptly, and by doinc so you will confer a 

Yours truly. 

T. A, Edison Constri. Popt 



Juno 13 th. 3iil;4, 

Vi',:.S, Andrews,' Rsq, , 

Cirelovillo, Ohio. 

hoar Sar:- 

V/O hnvo your favor‘of tho dth. inst., ns to fcho vror) 
in tho various stations. 

M daso gat us know as oarJy as possible* v/hothor Mr*. 

3 oonard has actually fit tod up tho foodor aqua! isors at Middlo- 
ti-'-vn, a3 so iwmodiatoly Mr. Hovos »{Ota then fixed up at Tiffin, 

1 judiTo from your romar) about, Piqua that tho foodor ‘ 
equalizers must havo .boon put uj there. 

Mr Conant has 3 oft M.f./burnh and has nominally 3oft*our 
employ, _»'•? is noinc to put uj tho Ashland station. Wo shall in 
all probability require yon to civo him sono assistant:o, but of 
this wo will coim.-tunicay? vith y u u later. 

Yours truly, 

T. \. Rdison Const n, r>opt. 

W. 1. Qarrisun, Ssq. Trims. 

v-oston, Mass, 

Mo Juw< /out* favor .of tliu loth. mat,,, arid in ropl y 
b'Jf- to statu that your explanation mahes it p«rfoctly cl oar to mo 
that you huvo reached tho lnutsuf your feeders, as I predicted 
you voul d. 

Whnt is now required is a now determination, for which 
wo are awaitinj: lata, so that wo can‘figure on |pjgd hoc essary 
i V-Utions to tho foodors. 

The dynnnos aro so nado that all tho bio cl. s, but one «»• 
two, should bo out when tho fendure have their calculated number 
of Imps. ■ If you continue to add Imps you will not have pros- 
suro unou,owing to overloading 'our foodors, although tho dyria- 
mos and engine may bo w rhing far under thoir lamp capacity.' 

When will you lot'us have this data as to your probable 
’■'future customers? 

With relation to your boiler pressure 1 ,'.'.the' Habeocl * 
Wilcox boilers, which wo installed in ybur station, are built to 
run with oasd at 120 lbs. • prossur.d,' Wd c’affy 1 12'> lbs. pressure in 

tho contra! station down town' all the .tilde. 

Yours truly, 

3 U. b 

■ 3 . 

Stuart, Rsq. Mocty. 

Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Itavo you dono anything with rotation to Toonard? 

You '/roto us sown tino bac) that you thought of /'ivim; hm v/ov). in 
connoction with your business. PJoaso hot us know what you have 
donu, or what you j.roposo to do in this hat.tor, as wo aro siiipjy 
carrying Wr. Jeonard .lust now,' at' 'Middletown, awaiting your .-loci- 
2 iun in tho ruattor. 

Yours tru5y, 

June 12th.1884. 

; Arlington R Sims Go. 

s't ' Providence, R. I. 

Dear Sirs:- 

We hava finally arrangad a basis of sattlomant with 
the Shamokin Company. Thay compel us t,o taka back the two small 
anginas, bacauso they state that they nojr-^jjo and Mr. 

Moore, on behalf of your Company, gave them his word that he would 
replace the anginas if that were the case. . 

We have got to put in a 14*2 x 13 angina and take back 
the two 8*3 x 18 anginas they now havo. 

■t We think that you should give us credit us for the two 

8 1 2 x 10 anginas on this transaction, inasmuch as the trouble:is 
one over which we could hardly be said to have, control. 

.the. new engine as early as possi- 
tha subject 

Wa aro anxious to have 
ble, and shall therefore be gl'adi to hava your views 
by return mail. 

Yours truly, ^, 

T. A. Kdison Constn. Hept. 

Juno 34th. a fl»4. 

B, Raton, Ka<j.' 

Boar Pir*- 

7. boj; t<> infom you that yon worn n.l ootod » Dirno- 
tor (»J* tho Edison E.lootr.i* J.-igh t Coni'any of Enroi>n. I.iraitod, at 
hoi 4 Hay HM, and 

otify you that a moo tin)? of tho\iroctors 
at Wo, '05'"l ,, iftJi Avonno,' How York City, 

3:30 jV'M,, fdr tho nloct$Wn of of floors and to disnuds tho i>ri 

the annual moot in;? of stockholders 


elected will bo holfli 
Friday, Juno 37th. V» ' 


’ t,he v!<iii|>nny. ; 





G\ V ... LAd 

' £(/ 

’^ Liberty street, 

sill you ploase take off all insurance 

■last !Uth. street and pi a 


set ri cal 

itrnments, exper 

nch chemicals, precio'ii 

labaratory, top floor, 

the building of Bargmahn £■ Co. 

should lik' 

didon's -instir 


Very .truly yours, 


Tfoimiti Ajj. >Kdist>ri; a 

£ cc< . 

r-vrt ( f r , lty 9r>.- f ll c 

:^rf~ I 

•ThV 'jriartarlv meting <> r ■■'••i T>ir«r*,t,rn of tj-, -. > 

Kfjto-n Kloetrtf T.i^iit Company oC Europe, h xnxtot t ^ ^ib»j£ 1 f 
tv* of Mtissra. R. T,. Outtxnr Jr. & no*, Vo. if; Wi£roMl|$|*, 

>.'»v York, on ''‘hursday,th« 6th. dny of November, at 1 o‘ 

I*. !■!.'" ’ 

Your attendance it* particularly'p^Moated, ay disonaaiy. 

is 'no bo had, and'action tftXon, on prop?,set! chi-in ?o;» in the eorJtrc 
A-Li!. th-i Roman Edison Ooinpriny, p.hci also on p»•..[>.. <y*4 vh> 

Contract betwyn this 0< w .nny and th« n on n<i yir:- n..ntlnon tala Sdis&n 
of Paris. % 


Wnasrs. Bailoy, Rn tcholor and Tipton v/iil bo pros ant k 

Yours inilyy 


S3 ' 


.)%*; ttororrios to ifM-' m mr yt ti>i » dot# a» to Mr *"£3 . 

•^f'Wb--corrospondoM« with the 0onstraction Dept, V* 
fefehemfee? is- orally correct. Aa to .hotW-ono, «*^T / 
,fe*e i*$$t were 'not replied to, I-an, odv <*i*» sure^hich' *^g •■• 

« ht, is two that received no reply. ^ 

& I may note was that all such Inters arrived wh^l^^y,, 

. any letters Poooivad since rny ' • 

*jlS» promptly replied to; for instance, one cam prf* *>Aw* 
-i-in»noiliatoly dictated a rSplf. As a rulo^t- 
^#5tw.^ikt,nce is executed either on the same day or the du^aftfcr 
posV things not a little behind, durin B my absemcei^JJ. 

' 'whidh'Ij‘db'no| at Bill wonder at. 

S, Insull 

■ . 

!’.o C»trr tn;'Vo tho at inched .eorraspondotacoi 
Mild of'nin call 1 your nttontion to tho fact t) 
* Edison HaeJi.; I'forks is conducted by. mo in 1} 
lid- repeat my: ronuost so oft an made 'you 
»h this otffico in relation to all mutters in 
jachino Works business. 

S<>ldan*s duty is to bu.tid muchinos Tor t.ha F 

Wo would 

lly Rhaj*|{onblo t< 
i* ship pin*' clerk 
of Newton K Co., 

do lay, 


m T.iiHt-' 

Major Eaton; 

- ' T you , a fw points c 

Stations. Tho lottirn yhich thoy cams' in refer to matters which 
T hnrdl" think yon would cars to { ;o into. 

||i' . liti Carm,l- "Ir. J.a., n ,ird i-.inrt. that ovnrjthine la ' 

11 -a r " H r ‘ Kirt ” i ‘'' 

si \ j p.lun t in a row Say hi * • 

fi j: • . ■ • * 

|: j ' Sunbury-- Mr Ooubloday reports that ho lort the engines 

| I ,lyn " nOS ’ b0il ' ,ra n11 a V i,!;; work, The , ;tncJ: lf , in 

j . ° rd '* r Wine to alterations huviny brten niado to it nine- 

! j. • y ,,tont * ,w b “* 8 Hr Uar r» a attention to this ' 

• | ' 1 . but hi* boon un«bl, t» -t anythin,; tlon- at present. I 

| j . Ml r,UtW thl “ '’ P f! ’ Vl s * w that.avorything is put. in yood ..hapo 

■ la thii, plant. • 

| j Shar,inkin- Mr floubledny r-*p.»rtathat ho loft thoi 

f , • ■ A ' M> • - ^ *h. as given partiou tar ‘h tontion to the « A » ^yipo , 

order to find imi the to of the bad governing, which tho local 
people: faiii 
for throe weeks 

reports from thorn ln n day or do'; 

Bolloro-’to- Th" plant t\« 

Jmvo everything in n».*| shape 

1 " nn Dan sovarniny, which tho local j 

1 * tlia! h »= "™ U,U . 

-»]<» r ith r ,„„iA. I ..liink , ,i,n 

or noi ^ , „ t , 

lant t\»oro i«' jn,nnin» much bottor,’'%^;v' 

n- there mow. ~ V -- < 

v 1 S/ ^ ~C ,f * ' y'fV : 

mini? to pay particular atton'tion to It, ’ - 

Tirfin- Roportu from horn nro vt^y tfood, tho_ lomp 
broakntfo which was so much cnmplaihod or has bnan rodUcod Cron oi 
lamps in tho a -von days ondin« pob 18th, to 41 lamps in tho nipo 
lays.; from 18th to 81st inclusive. • 

1 Rival*- Tho roports from horo aro vary, good indhod 
huvo. had trouula with thoir tmdornround syotom, but all faults 
lav" boon .omdicafod, • Tho ow indicatorsuiwhich wo Jiavo at Pa 11- 
:ivor arn working very woll. 

Brockton-! I had a.convocation ovor tho tolophono with 
onks 'on..'Friday, ho says that tho plant is working vary wall .ih'doc 

av/ronco Thoy had trouble 

5 with thoir *n<jino, 

ho faul t was purely local and no thin;? ovor 'which wo havo : any ' 1 
ontroi Th»y havn practically wr«ckod thoncyliridor of ono of * 

7 ns- & 

.extension down <*.l / 

Major Katlmr- 

ffe havo 

- t . .. .. 

Poaw 3 , .street. Will you have the contract. pro) arod nr connection 
with thio natter, oriahall iv. t would like to fix'it up within 
tho noxt day or tw^. 

/ , Soml Insull. 

< . 'per McC. • 

1884. Edison, T.A. - Suppliers (D-84-017) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to suppliers 
of equipment and materials for Edison and his companies. The items filmed 
contain significant Edison marginalia or provide significant information about the 
equipment or materials being purchased. 

Approximately 10 percent of the documents have been filmed. Routine 
correspondence has not been filmed. 

ipfu- -o/ -or| 

Chillicothe Foundry 


I M nu 1 AND machineworks. 

z 8&£ 

Chillicothe, . 

/ }?w / co.&i v 

vOvt, (Sztodlryi. ^o,, (T/Jjf/foC 

ffK. 1^0 tfi*. <d&£&4srihEi^. tC^c-O-Al /£ £sy.Cc^t*^-t**- ar^sy 

^t^CCtryy-K. (X^c^c. h-*£U<jL/> t Cist*cX-TL^Ci.t<it- 

iitL l^o Ts" Ur>-ctt^-tn~- /-**. T-tJliU^Ltryx To 7tKi- AOst-yuLs 

~$z* c£.£lCv+~. "fa . Qti£.-d^£ T^aAt 

'&6u\ts£ O^uclcTo. . cc^i cM ^ zrt ' 

£z~<—criy Co*** oC /sO't'Cc^rrryy' Tyt-G -J 

tCoy <_ C^CU^t^or/- h. (sv-CLtCetf- Ary At*. J?Cm O^to^r- 
/l^ 7&X. ^YThsi^-Usry 

~Z/Cci^/%. CaT&Cc^L 4-tf C*sv££ /<**-<n*sv+. Ur£yty£_ | 


Is) o^i^c-c^/L “To 7&Z 
~£e.c£ /ff ~Z/Z<^Us , i, utr/LCc-Pl /Zaasl- '^ucA^' 

>y AAt. UrTrx^ct £ycLe - j -J A - 

<■ &<-*<, 

<z<v^r jo^crpyudA. 


/pe>f--oi —_a 44 . 

Chillicothe Foundry 

Chillicothe, 0., . 

o en*-*- ~7'/Cz 

_ &*-'<-^ j^r-u-y^ l ' ,J ~' 

Cc^oi. -rAt^Atj 7L~cr?-a-c '/Ccr-i„u-',. 

.jUJJJiriU ' 

"/Ae <7>-lCt,/A.E. 


4 SK-t .t-C ( 2 y/t,ct^Cil 


CA^lAAicefflCe zAtTz^O).—. T Z7'Zl< 


'A .~y%.ry7<^ 

-p<-AA_CL LM-*. --*f -* -if ■»_ 


Co^>Cfcc^?t Vir 

iwter iL«. 

~p{\-*^&-, — dh 

^rHyo-t^ lM-e^o_ cl ~~^X-iJL, » « ■. 

- -j —* CTA-Jr^^f-irri-c--' 

J-+£-dLt^frf '-O^ho- [tyo^nyju Ay 
l»-i C^-A-t-V^—. / 

C^tTvy-R^juKx, jy*-*J!jJLy£j J^r 

I s/w_/hd GiysT iimja 


aI\m Ipv . t k i,c>^4rr"w~: 

T^y^p^f/Chilhcoth^ Q CP^A/rr Zr ^- 


( BUC(I^Bwkl^AVEMi 

Chillicothe Foundry 

fawdu) a pOlAt. .g ,<— 1 

r v«-*T?«H 

T&zozC ' U * J 

^ZZc/. WC&* ^A^^'OLyCXJ /Zsls-Z, 

; -l^cz^Zc ^o<ls ^a-r~Z^&^&tZZ -4<sO ~l^c&>Zc-e, 
CU^CC (^2cc^/ce^\ 

<t>~ £L t^S S~ 

~Zc*j "^O /<-Jz£~~ 

. 0-^-y' *~£<^cy st*c*<^£j *sL*& » 

S’ /s€slS* m t/ ^~0 u _ 

'/Z- Z^Z^ccSZo 

'ssuldyi* ^ ^-<*-2 < 2 ^ 

\ si^rt %L IL 9 stsLsi^ZO 

•Z^tst, J^<- Z^/iZ-C-c-X' P-C^L^./—' 7^ \ 

, $z£<J 

\ "24>~zzo cZZ OscujL 

<tv~t, J2^f^<X*C4st-£.c£ ~~^L 


fcfoiifogothe, 0., . 18 . 

%> fy/*' ^L^c_-j~^<_^<£>C' tf'Sac.tzO 

~^t) .CU^Jzt. ’tjrzur-ct 

'~/t^O £. ~4sLyt^ &'Z<4 / >Z> a 

/ ZtLo Zte-^t^z^C 'Tt. 

ZZ&L# stss-Zr-i^tzC ^U, /?L^<zz^Ljl*4L^~7^ 

, / 4^ / r-Z^2c£ ZU^x? 

zzzzl/C j 
Z< z^^jCz£~~ ^ 

‘%jL a^S, 'Z^4L4sLsr— 

WUtZZtCcr%o faaztccs, 

<^^ZrLs 4 

Warren Manhlna Works, EatabllBhBd lBSb, 


•fr . . . "'■ • • r •' 


• ■ *-l|§ ENGINES 'AND GENERM/MAoim^Tr*^-» . ^ ' , . 

1884. Edison, T.A.- 

This folder contains 
Edison's inventions, inquiring 
for other information about I 

Unsolicited Inquiries (D-84-018) [not filmed] 

unsolicited correspondence requesting agencies for 
; about the purchase or cost of his inventions, or asking 
lis inventions. 

1884. Edison, T.A. - Visitors (D-84-019) [not filmed] 

This folder contains routine letters of introduction and requests to visit 
Edison. Letters that received a significant response by Edison, or that were 
written by individuals associated with Edison, are filed in their appropriate subject 

1884. Electric Light - General (D-84-020) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
commercial introduction of the electric light and to technical aspects of electric 
lighting and power, such as the design of lamps and generators and the materials to 
be used as filaments. 

All the documents have been filmed. 


■*' ma chine xrjsrnfc&gft I 

/S3^ .L'lrVNA \ 

A \ jgj,#g£ 

CfiA/ ^», 

<s^52tAt<3, c%rZo j? 
-^-tua/^yy W -eJ^+e£AZij cui 
—</c?^ Z, oaAIc^- 

&-+™- a. &<££ cS&Zyjf. 

Qew. 4^ 

flfi**-. -fa £<y<^C^~| 
' ~\w^ ^ # 

GL&nstSU-<So9 £ 



J machine HJTITES, 


o&Hiw. y&duli. 

***** ■ '*+-**- *~>. -tx-au, 

y«*U. /fcr 

^ */" J) jLtr\_ I~J) 

As-isiy a. e auA.i^4, Q^sx 

y t>I &&-IASIS3U 0^4-OSl OLwlhi 

^ *VA 

o - ^ &0-v*As3U a^vilE 

A^ydL-, 6u' Uy^A^asOlavL 

-i. A*&eA_ u>-6-u<hy 
^t-eusuu-<.*/ a^-o/ Af<uaA*< 

* A£7 tf^r-l/i-C 

~A~ 4.,^ 



<LJL.^r • 



SgUt&Jipteater itt gfisjMicirss iarsil-fpjgiarss.. 

< ? f&S&rs? c . (iJvV'^A ^ U>>'S c+-~<>si[) A 

&ZZ /£ A^Z? Sc). { 

■0ez&2/. ; if c/t-^ *M' >G 

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38, Bennett's Hill, 

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tlipBefflbrks aro therefore fully conversant with tbo method 
ol’ianfifing and using fuol gas. By an easy extension of the 
sysf^h of gonorators, it would bo poBsiblo to have any quantity 
of tlio fuol for Bala as woll as for consumption on tho pro- 
misoa. The oxporimont might thoroforo bo triod with loss 
of a broaking-off from old usago than our correspondent 
imaginos. If Buoh a motliod of introducing fuol gas should 
provo successful, tho existing order of generators would givo 
plnoo largor and improved apparatus for producing tho 
host grado of fuol gas which ooko and steam could yiold. 
Tho orootion of oondonsors for tho recovery of tho ammonia 
of tho coko would not bo a serious matter after this; 
and tlio services of an old gnslioldor of small capacity, 
such as may frequently bo found in largo works, would 
afford as muoh compensation between tho exigencies of pro¬ 
duction and consumption as would bo needed. This is by 
no means a fanoy pioturo of what might bo dono in many 
towns of tlio United Kingdom. Tho obstacles in tho way of 
a Fuel Gas Company—with everything to buy, and an estab¬ 
lishment to sot up on this ono source of revenue—do .not 
oxist' for a Gas Company or Corporation. To Blightly para- 
aphrase a famous lino, “ Thoy'vo got tho coko, and got tho 
“ men, and got tho money too I" Hero is a now lino of pro¬ 
gress in which any enterprising and influential gas engineer, 
properly inspired with boldness and caution for tho task, may 
inuko'IuliisOirfumouk as a pioneer,' "It ; is It subject which' 
mSyjjoll ocoupy tho attention of Tho Gas Institute at tlioir 
noxt meeting; but, monnwhilo, who will Bupply tho facts 
upon which disoussion may proceed 1 


Tue subscribers to tho great Edison olootrio lighting init¬ 
iation on, tho Holborn Viaduot have received a courteous 
intimation from tho Secretary of tho Unitod Swan and 
Edison Company, to tho effect that tho supply will soon bo 
terminated, and they aro thoroforo, requested to inform tho 
Company when it will bo convenient to havo tlioir sorviccs 
out off. Thus ends tho enterprise from which so much was 
expected; and which has dono so little beyond keeping itsolf 
in oxiBtenco at a cost that will novor bo revealed. Of course' 
it will bo said that this stoppago is' only a preliminary to'd 
recommencement of operations olsewhero in a more favoured 
district. But it will occur to most people that tbo position 
occupied by tho Edison Company on tho Viaduct was as good 
as they can liopo to find in' any other part of London. It is 
a central sito, on a thoroughfare' provided with subways, 
whonco tho extension of supply into tho most thickly popu¬ 
lated and opulent part of tho City, was oxtraordinanly con¬ 
venient. Tlio whole of tho City of, London was opon to the 
introduction of the incandescent systom from tliiB contro of 
Bupply. Wherefore, tlion, rotreat jvitli tho road to vietory 
o 'Tim nimiflor states that tlio installation 

licnlifio possibility of supplying 

_ _„, __ this having, boon dono—tbo 

lighting is earliest,' possiblo idato 1 Truly a 
curious mothoafbf signajjlsirig a triumph, ^iHi&'ftijscnljors 
who wont to "considorablo expense to adajpMli(ffl'3nt6rior 
fittings for tho Edison systom will, of courserlbsii tlioir 
money, wliioh will , constitute tlioir reward for tlio ontor- 
prising spirit they displayed, and .tlio patienco with wliioh 
-thoyr oudUfBdlh'OToEfcdsTbnal' occ'orifficities" of - tlio’'ligH£T, 
Their fdto Will scarcoly bo an onconragomont to tho subjects 
of tho next attempt on tho part of tho United Company. 

Tho SoutlL-African'Brush Company, had on oxciting moot¬ 
ing last week, at wliioh'.tha shareholder!! completely upsot tho 
proceedings of the Directors. It was an extraordinary gonoral 
mooting, convened for tho purposo of passing a resolution, 
originating with tlio Direotors, for tbo reduction of tho' capital 
from £100,000 to'£60,000, by converting tho £6■shores irito 
£8 nominal; wliioh would leave on unpaid liability of 10a. 
instead:of £2‘10s; as at present. In moving tho resolution 
for this purposo, the Chairman mado a speech of tbo usual 
oliaraotor;'. boasting that tho Brush dynamo was tho bost in 
the world, and stating that the lighting dono by the Company 
at Kimberley was muoh better than anything of tho kind that 
•had been seen in England. It is remarkable how distanco 
lends perfection, and perhaps “ onobantment to tboviow" of 
oloctric lighting.. Failures and disappointment closo at hand 
aro always explained away, arid overything is reported to bo 
so much bettor somowhoro else. 1 English pooplo used to bo 
told by tho earlior Brush prophetk that tlio place to seo their 
light in porfeotion was America'. In tho United States, tha 
successes of tho English electrioiaris woro equally held up to 
admiration. Not long since tho reporter of The Times stated 

that oleotrio lighting in perfection could only bo soon in Vionno. 
M. Pliilippart recently told tho unfortunato shareholders of 
bis Accumulator Company that tho Fauro-Sollon-Volokmar 
batteries could drive tram-cars m Pans bettor than m 
England. Now wo aro informod that tho bost display'of 
Brush lighting is in tho diamond-fiolds of South Africa. Tha 
South African Brush sharolioldors, however, soomod to think 
that tho gamo was played out; and thoy dcolinod to allow 
tho Board to liandlo tho uncallod balanco of 10s. por share. 
Thoy submitted an amendment, in tho teeth of the Chairman 
and his frionds; and as this was not put from tho ohair, thoy. 
contemptuously rojeoted tho Directors' resolution. A poll 
was domanded; but, whutovor may bo tho result, it is ovidont 
that tho working days of tho speculation aro numbored, as 
tho shareholders scorn determined to enforce a return of so 
muoh of tho capital as can bo saved. 

' Tho publio of Now York havo apparently awakened to tho 
ovil of allowing olectric lighting companies to string tlioir 
wires all over tho city without restrictions based on consider¬ 
ations of safety for life and proporty, and havo boon told by 
many authorities that tho only possible course to bo followed is 
|-to oorapel tho olcctrio companies to put all their cables undor- 
gronud^Tho Sanitary Engineer recently summed up tho pro- 
vaflmg lflea, by. declaring that eleot’rio lighting was not bo much 
/u necessity for social existence that tho dangers of tho oxposed 
PwlraFcou ld - b tf e n du re d for' its sako. The - companies W 

to bury tlioir cablos; and wlion thoy reply 

_ _do this and livo, tho alternative is accepted 

, ,/itli. ahpost brutal candour. Mcanwliilo, howover, it has 
booiyrferlooked that underground wires are quito as dangerous 
others. TIub view of tho case has been presorited to 
— —riorican'.publio by Professor Henry Morton, in a lottor 
which is a'modol of its kind. Ho shows that of all tho 
systems of clcotria lighting in uso in Now York, the Edison 

It is true that tbo total amount of injury to lifo oi 
property irom this cause is said to bo insignificant; but it is 
an curious fact that " more than sovon times as groat loss has 
“ occurred from tho lfl miles of underground wires than from 
.“the 800 odd miles of aerial wires, although tho latter havo 
“ been muoh longer in uso." Professor Morton thinks that 
tho chances of accidental contact with tho wires would always 
bo greater whon. tho latter aro underground. From tho point 
of viowof tho companies, it is sold that “it is impossible 
“to' carry on successful oleotrio lighting on on oxtonsivo 
“commercial scalo with underground conductors," becauso 
of the expense. Professor Morton's ideal solution of tho 
difficulty is the construction of subways—which postpones 


The Corporation of Leicostor liavo a Bill for tlio coming 
session, wliioh soems- to havo caused considerable ferment 
among tho ratepayers. TJio subject of contention is tho 
financial schomo for which (fifty monitors of tlio corporate 
body havo mado themselves responsible. All the existing 
provisions for tlio ropaymont of debt aro to bo repe.alod, and 
poriods are stated for tho repayment of existing and future 
|"debts, apparently af’the uniform term "of sixty years'trorii 
tho timo of borrowing. Tho manner of repayment ir tribe 
by putting asido a sinking fund to acoumulato at compound 
interest until it roaohos the necessary amount in thirgivon 
time. Thus tho great discovery-of tho Leicostor notables 
appears to bo nothing more than the old fallacy that it is 

-«- „£f *«-*«--• - -•’ *-*- 

_j profitable to cleOr off dobt by saving at_ r _ 

rest, than by annual deductions of the principal injhenow 
usually accepted manner. Tho proposal is called locally by 
tho somewhat mystifying name of " equation of periodand 
its originators havo. takon tlio troublo to oxplain tho mottos, 
os thoy understand it, in a circular addressed to the rate¬ 
payers. "We are not aware whether our own explanation is stated 
in so many words in this document; but this appears to be tho 
purport of olauso 20 of tho Corporation Bill. At all evonts, 
although surrounded Ilya great many bewildering phrases and 
saving considerations, (tlio central idea of-tho proposed altera¬ 
tion arrangements of Leicostor is tho disohargo 
of debt by accumulation of savings at compound intorost. 
Now, this idea is a very orudo ono, although it was onco 
aotod upon by Sir Bobort Walpolo and Mr. Pitt, in tlioir 
attempts to roduco the National Dobt. The mistuko lies in 
not booing that tho ..saino offcot is to bo soourbd, at a ohoapor 
rato, by annually paying off suoh an amount as that proposed 



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The Hammond Electric Lioht & Power Supply C!, Limited. 


LONDON, . (88 

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pleasure in announcing tliat their extensive works at East Nowark, N. 3., havo just boon completed; 
and that they are now prepared to supply tho American market with, Insulated Wires for all Electrical 
purposes, similar to tho woll known products of tho parent Company— Callender's Bitumen, Telegraph 
and Waterproof Company, Limited, of London, England. 

Tho underground wires of tho London Company aro woll known throughout Europo j and nro 
largely UBcd by t ho Edison and Swan Cnm naniea of England, by tho Brush and other aro light companies, 
and by tho principal Railway and FologrnpTi Companios. Tho main cables of tho Now Low Courts, 
London, of Buckingham Palace, and of Hatflold Houso (tho residence ,of the Marquis of Salisbury), uro 
among tho woll known installations whore tho Oallenorr Core is in use. 

The insulating matorial used by tho Company, “Bitito," is practically indestructiblo ; it does not 
molt with heat, noithor do gases, wator, tho atmosphoro, nor tho action of tho earth aflcct it in any way. 
It is on this account tho best insulator as yet known for underground wires; whether for light, tele¬ 
graphs or telephones. Its insulating properties are as good as those of, India Rubber or Gutta Percha, 
and, in place of drying up, it improves with ago., 

The Company aro now prepared to manufacture wires and cables, to any specification, for overhead, 
underground or submarine purposes ; at prices considerably below those of any othor eflectivo mothod. 

For prices, samples and particulars, apply^o 

’ . W. M. CALLENDER, Secretary, 

, V: 7 Nassau Street, Now York. 

cu/- -c-efe^ 


O^ (S-a^Er ^ . 


-jz£ C JL <2. 


I think you had bettc 

■ c. /« 

■ er a sk Mr. Edison h.i /opinion 

about this. It is not for Prof. Antony personally! It is for 

the University, I thi^ik. 

£He Sitij iron Worlts* 


<$■04, 26, 1884. 

Thos.A.Edison, Esq., 

No.65 Fifth Ave. , 

New York,N.Y. 

My dear Sir:- 

The favor if your reply to ray inquiry of the 
9th inst. duly received. We will make arrangements to try 
the experiment with the-large tube as you suggest, and I 
will take pleasure in informing yon of the results,whether 
good or bad. 

Thanking you for the trouble yon have taken in the 
matter, I am, 

Very respectfully yours, 

. £ (j eX-<Xc A/i i 



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y(* /frta^C \/&4*<y— 4f£rv<- /{>y*7*^7 OL <Z^L*.04- ZovrlGi) 

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£rf£t7£z7£ /Ce^C- /*< ^2-fi 

-- —__z^- <S|/Zt - 


Central Station, Construction Dop't, 

No. 65 Fifth avenue, 

, New York 

cULS 1 m. 

-^JV- At S^d^J. -✓ 

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/l'\JL I't-d '^//’■*■/^ s' tf£u-Z- 

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... (^L-Ll.-^"C Cv-o / ^L.CC<t~ ‘2 ■'~Zt'C‘<S~t Cph-C.CL- a _^L, .. .. 
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The Edison Co. for Isolated Lighting. 




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The'Edison Co. for Isolated Lighting. 


* DvvV«yJv., OxVaUlW. 

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far-±£JL aljL^-t^T^oC^ (L^z^eZ, ^^-*z»_i 

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O' (UXto^ (Ix-Z^Tr-cJd^ fv- CL^t^C£^t, /iZ-sLo agjf. ra^j* y f^ fcx 

CL QjLAu/Zz 2^^_, ^4sC.OAAz^Zh^_ O-^- jLz^e^)^ Ay^rrO Hj-^f 0 -zj-tz^c^ ; 

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II The Edison Co. for Isolated Lighting. 

.......... \%&> . 

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c^— flx&svszO^i—srzt-^/- £Ul^r-z>t < r-*'*'S-Xc-A-^^' /2*-c- (l&T^ri^e7i&zr 
thr-tAJi. rtX~ 0~$-~ir-t*£jc>C- i-v—z r^V^. ✓**-»<- A!ASLe-£s 

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(}~yLoc*> o~y~y £2-^> sy^e-a^ts yj c XL^t_ a^-> 

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<r?-3-z-'Xr- G^r^i^t^t-cAt/L. <2-£-e_e>Z_ 

1^jbi-4sCs<l^y~ /l~<? ■A 'XX^ g.. ”'^XX'«--<1. 

, , -THE EDISON . ' 


r The Edison Co. for Isolated Lighting. 




.V 5 : S. 

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Q-TT2^dyi^C^^ (far-<-&Z- ft-A-B— (krdL<L£^_ <Sn^s jh^e^. 

A ^~ -^V ^V n - @- ^3-^— Oozz-ot.. Ao-C-c-Q^L/f ^/-farc^C. ^O-s^tzzjzC A* 

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mL-z-z-zZ. CL—zt^?C Q-/~ tf-fct-. ob-O-ol. GjZesCtsLe.* /2zozcsa~/-"2!^ 

OlsLezdjL, £l__g- CCxzo z- q£zo- 4 ^z<z<^ 7~^e^ $z<zz- t _a. ^v€!<_ ^Lz-o-^x-zi, CL-C.G&^-zr-z^z 

/Isto^Tr-irz-e-Szs < $7s-e^Ct~ <ld— ffar?r^- C>£tO-zJ&- hCje_< ‘S^oz^-zozji_ falo3-zzJ^j>(_^ 

Q-v-lno- (Le~&-**Jl_ fhn~-v-v—t^z^\ —L 



- The Edison Co. for Isolated Lighting. 


s}(v/lo\v. .. 




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flns-cjfa, Jox t^iC& la^. '{£*-^sLe* 

Csh^Qsk, °^~ S^ je -4-d-' do^oL- O^-b^/- &is-rx-t-* — '1—& — CcA^a-ads 

SL/z^tr-Mje. CL. ^tonC&or*^. &c/ ib(!e^ ^~a-^js^ic£<i.~a^L o~^xjo£xor-e^ 

(hjl~4JL*a-s4JZSi^ &h- 'j£a.' __ tC£oo<^CXoo^x> 0-zr20ot^Cc*c*^/~.7 

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j(la-(LA- /2C&z_^g-^-e~ cr^- ^teL^£- 

& ■Co £<j-C-ole~<^/^ ^z^ir- o£- ?\-J2-o ^CCoo^e^. t 

■* J2-j-tsi^a_~ Cv—znx^b*a-x*-^/- r &L^<r ] 

Corno^2^a^tjz^CZZ^ ^e- J^o~2^~eoty (?-v~ Cjz-££o-o(L 

Ch^rJ- dtcceo^ CcjL-^z^^s^loL (h^z~/~ 

/^0-^jeosdz.a-JL^ Cr^CZ. C*CsCSz_^_es£_‘ l £C^-x-**(_ 2 _£_ / 4 ^ 2 _ ^ 2 er z«.„ 

C^CO&Cos’l'x* dZ ^CCO *&/~" r ^~-€— ^lL^L RYLc_ (3^-i-6^^^ ^1^2—tr-O^x^e^^o C2_^ ^t—n^a 

sios^ e tj—CL(Zs/~ ^Z-ecdoi-jr- s ^yt^-^loi-JL. Q-^/ 

f}vUZd*L C^e~£^JU =>£_, -- d^^Utor&b^C-e- 

&*Z*C. ^-*oCLi(ozr~io^ ^ is<-s/^~ £ Csz_~& — ^7C x ~t-' j&\Ji_ Sr-ds&~C*2-c*c-o 

/CO'SL-&-~0 rd-(!^Zr-ZoJZ&£_ fa^-ir-Z'\s~ ^Csxs/- "fe- / y^r-^. fh-Zo-eSc. 

! THE' EDISON: ' ) 


■ The Edison Co. for Isolated Lighting. . 



Q-^JLlXL/L -0 fa- ih— 0?SZ-3 -<Ls/- ^£-B-Z^r-&SzS :. 1 

1 2/Z-e-t- ^c. j£*t^0-O&L*,e~e-d- cd!je-js*-^-^^ ^TCT3-Z-*^6^t <LJ-a4!&g | 

(h^JUL fc&L '1& jit., 

^y-e-/ 5 L (LfiuU..— c&L~ oly 

QlAJL* $v~ oLst«*£s7s-^ 

tU <i^, C^-T^^^e^ZZt^_ Z^Cr-Zr- ^2 

✓ #4>L.Cl*<^&x*eSL' &*o l 



dt/L^olst^C^ZL^r-z^ a-^x-A- -&zr—?-o O-jL C^z*<~e>LJ2^_ — ■ pTr- 

/^~. /P/ 2 ^-, £U fe- ^ 

, _— C-z^p^s-- -i^e-*Cjfir-i^ i7b^L^£*L 

JL- J!j2-A^Jl_- Qf^LStZZtZc* <21<Z^_ G-cr-^-z-^p^ i^^^l<pC. Q~tT>t^Cz£gstsc^<2-^^^ 

^ £L- ✓Z-'Z *<• x) —I — < 5 * ^C“ 

Qy l l^C-OSt^'Hs/~ £_ tSZ&tA- Clj&^Q^t^e^i 

Q^-a-s£t4Si^C- O^- cd^/Z^-tz^^i^r-^t-C, ^ZzjLo^e^t^-a c^e-c^t.a^z _^__^ 
-Z^_ elsz^ns-e^i. <hs^!h& a- Pze^-esi^ Or~a^Y^^ ytutA,- «SW»^32i. 

^E^-OS 3 ^- ^£^2*^*<~^7r~ZsfrZsL Qs^~~ ~Ct-JZ-Q. 

'fruz^Y j^tAJ^Tr^t^z^c^x^Y’y <2-/^ 

C^ 2 -<--*—*-*—a“^~ < ^Z-A- rftsi*-v-Ts-z~ 

^ flr-<-^~i~CL^Zi^zr~z^o nA—7^L<^i_. c>bjs*a4_ C£*tsCZ£^£^? . „ <£^^z2-*-*<_ 

'.V THE EDISO^-. ;'!• ^ 


The Edison Ga for Isolated Lighting, 


. \JZ& . 

GTsctst*zsp~ X-e- <v~zs~ 

JLq-oX., (L-£Z~?^x_ /fart- 

d4sts4^-£Lsisu£j£j^_ (fo / 2 ^t- 0*2**^ ' 

^L-*--z^£ ob / i^cP—£*--t- / ^-^- <2 J2rt*t*-c- -£_. — Cc*^wt£, 

/SusCo /^sa^et. Ar-efaz-t- (La—CsX O^. 6 0~~lr~ fi/. /?oi^ZUtO^tt-g-v ; 
L ■ t r->^^^cSteLe>i^ <UcA-£~cs/- (farPfi^. Z <2-c/- sjLs 

Xv-g^-^ &tZ -- ■ - ' * ^ - f 5 


ob^-x-Q^ - Xzr~ Jkb tT tl-C^U-<-Aze-xz£- 0~Zr-z^~ ./P^zr~t^ 

"Ml* 6 0 zSL-ot-G-^, fas-zrT-<-£-o£. Xz. zfa-tL &e^LsajZA^, 

l^*Ac-zn^ .-</ G~~zz~ (Pr^t2rZ-t2*z*z<2--z>-~ t> ^- 

(1 CL^ux-&*-Xj^ ‘z-O—c-X- , — <^ 2 <? /rC-p-e-dL- jZs/~^SZ- e-<ifirz-g-zd— 
’^/z^r~2r-e-£^ (tT^e^Xzr— c^s> X-t*X~ hnr-zr- i?-^ G-Ci,e-JL ’zZAA^^{zXc^ 

■Z^C i r-i*-JZ- £Lz-^—c_ , As-X*-C-X- G-o Lso Gue-zz-z-— At*- Gjz^z-t- 4r«^ Hjt^&e ^t 

8—p~lr' < £szsi^i*~'z*ji-z 3 . __. X~v— crpX(Si_j2--^e_^ ^g-^-C-cX- ( ^— 0'P<y/'fL J /2 -^ttz**- 

(}-^J-e-oL. £s2^^-4^jl- => (jP*? 0-X^\yzje*a-e-^*-^/U*^ At*-v-i*-l**i- 

faACrZ^rt-CA-thz^-c, C*Zr~Z*t*Z* z *&-^ ^IrTT-^X^£-a<ULy 

^X-^Xy£zgt-x^e_Sz-*> g-z-t-cdL. Gz^-L^jt-o O^. Q-AZ&. <y*X_A/^<-G-X> 

fair o-l /J^-d— 02sts4sL~&^~' &—■ 

^/fo-zr^s^i % 


Electrical Tests and Measurements. 

According to my experience, the conductivity of the commercial 
copper wiro usually sold, varies from 74# to 99# and frequently a greater 
difference is found. The process of making exact measurements of con¬ 
ductivity is a very delicate one, and ns I possess the finest reflecting gal¬ 
vanometers, sliding bridges, sets of standard resistances I am prepared to 
test directly, without recourse to other and less exact methods. 



1 to 6 Tests, without reduction of temperature,. .$8.00 each. 

More than 5 Tests, each additional test,. 2.00 

1 Test with reduction of temperature and test 

checked at different temperatures, .26.00 

Each additional test,. 6.00 

For copper bars of greater diameter than No. 00 B. 'W. G. special 

Samples of small diameters ought to be at least 3 to 6, of greater 
diameter 6 to 25 foet long. 


Taking constants every 5 minutes for continuous hour 
or fraction,.$3.00 

Other measurements, adjusting of resistances, eto. made at low rates. 

Rahway, N. J., Box 48. 

1884. Electric Light - Ansonia Brass & Copper Company (D-84-021) 

This folder contains documents relating to Edison's dealings with the Ansonia 
Brass & Copper Company, which supplied the copper wiring and tubing for the 
construction of Edison central stations. Much of the correspondence is by A. A. 
Cowles, secretary of the company. 

Approximately 70 percent of the documents have been filmed. Routine 
correspondence regarding orders and the shipment of goods has not been filmed. 


/ o I' t (9 

WEDodgt.'Pm.‘ G.E Cmrles, Kcelhsfs-Tmu. AA.Cowles,Srey 

65 Fifth Ave.City. 

Dear Sir: 

I have received your esteem¬ 
ed favor of Jan* y I4th with enclosure from 
Ur. Kruesi, for wh ich accept thanks. - I 
return herewith, the enclosure. 

It is I think apparent, that whatever 
deficiency exists in the conductivity of 
&>ur ratt sjfafce r circuit is not owing to any 

***** 90 *1*9, **•* 

‘ - ‘ 9 ' ' ■ 



V MhAjix.1 

WIvDodof.. imamm-. V/^/T) >? II 

G.r.(5ovn.Ea.iicKl'uK,‘rS:-niua. /I/ LS// _ / / • . /drl 

iUSarnm. seam® QSjZtfX.%?'£}?. IMJStA .......... 08 . 4 . 

ste no & rapW° Uttet 

Thos.A.Edteon Eat/, 

66 Fifth Ave,City. 

Dear Sir: 

I have your letter of com¬ 
plaint concerning Paragon cable -crossed. 

7 regret fhat such a thing should occur, 
and Have written to our Factory,asking them 
to avoid such difficulties in future. 

I remain, 

Very truly yours. 

Thos.A.Edison Esq. 

ns Fifth Ave,Oity 

Dear Sir: 

lir.Bergtmnn I understand is 
satisfied with our Paragon cable for chan- 
del iers, and was about to place an order to¬ 
day. - I am inf or,toed that through the 
influence of Ur. Vail,- who finds fault with 
the wire,- he has refrained frota placing 
the ofder. 

You requested me,when I found Ur. Vail 
using his■ influence to do us an injury, to 
notify you, and I therefore do so. You 
will remember- the circumstances under which 
you trade this remark,and you know the rea¬ 
son of Ur.Vail's animosity. 

J rerna in. 

Very truly yours, . 

■TCEDodgg. WiMUUtKr. V ^ \ 

0.1>. (nvr.K s ,-vinv.iWi‘c »m, _ // (S/s />' sdA 

AMlomam. rnamm. . ##r.f...ff.f.h . . 

slen ogvaP 

Samuel Ingulf Fug. 

. 85 Fifth Ave.City. 

Dear Sir; 

I have received your esteein- 
ed favor of Uar.Srd in relat ion to working 
w.y-Patents in France. - I am much obliged 

to ycu for the inforwaticn,and I way be 
glad to avail myself of your kindness. 

If you are in town to-mcrrcw.will you 
kindly telephone me at what hour it will 
be convenient for you to see ire at 86 Fifth 
Ave, - and I will call upon you. 
itevu/cf JkA, 

1 retrain, 

' Yours truly, 

Sec* y. 

Samuel Insult Esq. 

Off Fifth Ave,City. 

Dour Sir: 

I have received your est eet/jed favor of 
.this date' in relution to Ur.Butchelor. - I >,am very anxious 
to see him, and if he is to go via. London,! would^JJ.f.e to have 
hitu notify me,- 0-0 Phelps,Sanies & Co. ,IO Leadenhdl l St. I j 

expect to be in London about the Oth of Uarch. As it is < 
possible I nay unavoidably n.iss Ur. Bat chel or, I shall be greatly 
obliged to you if you will .furnish me letters of introduction 
to parties in Paris who have charge of your business,as I nay 
wish to consult with their, relative to my patents. - Also, if 
you please t letters to Prof. Colombc and parties having charge 
of ycur business in Belgium,and to your representative in Lon¬ 
don if you have one. 

In case Ur, Bat chel or satis from Liverpool, if he will tel¬ 
egraph me at the Adetphi Betel at Liverpool I can meet him 
there,as he evidently will be leaving Paris about the time I 
reach Liverpool* 

Any flFffgiyfigg to which you are put by cable messages on 
my acceur&*yW Will kindly Charge to us and the account wtl l 
be prcnpHy eetfied m p»mentatt<?n here. 

■ if rema&tlk. 

&RCOTOE3.w!S'&litls. „ T* *. S^Pa 

AjLCOTVLES.SEcnmK f • . U<in. Mth. 

f *;. 

SarfflQf Inwl l Esq : . 

6$ Fifth Ave,Oity. 

Dear Sir: 

Your esteet/ied favor of this 
date is at hand. - V7e will hold the note 
as requested, until the I9th±but as I an 
going aw#y upon that day, in the morning, 
you will confer a great favor on toe by mak¬ 
ing payment upon the J8t.h if possible. 

May 1 count upon your so dotngT 

>dge.M G.P. Cowles. AA.Cowles.S,<y. 




. , . 4*«r. 18t h .•. 

dumuel Instill Esq. 

66 Fifth Ave,City. 

Dear* Sir: 

I have received your esteemed favor of 
this date with check for $ 4 , 868.19 in full payment for note 
due Uur.IBth • • 84 . - . I enclose herewith the note,with thunks. 

J have also received your favor of this date enclosing 
letters of introduction, to your hbvses in London,Paris and 
Uilun,und copy of cable sent to Ur. Satchel or. - J am very 

much indebted to yeti for your kindness in th is respect,and 1 
Shull find the letters of valuable assistance to me,and shall 
also highly appreciate any advice which lir.Satchelor can see 
t4t to give t/je* I observe curefully the contents of your 
letter and will ccvply with your suggestions. 

I think you will find cur-people disposed, to accommodate 
you tn every way during my absence,as 1 have reguested them to 
be purticltiarl y careful tn giving prer/pt attention to any or¬ 
ders they twy receive from, you. Uy fa ther will be in town 

at ^euSt once u meek,md any matter requiring special attention 
will b$ referred to him,. He is ful 1 y.awure of my desire tc 
uggomjiddte you m every respect* 

Mrepxtin, • 

< * * Very sfncerely yoursf 

idee* y* 

AA. Cowles. Sic 

r.:^“P WoU0ttM 

Samuel Insult Esq. 

ns Fifth Ave, City. 

Dear Sir; 

We have an order from the 
Edison Illuminating Co. of Ashland,Pa. , for 
wire;- will you kindly inform me concerning 
their responsibility? ...! have no doubt 
they are all right, brif '-idouId like such in¬ 
formation as you can give. 

I would also like to see you when you 
cun spare me half, an hour, to go over our 
r/Mtters together; if you will write or tel¬ 
ephone me, I will call upon you any t ime you 

Very frilly yours, 

A/D W 

4 ^ 4 c* y. 

Sair.uel Insul l Esc/. 

RS Fifth Ave.Oity. 

Deaf Sir: 

Your favor of July 9th is at 
hand, and I acn obliged to you for the infor¬ 
mation it contains,which will be treated 
confidential ly. We have an order from, 
the Ashland people,and before filling it I 
shall rec/uire theia to mutke me a stutement 
of their condition. 

I note your promise to make an appoint¬ 
ment with me at your earliest opportunity;- 
I am usually in town fror/: Tuesday until 

I remain. 


'Sec ’ y. 

Samuel Ihsull Esc/. 

0-0 Edison Machine Works, 

Ooerck St,Citi a 

Dear Sir: 

J have been waiting since 
I last saw you, for the documents -you-were 
to send me relative to contracts for con¬ 
struction account, and also full statement 
regarding the condition of the Each ine Wor'ks 
I trust you have hoi forgotten this, and 
that 1 shall receive the papers at an early 

If you and Ur. Edison can make it con¬ 
venient to go to Ansonia, I shall be very 
happy to entertain you there, and think I 
can show you some things that will be inter¬ 
esting. As soon as you can fix upon a j 
time that will suit 'you,pi ease let me know, ' 
and oblige. 

Yours truly. 

Samuel• Insull Esq. 

e-O Edison Machine Works 

100 Garrick St. N. Y. City. 

Dear Sir r 

We have made no preparation' for taking any the- 
Etectriedi Exhibition at Philadelphia, but 1 find that some\Of 
our aompatitors are going to exhibit insulated wij'e. In case' we 
Should desire to place a small exhibit occupying apace perhaps 
three or Tyur feet square, or if we desire to place a sign or 
distribute circulars .of out telegraph wire at the Exhibition, could 
it be managed without any inconvenience to you to allow us a small 
portion or the space which I suppose you have allotted to you. 
Please let me know whether this can be done without giving you 
any trouble. Z remain. 

Yours sincerely. 


Dear Sir, 

I have received your two favors of Aug. 20th. I am 
very much obliged to Mr. Edison for recommending our wire and I 
have already communicated with Mr. Bliss concerning the matter. I 
will decide in a few days whether to avail myself of your kind 
permission to use a small part of your space in the Philadelphia 
Exposition, I will communicate with you further. I remhin. 

Very truly yours. 

Sun.uel Insull Esc/. ,3ec‘y. 

104 Goerck St.Qity. 

Dear Oir: 

Your fuvcr of Seyt. II th is 

ut hand. 

I shu! I oe out of town on Tuesduy; - if 
you cun.cull here on Wednesday I shall oe 
very y lud to see you. Pleuse let h.e knew 
whut hour you will cull. 

Uan.uel Insult Esy. idee'y. 

Iu4 Goerck tit,Oity. 


Dear i dir: 4 ; - 

Your favor of the ISth is 
at hand. - On account : }of the deuth of 
Ur. V/. Earl Dodge our store will oe closed 
to-t/.urrow (Wednesday)-and I will oe unaoie 
to keep the appointment with you. If con¬ 
venient for you to Call this ufternoon,or 
on Thursday oefore 2 P. U. I shall oe glad to 
have you do so. Please inform me oy tel¬ 
ephone, and ooliye. 

Yours truly, | 

A. A. Cowl es,liec’ y. j 


TCEDoDGE.limsnjENT, . V r vi>i‘. -' • ' "* •; \ > ■ V''.*’ '. 

G.P. Cowles,■ vjcEnnsr.Ssi^iEAs. 7//" f>V/ ; /£< Jdrf. 

A.A.COWLXS, Stazmmr ^2 AfaiXSW'Ajt Zt.h . 

Stenographic Letter. 

. Samuel Instil i Ksr/. 

■y: k / . nS FI ftli Aye.City. . 

5 -- ■ i)§ur Sir; 

I have received your fever 
of the .vrth- net end note contents. . 

I shell be very happy to see you u t 
any time you cun make it convenient to 
cu.i t. 

If the urran yemerii you mention is . 
Curried out in Januaryfit :vi 11 be very 
satisfactory to me. • 

'.&9v0Cr»vt£V . 

fL, ^ hHk— 

^ l % *S> 4 £> — 4"Y V*“ A —y 

tICo-4. 4. i 

W 7 p- 

UlVfcvitc U-U^c \j-j - 

V~~ L -‘Wwvtx ' '^vi, ■ 

^~T\ . 

Y, VO k 


V "i-z., • -4- *4- 

-2-^ S" 

7 . <3-2. 

•77 \ d7<4o • 



-2- •*£ 'b 

. , G , 4 4... 

74.7 .4 A . 

, 13 4, 

3 4- 

-2-~i 1 

C».......8 ? 4 

i 4> 4r i., 

o S~.; 7 ' . 


c .34 

74 .1 l *5T . -a-'o .. 

v \ > G» 

,7- V '• 

7 $3 

£ . v.o 


3 o 

2-4 1 

G> . 6-2- 

>i 78 3 ,&o . 

\ 45 \ . 

* °l 

; Af , 4 £ 

b i 4 4 8.^0 

A 37,: 

4-2. ' ' ! 

-z-i 7 

> , 3 * : 

71 o 44.4-0 

1,4- 3 , 

o 7 

> o «r • 

•s . 4 o 

[ 76 44 0.6-6 


4rG ... 

V c i 3 

4 .'4^ 

24 4 g 4.%o 

■ . 1,7- 7 , 


• \‘& r . 

>• - 

4 , c,« 

■2-4 2t 9 %,0-t) 

. 1 4> -4 < 

V 3 . 


4 • 7,2 

•^.4 % 44“ .4 o' 

i4- \ - 


l 6 -2, 

4 , 4 s 

-^•bCS-44 0 

\ 4*5- . 

\ *3U 

1 <r / 


3 , ?C 

7- 6 Ts Si 6,<3 a 

13 <4 • 


1 m 

: *2) , . 7'S 

■ 1 <?4 4^.4 6 

14 3. 

. SG> 

; t x 7 

.3 , 7 6 

S'44. a-o. 

1 S'3 

■ 4 ,0 ! 

11 s-_ 

3 , \ $ 

\<4 74 0 .*46 

\ 4 4» 

« a—a 

l o> 

. 3 , 10 

.1 <o b 4%- , 0t> . 

• .1,13-3 

.,4 1 i 


-, ..,.,4J-. A 

. 3 .07 


■ ;\.7 s- 


•. 7- 3 

. : 7. . 47 4 

‘l 4 ^r^7. ( 5ra 

: . V 7 1 

.. *r<: r 

, .7 V 

. 2_ . 4 s 

. 14/17640 


..<..>73 . 

| . £ | 

^ ,:^j 

y \ 2. C, 7,7 

7. 6 7 

, 7 .4 . 

! 4 s ) 

. ..: *7 , 7: 

> 1 t-74£^-4< 

* J. 4l34 

.... 1L..-S- 

■ ^7 

: l ■ 4 

4 7 L o>. 2 q 

Z.o'. 'S- • 44 

1 . V .... 

1 . -4: 

o. 7 ,'b e n,/n> 

.42>.V IT 1 

-1 q • 

_ ,.L. . i ‘.y 

» ..._c; 1 . 3.3 ._*< 


^.,.,,3 4.., J 

L. 7 

• 7: 

4■ 3-j4 I 7.7c 

ij ’’. ' Vir^ ,.<£ o 

188*. Electric Light - Armington & Sims (D-84-022) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to Edison's 
dealings with Armington & Sims, manufacturer of steam engines for Edison central 
stations. Much of the correspondence is by Gardiner C. Sims, superintendent of the 
company. Some of the documents are partially illegible because of water damage. 

Approximately 90 of the documents have been filmed. Routine 
corrMpondence relating to bills, orders, and the shipment of goods has not been 


H. C. CRANSTON, Amt. Treasurer 
GARDINER C. SIMS, Summntendci 

PROVIDERS, R. I.,- Jan.- ■I5thj88.^ 

-Thomas A. Edison,- Es/. 

65 Fif th Ave. ,/n. Y. City. 

Dear. „Sff/.-We. have this day ship¬ 
ped to. v/^-D. Rich,- Newburg, N. _Y», engine 
No. 39, 14,.1-2x13^ Engine No. 40, 8, 1-2x10 
with, extra Crank. Pin Boxes for each. 

--Enclosed herewith,_please find bill and 
bill of lading, and oblige, 

65 Fifth Ave. , New York City. 

Dear Sir; -Your two favors of the I4th inst. have been re- 

.. . 7 ...' 

eeived and. have our attention. We will send the oiler for the 

cross head, to Mt. Carmel, Pa., as soon as we can obtain it 
from the manufacturer. With regard to the pulleys for the 
Fall Hiver engine, we will go right to work upon them, but 
would like to have the width of the face as well as the diam¬ 
eter. The dimensions of your pulleys have been changed so 
many times that the width of the face is quite necessary to 
us, that we may make no mistake; and in the future, in order¬ 
ing pulleys if you will give us both dimensions, it will ex¬ 
pedite matters and insure accuracy. 

.«„Z EE , Providence, R. 1,.Jjs«,.188. 

Thomas A, Edison, Esq., 

65 fifth Avo., N. Y. City. 

Dear Sir;-Your order No. 704 
Dee . 21st 1883 for two 14,1-2x13 and one 
9,1-2x12 engines has had our best atten¬ 
tion and we wi11 ship the 9,1-2x12 engine 
with 67 ineh special driving pullay, this » 
•weelu.-. -• - W e • hop e t o ship the others next 

Respectfully yours, 

-- — 


Ofe, ' /<)•, 

&u*.c*i faouL^ fy<n/Usu i 

Thomas A. Edison, 

65 Fifth- Ave. , New York City. 

Dear Sir; -Your telegram, countermanding order No. 

704, received, also a letter from Mr. Hastings inviting me to 

New.York-to-consult—with-your, -engineer- and -draftsman, ..concern-. 

ing the Central Station engines. Mr. Hastings desires me to 

make an appointment. This I .will gladly .do .but prefer to a- 
wait. the return of Mr. Insull, which will .he, no doubt, in a 
very few days. I would state, eoncemi-ig.the starting valves 
being bored out for 5 inch pipe, immediately on receipt of 
your order, every valve we had on hand, was bored, out and we 
changed the pattern putting on the flange and, in the future, 
you wil_l have no trouble.________... 

MS HIGH street. PrOYIDENCE, R. L,. FG.b,...4th,....1884... 188. 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq. , 

65 Fifth Ave. , Now York. 

Dear Sir;-Your order by letter of Jan. I4th has been 
filled and your 8,1-2x10 engine at Fall River is now running 
240 revolutions per minute, with two 48 inch pulleys. V/e sent 
our man to make the change which was completed Feb. 2d. V/e 
used *art of the regulator on the engine, and desire to know 
what to do with the pulleys taken off. V/ill you have them sent 
to New York, or will you return them to us? If you return them 
we will credit your account, as no harm has been done them, and 
they can be used on the standard .engine. If you wish to make 
the same change at Brockton, you will require one 48 inch reg¬ 

ulator pulley as the driving pulley on our engine is 48 inches 
in diameter, I2fyineh face. We wish you would assist us 
cover the 8,1-2x10 engine, shipped Nov. 2 oth to shamokin, Pa. 
w After many ‘efforts, we traced the engine to shamokin and have 
!iwritten^fe#r.\«i^amy thefeHo 'have'^l-re-shipped to us. They 

I ffdo&l letter* and<^| ^'tjttte » *orious loss as it 

feei|earlyPhM*jmonthi| the *#■ shipped. Since 

^ S^tinqtncf ng ’the w4 have r^ckived w|rd from Mr. Jenks of 

T. A. E. 2. 

Brockton that he would like a 48 inch regulator pulleyfor his 
8, 1-2x10 engine. We will commence work on it immediately and 
hope to ship it Feb. Ilth, and will send our man to make the 
change.. Thinking you may want to make other changes, we hare 
ordered one extra pulley anticipating your order. 

Respectfully yours, 

Providence, R. I:,...Fob*....zt.h v 188^ 

Samuel Insull, Esq. , 

65 Fifth Ave. , New York City. 

Dear Sam;-I will leave here Fri¬ 
day morning about eleven o*clock, and hope 
to get to your office about five 0 ‘cloeJc 
p.m. If you are not engaged, I would lilce 
to spend the evening with you, but if you 
are, I will go out to Roselle and call on 
you Saturday morning. Please leave some 
word for me. 

Respectfully yours. 


Providence. R. L,. 

Tkditt&fe Ju Miatn, Eb<&, 

66 tmh Ave* 4 New Toipjt CHJ'. 

JD&tr iErtt'et-.-cOne^fnlng contract Ifrofc ^Besarrak 

iS'Ifatioa Worjc J.9 PeeFtv^ti^* ^ffe o>H How biaAiHi^fe Hwr aft— 

pities &t tAe sJoIh* Jbfity $agiix6 wOjpJtt, THro»t4, -C^Haatta^^ Hjist}- 

«ev#TWl-o«iere <©n *4n<i, y/e -f^K *9 *b Jh Httf»fr-youW Aw- 

inaHii-trJiere . .Tf^yo^ nit *t re&^Oz^bl-p. 

^abine-er wf4^ j64$l*hbU^j *b*t 

,j**a **«*•» aaa • 

iWP » t£> 9¥* e* f^4r|4»iS-4ft{i.AMi»fcB -*fc» Ojd-^^g^WBry- 

<$>*? fur-. 

J .*ato 4|»* if- 

Ja^.ljg^Na **#«*«»* *ln *ft**4«i^~4tjji^^ 

would hH^o Have /net rebated. h ^ofagrafti 

¥Ma^^l**0Hv^-*e*ia& ttUix-U'-ta*******- 

■'twrti3&%j$>txa *«* M-tmtikood to <io -*» ?*i»»sHpttifeft ■£*.. 

m l%*l ***o«ft be *»<** 4«c*^eT^^Jr* 

'it»Ug*«a 4tatee %h$$ ^ 1 # #M 1 ^90 ****«#& vwMuf 

: *«P 99d '^» T o^/oou6So'|^; | '^ji8 fa ^ery oaoily fk^a^afeTbo 

T. A. E. a. 

your men Uhddtibtedly wanted more speed so they immediately 
screwed -dowd 'tfte^sipfirfglh Qiti&lrig thrift to sett arid become worth¬ 
less making it im i -OflBible'-f-or~the engine t d eregulate.''This is a 

fatal mistake that all of your men make. When they desire as 
increase or decrease the spe$d f they either tighten the springs 
or slack them off,which makes it impossible for tJie engine ho 
give regular speed* Whan we increase or decrease the -speed, 
we 'add to the regulator weights Or take off some of the weigh* 
hut never interfere with the springs,- and we are always success 
Inland do not ruin the wirings. Please instruct' your men. one 
of Our best jnen has gone-ta Belief ante to put the engine -in nor- 
dea* aga^n and we will ship a newkpair. of springs immediately. 
Hsurh just received a letter from Mr. Dwelley asking for some 
person to indicate his engine as Mr. Doubleday has left Sail 
Riv_er< -I -shall write Mr* Bwelley that I should be pleased to 
indicate his engine and will do so ne*t week making my report 
to the fall ftiveT CW* as Well as yourself. 1 will do this xith 
out any charge. We return you statement 0 f account and sapor* 
ate bill as requested. 

■• n' • - 

Sincerely yours* 

>;: ' r " ; 

Armington & Sims Co., 

Providence, R. I.,.U, S. A 

Providence, R. .188^* 


7 *—” 

- *=A.-- 

— L^0.4?s~-/3'Uu 

-^. eK/O-.- A p ■- 



546 HIGH STREET. Providence, R. L, . .Jtab».v.I.8fc.h t .-- 1-8 34.188... 

Thomas A. Edison, fisq., 

,„66 Fifth Ave. , New York City. 

Dear Sirj-v/e have several orders for 8, I- 2 xl 0 engines 
which we are unable to fill on time arid must" have the Sharaokih 
engine which was shipped Nov. 80th, and you will please wire us 
if we shall send a amn at your expense to return the engine. 

V/e have received very bad treatment at the hands of the Shamo- 
kin people, as we have begged them to send 'this engine and they 
have never noticed our letters in any way. If .y.ou can get hold 
of the engine, have it shipped immediately to tne E. C. for I.L 
97 Sixth Ave. , and inform us if you are successful. Much com¬ 
plaint has been made concerning the irregularity of the speed 
of our engines. We are about to make some changes whereby it 
will be impossible for your men to screw down the regulator 

springs and ru$n them for further use. W 
give the engine's a (borough test here at 

V/e will at all times, 
it our regular speeds, 

and wish It'.maim be in your power to send a man to inspect our 
works To make!changes in the speed of our engines, hereafter, 
it wqi be necessary for ^our men to take our regulator to 
.Pieces and taking certa-itT 1 parts pt it to a machine shop and 

yoq at liberty to do but we hflp-e 

. T. A. K. A.. ; 

Me “ b4 '‘° hae ■* t»od „s, bsfbr. the., shan... 

Vour first Central station onsin, is finished and 
— °" ° Ur *««***.« *.r a tost to-morrow. •. hop. to 

amp »about a ,,. 4 ,, ana a. t ? ese en B lnes are tus.UW at 
• reasonable Pries, we hops you .ill send lor our man to corns 
on to Goerojco St a„0 star, them and „a*e a suoooss. 

He spectfuljy yours, 

£4. -JL. 

£ m,''tsl«Jlrhsrflr t rmi^ r .S‘ a i a * u * t0 «* •»»« *0 a° as 
-.-.Kesiieet fully, 

_ Samuel Irisull, Esq., 

65 Fifth Ave. , New York city* 

■ Dear Sir;-Your .letter.of Feb. 18th received and order 

given for pulleys which will be shipped about Feb. 27th. 

It-Anew regulator will not be necessary, although certain parts 

f- of a new one will be sent in ease it should be required, though 

-. we .™ a .y have t0 return them. We have not yet found it necessary 

|-?L i AL w ® be ^spared. Our regular speed for this engine $ 

L iB 300 revolutions. Your first Central Station engine is run- 
nin B nicely on our foundation and we will indicate to-morrow, 

__ 8hlPPlne .. U °n Thursday* You will notice some changes and im- 

_ prov ’ e,n e nfc8 » and we earnestly request that you Bend for our man 
10 Start th ® engine at Goerok st. , and make a success of it. 

■ It will be n ecessary to send him to Newburg to make the change 
, On y our eng in e th^ts, which will be a short job, and he can 

j h aye an opportunely ftp you in making your station a 

Jy yours. 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq., * 

65 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

Dear Sir;-Your letter received. Flange on .to* of our 

starting valve for steam pipe connection, outside diameter 
9,9—16 inehes, one inch thick. Your telegram for 8,I-AxIO en¬ 
gine for London, received. The engine is.nowon foundation 
being tested; : ean be f inished, boxed, and.shipped Monday night, 
although it belongs to another man. Please send directions. 

Springs,to run Bellefonte engine 300 revolutions , 
were shipped last-Saturday. 

.... .. .Respect fully your 

"S . 


No ' 16 <™s Tn -. Providence, R. I.,.Feb..27th,.i.aa 4 ..... 188 . 

Samuel Insull, Esq., 

65 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

Dear Sam;-Please ent er the name of David S. Baker, Hr. 
Butler Exchange, Providence, H. I. on your mailing list and 
send- him all the reading matter you may-have concerning your 
electric light business. 

You may remember I introduced you to mv friendBaker 
after leaving Gov. Howard's office.Mr. Baker is a lawyer of 
considerable prominence here and may be of service to you some¬ 

546 High Street. 

' Providence, R. L,. ....March... i*t,.i.a.a4l88. 

Thoms a Edison, Esq, , 

65 Fifth Avenue, New York City. V- 

Dear Sir;-Your order No. 996 for two 57 inch pulleys, 
I0,I~A inch face for 9, I-iixlA engines to run A77 revolutions, 

. received. Please refer to your order. No. 704, for 57 inch pul¬ 
ley, 9,1-4 inen face. This pulley was made at an expense of 
about..six'ty dollars and is ready to ship. We use for 
.it. and hold it on your account, as the order was countermanded 
by telegraph, Jan. 23d. I do not want to commence on order 996 

until I hear from you homing you can use the nulley on order 

704. .We will send you a list of extra parts and prices for aur 

l- engine as you requested and will send foundation plans and full 

--particulars of the 11x14 engine next week. Our IIxI4 should run 

—.450 revolutions per.minute, and although our standard pulley 

will b e 5 4 inches in diamete r. We will increase or decrease it 

_to sui t your convenience without extra charge. Our a,J-Axlo 

engine should »o.t run Wer -300 revolut ions per minute, although 
in many cases, you are running.them successfully at 340* fin* 
closed find our -n~ew circular# 



Providence, R. I., .4th,.iaa4. .188 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq. , 

65 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

' Dear Sir;-8, I-^ixIO engine shipped to Shamokin Nov. was returned to us .,yesterday in very bad condition. It 
was no.t broken in any way, but very badly rusted as no care 
seems to have been taken of it. V/e will immediately put. it in 
shape and.ship it to the Globe Democrat, St. Louis. Enclosed, 
find copy of letter received from John Doty, Toronto, Canada. 
One of our draftsmen is now there and we will send one of our 
best mechanics, in a. few days. The competitors of Mr. .Doty have 

had about, his work which was an .unkind . 

thing to do, but he proposes to put his best efforts into the 
work and will produce as good engines as we do. our Mr. Kenyor 
lefr last night t o start t he Central Station engines at Goerok 
St.. You will consider him under your directions, and as you 
order changes o f ydlU ys .and regulators at Nawburg, you will 
please send,'hi* to make the oiianges and see that the en¬ 
gine runs to your satisfaction* __';........ 

Respectfully yours* 



■dohn Doty Engine Co., 

Manufacturers of the Armington & Sims 
Automatic Cut Off Steam Engine. 

Toronto, Fab. 1884 

G. C. Sims, Esq., 

Dear Sir; 

I am in receipt of your favor of tne .iSthinst. and 
in reply would say that I certainly feel indebted to vou for 
the kindly interest you are taking in promoting the Canada bus¬ 
iness of the A & S. Engines and in the assistance you are giv¬ 
ing me. I am much pleased with Mr. Hay-ward and I nave every 
confidence in him and think he will assist me very materially 
in getting out the work. I feel rather annoyed that people 
should represent to you that we cannot turn out the work prop¬ 
erly here particularly as these parties have never seen the in- 
_side of my shop and the quality of work I am putting on tnese 
.engines.' However I feel that my reputation is at .stake now 
and allI ask is a fair chance to show them what I can do. 
Mr«_JIayward informs, me that Mr. Moore and Mr. Wright will pay 
.us a.visit shortly.. I shall be much pleased to see them’and 
Bhovi them what we are doing and I regret very much that you 
cannot come .on.y ourse 1 f» Jff. am usihg: every channel...fco.advertise 


Engines, and if you can send me .on the blue prints or drawings 
I shall put a large staff of men to work on the patterns and 
have some put under construction. Your suggestion about send¬ 
ing Mr. Littlefield i think a. good one, and as soon as I can 
get some material ahe'ad I will write you to send him. I intend 
so. far as I can to put men on the A. & S. Engines ana keep them 
steadily employed at them so that tney may.he^thoroughly drill¬ 
ed into their work. AS soon as I can afford it I want to ex- 
.tend my machine shop and have a flat or two set apart for this 
work alone, by this means we will be able to work to better ad¬ 
vantage than where other branches of engine work are mixed in. 

I shall be pleased to hear that you have shipped -fhe 20x30 
castings. By having this engine set up in the shop under con¬ 
struction it would be -a good card. ' 

Providence, R, L,.March 4t«, iaa-t. 188 

.Samuel.Insull, Esq., 

65 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

Dear. Insul 1; -Your telegram ,lust received and I ?.iimne- , 
diately communicated with Gov. Howard at his residence, Harris- 

.villa. The Governor took a severe cold on his return from New 

York and is now quite sick, and. it several days before 

he will be in his office. .I will go out.there to-morrow night 

and talk the matter over with him and arrange, for a meeting of 
. our directors to act on your telegram. You will understand 
that when you build the engines, it will take a large part of 
our business awayfrom us and I would like to nave you make a 
contract with us, say for five years, you tobuild all the en¬ 
gines you may require for your own business. You will, of course 
require full.sets'of patterns and s pecial tools,' and after mak. 
ing the investment, I think you will not care to make a con¬ 
tract for a short period* Please think .this matter over care* 
folly and write me vouf views plainly; I will in turn be fra^t 
and fair with you* knowing that we can hitch up in a very • 

- — ...... 

Sincerely yours, 


No. 1 6 Cobtianot Street, Providence, R. L, t iaa4. 188 

Mr. Samuel Irisull, 

.. 65 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

My Dear Insull;-I thank you for the photographs of 
Mr. Edison and will present one to Gov. Howard with your eom- 
- pliments. We will at once ship.the finished pulley to Middle- 
town, Ohio, and will start .on the.patterns for the..regulator 
pulley immediately. Our stock of special pulleys on hand is 
worth about fifteen hundred dollars. We seem to have accumu¬ 
lated many odd sizes. If you can agree on a standard, I will 
have them made and hold them in stock. 

- I -will write-oiir Mr. Tosney- to-day concerning the 

-speed of the-engine, and I do not-understand why he does not 

- make it satisfactory at once. 

__:_________Sincerely yours, . . 

Mr. Samuel Insull, 

65 Fifth Avenue, New York' City. . ...... 

— Bear Sir;-Your telegram concerning new. springs for 
Belief onte -engine, received and ..two. set s . forwarded. You speci¬ 
fy the speed to be 325— a mistake, and 

the time is not far. distant when you will seriously regret it. 
I-went out to see Gov- Howard last night and found him very ... 
sick indeed, and. fear it will ,be sometime before he is able 
to attend to business. He leaves here on Monday next, if he 
is able, at eleven o'clock and will stop at the Fifth Avenue 
-Hotel over, night. His entire family accompany him, and they go 
-fo'-Atlantic.City for... two weeks. I shall see him-.again before 
-Monday- and-will-write you. ■. . . . 

no. iB cortlandt^street, Providence, R. I 7- .188..: ^L~ 

~~ / 

Ot^t-. O 

r^y-u-y^^ O-iscTh 

C~~str <sv— o-(^C^y £^~W tv\SD > 

ax C^yTTTjL. <Z. (s-t^eL _.. 7&-trUi 7yhfivGi*eLr 



Cl»^ ^,7 

Cr-i^y-Tl .X.a ,. LlsiTa^c/- / ^/.'S-* ( 3 

. C^<x^c^- . -JrLss~.. ..f7rtr.<V^-!^y. 

.. _. .... ^.C^VrY. 

yy ■''-' (rf\y^ & . v 



e>~'L- .. 

r^r-s^-o . On/rv-^'LA-<> ... 

> / ^—• . C'- ' ^'j L-t- Js-s— 



><.iyC\.j . . c> c>l .\-%. . C^-CJ - 

/ / 

t-T- c--Ll^--0-L_^ ✓'V-v^L-u^-t ^Alyl^C-CcyLyQ 

CXsvJZ'L- 7"4. <^--—4 L--<-77L7si~ ^ —.0< <2-0-> '-<■ ■;—. 

43b.. 7 ^. ./.2 

..-.-.y. 4 £~^<~ nruriy^CLc- Ui- /-■L^i'y^-'. .. 0u<O_ 

rr\yts-<i . <nr\s-isdus*-*^ ^ 4 ^-^.. .<21^—<2/-•^a^-o.c-/o^'i... 

Cr\j(Jjy ^Ci_7uvfc£ - O-rCyy -—'4_,4tra'vv_y~-. v f~i7U.^iA 


* CWAnLCO T rH OW A R^S ecretary. 

m JSLr . Providence, R. I.,w^c^.^188^ 


^z- j /^y ^ 1 


No. 15 Cortl*ndt T Street, PROVIDENCE, R. L,.Ma.r.Ch....I3.fc.h, 

Samuel Insull, Esq. , 

65 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

Dear Sir;-Goy. Howard left, yesterday for Atlantic 
City and seems much broken in health. I fear it will be some¬ 
time before he. is .able to^ business. will ro 
out. there, withme. for. a .day, I ..'.will promise you. a grand good 
-.time.- Let. it be understood that we go strictly on business, 
but at tne same, t ime.. you .will have, an opportunity to make the 
acquaintance of several young ladies from Providence. 

I send you by this mail, two blue prints of 11x14 
engine. -Please send- one -of-them down to Scheffler. My next.- 
visit to New York , I shallavail myself of your kind invita¬ 
tion and stop, with you in your hew home. . 

-Our etandard pulley forilx 14 engIne is 54* diameter, 

II*— face._We-hava.-AQt_iaade-them._but._are .waiting .t : p.Jiear__from. 

you what your s tan dard pulle y will be; then we will_make them 
as the pulley, business tes... fee c ome an expensive factor to us. 


Thiu telegram has just ten received at tie c£2co In 864 BEOADWAV, just bdow-Fctrtcon»h Slroot, whoro any reply should bo rat. 

oinEOT wires. 


M. F. MOORE, • 

No. IB Cortlandt Street, Providence, R, I. ...March 14 th, 1334 ..188. 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq. , ....... 

65'Fifth Avenue, New York City.. 

Dear Sir;-In answer to your telegram would say, that 
our Mr.. Kenyon reports as follows: He went to the office of Mr. 
Moore for instructions and found a note on the door saying Mr. 
Moore would not return until Friday. He then went to 65 Fifth 
Avenue for orders, and I judge from his description, that he 
saw Mr. Tate. . Mr. Kenyon thougiit it was unnecessary for him 
to remain in New York at your expense unless he had something 
to dp, and Mr. Tate was of the same mind; so Kenyon returned. 

If you want him, telegraph, and we will.send him on. 

We thank you for your order for.14,1-2x13 engine and 
will put it on thefoundation to-morrow, hoping to ship it to 
Mr.-Rich about Wednesday next. . V/e have another engine of this 
else- finished-and-four-hther.s nearly bo. 

Providence, R. I.,.March.20 th,.1.88.4.I88. 


Samuel Insull, Esq., 

65 Fifth Avenue, New York City, 

Dear Sir; -Your 14,1-2x13 engine for Piqua, Ohio, will 

leave here by the way of the N. Y. & N. E. ft. ft. , to-morrow af¬ 
ternoon. -V/e have sent you one of .the best running, engines that 
- we have ever turned out and hope you will ord er our man to 

start it up. We have a duplicate of this e ng ine , which was 

_finished for Williamsport, ne arly finished. If you think you 

will want it soon, please let me know so that we may test it 

_at once and ship immediately on receipt of order. Business 

-continues good. ■ . 

-—.— -- Wo get bad. news from Mrs. Araington, and Frank thinks• 

|-ofgoing 10... England _t o. bring h i s father home* Covy Howard is 

I—still at»ory sick, and desires go and see 
t —It. .is my. intent i on, n ow,-_to _leave. hero. Tuesday, ateleven 

—o*oloek»._calling at you#.-Ql£ia»_ in_ tha afteffnoon-.about. ftva »>* 
.— nloelte. .t.will write_you..again* 

---asopecftfuily y.PttPs, 

Providence, R. 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq. , 

65 Fifth Avenue, Hew Fork City. 

Dear vSir; *As thp English patents ..of ..our. engines are 
not-owned! by. tn&B fe g mpa .q f y a a n d we q^re »about . to make^a return, 

wi 1 l_y_o.u ha«.e the *indijo^f §.to sand; us a 1 let. of al2 the engines 

that int^tebeen shipped to European countries, antf,. if poseibler 

Will you kin|ly give fjts^the...owne^^ame. and |he ^Locat ion,, and. 

. . . 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq. , . 

65. Fifth Avenue,. Ne»v Yoric City. 

Dear Sir;-Your letter, together v^ith letter of Web¬ 
ster d, Co., Hartford, Ct-, concerning their''Disc JSngine Cylin¬ 
der oilV-received*- The testimonial--from the Col'ts- Patent 
Fire-arms Manufacturing Co., is indeed a very good one, although 
they say they have used.the.oil several months. Not uaving 
_hear.d._of _i.t. be fore, _0f_.c5.urs.e, ..I. Juao'./ and... 
could not give it mv indorsement. As the oil business is very' 
deceitiv.e, the botter way to buy is. from some hnuce of .excel- 

T. A. E, 2, 

mount in both eases. I- would not care to. make any changes as 
the result might be very serious and, at present, I know of no 
oil for. the yrice that I could recommend as highly as the Vac¬ 
uum oil. 


NO. 15 CORTLANDT STREET, Providence, R, L, . April ...nth, . iaa4l88. 

.Thomas A.—Edison,... Esq.., ---- -...—._— 

65 Fifth.Avenue, New .York.City. . 

. Dear Sir;-Your letter of April loth, received. Mr. 

Jenks.telephoned from3r.ockton ....:yesterday, asking me if..i would_ 

_visit .-them-and_give.- them-some_as si stance-concerning.the..setting_ 

.of the engine, together with the location of the steam and. 

_exhaust pipes.. I leave here at one ole lock spending...the night 

_at-.3r-0.ckton._. Poesibly_,_.1^.Mr.. .GArr.isbn there and. will. _ 

.certainly make some, arrangements with .him for. the ..payment. of. 

the engine.which will make it quite easy for them, and, at the 

_ Rama t. im p, facilitate your business as well as ours. . . 

_Yo u kn ow I am alway s re ady and willi ng to do my level_ 

Providence, R. I^Lil. /3 . 188 . 4 *- 

-. <J1- ~~~tr £ / 

--Tta^i ^w/"*. / <vvw M ^ % ^ 

► /r-n -.-,t-i -«_ri t—J %»%-+*»%Su — jC~++.-++L - brC^S*. y/Cs£ . ^<S.. 

,^Va 'T-r-**'* . 

^ .V^4. 

'9Tsu£*L» - _ Ol/L.Ct^ /jdzi.... 

y*tt- ---C3fe_ - lrU<*~U. 

— ^ vw* w< o -,~<euwt—^A^^Z^>y,r*. ^ 

IS. -v/lX- _ Owrv^ M __‘_____! 

- a-,yf#‘ l? —... 

646 High Street. 

Providence, R. Lapth .i&th,.I 88...4 

Samuel Insul.l, -Esq. , 

. 65 Fifth Avenue, Ne./ York City.'_ 

..- _Dear Insul.l;.-Enclosed find.eonfiden- 

;_tial l ette r from w._N. ^SAewart 

will please r_et_urn...I...have not_answered it 

and ..slial l,,_. be. reply. 

. _.V/hat_wo.uld jtoji_^dv.Lsa?__ 

Respectfully yours,' 

Providence, R. L,.April. mh, .1.384.18.8... 

Thomas A. Edison, .Esq. ,.- —» .. 

36 Fifth Avenue, New...York City. 

Dear Sir; -A..Stuart..•of. Cincinnati has ,1 ust sent us 

an order for...a. 14, 1-2x13 engine_.tA„b.e. shipped to.. .Cireleville, 
Ohio. v/e have sold thia_englne_ lox-ll b tL price .but furnish 

foundation .bolts,.washer.B, plates,, nuts, and .plans; also send 

our man to set up and start engine, they to pay board bil1 and 
travelling expenses only._Mr. Stuart.orders a cast- iron .foun¬ 

dation .plate. This, you.jtti 11.please, ship as .soon as .possible 
to Mr. C. J3. Story, Cireleville, Ohio, sending your bill to Mr. 
Stuart at. Cineinnati. .%$ hope .to have this engine ready to 

.ship Apr il_ 26 th. ..■—.-_---- - 

_Your let .iCth-ConBerning—the shipment of 
engines. to_Mr. Ste*axt t _Santiago^_Chlli—is_quite satis* 

factory _ana_ I agrea_ir.ith_you,„Jt_wi.ll._rfrit,e__Llr.—Stewart. to 

that -effects • 

_ .. aespeetfully—youra t -i—_-- - 

Armingt on_dj.Sims.En.gin.e_Co*--. 

_...... 1 _- 

_ J__Su peri ntendent.. 


05, PIPTh AVENUE, . 

NE» TORN. 0.8, A, 

i send too «m%t> «e poroanoco i 

ME88R8 ARMII NI3T0N '* ..8f«% 4 Alith I A *^ ''' *' * : ' 




e «nw» *unwim. 

• ■Ma.mMm'wi'iiiw m>t, mm vm «*«« 


jWtMJt; sATtwc^*. mammon. t; 
oomat 'iW uirtU emnr«iu: r* Yoo.o*M*A*p*Y«M*M«iir 

-OHAtKM« mtN THSY TAX* «C*.*HC fMHf~•«-UAVtHC^W^CAOtfWlStnF- »»U^ 
’■•wwect- w*. To.iiiwt, tiW‘ A.'odM|iiiNMiwiiC HeDuctfo* r» coHaBtfiwot wrm 
^tHKV:'OB- »T W WSEMHWTlT «M9ATiaFACtnM«^ «* 
MAY ADO .TKA1T, <*THM OCTjAfkA flf* TMS BM6IMK. «U0f ** THE «l«Wr Unt«T«V 

•■ tMLc 

- ^ 

• 09mm •*7**y' 

■ -Mitt »r mttavavio iwt 
»« nit ?ia, tone ws- xo Hi 

•.,i i-rs;ri oi.’tawu.' 


Youftft fArninfUiY, 

.Thomas A. Edison, Esq...,. 

35 Fif th Avenue, New York-City... 

Dear- Sir:-r-Y.our-let>til 2-id .received,. Gov. 
Hoivard and myself on y_ou .before his departure for 

Europe,.c0nc9rning_.the_.buiJ.ding—o.f_our engines. 

I -,/ill_.write_Ur...Moore by this mail and ask him to 

call and _see you eonae.r.ning_t.hiB mat ter. 
.Respectfully yours,- 

.Armington & Sims Engine Co. 


646 High 8treet. 

Providence, R. I.Aprii--45*j> r . 

Thomas . A.—Edi son,.- .Esq. ,.-. 

_^65__I , iXth.Av_enue,_NeTf-Xork.—- 

_Dear .Sir.V-OUT.let ber of. AP.r U. 23d 

with enclosure.received-The.measurements 

for the IIxI4 engine have, been added to .the . 
table. _____ 

Respectfully yours, 


4 s. 

«prii aeth* fflk* t*** r ®* 

Providence, R. I.,.Afirii..2.6th 1 .1334*188. 

M. ,F. MOORE, 

No. 16 Cortlanot Street, 

Samuel Insull, Esq., 

65 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

My Dear Insull;-Your several letters have been re¬ 
ceived and we expect to ship the 11x14 engine to Bellefonte 

Monday, afternoon.. . 

We notice in, the papers that an Electrical Exhibi¬ 
tion is to take place in Worcester about May -id, and tnat Mr. 
Edison and Mai.or Eaton_are .expected to be present. If this is 

so,._I_ hope_y.ou.w_i 11..accompany, them and send me word so th*t I 
oan.n| 9 at_y-OU_and_hava_a..tAlk...w_ith Mr. Edison concerning the 

j..Kn iiri tng of our ani^t._I_should be.pleased to. have you come;: 

! ia^ay a nd eoend ^^ht .with me, trains run frequently 

_to .Worcester and I would go there. «.U^ T y ou* . 

___L-aa-muati- pleased m* . 

_thinJt. haunderstanda our engine **ry m»ilm I haw* had 

| very g<*od reports framJNewfcurg* At oneof your stationS-ta 

Ohio where our angina aandri*tagt«Qdyn»fflQ 0 + it si tppad. fcha 
belt on one, oemt ng » fl tofcering of .%h# iifW|% f»» pollw* 

.and out* and 

the re 18 no «00d PeasOn wh» they Should not run true# 

s. i. a. 

In many cases the driving of the key will sometimes throw them 
out. Mr Conant has had excellent success and if some fault¬ 
finding Person had not been present, I quite agree with him tha 
no bad report Yfould have reached your ears. 




CED MESSAGE, and Is delivered b; 

imount of tolls paid thuruon, uor in any caso wlieru tbo claim is not prisoned In VTlUng within sixty days 

, NORVIN GREEN, President. 

siSTt nV, // ev 

6—#v _ 


■sf ( „ ■ 

**9 1 

Bwolndal HRA BROADWAY /7) 



. (/su~u^JU^j / /f '/ f 



(yA^-yiA ktmo /% 

4, v 




//] A A -A(j ^ 1 1 . 

V m.A 

fitb'Aju J 

[Ak /rA fmJtt A 

. j 



', ThL tcicgram haajnat lain rewind at t# o£eo la 8H BS0ADWA7, just Mow Fcartcontl Strcot, ■Blare any reply ahonld lo coat. 

Providence, R. I„.May. a .t.h‘ .m..188, 

.Thames A. ild.i.s.on, jieq..,. 

• ..35 Fifth Avenue, Mew York City. 

Dear. Sir; -Your, let ter of . May ..3th, ..together with ex¬ 
tracts from .letter, of the-.Edisqn-Sy/an Co. , London, received. 
Y/e—do... no t .doub t: for a.moment.that the condition of. the._sns.i-.ie__.... 
v/hen this letter was written, was as described. From our book 
'** £ to be a 13x13 shipped. Au^uc.t. 3tii, _t.p__the_.Cx.iter.ion 
Theatre, London. The, eng ine,-.1 ike ..ail others which you imvo 
ordered, was thoroughly tested before shipment.and. the 

best rossible .leJtt .us.. By. .referr„inK__to the.. 

1 e.t .ie_r ..y ou___wi_l_.l__.see__they_ran_tiie_e_nKi_ns..a._sh.or t__t ime a nd had _ 

contInusd..t r.o.uble_.yri th .the..ey.1 inde c_..f.i.rinj<„ 

,/ailt ^i hxo^ar__lub.ricat.ion..and. is-no t an un n omwon ti,in K ,_ 

u..wlx a ta.vor....Qn. tha...t op slide ha.- R _ 

. ~ and:t lvo..enM.uie._i-£.oulcl_cii I Lj 1 ithout.Ahanu _ the cause of 

...— i ons.dt-Jia-doab^,dir.t_a.nd._s houId not n ^yg j JA in^n.°dr_ 
In - a ^.l. .‘Yith the .en gine, ft i s but natural to 

-.--s^-gak- jX- intajjLa.iLAYorkmnnaj).Lp_and lav tin i 

T. A. E. a. 

fore our men ean get to them. The Sight feed Lubricator was 
tested on the engine here and was new, never having been used. 
The criticism is not.‘a. fair one and. I shall ask.our Mr. Arming-, 
ton to go and look this engine over immediately, and wish you. 
would also ask for a careful investigation, finding out who. 
started the engine. I hope to go to London during the month 
of June and wi 11 certainly give this, matter my. attention.. 

Respectfully yours, 




Providence, R. I.,. .May. iz.ih. y .i.a.8.4,.. 188., 

Samuel Insull, Esq., 

60 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

Dear Sir;-'four letter with indicator cards received 
-.which I pronounce very poor indeed and are unlike anything of 
which we. are capable of producing here. Not knowing the con¬ 
ditions under which they were taken, it would be hard to tell 
the cause of the poor admission of steam. 

I leave here to-night by steamer for New York and 
will breakfast with Oov. Howard and his family at Fifth Avenue 
hotel, Tuesday morning. I 'will call* and see you as early in as.possible. 


T.*.C0t«ON 68^.* 

08* firm avwhjs* 


■ HKV fONK. 

D£AR «>«, 

f ^tcf f o acr*ooi<i>«* t* «*•!* or, tour ujtm o^sbj* 

4H8TAHT 6HPUQOIMO CQPY O* 0**, ff«0» MgSSMr AMKNfM** •*** TM^«» 

&f*U I AW, DEAR at*, 


+ lA^> -c^oJd At^&UL /fr £aMv ^ fo*t/ 

j/fof-UirAi" ytvfifin ifaj evrL^vtv £***? • 

No. 15 Cortlandt Street, Providence, R. I., May aath,. .isba. .188.... 

Samuel Install. . _...- .... 

.. Avsn . u .a,.l fe . w - f 9tlt.-C i ty ♦. 

.......ity. near rnsullf -Tout.favor, ot. May 23d. concerning. the 

... agency, for vur_ .ensiixi:i5. .in south America received. Va should 
b e Pleas ed, to nmka game atrangements, and I assure you that 
not hi Ha will >s .dOasl consulting you. When 1 next visit 

• Wew yo fk w e will taifc the ml I«t 9V«r*.feBe : l.ieve-ine*.____.___ 

Sincerely yours, 

o. 16 CopTLANDt Street, 

.Providence. R, 

•June 3ci t - 13-34. 


— Thomas A»-;.gtiispni .--1- ^ •.•a,.l. .'•. 

. gS’ j’ifjjh kavt /Q_rJ?_dty. _. _,j__ _ _ J 

- ,<-_:-:.— ;S.32X S.i 'gilkV-avUL.ilatft:sV.I.Qfljuna_.dd..and.J-a»ulii-lt ton-Q.f .-...: 

thw MoT r 203j.' reaeivod. Yourtelonra m‘" of ■ye sterday_•:_ ; ’j 

. calls* tar &3 *. jw 1'1&i.33.ftlr aVftliitiono«lMc_HsaT«JL 0 _lAli!ic^of*. yea-. .. 

... -iae&ay -sagaltjjaslLtYour. 1 *t.»j»t^antiirfl»ulxi±fctonical 1 .• —: 

:iiMsh.A-ii cfrr.r.e.ot«■; da. reoe i*»t.:loi^yMtltiliiKran 4 . . 

. aurV.paftterrt jnakqn;^.i.^gciVat^lylYfeiit^ta^igorJc..Qa.l-lhalp.ara’.haxak^ __J 

— r tat«gj>ji t ..aia«^_faj.J5a*; alley, .;^md»^l±gr..j«orlttintf. yayt -^o ff-tha_J 

_niKhk|p jsftt .iism. i.ntb jh». foundry.^ndj *te raguider.g worked t he ; / '■ J 

£i5S$$& Of't he nig‘ j it'ftsQ.’’that 1 yy oa» >>«>■ p enrari th tn _^ _ 

... BLfi»#aOferU- ...|L M l 11.Jiavig.ja».lg2* . . • ••'■ •'• 

fc:. Aa aaon^as . it bbma^.:fl\^;.;.flfLlIhaLsan{i»LMalglJLLka.t_JLV..; 
la pulley lathe and..finish/.irifcnediately*. , If• ift ; ia wrong, 

Mt •• MBfpe, are- cannot. he 1 ^uA;.And : tfjLI 1„ jnakfl : - ? anl^uJ.l£y^il_ybJt:_ 

•|t# 4 ft. please telegraph ue inroediately as we^cannot.aftop . 

f .jon-tty#. polley-t hln k ing your , . t elegtam-and. Mr^Lltoara-'q-..-. 
correct, while. the-H'iiuiijitioh-and-letter'ihf ivinie 
<fr—•ltoi..4vJLll-^ind.-i^a-- an^ .i ne, : ftp 1 1 .boxed i 
Mhip to Goerck Sjfcr&ijt--. 1 -$». #ou;request. 
...L^. Ke a p o e ^fuXly ■ y : < t uTB^'i ■ ■ ■ ■' — ’ 

I *: .. . 

f^ov'i pence; R.; I.', 

'■ June '4th, . '1384* 188. 

.Isljli-h A venUe. New York City. , J 

v:JH/ SiE^J5^ t aur:.t.aiegrani concerni'nK’;6-Qf i)Ulley for 

8,1-J^foi engine re.fl.c-: ecU ;ie'. pulley, is _now a’A'ith : ^'4athe'be- 
.ia^ .tili-fteti: anti.,v£ill^.De.. .f.iai'shed, .somet ime. during/itfiS^night. 'The 
. englnh . Xo.mjdat4on:being. t e'sted-and^iir b : e; f in- ' 

•ished. ithli'e- Ay ah'i ns. Aou-can.-depend ■■ on .ahi'pmdnt" J.y:^.vy VprV;-?;' 

.boat ni-ki*.'. \ .. ; .L. 

■ •;. da5|a..ha.>ie^4nere'asad .in. length::to-.twenty-eight„ 

. hoii.F% : ^,.h.av&. had^*ulJtlCLt-Bat;.Mme^ib-ut.v-'.had:.;wo»be8n- - workinK. ; r;;. 
UpieV .'Old. ^■t.andard-,„.l.«ent.y.?JLo.tir--.hours^ we ^would ln oit- haye' •’ 

. .’. . _*_ >• 

; Respect-fully- yours,--* •> , ' r 

• • -'-.Arm4n^-frbn--<S:-S-ima- iEng-i-nef^oi ' 

[•^enera4;-';Manager; 4— -4 

j ,*• 


r ‘- J. ,! V i, • 

Providence, R. I.june eth, ise4* 

•-v ; . |ThOrtW t « Ji~. Edl^QUf. 'Esfli.. 

.•: 65 Tifth ; Avsntfe f ^B)»;jrork.^Hy^__.. ^ .■ • { 

•-'v^ Dear SlEg*.YPwr.. telegram asking if kftglnfr wry qhippad 

• ; jxseaiyed at Li , r .At. the. present writing, _3UB t jW^hava 

LIfInlsitad testi ng■ . i H e ,-enginqu-and -will.commence -immediately._t,o ' . 
'ill. ' * r ‘ ’ * v *. ' 

. box- sM PP ing^-Eriday. aigbt. by r e t efuner,- Wd-,y£ud-^ouli^^i^ It 

. -;0a t|ys. diaak ia.Nev^.r^ri-Sat-urday-mopaiag ■D»-.V* * ; . 

Res-p^etiully-^oura,.... ; .. - TT; - - ... 

; : Armington-*-Slma -Engine-Co#rv^ -. 

■r S.^ SmiiTff 1 '^ gV arenuh, 


•OARpjN.en o.|iM8, sfrw.&t.oifcfty S £ 8 P t OK 11 fit C t (t'l 

r&tvoa* two c$*# of acrowo* wi 

■ 9. Skh, 18641^8-,., 0t . 


itd^l i 8.t._o f _ x3 | 


works,. 104. -4j 


shipment*-- - -a 

assart io la^__- 


v it* Juana i oal 

jS* S ' 

- K^ m %go P > ~ 


_ -- Of Articles# .. 

*_«onta,. One monkey wrench, one socket wrsnoh, 
two open end-wrenches* two toys tor regulator and balance 
wfaeel,.f_tferee valyee, two seta of screws, on« setbf »!• 

' v.--.’ Igti. 

Bera. eoroplete far. engine, four No. 2. oil cups, one eacentrlo 
.-Oilbri-and cup* _. two. braes oil'oups for regulator, eleven maob- 
one cylinder oil cup, ..isaia} set of oil 
guards ^r f d3,ecV"ffla» sasentrie rod,' one eccenttiJi|^yt*one 
-- ataxMagga*Ire* '* * ttlWgftkohe. of box 92, l-2«*33 B *3Q^. n ‘ Welgfit '' ; 
V o m*4» * $h »♦»«-** • -> Uoiately to 

4fce » . **** i . • , , , * , ,,,, ,, ... 

BnayB*-* coot alas QBOO Shaft and disc. Dimension* ' 

3 sV 4 ‘ s : *''' ■ •■"-'*• ■ -**■ : 

ISl&W .lfildfllbtfcw {**!-,$■& . ■■-■ l ih }■>•■ art ioles - o 

Box c*a contains one regulator pulley. Dimensions 42*x42*xl0*. 

“ f -'-%iii of |b»i . • 

-Weight 384 lbs#.. . .. . ... .... . 

" .. «te*|Aiullv f **r: H i 

- Bp^D#^-.eo,)^nin*-onfl. sastlronwheel. Dimensio»&56*a88*»«V 

Mm. -t, ,%*"** ? *’?. ■**■•-“ _•••„ .. _**. • 

•SO’ifrSuJ ?3&nage«* 

Dear Sir;-Your letter of June I2th received. The two. 

8,1?2xl0 engines at Shamokin could be shipped to the Machine 
Works at. Goerek..Street, and our man sent-on to~ change the reg¬ 
ulators bo. that they will run at their rated spaed, 300 revolu¬ 
tions per minute. The .engines could then be seed by the Isol¬ 
ated Lighting-Company. The man we rsent to Shamokin-was the on-' 
ly one in our employ at the time that could be aent and we did- 
ihe best we -could under the circumstances. If you. deaire, we 
will send the best man -we have to ^Shamokinto run this-engine 
and we guarantee it to be -eat ie factory. You are aware- that 

from the first we protast.ed against. 360.revolutions, but,- as 
the engines at Lawrence, Broekton,-and. Fall River and other 
places, run well,-.there, is no good reason why_hhe Shamokin en--- 
gines should not do the same. 

-----If .you.prefer to Je-ship the engine to us, we will 

receive them, putting Hhem in first class order, charging you 
the- eost. of . the-work -only. These engines were shipper June 
13th and I6th, 1883, and -have been in use about one year. 

. Respect fully, yours,— 

. . Armington.& Sims Engine Co. 

_____. ^ ^ .. . 

____!.._____— aoneral Manager. 

Providence, R. I.,. June mh,.1884.188. 

646/fiioH Street. 

1 M. F. MOORE, 


Samuel Insull, Esq. , 

66 Fifth Avenue,.New York .City. 

My Dear Insull;-Your letter of June I6th received and 
I shall write to gov. Howard to-day giving my views concerning 
the building of ..our. engines Mr. Edison, and advise the ac¬ 
ceptance of $1*30 per H.P. .royalty* I would be pleased to 
have Mr.. Edison make us a proposition and will forwaid copy.of 
it at once to Gov. Howard, and bring the matter before our pec.' 
pie here*. I have received two letters from our man at Newburg 
and will .write Mr. .Edison to-day concerning the .engine. 

-If it will, facilitate matters at all concerning the 

building of our engines, I can go to New York tit your conven¬ 
ience,leaving here by steamer at night only being away from . 

my business one day. I am very anxious that whatever terms we 
make, .9ntirely._sat.isfactory, to .Mr. Edison and shall 
use my best efforts to make them so. ...... 

Samuel Insull, Esq., 

Dear Sir;-Enclosed find letter just received from Mr. Ar- 
mington which you will please return. 

It is a very good report and it may be possible that 
the objections made to you were for the' purpose of securing a 
reduction of your bill. 

Sincerely yours, 

Providence, R. I„. Juna . i8«h, .ie.84.188. 



Thomas A. Edison, Esq. , 

65 Fifth Avenue, Nev/ York City. 

Dear Sir;.-Tour letter of June. concerning Sham- 
okin engines received. We realize that it is for our interest 
to have the engines run well and we are now. prepared to send.... 
one of our best men, together with a mechanical expert of rep¬ 
utation who will take his indicators a long... and make a thorough 

test. The simplicity of. the engine and_our. good ..workmanship_ 

will prevent it. from meeting.with any serious difficulty, pro¬ 
vided it has had good care, and we agree to put the engines in 

first-class order at our expense. __ 

The Shamokin people have written us that the engines 
are overloaded, and you haveour protest from the first order 
you gave us for these engines,...at_360_revolutions. _ As. the en¬ 
gines ._w.o.rk...we',._w.e.jir_i.ll>inake them, work 
tO-.your-.sat is fact ion. at. Shamokin. If they are .too small., for 

the load and are over-loaded, we shall have it reduced until 
it comes within the capacity .of. the engine. 

V/e are not willing they, shohld come out. under...any 
conditions whatever unless they too small, and we 

T. A. E. 2. 

again guaranies to put them in dondition without expense to you 
no matter whether it is the fault of your men or not. If you 
desire to have this dan's, notify us ^nd we will _ commence imme¬ 
diately. The write* wduld Jike yery to meet you in Shamo- 
kin when the test la made. ' 

our man is now at Newbury and has written us every 
day concerning the engine which has bd^n shamefully treated. 

Our foremanjwill leave here this evening^ arriving in-Newburgh 
to-morrow about ..-tO-o^-cloek, and, on hie return^-will etop-in- 
New York and.see.^you. He is familiar .w^k this engine, as well 
as the Shamokin engines, And we should l^e vary mpch to have 
you listen to Jhie report. 

Respectfully yours, 

Armington A Sims Engine CO. 

^ 'S. 

General Manager. 

Providence, R. L, June ieth,1884.188. 

Samuel Insull, Esq», 

96 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

Py Dear Insull; <*Your telegramreceived. We have 
three 14,1-2x13 engines under way, one is finished and our fore 
tnnn assures, me that .the•_other two. .—finished this, month. 
They belong to Hutchinson and are for the Louisville Expositica 
We have another lot of five coming along.rapidly and three of 
these-belong-to. Hutchinson, and- are-for^Louisville*. We have 

three 13x13 engines well under way, one of which is finished, 

. and, after .testing, could be shipped immediately.- If you could 
use .them it, us out very much. ; at the present time,as. 
we tril l ship twenty -engines this month and have-no finished 

ones on hand.—........- — -. 

__A. 13x13. engine would give you more power than the 

two 8,I- 2 xIo engines at Shamokin* Mr. Moore wrote us that Mr. 

£disonwould_want.ai4,1-2x13 Central sttion .engine for the- 

Philadelphia Exhibition, and, although we have no order for it, 

I have.order the shaft and commenced on thelob._I„f._neoessary, 

I oould spend next Sunday and Monday in New York* 

Sincerely yours, 

Armington A 

General Manager. 



Providence, R 

JLQ . 188 ^. 

p&y ^Zu. /zU~ 

Omc4 <**&++ 

Cz/LoJtr <P£*y a~£t~* 

Providence, R. L, June 50th,laa-a,. ... 188 . 



Thomas A. Edison, Esq., 

86 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

Dear Sir;-Your favor of June I9th racaived. Our. re¬ 
quest concerning the Shamokin engines was not an unreasonable 
one and we have written.the Shamokin people nuking tor remis¬ 
sion to. make a test of the engine, and have stated that if the 
fault is ours, we should be made to pay. BeveTely for it. Wo 
should be pleased to have you see our letter, and, if tb^y will 
not forward it, will Send you copy. 

V/e are perfectly willing to take the small engines 
.back as mentioned in our letter of June lath, charging, you the 
cost only. The qharge Of shipping engines that will not regu¬ 
late is a very serious one, and we are very anxious that the 
fault should rest where it properly, belongs. .The taking out 
of the engines will in no way. prevent.-this^-investigatiOn. 

You are mistaken in.saying we confessed the man we 
sent to Shamokin was hardly capable of putting the matter right 
Would state that the man we sent was one of the best workmen 
„of the Corliss Engine works, also of the Harris-Corllap. What 
we did say wap^'Tjhe man we sent to Shamokin wap the only one 


T. A. E. 2. 

in our employ at the tima that could b& sent, and we did the 
best we could under the circumstances. If. you desire, we will 
send the best man we have to shamokin to run.this engine, and 
we guarantee it to be satisfactory.' We did send you one of 
our best men, and, when occasion requires, must send him again. 

Concerning Vice-President of the Newburgh engine 
would say, that he is not thoroughly familiar with our engine* 
as he.protested against a cast-iron crank shaft with crank pin 
forced in, also against piston follower with only nut to hold 
it on. We also protest against the same thing, and, as our en¬ 
gines have nothing :.o ft he kind, his protest does not refer to 
us. He objects to an over-hanging cylinder, thinking it should 
-have some support under it. Our books show that we have built 
J ^ou 173 engines and we know of no person better able to judge 
than yourself, whether this gentleman is correct or not. 

We will certainly meet you in all requests you may 
make and do our best to help'’you out of any difficulty that you 
may get into. If the fault is ours, we will assume the respon¬ 
sibility, and, if not, we agree to make a settlement to your 
entire satisfaction. Command us and you. will find us ready. 

IleBPeetfully yours, 


General Manager. 

Samuel Insull, Esq*, 

66 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

My Dear Insull;-I forwarded Mr. Armington*s letter 
to you for your information and do not clearly remember what 
was in it. If you will return it to me I will write you, copy¬ 
ing the important points so that you may send it to London. 

Sincerely yours. 


Thomas A. Edison, Esq., 

,66 Fifth Avenue,.. NeW York Gity. 

Dear Sirj-VoUT telegram received, also latter from. 

-v/, H. Douty of Shawokin, who is perfectly willing that we; 

.^should test the engines. -We wHlaend our.mea r as wemaka Shis.- 
and examination tor tour own satisfaction. Mr- Dout-y aa¥*c 
^hey-are ,t®. change“their "two small ..engines for a 14, I-*x£3 and. 
you agreed to have the engine these abput this time* W* hav^ — 
naot -recelyed-ran crder -from you hut are pushing the woWt along- 
,as .rapidly -as possible. * 

. our foreman .reports that -the .Central station engine* 
sad dynamos-are not In .line, ead.^ l».^iarithQ#:in'th6ir.^ 

-«nt :«onddt4«n* srould 3>e a costiy oxpariment. Haatatea that 
sijrJir. jaiandhawi^was obliged to return On account of" his lams- 
dly nnd not haring -soff Icisttt iplflrthing. To -put the engine* te;- 

llne will require about two weeks. . - : .. 

Respectfully youre, 


.- -...- •—.. 

Thomas JL —Edison,, Esq..,.. 

—66-Jlifth-Avenue,-New-Yori - City._1_ 

- Sir;-Your-letter of June 23d conceding engine 

at Cire 1 aville » Ohio, received, we had heard of the shut down, 
but, had we been-the engineer, we would have never have men¬ 
tioned it. They wrote ue June 3d ashing for a new pair of_ 

erank-pin boxes, eondeming those.we sent with, the engine, 
stating that they were badly cut. The boxes were not- cut here 
and we asked if they .made the discovery, before or after they 
started the ,engine, but, ae they have never answered our letter 
we have no Particulars. April 9th r when writing them about 
the engine, we agreed to send our man to aet itup and start 

lt *.Had this privelege been allowed us, the responsibility. 


---—Respectfully ..yours,-_ /--^7 

----..Amington-&..Sins. Engine -Qtt. _ 

— —... ^^p. 

----OeneSal Manager; . 

- ..SJtisl sCsdu — cm^t><*—. 

Providence,' R. I.,.July,.is84..188. 

No. IB ConTUNOT' street, 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq. , 

85 Fifth Avenue, New Fork City. 

Dear Sir;-Your 9,1-2x12 Bellefonte engine is about 
finished with the exception of testing. Please give us three 
or four days notice before you will require the engine so that 
we may give it a thorough, test and ship it directly after. 

We furnished extra crank-pin boxes with the 14,1-2x13 Newburgh 
engine and our foreman informs us that both pair are badly cut 
and should be re-babbitted. IT you will have one pair sent to 
us, we will put them in condition and ship them with the shaft. 
The cause of the cutting of the. first pair as well as those of 
the Ciroleville engine, may have been the.same. 

Before the engines are started, in all eases, they 
should be dis-eonnected and the bearings and boxes thoroughly 
cleaned, and all cinders and dirt. should .be removed from the 
oil holes. Where this is notr done,...the cutting of the boxes 
is certain.. 

Respect fu 1 ly yours, 

. .General Manager. 

Providence, R, L, .j u iy 3d,. is 84. . 188 . 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq. , 

66 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

Dear Sir;-Your several letters of July 2d received. We can 
certainly inform you why the engine at Bellefonte did not regu¬ 
late properly and will send you our report. We first have a 
favor to ask, and that is, that you will send the best mechanic 
that can be found in this, count ry who understands high speed 
engines, to inspect this one for you and see it thoroughly 
tested. We to pay all of his expenses. 

Send a man in whom you have unlimited confidence. 

We feel that you should do this as you seem to be the only per¬ 
son who attacks our engines, at . the same time-accepting the 
statements of men who are not familiar with good workmanship 

or the .successful running of engines. . 

We.will write John Mullen, Esq. of Shamokin and send 
you a copy of our letter. As our works will shut down Friday 
and Saturday of this week, it will be impossible toship the 
shaft to Newburgh. 

-When we ship the Shamokin engine, we will retain an 

important part so that it cannot. be started unt il our men-get 

T. A. E. 2. 

there, as this engine shall disrtainly be a success. While our 
men are at Shamokin, they will make a thorough test of the 
engines now there. 

Respectfully y6urs, 


General Manager. 

P. _s. PI easn-ssnd.-a8 

"longing to ih« Bel^'afont e qz>gin«* 

Providence, R. L, .July ..loth,.IM4....188. 

___/Thomae A. Ml ton, lisa. » - ----- - t 

| •; . 69 Tilth Avenue, Mew York City. 

Dear Sir;-Your several letters with enclosures con- 
earning Bell©fonts engine received. 

As this was the first engine of its siia built by us, 
W9 ran it about two weeks, giving it a thorough test under its 

load of 66 H. P, v/e Obtained excellent indicator cards and. 

good regulation. At this distance we are at a loss to tell 
the reason for bad regulation add have^telegraphed our Mr. 
Blanchard, who is now at thcTJovernraerit Printing office^Y/ash- 
ington, starting up the 14,1-2x24 for the Isolated Company-, 
to go to Bellefonte and ascertain the cause of the trouble. 

V/o have sent him your letters, also Ahe enclosures. 

Vie are inclined to thinA the, regulator may be_-PJfedh8.d 
up against the main bearing as we found the Brockton dngine. 

The variation of steam pressure from 66 to,.IIQ lbe. ie alto¬ 
gether wrong. It is hardly a fair test for the engine and must 
sh ow very wasteful results when economy of coal is considered. 

Respectfully yourB, 

Armington & Sims Engine Co. 

General Manager._ 



Providence, R, I,,.'..July.mth.,.ia. 84 . 188 . 

Thomas. A. Edison, Esq. , ..... 

. 65 Fi f th .Avenue,. .New York. City._ ___ 

Dear Sir;.-Your letter...of._July .8th.concerning engine 

. returned from Belle.fonte received...The .writer., apolbgis es._f.or... 

his let.t.e.r of.. July _3d and ..regrets was. not. reeeiv_ed„in_ 
the pleasant manner that.. it was intended. We eerta inly appre- 

c iat e.the good have done, for us, and the ..purport of 

the letter was to call your attention to the which 
your property., had been..used by inexperienced persons and of 
which we ...,__ 

Arminerton a- SimR tfno-ino 

_General Manager._ 




'^Lc£- Jo stadLy.- // X /*|f £X*£* o£LL 


^ ^ ^ 5 **. 



* yh~4..Z~4~t*2 o, 

to v? 

C^/3L » 



^ tAAidu** o4 t» i j|M I dkl mj ^ lL 

L A^olcA. lj?/ 4 _ UlAAshs)^ Q-'lt «/<.. 1 

flT^ 4*1%. Cim+df ^*v*JLL 

-»-«- 'WT^J Zt-l sbl*/. / 4 <-wl — - 

<£•" y**~£**y£‘ 

£s/lS- a-i-~~a-C-£- » ^K tiv» «at »«<4 XM ^/C^vco ^*v^- 

Cyf~yL* r^J- cy^-L p-Jy^e-^-L. . A. 0_c^-i^i- t F^.O*rU. e*<*y>*4* C*-J!? 

0^-zt-uxAyiylcyt~r I'll* ayis*. S-yL.#^* ^/o~-<C*- 

c^JZyy, Ck^oLyo ...~ty*- *-*lm &f*x&t> gpyinfif /*W \.^ y**y£. By/fZnAx 


a~lyL. l~U 3m nnmi, oZ* U-I 
<-a ^ nWvn. -a-^„ 

fri-w^i c.^rt> «>a*i>la ^ a-^Lbrirk. * 

^ . 

oCxyL^yt/H. ,£a 


o£* //X/ syir-c-^) J""* 

.^l-C't'-t— £si*^l-+ O-TA-O , 1-x^yL -'J-T—0 <1»C«^-W 

Ix^LsL. 0-«-~~«_ ^-T-v-v A^w £-1^Lc- X^xd~ S-L*^v-1 . 

^“ t » 'TTj 0-T--1— /CU^^. /^-*~wc. . /^/-t^ o_c«^^o cUzc. 

»'»-'» ‘3-^yt^ .u^i aU .L . V-O ^7T—«- «£. O-w-c-^*-* c-^*- >£*_ 

/ristsOL ^-c_ yti^xu?l>. dULl. CtUi^X. . —/i/Cu*. , /^£*sy •X. 

£2%4t O^ tUu. -c^— 

£~t$r& rv^i^r^^, Ur U*~Ur 2. S'. ^<_ 



/ rt- 'M^jwO c 

fO^rznsU. dm -^vi^ 
""Ten. 4 . />/—*%.&I^, ^O 

' . ^<1 —1— CsJ~lsL» 

Zr X_z 
XX. zz. 

C**is*Au Z-» y Z— cuZ. -C^v^oZ SIs>JL*cL> Z* oA^CL^Am* « 

/ - try^f * £Pt^-%. t^vZ 0^ C***^£t *~*-^« 

r m “% m *— Z ZZ T^O /^va^W* VTVtZj yxZ ’ ftiZ 

cA^Crt ' -4**^cds- x-0 sy\r£-0 t-^a cJ^L 

'T^vw<jt*w»* O’T/^ULsL* ^ui. . t^v . 

cZ ^ Z> ^n»vw A- *$ ^ ^-*J^V-W*- «-Z ct^-fc Z- txoLi* 

„_ - /£-/ <?</■, 

Providence, R. L,.juiy .ieth,.1884.188. 


Thomas A.. Edison, Esq. ,.. 

65 Fifth. Avenue, New York City. 

Dear Sir;-V/e have Just received a letter from, our Mr. 
Blanchard at Beliefonto. He says,'The engine ran so well last 
night that..the foreman of the station said, he was satisfied I 
- e0u Id go home i f.J. wished, that the engine had never run as 
well nor anything like it; it beat anything they had seen. 

They wish to have it slowed down to run 265 revolutions as that 
speed will run the dynamos fast enough. If it continues to run 
well to-night and to-morrow night, I shall be ready to leave. 
The. engine, did not -vary .but. two turns running-steam- from 90 to 
110 lbs,, and they, say _it does not take more thanJhalf. the coal 
or more than one-quarter of the .oil.* 

V/e are very much gratified to receive this report and. 
sincerely hope, that, in the future, you will *erait us to eat 
up and start all of. our. engines, v/e ..wilj . than guarantee them 
satisfactory, in every respect. By so doing, -bhe success of 
your stations can be assured, at once and your collections eas¬ 
ily, made.... . .. . .. 

- -.The. .Ci relevi 11 e people wri te..usthat _t he i r. s t at i on 

T. A. £. 2^ 

was- to be turned over to the local company July I2th, and is a 
complete success. Although you have had much trouble with our 
engines ini many places* 'ffu rausVagree with us that where they, 
have not been over-loaded and- Our men have been permitted to 
put them in condition, they all run well and give satisfaction. 
The new shaft fOr Newburgh, engine was shipped a few'days since 
and our Mr. Blanchard has been ordered to report at your office 
on his return, and then go .directly to Newburgh. 

Respectfully yours, 

Araington & Sims Engine Co. 

Genera1. Manager. 

^ Providence, R. 


.. ---. - . 

. .. . 

^f/fz^r/Asv*-,/ is (?c%y. ?^v,ov-/'v*J? *>■'"'£> 
cza.(£. <■.*„ <5 ~<7 ^e^c'/^ 

- \-^C^!e?.cre- c-'&tn cJuiAA . 

6iciAst'S-7 n^ rj£'j?ru^y-erirt^ 

^f^U?-4 1 / S^PlS. - 



- ^H<. 1? ... 

Pi'T&i >-r*<&<dZ tv7 -e£. /h&'.."Js-Jse < /^ 

....^yStVteC. .. ____*__ __i._ _____ 


No ' 16 °n» l yoF 8treet ’ Providence, R. I., .juiy...3ot.h.,. iaa4...188. 

Thomas A.. Edison, Esq. , . 

65 Fifth Avenue, New York .City. 

.Dear ..Sir ;_-_The Vaeuum.OilCompanyof .Rochest er,.N. . V, 

have written us that, they willsupply our engines at the Phil¬ 
adelphia Exposit ion with hheir celebrat ed _oil,_ without, charge, 
and we have accepted their kind offer. . We have given them per¬ 
mission to.., card., to .the., engines.. .. . js 

Respectfully yours, 

Armington & Sims Engine Co. 

- ----- .—______General... Manager. 

646 High Stheet. 

Thoraaa A. Edison, Esq., 

86 Fifth Avenue, Now York City. 

Dear sir;-Your letter of the.22d.inst. received. 

We. will-ship, the .14,.1-2x13 engine. for.Shamokin August 30th, and 
the -Newburgh, engine, will- fallow_in-»_f e*. days. Concerning the 
engine r for..Shamokia.jrould say*, that. wawill..raiain one or two 
of the parte, which, will prevent, its-starting until our .man. can 

.....get-there.——•,— --— -- 

Some time since we shipped two engines to Cumberland, 
Md. to run-in .connect ionwith your.dynamos,. and. asked the., priv- 

_elegeofsendinga.manat ..our .expense-to set. them.up. and ..start. 

them. To this they agreed, although we received a telpgrem 
asking-us-to-send of the engine to.replace those.which 
..were-broken,_alsa_te.send_our_man_by,..the_first-traiiu. Mr. 
Dottbleday-whO-haa_been_in yoiir employ-was theengineer and el- 

. ectrietan in charge.---—- - —----— '.-. 

.Our man found the hed plates, of the engine out of 

shape-as they-were-sprung in-bolting them down. The boxes 
..were .badly . .was .necessary _ ; t 0*bAbbitt r .th«m.. In a........... 

.few.days-we will have them in good running order, and, if we 

T. A* E. 2. 

retain certain, parts of your shamokin engine, a repetition of 
such work cannot occur. four 9,1-2x12 will be shipped Monday 
or Tuesday for Philadelphia; it is a new engine. 

At ouir earliest convenience, we will supply missing 
parts to the Bellefonte engine, then make a test and ship at 
your convenience. 

Respectfully yours, 

Afmington A Sims Engine Co. 

General Manager. 

• A-R' MIN G SI IviS, 

***~'*~<r «► 

c£ ■&. e*-^+rn A . 

<^JU/ ^id 

?T-<- ^ «_^C 

<^6, 0>aL^ *~A,*sCt O^V ( 

-e-^ ’ 

&>. ^2A<^</' . r ;>■', ,,r 

^u:^u —,£±. v 4 

■='■ .. .■:■ . . 

' . 

^vw3r3, Vvv*^«k, 

Providence, R, I.,. 

’... 188 >£ 

Ac + Ccu, 

— /- '^U cue 

. $ 


" '*■ ^Z-y-u- ^u<*- 

^ ytay /y££ _ 

^ h*^-U tdztu. J tru ' 

l^d vL wLrL ^ ^ / _^z_ 


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